You are pure love and light. And now, it is also time for you to be your own Master ~ You are unique, you are powerful without measure, you are love and the best is yet to come,the best is yet to be


Friday, August 29, 2014

Ascension update, August 29, 2014 ~ Soul Revelations and True Direction

This week is being very intense and this is just the beginning that prepares us for September Gateway in which we all are going to keep receiving personal confirmations, revelations and True direction from our Soul quest and personal journey. It is a time to keep healing ourselves, to keep being aware of all the energetic blockages that we are in need of releasing yet so the New can enter, and as we keep internalizing the New energies, the inner process of letting go of our past and of all the old programming that can remain in our cells will take place, the New Light sweeps away everything that is not aligned with this New and high vibration that we have consciously decided to embrace as it is only through our intentional desire that we allow this inner process of purification to happen.

As we get closer to the first week of September, different symptoms can trigger within us, the important thing is to stay centered in our inner process as it is the only thing that should concern us at the moment and take care of our physical bodies by going into nature, drinking lots of water and do what is best for us to maintain our natural state of bliss and inner balance, the rest is just part of our natural process of evolution and ascension. Headaches and sleepless nights are also a common factor between the numerous ascension symptoms, during this week, I am experiencing them myself, but as always I try to remain aware of what is truly important and that is not the drama that sometimes our ego tries to create for us but the realization that we are transitioning into crystalline beings and that passing through this natural state of transformation is perfectly normal.

There are other feelings that can cause confusion within ourselves as not only are we experiencing physical sensations but also inner ones, as we keep releasing the old at a cellular level and in an inner one, we could have memories of our past or other people that used to be in our lives and that could also make us lose balance, so when old memories come to you, do not put any attention into them, do not scan them at all, simply know that they are disappearing from our mental and emotional bodies as we keep healing and purifying ourselves and that the best we can do is let them pass through us without focusing our attention and intention into hem because by doing so we take the risk of activating their old frequency again, remember that what once was created is still alive in somewhere, but it is only through our personal attention that this can be activated again into our personal vortex, so if we do not put any of our precious energy into the old it will simply vanish by itself.

We are mastering ourselves into this endless ascension process and being at this point is not easy at all, sometimes we could feel confused about doing certain things as we still can have some inner doubts about if our desire comes from our souls or minds as we are still balancing and mastering how to live only from a soul place but at the same time without ignoring our human side as this is why we came here to integrate our Divinity into our physical self, so if this is happening to you, ask yourself if your desire is for the highest good of all, and if your feeling is one of joy and enthusiasm for what you wish to do then take some action towards your new desires, but if you just  experience a glimpse of confusion or doubt simply be still and ask your soul what it is that you should learn at this moment and overcome in order to listen to your inner guidance and get to know clearly what to do next, it is all practicing the art of being still so we can be open to receive what we already have within and that we are unable to listen due to our mental noise.

Not judging the Now moment and what is occurring at this time in our lives is very important and I know it can be hard to do when certain situations are not easy to deal with, but only if we trust that Infinite Intelligence knows what is best for us, and try to see with our soul the bigger picture of what is taking place in our lives at the moment is that we can find the peace within that we need. When we think we know everything and see only with our limited minds, we are not honoring the Divinity within us that knows best and that always orchestrates things in certain ways so we can not only learn from these situations but that are necessary to reach a higher vibrational state of being, so do not judge the moment, trust in it, know that what you are experiencing right now it is leading you to what is best for you, even if you cannot see the whole picture, if you simply be still and listen, your soul will let you know everything you need to know as it always knows the whole picture that is behind every situation and it knows that all is perfectly fine as it is Now, trusting in this higher and Divine wisdom and surrendering to what IS will open new doors for you and the light will be finally able to enter.

It is also a good time during this weekend to purify ourselves at a physical level as detoxifying our bodies will help us to remain balanced and to keep purifying its cells as well as our own state of being, it does not mean that we have to remain in a state of passivity and non-action! We can do lots of things and maintain our inner being in a total place of pure awareness and openness so we can receive the infinite blessings and signs that we are sent at all times, it simply means to set the intention of surrendering to what IS and to take the proper care that we need to prepare our bodies and our inner being to release, purify and receive more of this New Light that will assist us into our Divine journey here on earth.

Stay tuned to your souls for more confirmations about your path, this is a time to stay focused only on our personal journey as it involves to assist others as well as, so be at peace with whatever it is that is impeding you to fully flow with where you are Now and trust that everything that is happening at the moment is for leading us into our True purpose and direction.

In love and service,

Natalia Alba 

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Moon in Virgo ~ August 25th, 2014

The New Moon on August 25th occurs at 2º Virgo and it will bring us a new and fresh beginning after all the challenges and resting time that we may have had during this summer due to the intensity of the cosmic energies in which we are merged and that will continue to be very powerful as we keep evolving into this endless ascension path, the best move is to simply accept what is a natural process of integration and evolution into a higher dimensional state of consciousness and simply stay focused on the higher awareness that this process is bringing to all of us. The New Moon in Virgo give us the proper energies we need to organize and put into practice all the things we have learnt during this time of moving inward as many of us have been listening to our inner guidance for more revelations and soul direction within this New path as our mission is always evolving, and as this process is being more clarified for us, Virgo comes to teach us the practicality that is needed to finally put our unique spark of light, our unique and Divine gifts into the selfless service of others and into the soul expansion that we are experiencing towards our own selves as well at the moment, but it also comes to remember us the importance that honoring the Goddess that we all possess within have, as being balance with our feminine and masculine side is essential to build the strong foundations that we need to create our New lives, so a great time to nurture our Divine feminine side, as it is the one that truly gives birth to everything in Creation and feel the wondrous Co-creators that we are!

The purifying Fire of Leo during the month of August, which is still very present, gave us strength to deal with our inner conflicts, and the necessary clarity to know what we truly desire for our New path and how to create within it. Fire served us to purify our hearts from everything that should be released and healed, it carried away the ashes of whatever it was that should not be there, the remains of the old, and with Virgo, a new light shines bright for us, as we are purified and confident of what we truly are and which path we are guided to take at the moment, as always, taking some time to discern and to listen to our inner voice is what gives us the strength and the mental clarity that we need to move forward in our journey.

The New Moon in the sign of Virgo is a breath of fresh air comparing to the last Full Moon that we experienced in Leo, which was full of energy and gave us the Fire we needed at this time to act and start new things, but that at the same time it also made us to realize the importance of resting and moving inward so we could integrate more of the New Light. By now, with this New Moon in Virgo we are finally balanced and ready again to put into practice everything we have been meditating and learning during the time we took with our own selves as Virgo is all about our service to others, it does not necessarily has to be in the Ascension path, we all have different missions and unique gifts to share, so during the summer you probably felt the inner call to ask yourself what it is that your soul truly wish to do for the betterment of the planet as well as our own self and now it is the perfect moment with the sun, the Moon and Mercury in Virgo to manifest all your inner talents into the physical plane by assisting others in your personal way, this is what this New Moon is calling us to do, to finally put all the wisdom we have acquired during this time into the service of others.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the Winged Messenger, which is also in its home sign at this time and it is represented by the Virgin as it is a sign that embodies all the gifts that a Virgin represents purity, integrity, compassion and humility between others, and more than being related to its sexual connotation, it is more a matter of being pure within our hearts than a physical subject. Having all these planets in Virgo and even more its ruler, Mercury, is a sign of being communicative, to express our ideas as Virgo is practical, sociable and likes to do lots of things due to their mental boldness and inner capacity to undertake many things. It is also a message for us to be at service of whatever it is that we do from our hearts as Virgo brings to the surface the best qualities that we posses within and invites us to put them all into practice by assisting others and by organizing our physical lives, remember that Virgo likes to have everything arranged and neat as it is an earth sign and likes to be grounded and bring those Divine attributes into a practical use, this is going to be a very good time specially for those who have consciously decided to assist the Planet in this specific way as we as ascending souls will keep having more inner guidance about our role on earth and future mission and for those who are awakening at the moment, the acceleration process will be deeply felt as well, so it is a great time to assist Gaia and others in all manners and possible ways in which you can help.

The New Moon in Virgo is in opposition with Neptune, the Plane of Illusion and dreams, but also the one that helps us to expand ourselves into our spirituality and assists us to bring our inner gifts and psychic abilities into the surface, balance is essential with Neptune as we could fall into the trap of the illusion that this Planet creates, if we channel its energy properly we could be able to use it in our favor to increase our awareness as well as our psychic abilities. The New Moon in opposition with Neptune could bring us confusion and also some inner doubts but as always these inner conflicts can be directed towards the Light of Virgo, helping us to dissipate our inner struggles by finding the Truth of what we are and came here to do. We have for one side the practicability of Virgo of having everything organized and that loves to do different things at once and on the other side, Neptune, which is a strong energy that invites us to move inward and to be more focus on our own selves than in our social lives or physical issues. It is all an opportunity to be aware of what you need at this moment and channel these energies for the betterment of your being, you do not have to pass through hard inner struggles and choose between resting or acting, you can achieve both things if you simply organize yourself with the assistance of Virgo and create a perfect balance between both energies, which is the main lesson that the New Moon in opposition with Neptune gives us.

Venus in Leo, will be defy by mars and Saturn on the next day of the New Moon, which offers us an opportunity to as to evaluate our relationships and truly discern and feel if they are serving a higher purpose or if they are still based on the old, it is a great time for love in all its forms, abundance and everything that helps us to expand ourselves into new horizons at this time. If we have already overcome our challenges with respect to our relationships, then it is a time to enjoy and honor the Reunions that we have at the moment based on integrity and unconditional love and if we are still in our way to find one that resonates more with who we are, then, Venus in Leo gives us the strength and courage to keep allowing the relationships that are best for our own selves at the moment and keep improving the one that we have with ourselves first.

Mars and Saturn, both in Scorpio, are in exact conjunction on the same day of the New Moon, these two Planets in Scorpio, help us with our personal lessons, creativity as both of them together are very powerful and gives us a burst of energy to start new beginnings and to put some more strength into the things that we already started some time ago. The Mars-Saturn conjunction give us the opportunity to discern about all the aspects of our lives that are in need of a change, Mars gives us the energy we need to deal with everything we need at this moment and together with Saturn, the Planet of Karma, which to me, is simply the one that teaches us valuable lessons and that makes us learn responsibility and commitment towards our actions, gives us responsibility and discipline for being organized and bringing into fruition our dreams and goals, as you can see this matches in a perfect way with Virgo who is also going to help us to be more responsible and disciplined in all aspects of our lives, especially when dealing with our financially issues but also with other aspects of our lives that are not working for us anymore and that now we have the chance to ask ourselves what should be shifted in order to create a more harmonized life that resonates more with where we are now.

The cosmic message of this wonderful New Moon in Virgo is one of bringing into the surface our soul gifts so we can assist them into the betterment of the Planet and if we are not ready yet to give this huge step into the unknown because we may have still some doubts about our  path of service to others in whatever way it is that we would like to assist, this New Moon offers us the perfect scenario to look within and find out for own selves what it is that our souls are eager to do as Virgo invites us to be grounded and practical about the things we want to undertake, and make us feel the inner to bring our Divine attributes on a more grounded level so everyone can benefit from it. So if you are finally feeling the inner calling of assisting others in your unique way, do not doubt yourself, honor your decision and know that it is Source speaking and sharing through You and that by listening and giving birth to your desire you are One with the Divine Will and no matter what can possibly happen you will always be on the right path to your soul expansion and personal realization.

Love and blessings,
Natalia Alba