You are pure love and light. And now, it is also time for you to be your own Master ~ You are unique, you are powerful without measure, you are love and the best is yet to come,the best is yet to be


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ascension Update, March 25, 2015 ~ The time between Eclipses

We are in a crucial point of our journey as we are feeling the intensity of the powerful energies that are bathing us between the Solar Eclipse that we just had on March 20th and the Lunar one that we are about to face on April 4th. We may feel as if we were dancing between the light and the darkness, as if we were navigating between worlds, which is what is actually happening, as the Lunar Eclipse will re-activates the Uranus-Pluto square that just culminated on March 16th forming a T-square again. The period between eclipses is a very important one, it is a time in which we could feel as being physically exhausted after this intense wave of light and a bit confused as we are planting new seeds at the same time that we are letting go of everything that used to be familiar for us, relationships, jobs and everything that formed part of our old lives. Resting and balancing is the key at this moment in which we are releasing at the same time that we are embracing what is new, freeing ourselves of what no longer serves us, accepting the unknown with faith in the Divine and knowing that what we are experiencing at this moment is what we need for our Soul growth and expansion into new and higher levels of awareness is what will give us the strength we need not to collapse and experience the suffering that we feel when we do not accept that things as well as our state of being is constantly shifting as a natural law within the universe.


It is vital to simply be and move within instead of blaming ourselves for what is happening in our lives at the moment, remember that it is only through our own experience that we can truly learn and embody the new knowledge that will give us the self mastery required for us to move forward. So if you are passing through a challenging period at this time, remember to love yourself more and respect that which your soul chose to experience at this point in your ascension path. Value what you are feeling from a soul perspective and know that all is leading you into a new way of doing, creating and manifesting things that are totally new to yourself and that requires of your total commitment and self-love instead of perceiving things from your Human perspective. After this huge shift, you will no longer be the same, as you will hold a new level of BEing that will make all the difference to keep creating all you need for your new path, a new way that is not limited by the old way to perceive your reality, on the contrary, it is a new sense of infinite possibilities that knows no boundaries.

Some of you may be experiencing as if you were raising your frequency again and starting new things, others may not, as it is a time in which releasing and letting go is pivotal for us to choose what vibration we would like to embrace and we all have our own time to step into our new path. Our physical bodies are facing very powerful energies that are also triggering some physical parts of our bodies that are also in need of freeing old karmic patterns, of letting go of as our cells also tend to retain old memories and this is why is so important to take some time to simply be in silence and integrate all that we should embody at this time. It is important that we understand that our physical vehicles also need to rest so they can assimilate all the new information that we are receiving as well as proper adjustment that is needed to keep updating them. So giving all internal struggles aside and trusting is essential at this time, as we are in a period in which some of you may be are already creating, experiencing that which your soul wish to manifest next but others should be just remembering through different challenges what you need for keep expanding yourself within the New. All takes Divine Timing and all follows a perfect order within Creation, nothing is as negative as it seems for our Human beings if we simply flow instead of fighting what IS.

At this time, challenges arise as our souls are wide awake to receive that which will serve us for mastering the aspects of the Self that needs to be cleansed and healed so we can finally move forward and fulfill that which our souls came here to do. The Eclipses are serving a higher purpose for us all but only if we have the intentional desire to truly embody all the knowledge that may come with them. The Uranus-Pluto final square helped us to keep dissolving more of the old but it is not a matter of one day but one of inner work no matter how long it takes as everything always follows a Divine order, never a human time. So finding the love that resides within you, if you are experiencing a challenging time, will be the only thing that will help you to vanish all the shadows that are chasing you and all the feelings that are not aligned with your True Essence and soul purpose.

Embracing and letting go. It is all about the infinite flow of giving and receiving, it is all about emptying ourselves so we can make space to receive what shall come next to our life experience. When we resist we suffer because our Human being gets attach to that which is not natural and it is in these moments when pain come into the surface, because we are resisting and not listening to our inner being. It is fine as long as we embrace it for what it is, a Human illusion and let it all go. When we dance at the rhythm of the universe, when we unify instead of separating what is always One within Creation, we do not suffer because we understand what our souls planned before incarnating here and illumination comes, instead, when we feel infinite gratitude for all that we remember from a place of Divine wisdom and love, miracles start happening because we know that when we are open to receive, when we feel deservers as the Divine LoveLight beings that we all are and align ourselves with the Fountain of love and abundance that is always providing for us, the universe which is always within us, start its magic and all we truly desire from our souls start manifesting as we are no longer attached to what we want from an egoic place, only to what the Divine Will that knows best and that is One with us, desire to co-create.

In love and light,

Natalia Alba 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Super New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces & the Equinox Gateway

March is being one of the busiest cosmic moths of this Year! We all felt its intense influx of energy even before it came and now we are finally seeing the evidence of all the inner/physical changes that we were sensing and that are necessary in our lives for us to keep growing and embodying more of our soul Essence. On March 20th, we face a lot of cosmic events as we will have a Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces whose effect will last for at least 6 months, followed by the Spring/Fall Equinox with the sun entering into the sign of Aries and the beginning of the New Astrological Year as well! A New Moon in Pisces that suggests us that it is only by letting go of our past, of the repetitive patterns that we still continue to replay that we can start anew. All these planetary alignments that have been occurring during this month are just but a mere projection of that which is already happening within us. The cosmos is telling us that it is time for us to end an old cycle and step into a new one by being renewed of all the things and people that used to be in our past serving a great purpose but that in this now moment has been fulfilled and should be released for us to finally move forward.

The first Solar Eclipse of the season occurs on March 20th at 5:36 AM EDT at 29 degrees and 27 minutes of Pisces. A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth, and as the Sun is not fully covered, it forms a ring of fire around the Sun, opening up a Portal of Light that illuminates that which seemed hidden from us, diving deep into our Soul as Pisces invites us to do, helping us to bring into the surface that which is only known by the infinite wisdom that lies within ourselves and that knows best how to guide us into our true purpose and next life experience, we just have to surrender and transcend matter through spirit which is what Pisces does to reach a higher state of being.

The Eclipse is also about us diving deep into the areas of our lives concerning Pisces, intuition, Arts and everything that empowers our feminine side as well as our creative abilities, it is a time to end and give birth to with the Equinox. It is indeed a magical and unique time as we will have the sun, the Moon, Mercury, Neptune and also Chiron in Pisces! There would be no other time like this one to go deeper into our Soul, connecting with this Divine wisdom and start creating the miracles that can only be created from within so we can give birth to new outcomes that will be aligned with our True Essence and Divine Plan.

The Total Solar Eclipse will occur at the last degree of Pisces being this Water sign also the last one of the zodiac, which points out that after having passed through all the lessons that were vital to our soul and unique journey, we are now ready to start afresh when the wheel of life will turn again on March 20th with the sun entering into the sing of Aries, when our new journey will begin again, with new challenges but also with more blessings and infinite soul expansion to come. Pisces is all about completing a cycle, transcending all the old limitations we may still have from our past until we can be ready again to create new beginnings by being renewed and with more wisdom within ourselves.

The Super New Moon together with the Solar Eclipse in Pisces means endings but also it gives us the hope that it is only by putting an end to what is no longer for our highest good that we can have the life we truly desire keep based on the integrated beings that we all are and some are starting to become.  The Eclipse also helps us to keep expanding ourselves into the depths of our souls, bringing into the surface all our gifts and talents as Pisces is all about our imagination and all the things that our souls are eager to experience and create next for our life experience. It is all about flowing, it is all about letting go of our egoic need of knowing the hows, whats and the whens that only the Divine can perfectly orchestrate and just be ready to welcome what is to arrive yet.

Just a few hours after the Eclipse, the Moon will enter into Aries together with the sun that will do the same a bit later, a cosmic message of endings with Piscean energies and action with the sun in Aries together with Mercury on March 30. Mars will also be moving into the Earth sigh of Taurus, so both energies will serve us to anchor our visions and goals into our physical lives, manifesting all of our desires and creating a balance between our dream world and our earthly one, as physical security and stability is as important as maintaining harmony within. The time to honor this other side of us has come, which is as sacred and as necessary as our spiritual one. There is a time for everything in Creation and at the end on the month it is our time to ground ourselves and inner visions on our Human Plane level instead of just keep envisioning them from an inner perspective as we used to do with Pisces. A great time to come out of the depths of our being into the tangible world, where we could finally put all of our ideas, gifts and new projects into fruition.

On this same day, we also celebrate The Spring /Fall Equinox, completing another cycle and starting a new one in our lives! This passage opens a magical Gateway between these two powerful cosmic events, which is nothing but a doorway of infinite love being poured for all of us. Cosmic liquid light to keep updating our physical vehicles as you know they are becoming more crystalline in Essence and the right energies that we need to create our new beginnings after a dark period while the winter lasted. The Equinox’s Light comes full of new waves and infinite blessings for all of us! We will all receive exactly what we need to learn for our soul quest, we just have to allow the influx of love, of Christed energies, which is nothing but compassion and the proper embodiment of that which we all are within, into our Human selves. The universe always follows a Divine and perfect order within creation, and as well as nature start blossoming again at that period, we also born each day and with it our desires and dreams.

The Equinox will be a time to bring forth the things we have been giving form in an invisible Plane during all this time as well as to expand ourselves into our souls desires/quest, starting new projects and passing from the collective Unity that we experienced with Pisces, to the Unity of the Self that we are about to experience with the sun in Aries at the end of the month, as Aries is the first zodiac sign, our first lesson, and it is asking ourselves if we know who we truly are and if so, if we are doing our best to express our hearts and individual Truth or if we are still hiding our gifts. It will be another valuable lesson to master at this time, to express who we truly are without self-judgment, to shine our uniqueness and to not fear what after all will serve us to the process of self-mastery that we have consciously decided to embrace.

May the Light of the Equinox make all your challenges fade away as the ashes carried by the wind and May you always carry the Light of who you truly are wherever you go in times of darkness.

In love and light,

Natalia Alba