Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Moon in Gemini, November 25th, 2015 ~ Transcending duality

Beloved Ascending Souls,

Tomorrow, we have an harmonizing Full Moon, even if at this time it can seem chaotic, at 3 degrees of the Twins Gemini. Sometimes the process of stabilization can bring huge change as it has been reflected recently, but we, as ascending souls, know that behind the physical scenes we can only assist by no longer being participants of those who are choosing other vibration. Duality and the need to bring unity is what this Full Moon and the latest events are showing to us. The nature of Gemini together with other planetary aspects that are influencing All is profound at this time, but we have to accept that without one polarity we could not experience the other and what resonates with our own selves.

We have a lot of Planets in Sagittarius (the Sun, Mercury and Saturn) opposing the Full Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces, this may bring a lot of inner transformation - shift in consciousness - but it is only an indicator that we are transforming the aspects of ourselves that were not totally unified, as sometimes it is ony by experiencing that which is not aligned with our True Will that we can really know what we desire from our souls. Let it go with love and know that you are always assisted by your Guides/Higher Selves. Ask for help to release and accept the pain. It is not our mission to change others, it is only our task to create love, abundance and forgiveness - when we should. We can never change the conditions, but we can choose what vibration we hold and help in the healing of All.

With this doorway, whose energies will last until the end of the month, we conclude another inner cycle of seeking the Truth within, receiving more guidance from a place of Divine wisdom and love to find out if we are reflecting this unity and knowledge into our physical lives or if we still need to create more equilibrium and let go of old patterns that are coming back as a reminder that they can no longer be part of the new human being that we are becoming. There is no judgement, we all are walking unique paths but remember that every single vibration in form of feeling or action affects All. This Full Moon together with the Sun already in Sagittarius brings freshness and not the ending but the beginning of that which we have been giving birth from the inside during the entire month as we have integrated, transforming not only our own challenges but some of you also balancing the collective energies which is a not easy task most of the times as we feel what is coming and we have to accept and harmonize all the suffering. 

For some, this Moon will bring the need to accept things as they are and shift their perspective by releasing the pain, for others, simply the peace of enjoying the moment after all the inner work, it is all required to create balance. It will also make us feel more creative and eager to express our new projects and desires with the world, as communication will flow easily, and it is a new start after passing through a time of inner retrospection/recognition to finally step into the surface by being sociable and embracing all the changes that are coming into our lives with love and gratitude for all we have achieved. It is a good time to revise this past Year and see in what places can we create more abundance (love) and freedom as well as to ask ourselves in what can we be of assistance in this New Year that is about to come.

Until this moment, it was a time to turn all communication inward, now is the time to open our hearts even more into a higher form of light that will make us become the healers that we are in Essence and assist those who are experiencing duality and separation. From my own experience, and as it is my case as a stabalizer, to transform all the colletive suffering is not an easy task and sometimes you have to become the observer instead of making a part of who you are to continue as well with your own journey without interference. We, as Divine vehicles, are there to channel these energies and bring light, not to judge and become the pain in itself. In this time of purifcation, we can feel too attached to let go of some old beliefs or souls that have been your companions. The more we ascend, the more we have to let go as the new light cannot hold the same old frequency we used to possess. Embracing and accepting pain as well as knowing our role within Creation is essential to understand what is taking palce within you and be able to be your own healer.

Remember, You create Universes from within. You are never governed by outside random consequences or others choices that are not unifed and come from a place of love and integrity and that are not yours to participate in. You are a Divine Creator, we just tend to forget who we are most of the times as we are more focused on external circumstances that have nothing to do with us. At this time, we have the Divine gift to cease all the outer noises and move within to remembrance once more who we are, to navigate within our own light to embrace change so we can send healing and awareness. 

Focus on healing your own being and send this lovelight frequency into All. The truth of Sagittarius will remind you that all you were seeking were already deep within you and bring this wisdom into the light of you being. This is an endless path to re-discover higher aspects of the Truth, to embody and anchor higher level of consciousness into your being and physical realm, but again you can only find out all this if you move within. This is not a quest but a conscious path of soul remembrance; this is not a race, this is You becoming the healer, the teacher and the Divine Master that you are. This is a journey to realize that we can only create from within and what we see in the outside is just a formal illusion of that which is truly real in the inside.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Moon in Scorpio and the 11/11 Portal

In the coming weeks, we are going to receive another infusion of light coming from the 11/11 portal together with a very powerful New Moon in this same day at 19 degrees Scorpio that will help us to move inward and activate the frequency of unification and Divine remembrance that these numbers represent. This month is a calm one in the physical but it does not mean that our inner worlds are not being transformed and adjusted to a new vibration and even more after the intensity of the Eclipses whose energies will accompany us for at least six months. Everything is created from within and taking the time to descend into the depths of our being and bring all these revelations and guidance into our physical self is the message that these 11/11 numbers, month and New Moon is sending us at this time. We already feel this, as the macrocosm is just reflecting our microcosm and viceversa, we just have to tune in to our Divine Essence to be fully aware of all that is taking place, not in the physical, but in our inner realms, and that will reveal all we need to embrace and accept at this time.

To help us stabilize these new updates, we also have Venus already in Libra and Mars moving into this same sign on November 12th which is going to assist us with the integration process, remember that after the embodiment of these new energies it is pivotal to create the proper equilibrium within ourselves and into our physical bodies so we can properly internalize these new codes, as our physical body has to adjust itself again to a less dense frequency and it needs resting and the required balance to embrace a new state of being. It is indeed a time to move inward and align with our Higher Self to remember that we open "portals" and activate from within, we no longer expect anything to happen from the outside, because as ascending souls, we already know that everything is originated within the depths of our being and that the external world is just an outer representation of that which was first created in the inside. 

The potent New Moon in Scorpio is a perfect synchronized message from the cosmos to begin this new cycle by merging with our souls and start creating unified outcomes that will serve All. Scorpio opens an inner doorway to all this hidden feelings that we need to bring into the light for what they are and accept them as equals and not just as mere shadows that our human self does not want to look at and therefore denies. It is a magical, intuitive and passionate New Moon to feel the heat of the Light that we all hold within and illuminate our outer world with it, bringing soul wisdom into our journey and more clarity that as always, can only come from the inside. All the self-healing and purification that we do at this time will affect the whole and it will clear the path for us to receive new visions about the next steps of our journey as well as to help the collective in theirs.

When we talk about the 11/11 portal and even more happening at the same time that the New Moon in Scorpio, we are referring to the translation and later embodiment of a higher frequency that will allow us to go deeper into our self-mastery and soul remembrance. We are mastering our human self to release its polarize view of all things, we are teaching it so it can recall its true nature and purpose at a time in which we are navigating between worlds/dimensions, and it is essential for us to bring into our physical beings all this inner visions that we are receiving, as it is our soul whispering to us what we are meant to share in this new stage. These energies are not only poured to us for just one day, these energies are always there for us to raise our frequency and align ourselves with them. It is not that we should wait to receive that which is already there for us to anchor into our physical realm, it is in ourselves the responsibility and conscious choice of integrating these new waves with a pure intention to assist All. 

Numbers are made of frequency, which is light (information) therefore when we attuned our physical vehicles, always starting from within, to this new light, we are preparing ourselves to internalize and radiate it to others. It is all a process of ascending so we can embody these higher energies for later descending them into our physical realm, which is the main message that the numbers 11/11 carry within. As ascending souls, we already know that it is not about anchoring from the outside, but from the inside out, so when we talk about numbers or any other frequency that we wish to integrate, we know that we have to create it from inside ourselves and it is then that the cosmos will send us this same vibration and not the other way around.

It is a wonderful time for healing, releasing and purification, as the New Moon trine Chiron, the Wounded Healer, at the same time that together with the Sun makes a conjunction with Mercury. We are blessed to receive this healing cosmic energy so we can heal ourselves from a mental and emotional Plane leaving behind more old programs and replacing them with new and higher ones that resonates with our current path. It is a time to act from within instead of wanting to do things in our physical plane without the proper understanding of what we are about to give birth. It is a perfect moment to turn our attention inward and ask ourselves if we are we communicating with integrity, love and compassion towards ourselves and others or if we still tend to separate our true feelings from our actions. A good time to express our hearts within Divine Love, remembering that it always begins by talking to ourselves with kindness and compassion as otherwise we could not extend these loving feelings to others. 

These cosmic alignments together with the regenerative Scorpion energy gives us the message that we are moving towards unification and that can only happen when we start embracing, accepting and healing that which is still fragmented from within ourselves. It is essential that we realize that there is nothing from the outside that is coming to save us, we are our own healers, saviors and own masters and it is time that we start releasing this old sense of certain energy being poured to us in a specific day and begin to understand that the cosmos is only reflecting what is already occurring in our inner realms. Sometimes we become aware when we see it manifested in outside forces, others, there is no need to, as we are already feeling it from within. 

Another important aspect of this New Moon is that it makes a sextile to Jupiter in Virgo. This is asking you to trust in the Divine, you have done the inner work, if not, it is the perfect time to keep releasing and healing under the light of this healing water sign together with purifier Virgo that reminds us the important of self-healing to be able to assist All. You have conquered the inner shadows, realizing that it was nothing to fear but to understand, as you can always illuminate what is hidden with the proper knowledge. Now, you are asked to have faith in the inner spark that reigns your life even if you are not conscious of it all and trust that it will lead you into the right direction. 

You are invited to have faith in all the inner visions you have been receiving and that all is and will be occurring at Divine Timing and for the highest good of All. Jupiter expands your new beginnings with grace and kindness, it is your task to align with this loving energy to generate the outcomes that your soul desire to manifest. This is a gift from the cosmos, we just have to be aware of all the signs that the universe always sends to us at every single moment and let things flow instead of fomenting our human tendency to control the conditions, knowing that we are always blessed beyond measure and that no matter if we see it already or not in our reality, things are always working out for us in wondrous ways.

But of course this New Moon could not be free of challenges (opportunities) for us to keep mastering the self in the art of freeing ourselves from more restrictive old patterns, and for that we have this New Moon quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Uranus is always expanding its consciousness, it likes to discover new horizons by creating the necessary changes and means to do so, it never stops destroying old worlds to create new ones. On the contrary, Scorpio prefers to stay fixed on an idea and develops it untill the end. Scorpio navigates in the depths waters of our being but it does not accept much change as Uranus. Our challenge is to move out of our limited thoughts and beliefs and start manifesting a flexible reality, as humans, we do not like change, we tend to cling into the familiar, but we can always disengage ourselves from old chains and start anew, knowing that change is what brings true growth and expansion and that without it we will never be open to what life truly has to offer.

At the New Moon time, we have Venus, The Planet of Love and Abundance, already in Libra since November 8th. Venus in earthly Virgo was all about sharing and expressing the love that we are into our human plane, it helped us to open our hearts and brings this Divine Love into ourselves and physical world. Venus in Virgo reminded us the feeling of love for All things instead of just finding love for the self and therefore creating more separation. Venus in the sign of Libra now brings balance and harmony to the self and into all aspects of our lives. After realizing the things we should be treated with unconditional love, Venus invites us now to create more balance not only in all aspects of our own selves but also into our relationships. It is important to find new soul mates that assist us in our current path, but it is equally important to set a balance between the time we spend with them and with our own selves, remember that this feeling of Divine Love and wholeness is always within, as well as to evaluate if we are sacrificing who we are in order to be with others or if we are honoring our sacred space first. It is all about listening to our feelings and see if we are putting too much in one extreme of the balance but not in the other and creating more harmony that will unify both poles.  

On November 12th, the Warrior, Mars will enter into Libra as well. We are reminded of the important that finding oneness within duality has at this time for our ascension path. Mars, The Warrior, with its fiery energy unite forces in a cosmic dance with loving Venus in peacefully Libra to meet as One, they have done their own quest, they meet now in love and unison to find this equilibrium in All things. Mars give us the inner strength we need to stay firm in our truth and personal path, while Venus softens our impetus by creating love in all situations required, as a reminder that it is only with love that we can truly dissolve our inner/outer quarrels and not with our egoic impulses. These two Planets lining up together in this same sign of Libra are external representations of what is happening already within us, and this is our main message, to remembrance unity above all other states of being and human illusions.

When we see all things within Creation as being part of the whole, as being One, in perfect equilibrium and equality, assisting us to evolve,  is when we are truly value and honor ourselves as well as the Divine through us. It is only when we hold this feeling of Divine wisdom and soul remembrance that healing can take place within ourselves - transforming everything that is not aligned with our highest purpose - and giving birth to something authentic and pure into our physical realm. Direct this intense Scorpion energy into the regeneration of all the aspects of yourself and physical life that are in need to see the Truth of what IS behind the physical scenes and the unified being that You are. You have now, at this moment, at every single moment, the gift to start anew by washing away the ashes of the old and rebirth into the light and whole being that you all are. The choice is always yours to make and the time will always be the right one for All.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba