Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world


Friday, April 29, 2016

The Energies of May 2016

Beloved Ones, 

Crossing the doorway to this thriving month has not been easy, as we have been navigating between different timelines, integrating our shadows, and balancing our Yin and Yang essences, just to re-emerge again into the light in this new month of May. During April, and most of May, we have been challenged to look at the aspects of us that were not unified and embraced, as we have five Planets retrograde - Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter - that invite us to break free from our cocoon and examine where we are not fully opening our heart - contracting ourselves instead of expanding into new horizons and higher levels of love. It is after this introspective phase of conscious co-creation, that we now begin to renascence, as well as our soul desires, in the physical, being more aware of the aspects of us that we should infuse with our Life Force instead of denying. 

During April - and we are still under this inner creative phase - we cultivated the art of allowing and creating the space to birth the new. During this new month of May, we now allow the Yang - masculine - aspect of us to act and to bring forth that which the feminine first birthed and nurtured from within. It is also a time for us to integrate and stabilize, as we have been also bathed by solar waves from our Central Sun, and it is essential that we take the time to internalize all these new activations from within to our physical vehicles, remember that ascension happens in a physical body and not the other way around. And now that we have finally crossed the veils of illusions that impeded us to fully welcome this new cycle and embody a higher understanding of our current life experience, is that we are being invited to step into the unknown and surrender to what the Higher Intelligence has planned for us and our unique soul journey. 

May comes full of blessings for those, that are ready to take a  leap of faith, even though we do not know where we will exactly arrive, and step into this new path knowing that we are exactly where we need to be at every singe moment. It is a month where we are experiencing many changes, from within ourselves to all the Earth changes that we are facing all around the world. Earth is actually being bathed with mass waves of consciousness coming from intergalactic portals - as it is our Central Sun, in form of Solar Flares - which clearly alter not only the collective, as these new waves assist to raise our consciousness, but that are also affecting Earth in many ways. 

As always, our Human mind will try to analyze what is occurring, and will label these Earth changes as being chaotic, but we know that behind the human scenes, all is just being perfectly orchestrated by a Higher Consciousness. We cannot control nature, as it is a living organism in itself that knows when is time to regenerate itself and when is time to flourish, our main aim simply lies in remain centered into our higher heart while we adapt to the necessary changes that have to happen at this time. 

During this month, Stabilizers will be also busy, I share from my personal experience, as we are working behind the human veils to help bring balance where needed as well as so many other souls with other precious roles within Creation. All of us connected, forming a perfect organized light web, assist in the process of creating harmony when we are called to be of service and do so. Trust in the Invisible Forces of the Universe, trust your unique role instead of letting yourself be drawn by the collective sense of chaos and hopeless. All is always perfectly designed for us to move forward within this endless spiral of lovelight, in ways we many not understand, but that are perfect for All within the Divine 's Plan.

With this new month of May, our desires will also start flourishing into the physical and even if we are still called to regain more clarity with some of the planets retrograde, we also have two of these five Planets turning direct at this month - Jupiter and Mercury, as a sign that within the wheel of life, everything is rotating again to help us bring our soul inspirations into the physical. And as a confirmation of where we are in our journey, this new month holds a 14 Universal frequency, which reduced gives us a number 5. If the Universal number 13 of April verified that we were under a deep process of transformation and rebirth, this new month, brings the message of something new coming to life.

Number 14, which corresponds to the tarot card of the Temperance, invites us to balance ourselves before stepping into the unknown, as we are still between the ethereal and the mundane, and the equilibrium between both worlds is not always easy, but with trust in the Divine, as we are always protected within this loving Universe, and therefore we shall fear nothing, we just have to walk as conscious beings instead of being moved by mere impulses. This card is also about communication, Mercury is still retrograde, it is a reminder of turning all communication within and examine our life experience while we keep emerging from the depths of our being and resurrect into the physical.

On the other hand, number 5 - number 14 reduced - is the number of change, freedom and new beginnings, which is where we are going. It is with this frequency that we are called to start building and enter into this new cycle of light, as number 5 has a creative vibration that invites us to ignite our inner creative spark and begin to anchor our wonderful new creations into the tangible. The tarot card associated with this number is the hierophant card, hence it has a masculine essence, the one who manifests and protects in the physical what the feminine gives birth and nourishes from within first. 

We have been doing all this already, and we are always moulding something new inside ourselves, now, is also the time to break free and start nurturing everything in our earthly realm and that sustains us into our dense plane. Remember that, as the hierophant, we create from a higher place of divine wisdom, giving birth to our inner desires with patience, and following a natural progression, we do not force, we do not do that anymore, we listen and wait - for when the feminine is ready and has already created the space to receive - to act towards our desires.

We being May with another wonderful confirmation that what we truly wish is coming into fruition, by having Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, in Taurus, as well as a wonderful and fresh New Moon at 16 degrees Taurus. Venus in Taurus. When the loving and abundant essence of Venus materialized in the tangible sing of Taurus, makes everything it touches, passionate, plentiful and loving without measure. 

Venus in Taurus invites us to observe our earthly lives from above and realize if we are building strong pillars in both, our own lives and relationships, that will support ourselves in the physical. At this time, challenges - opportunities - may come for us to master more aspects of the self and lives, so we can integrate its knowledge and strengthen our lives, but this is a wonderful gift, as Taurus is one of the ruler of Venus, to create stability, harmony in our relationships and secure things in the physical as well.

Regarding our relationships, Venus in Taurus likes to manifest our inner desires in the physical, and not just keep dreaming about what could possibly be. While Venus was in ethereal Pisces, we regained more wisdom about our relationships, during its pass through Aries, it gave us the Fire, the inner strength and power to fulfill our true desires, and now by having Venus in Taurus, we are called to establish strong foundations into our relationships and to remember that soul to soul communication is not all that is, but also the beauty of the physical encounter between two equals and whole beings what we are here to experience as well.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 6, will open the gates for us to anchor abundance into our earthly realm as well as to connect with Gaia. The earth and fixed sign of Taurus rules our values but also the aspect of us that connects us to our physical world and everything related to it, as our finances and how we materialize our desires into our dense plane. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, with Taurus, we now learn how to bring into materialization all that is within ourselves and that have to be manifested in order to keep mastering ourselves into the art of bringing into the physical all we first birthed from the inside.

As another cosmic blessing, on May 9, Jupiter, The Planet of Expansion, will finally turn direct again. Júpiter also reminds us that abundance, and all forms of love, comes when we expand ourselves from within first and hold this same frequency - leaving aside all that is blocking this endless flow of abundance and grace into our being and lives. When it was retrograde, Jupiter invited us to embody new aspects of our soul, as expansion begins within, and for that to occur, inner retrospection was essential to see without illusions and human attachments what we are not allowing into our lives just because we fear the unknown. 

Now that Jupiter turn direct again, we are presented with the gift of knowing from a higher place of divine wisdom, where we should grow, and discern, specially with all concerning the material side of our Plane. As Jupiter resides in Virgo, it will also make us wonder in what can we be of service, are we assisting within Divine love and compassion? Are we creating abundance in all aspects of our tangible life? Or are we still fomenting lack and separation? It is all about expanding in all aspects of us without judging them, and see in what places are we still foment separation, instead of seeing the abundant and loving beings capable of creating anything we need that we are in truth.

On May 20, the sun will enter into Gemini. We pass now from the earthly sing Taurus to move into the speed of the element Air. It is now time to focus our attention into our mental Plane (and even more with Mercury still retrograde) until we reach the perfect balance and wisdom that we need in all Planes. If we learnt how to manifest in our earthly world with Taurus, enjoying the simple pleasures of our lives and creating more abundance, now, the Twins, will make us cultivate reason and everything related with our intellectual side.

It is also a good time to study and expand our knowledge into new directions that could benefit our inner growth and give us new ideas for the next steps of our journey. Gemini will also assist us to express our hearts and feelings, by communicating with freedom, and discernment. It will help us to realize if we tend to focus more into one polarity or the other, so we can find unión bewteen different poles.

On May 21, we have a Full Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius, the Truth-seekers of the zodiac, as they wander for more wisdom and answers to their inner questions, not hesitating if the road gets hard, as they know that finding the Truth will be worth it. Sagittarius are perseverant in what they truly desire, and they enjoy the journey more than getting to their “final destination” as they are grateful for all the lessons learnt in their unique path and know that it is in the journey in itself where true wisdom resides. Sagittarius also gives us the strength to go after our dreams and goals, so we can use and direct this fire within to regain new insights for this new cycle and be brave enough to enroll ourselves into a new way of BEing and doing things.

With this Full Moon in Sagittarius, we conclude a cycle and begins a new one of heart expansion -  birthing new soul visions into the physical. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, asks us to expand into new horizons but also, and even more with the Sun in Gemini, to embody new knowledge, as this Fire sign is represented by the figure of the Archer - a Centaur who used to be the intellectual ones in Roman ancient mythology, and encourages us to dig into our inner wisdom and ancient soul memories for further soul expansion.

On May 22, Mercury will finally turn direct again. As you know, there is nothing ever retrograde, this is just an illusion from earth, there is nothing ever in slow motion within this Universe, there are just moments to be lived from within and moments to emerge again in a new form, with a new direction to follow. When we had the Winged Messenger retrograde, we were invited to move within and obtain more clarity so we could  break free from all forms of Human illusions. Turning all communication within, as the only way to clearly see and be able to listen to our Higher Self, to obtain more guidance. We communed with the Higher aspect of us, realizing were we contracted instead of allowing expansion,and now, we are ready to rise again by being renewed and by holding a wider perspective of our life experience.

Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, will also move into the sign of Gemini on May 24. The Goddess will experience now reason with the element Air as well as the Gemini duality  - Yin and Yang essences that reside within us all - and that She will be tested to integrate. Venus in Gemini will be delight as She likes to welcome new encounters that will enrich her soul experience at the same time that will help Her to regain new guidance and information about Her quest for this earthly realm. This is the time to freely express our hearts and communicate from this same loving and compassionate place with All, to enjoy all we have created as well as our companions with joy and gratitude and to descend all our new projects from our mental plane into our tangible one.

At the end of the month, we have Mars retrograde entering the Water sign of Scorpio, who used to be its ancient ruler. When the Warrior dives into the depths of Scorpio, its directs all its fire energy to shift from within all we also wish to see changed into the outer. We revise all that is yet in conflict within and that make us struggle, instead of accepting and integrating what we find inside as an equal aspect of our human experience. Old companions may return, showing us the aspects of ourselves that we have not integrated yet, this is an opportunity for us to examine our relationships and every corner of our soul that we have not retrieved and that shall be embodied and accepted within divine love instead of being judged. 

May is a month to blossom, to prosper and to surface into the light again by holding more clarity about this new cycle. A time to embrace more of what is coming to our lives with an open heart, without fearing anything. It is at this time that we shall rejoice and honor the delight of being here, as humans,  at this unique moment within Creation. As what makes us earthly Masters, is not just to experience the purity of the Higher Realms, but to remember that  our main aim here is to cross the veils of human illusion, and descend all of our higher visions into our physical realm - enjoying the infinite resources and endless possibilities that this tangible world also offers us.

It is at this earthly month, that we finally traverse the threshold that impeded us to fully see and unify both realms - the unseen and the physical one - and that some of us keep choosing to ground ourselves and experience ascension as well as communication with other Realms of existence, within our physical bodies, as we have mastered the art of receiving and allowing while being in a human plane, remembering that ascension is nothing but the descension and conscious integration of our True Essence and inner visions into this dense and wondrous human realm.

I wish you all an abundant and blessed month of May Beloved companions!

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ascension Update ~ Stepping into our Power by becoming Conscious of the Retrograde Illusion

Beloved Ones,

We are standing at a very important threshold at this point of our ascension journey - reflecting our current path and soul creations, as we keep nourishing the new seeds that we are planting and that shall come to life at Divine Time in the physical. It is precisely at this time, that five Planets, as a reflection of what is already occurring within, are also in slow motion, challenging us to move inward and unify what we still consider fragmented, as well as to ground ourselves, as the Earth Masters that we are becoming, in the physical, before taking important decisions in our tangible world that could not be aligned with our true soul desires.

As ascending Souls, who are constantly choosing to integrate higher aspects of the Truth, we now hold a higher understanding of what retrograde periods truly means for us, as we know that no Planet can actually turn retrograde and it is just our limited view from Earth, and hence we are not afraid, but grateful for this cosmic opportunity of envisioning from a wider perspective what we are creating, molding and manifesting from within ourselves first. It does not mean a period of non-activity or stagnation. Remember that everything we are already visualizing, becomes an immediate reality in the invisible realms, as all we choose to feed with our intention manifests and remains in our vortex until we decide to bring it into form. 

There is nothing that is not as real as what we can perceive with our human eyes, as all we have ever created from within exists and still lives somewhere within this vast Universe. We are just asked at this time, to go within, move beyond our human delusional perspective, and obtain more clarity about the authenticity of our inner visions, before stepping into a new cycle without the proper guidance. As we are now experiencing a human dense plane, which does not support all of our creations happening at once. 

Thereby, we should be patient until we hold a wider vision of the whole, as well as being careful enough not to act impulsively, since our human self lives in illusion, and what it creates cannot be what our soul truly desires for the benefit of All. This is why at a time, when our inner desires are about to blossom, at the same time that we keep walking between our inner shadows, unifying and letting go what is necessary, we have so many planets retrograde, as a reminder of how important it is to master the art of conscious co-creation into our human plane before manifesting by default.

At the moment, we have five Planets retrograde - Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury on April 28. Each one of them represents an aspect us that should be embraced - and integrated - if needed. Burning old bridges, healing inner struggles and directing all of our inner fire and power - in not fighting the self and others - but in honoring who we are and our human experience - standing tall into our truth - before expanding into new horizons. Surrendering and ceasing all mental activity in order to clearly see and accept what IS as well as where we are going within our unique journey.

Saturn, the Planet of Power retrograde, teaches us how to be responsable for our own creations and offers us a time for self healing as well as to reflect upon our past creations, as on the contrary of what some may think, it is not a punishment for our lack of awareness in our past actions, but to make us more conscious of what should be shifted and transmuted so we no longer repeat the same old patterns that are not aligned with who we truly are and soul desires. By having Saturn retrograde, we are  given the gift of becoming the witness of our whole life experience - past and present - and take full responsibility of what we have manifested until this moment. 

Saturn invites us as well to examine ourselves before going deeper into this new stage of our lives. Have we learnt and integrated the wisdom from our past challenges? Have we healed what seemed broken to our human being and restored it again by recognizing that we are always whole beings? Have we seen beyond our human illusion what truly Is and accepted it? Have we stepped out of the "karmic" wheel to finally embrace our inner creator and start manifesting outcomes aligned with our soul? 

This is a time to see everything from a wider perspective, not from a  linear one, as it is only when we move beyond what seems real for us as humans that we can realize if what we manifested was of assistance to All, or if we still have to break free from old chains and start seeing all the limitations that we impose to ourselves with the excuse that they are necessary structures for us to live in this world.

On the other hand, Mars retrograde in Sagittarius until June 30, is a time to redirect this fiery inner force that creates our outer reality, inward, to first become the observer and have a broader vision of what we truly would like to bring into the world. As we become more aware of how we direct our inner power, we understand that the more we align ourselves with it, the sooner our desires will manifest, and this is where the Warrior before taking any action impulsively, invites us to ask ourselves: Are we free from our own inner struggles before creating new things into our path that will  also reflect our state of BEing? Or are we first in need to move within and integrate what we left fragmented? It is all about how we direct our power and the use we make of it more than just simply acting and creating all the time.

Pluto, the Planet of Regeneration and Power, retrograde assist us to put our attention into our own personal purpose and healing process too,  as Pluto brings into the light our inner shadows and the aspects of the Self that need to be healed by inner transformation and regeneration. This is not something we should see as negative, but as something that will illuminate all that is hidden within our core that needs to be embraced and integrated with a higher form of wisdom. Both Planets retrograde, Mars and Pluto, help us a lot to know ourselves better and to understand how we create and how we direct our Life Force, as this process is not easy at all, and now we have a wonderful time to realize if we direct and channel properly our inner fire and if we use it wisely, or if we still have imbalances, specially with self- worth and confidence issues.  

Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, retrograde, invites to examine our personal growth, and discern about all aspects of our lives that are not experiencing a natural expansion, specially in those related with the material side of our Plane, and that we should evaluate at this time. Jupiter reminds us that abundance, and all forms of love, comes when we expand ourselves from within first, leaving aside all that is blocking this endless flow of unlimited resources and grace into our being and lives. 

Jupiter also asks us to embody new aspects of our soul and remind us that expansion always begin within. For this to occcur, inner retrospection is essential to see without illusions and human attachments what we are not allowing into our lives just because we fear the unknown. As Jupiter resides in Virgo, it makes us evaluate in what can we be of service without forgetting our own selves, and it makes us wonder if we are assisting within Divine love and compassion, or if we are still interfering into other's paths, which belongs to the old, or if we are finally realizing that only by shifting ourselves is that we can help All. 

Finally, Mercury turning retrograde on April 28 in Taurus, is also about our sense of abundance and about grounding ourselves and our inner visions into the physical. As the wheel turns into Taurus, our challenge now is to pay attention to our earthly realm. As it is here that we reside, in a loving and benevolent Planet that gives us all its care and support, therefore, it is time to ask ourselves if we are honoring it as well and if we are becoming One with the aspect of us who is mundane, but equally Divine, instead of just remaining always into the ethereal, building castles in the air, and polarizing our human experience by simply denying our human side.

When the Winged Messenger visits Taurus, one of the most earthly signs, if not the most, of all the zodiac, it invites us to ask ourselves: Are we creating/allowing unlimited abundance to sustain ourselves? Are we building strong pillars that support us in the physical or are we still delusional, denying our power, and waiting for external forces to fulfil our needs? Are we creating the strong foundations in our own selves and lives required to descend and anchor our inner experience and creations into our human plane? Or are we still not fully grounding and anchoring our Divine Essence and power? As always, all these questions should be asked inwardly so they can obtain a true response.

Remember that abundance is another form of love, therefore, if you do not see it manifested into your phsyical reality, it is because you have created lack within yourself, which is always caused by a lack of self-love and judgement towards the self and the life experience that you yourself have created. Mercury now reminds us to seek within what we deny, and unify it, so we can be able to see that in truth, there is nothing more but infinite abundance,  unlimited resources and love for us all. We just do not choose to always see them and hold this same frequency. 

It is time to move beyond limitations that tell us that we only ascend when we reside in higher realms, when we know, because we remember, that we came here to ascend in a physical form, and this can only be done when we first lower  our True Essence. Indeed, it is time for us to ground ourselves, as well as all the wisdom we have retrieved, into our human reality, as this is the only way we can become true masters of the physical.

April is a month that sets the perfect frequency for us to start anchoring all the inner work we have been doing into our tangible world, and it is now that the time to reflect about where we are creating abundance and where we choose to create lack has come with Mercury retrograde, as  this second part of the year is always centered upon making things tangible - reminding us that each cycle has its essential purpose, to maintain the perfect balance in All, which is why we are now invited to nurture our earthly realm as being as equal and as wondrous as the aspect of us who is ethereal.

Learn to recognize the aspects of you that you are still hiding and denying, as it is there where all the lacks you are experiencing in your physical reality comes from, remember love does not exclude, it includes. See where you do not love yourself and from where this old human belief is coming. As you start doing so, you will start to remember who you are and why you came here, and all these feelings of lack will begin to disappear as the Light that you are will dispel all your inner shadows - allowing all the abundance, all the love and all you ever think you need, and that was already there to begin with, into your life experience.

You are always whole, you just choose not to think you are. You are always capable of healing yourself and allowing Divine assistance into your being and life, you just have to surrender and admit that most of the times, you are simply not willing to accept it, as your human mind is strong, and it clouds your inner Wisdom. 

As your journey proceeds, and when challenges appear in your path, remember, we are not here to deny our human nature. Neither are we here to compare ourselves to others, or establishing rules of how we have to live our unique ascension journey. We are here to allow ourselves to experience all, and to sense every feeling as it is at every moment, as it is by doing so that we can remember, become earthly Masters and open ourselves more to receive. 

Move beyond the illusory trap of your human limited view and the retrograde illusion, as the entire Cosmos is an outer representaion of all the aspects that makes us whole, always showing us infinite love and support. There is nothing retrograde within this vast and wise Universe but our human minds. The only thing that exists is a constant state of expansion and creation - offering us the gift to move within in order to cleary see what IS. Now is the perfect moment to surrender and allow our precious Lovelight being to show us the path and all that we are able to create if we simply choose to do so and become conscious sovereigns beings of our own life experience.

In love always,
Natalia Alba