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Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Moon in Sagittarius ~ November 22, 2014

The fiery and expansive New Moon on November 22 is going to be an uplifting and a very generous one occurring at 0 degrees Sagittarius, the New Moon comes at a perfect time as we are about to start a New Year in a month, so it comes with energies of renewal for us to initiate a new cycle in our lives and with faith and confidence in ourselves and in the Divine, as both working together is how we create miracles, and it is only by trusting in the unseen Forces that we can open the gates to all the blessings that the universe is sending to all of us at all times. The New Moon in Sagittarius is a wonderful one for new beginnings as it happening at 0 degrees which means that once we have passed through the different challenges that as a blessing helped us to keep evolving and embracing more of who we are, now it is finally time for a new phase in which we are grateful  for all we have achieved until this Now moment, having faith in what we have sown and thus we shall collect and even if we are eternal seekers of the highest Truth, we can also enjoy and embrace the wisdom that we have remembered due to our Soul embodiment as well as the integration process that we are constantly experiencing in our journey, as embodying and manifesting all aspects of the Self is an endless inner work.

Sagittarius are the Truth-seekers of the zodiac, they wander for more wisdom and answers to their inner questions, they do not hesitate if the road gets hard as they know that finding the Truth will be worth it. Sagittarius are perseverant in what they truly desire, and they enjoy the journey more than getting to their “final destination” as they are grateful for all the lessons learnt in their path and know that it is in the journey where true wisdom resides. Jupiter rules Sagittarius so they always count with the blessings of the cosmos and the protection of the Divine as Jupiter used to be the God of the Gods in Roman times and one of the most generous gifts that Sagittarius offer to us is having faith and trust in our own Soul path as it is only by having faith and determination in what we truly desire from a place of unconditional love and perfect alignment with the Divine that we truly get to where we desire, fulfilling our goals and growing in awareness as we advance in our Soul quest, so with this New Moon in Sagittarius we are ready to start our new path as we are always expanding and eager to share the best of us while this new phase lasts, having faith that all will be Divinely orchestrated in our favor while we walk our own and unique path.

During the New Moon is a wonderful time to set our intentions for the next months and even more with Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius being in alignment with the Sun entering in Sagittarius on the same day that the New Moon will occur, a blessing after diving deep in Scorpion waters, so moving from water to fire Sagittarius will give us extra energy and we will feel empowered to keep expanding ourselves more into our Soul talents and to keep giving birth to our new desires, Jupiter together with the Sun in Sagittarius is a lucky combination that will  helps us to attract the necessary outcomes that we need for our inner expansion and for us to keep manifesting more of our  new intentions, as always, we should first be aligned with our desires as everything is always created from an inner perspective and once we have clear what we really wish, is that we could project this inner desire into the universe and manifest it in our physical world, it is not that an outer event, cosmic alignment or anything external to us can give us what we want, it is that by being in perfect alignment with these cosmic energies and putting the necessary intention that creations requires, we could best manifest our heart desires, but the gift to create and manifest is always within ourselves. Sagittarius New Moon will also assist to those who are awakening to their highest purpose to be fearless and persistent in their Soul quest as Sagittarius will not cease until finding the Truth and all the answers they are eager to know, for those who are already fulfilling their Soul mission it will also help you to keep expanding yourself more into your Soul purpose as it is never a fixed one and into the development of more of your inner gifts as it all will serve to the benefit of All.

Neptune is direct again in Pisces together with Chiron, Neptune will defy this New Moon in Sagittarius by reminding us that a balance is needed between our dreams and reality as Neptune being the Planet of Dreams and Illusion could make us fall into the trap of just dreaming without even the intention of bringing those dreams into fruition, so Sagittarius energy is here to remind us that dreams are just mere illusions if we do not take the necessary steps for bringing them into form as in the end we are here to manifest the Divine within us into our Human Plane, instead of letting ourselves be carried away by illusory dreams that lead us to nowhere, so it is important to remember that we came here to co-create and keep expanding ourselves into this earthly reality of infinite possibilities within this vast universe of love and light. Neptune direct in Pisces together with Venus and the sun in Sagittarius is a gift if we channel its powerful and deep energy properly, because it could assist us to find what lies behind the surface in all aspects of our lives, as Neptune helps us to go beyond what seems real for us so we can find what truly IS behind our limited minds, in love matters, this planetary combination can also assist us to go deeper into this feeling of falling in love that we have from a human perspective, leading us to experience it in a Divine way as well.

Venus in Sagittarius since November 16 makes our relationships fiery and passionate at the same time we enjoy our freedom we also enjoy to socialize and be with others, sharing our bliss and love for life is what make us reunite in joy and gratitude for all we have, so love in all forms will be plethoric in Sagittarius and abundance will keep pouring to us, remember that love is the main form of abundance and that it is only from pure and Divine Love that all things emanate, so we have another cosmic blessings with Venus being in Sagittarius together with Jupiter the ruler of this same sign in combination with the sun, a perfect opportunity for us to direct this energy into creating something that nurtures not only ourselves but everyone else as this is what unconditional love does, it shares feely without restriction or fears for the highest good of all.

Mercury will also join Sagittarius on November 27, so we are going to pass from going deeper into all matters and bringing into the surface what was hidden, to manifest new opportunities in our lives with the gentle energy of the Centaur who tends to also seek beyond the surface but at the same time enjoys its quest, and every single moment with the joy and gifts that it brings to us, an opportunity to be in perfect alignment with our physical and higher selves, that will give us the harmony and balance we need to keep discovering more of who we are and our True path without the severity that we felt with Scorpio, now it is a time to enjoy every challenge and adventure that we will find in our quest at the same we express our gratitude for all we have accomplish in our journey until this present and perfect moment.

Set your intentions during this wonderful New Moon in Sagittarius, start envisioning all the desires that you would like to create next and remember that these inner desires that come from your Soul, are Divine whispers eager to be expressed by You and not just mere human desires but Source creating through You and the least we can do is to honor this Divine Will within ourselves by expressing our truth and wisdom and sharing our soul gifts with others, so do not be afraid of shining who you are as by doing so, you will be given your unique gift to this world which is precious, unrepeatable and needed!

In love and service,

Natalia Alba

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Neptune and Chiron turns direct in Pisces ~ November 2014

Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and dreams, will turn direct tomorrow in Pisces, in mythology Neptune used to be the God of the Seas, as He governed the Oceans of Earth which is a metaphor for the real role that this Planet has on us, as Neptune rules our emotional side, and like water it can be changeable and uncontrollable but also strong, adaptable and sheer, purifying everything that it touches, giving us the gift of looking within ourselves, becoming aware of the Divine beings that we are and getting in touch with the eternal and observant being that lies within ourselves. Neptune offers us the opportunity to cultivate our spiritual side, to balance our humanness with our Divinity and to become One with the artist and dreamer that we all have within and that is eager to express all the precious gifts that he possesses within.

Neptunian energies can cause chaos and confusion as its shadow is powerful and we could get lost in it, but when we realize that it is only by embracing those inner shadows that are also a part of us and that it is only through the proper understanding of them and the essential role that they also play within Creation is that we can get to know ourselves better as well as uncover and shine our own Light even brighter, accepting Neptune's gift and directing its energy into the betterment of our own selves. Neptune can also help us to express our creativity in new ways, it brings into the surface the inner muse that we all have within and it helps the ones that have decided to embrace their creative side by assisting them with new ideas about whatever it is that you are trying to give birth to at the moment, so with Neptune direct in Pisces we have a wonderful gift for keep expanding ourselves more into our Soul gifts as well as to keep with the process of unification in which we have been merged for a few months, as Neptunian energies are the perfect ones to fuse ourselves with our higher aspects, taking further our Divine connection and alignment with our Higher Self and Divine wisdom.

Neptune is also a blessing for us to work on self-healing, giving us the opportunity to go deeper into our subconscious mind, bringing into the surface all that should be healed and purified, Neptune can be very intense but as always it is up to us whether we chose to go with the flow and channel its powerful energy to the betterment of our lives and inner being, diving deep into our inner senses and directing the new but at the same time ancient knowledge that we are constantly remembering as we keep merging with our Souls and the higher aspects of us, to be of selfless service as in the end, we all came here to contribute with our unique spark of love and wisdom so this huge shift and leap into a New Era was possible.

Together with Neptune, Chiron, the Cosmic Healer, will also turn direct on Pisces on November 23rd a cosmic gift for all of us to keep healing old wounds, to keep nurturing our inner beings and to realize what are the feelings that are still causing us suffering and that should not be there anymore so we can move forward and start a new life without resentment from the past and for those who we left behind, Chiron invites us to nourish and take care of our inner child and look at ourselves as we tend to look others, with infinite love and compassion as sometimes we simply see others in that loving and nurturing way but we forgot that we are all made of the same Divine Essence and that we also should look ourselves as the Divine beings of love and light that we are, honoring and respecting our personal choices as well as forgiving ourselves during this earthly path if our choices were not aligned with our soul desires sometimes, as we can only master ourselves by experiencing different results, and it is only by facing these challenges that we can truly ascend and keep learning that it is only through love, forgiveness and compassion that we can get closer to our True and Divine Essence.

Neptune together with Chiron assists us to realize that we are all One, remembering us that it is only through inner communion that we can also reach for a deeper sense of togetherness with others and that we can only do that when we embrace the different polarities that lies within us, accepting them as a gift and transcending matter and our ego with the Divine remembrance that we are constantly embodying and manifesting through a deeper merging with our Souls and through the unification process that we are having at the moment which makes us clearly realize that what we do affects all and that only by healing our own selves first, is that we can also help and assist others in their own path without directly interfering in their own and unique life experiences.

Neptune, rules our dreams and our deepest inspirations and visions and in combination with Chiron, often called the Wounded Healer and which I prefer to call the Cosmic Healer, will align themselves to offer us the gift of healing all we are in need of and keep releasing more of the old but also the blessing to see beyond our Human senses, it will be a great time to have Lucid Dreams and other forms of divination and guidance. Both Neptune and Chiron together will not only invites us to heal and let go but they will also inspire ourselves into a new creative phase to keep expanding into our inner gifts, so for those of you who are still needing some healing, both Lights direct will be wonderful for keep taking care of your own selves so you can begin the month of December by being purified and fresh as December will lead us into a new and fresh energy with the Winter Solstice that will assist us to start a new cycle of our lives and these energies are going to be perfect whether you need inspiration or healing in your life.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba