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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Moon in Libra, October 19th, 2017 ~ Reawakening our Galactic Consciousness

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” Rumi

Beloved Ones, 

At this passage of our ascension journey, we find ourselves finally embodying and recognizing our galactic nature, eons ago dimmed by many manipulative beings and their desire to make us fall into the illusion that we are powerless humans governed by outer forces. It is at this phase of our ascension journey - where we are still navigating through the 4D portal to our new 5D dimensional space - that the releasement of all the attachments that still impede us to fully embody our 5D essence, is essential to expand within higher horizons. It is precisely during this passage, where one must only focus on the inside, instead of allowing outer distractions to manipulate us.

At this unique time, we will have a macro major alignment which will open a stargate for us to embody its healing codes and star wisdom. As you may know I have shifted from sharing about traditional - and in my view limited astrology - to what is happening beyond the physical/micro scenes for us all, although I consider all important, for All affects us. However, I will no longer share about the astrological alignments whose meaning will rarely vary. On the contrary, I was guided to include what is new, for everything is constantly changing, and share about the alignments that are beyond our micro planetary system.

On October 19th we will have a New Moon at 26 degrees of Libra, this is a shifter Moon, and even more with the potential coming from the alignment between this Moon and other stellar forces, for it brings the required cosmic assistance for us to become the change we are so eager to see in the physical. As you know Libra is all about relationships and balance, exactly where we are now, bringing unification to all the aspects/polarities within us that are still being separated by our 3D egoic self. It is a time now to go beyond this meaning of bringing balance and see what will occur on this day with new eyes, for this doorway brings expansion, a higher contact as well as the opportunity for unification. 

At this day, the Moon will align with two powerful Forces outside our Planet - stars Arcturus and Spica. For the New Moon will occur in the Virgo constellation, whose main star is Spica, which resides also in Libra. On the other hand, we also have star Arcturus residing in Libra and being very close to the Moon too. These are major alignments taking place in a very specific time, when certain stars/planets reunite again, in order to create certain cosmic portals to align with our time/space planetary zone so their cosmic codes can be directed into our Planet.

This will last for at least one month as it is well-known by portal openers, as well as gatekeepers, or even the ones who travel, in the astral, when they have to go to a certain location within this or another galaxy. These cosmic codes sent from specific highly evolved civilizations, are the ones who we need to embody in order to keep integrating/awakening our galactic essence, for we have always been cosmic beings, never meant to be disempowered or mere puppets.

As this New Moon together with Spica is also influenced by Uranus, experiencing a higher opening and breaking free from our fears and self-doubts will be easy if we know how to align with this constructive frequency for Uranus's essence simply Is, and it is not meant to destroy but to build, remake and transmute. This is a very good moment to ask yourself if you have created within - and in your life - the changes you felt guided to or if you are still choosing to get attached to a certain belief, substance, and/or person. Everything and everyone you keep in your life by egoic force creates chaos, not the one required to create, but the ones meant to destroy yourself by keep focusing on what is not meant to be and occur by a Higher Intelligence.

From the micro to the macro, these frequencies are meant to help us in this quantum leap as we keep crossing the final steps to our new timeline. If you still need to break free from more old layers of your 3D personality, then the planetary energies from this New Moon and its alignments with other planets will help you to do so. If where you are is in need of healing and you need assistance to the proper embodiment of your 5D self's essence, then you would prefer to set your purest intention to be aligned with the macro frequencies descended from the Arcturian portal that again can only occur due to all the planets/stars involved making a special formation.

Arcturian pathways 

Arcturians offer us their 5D pathways or corridors - residing in sacred sites of Earth or built during meditation or conscious dreamphase - for us to align with their frequency and be transported to their healing chambers where we could be energetically assisted to rejuvenate and heal, for where we are going we first need to be totally pure of anything that still keeps us fragmented. 

To be able to connect with them and their fifth dimensional corridors, one simply has to hold a pure intention to connect with their own 5D frequency as well as to visualize in their unique way a bridge towards a higher timeline. You can also visit any sacred place near you,  while you consciously call upon their assistance, at the same time that you create a visualization where you are transported  into this 5D pillars of light. 

As you are your own master and healer you will find your unique way in doing so, remember that what may serve me or others may not serve you. Above all, remember that your higher guidance is your Unified Self and that it is not an outside being or force but it is You, reside within, and is at all times available to assist you. 

These 5D pathways are not just to be able to receive their healing assistance but also are there for the ones who have the conscious and pure desire to reconnect themselves to the fifth dimensional frequency that we are anchoring in both within and in our Planet. As you may know, there are different stages in the ascension path. While some people are beginning to awake, others are still residing in the 4D portal or Earth and/or beginning to anchor/bridge their 5D self, as it is the case of the ascending souls or starseed ones. 

However, that you have an earthly origin does not mean you cannot be able to step out of the reincarnation cycle that still occurr under the 4D and anchor a 5D frequency within, this is why we are being assisted by many benevolent beings who are already dwelling in higher timelines outside our time/space zone, to reawaken our galactic lineage.  

5D self synthesis 

As I often say, neutral observation, is essential to be able to zoom out of our personal interpretation of reality and of who we are, as an individualized aspect of Source, and begin to observe - from the lack of judgements of our eternal consciousness - how we still create self-imposed beliefs that impede us to move forward. For this is what keeps us to integrate these new cosmic codes. 

Often we create our own mental programs, limited and fixed ideas about who we are or about how things are or should be, not even aware of the fact that by doing so, we are impeding a Higher Truth, as well as consciousness, to be embodied. Negative self-talk is another form of self-programming and how we are creating energetic barriers that act as a shield to all the blessings we are meant to receive, why? because we believe we are not worth it of having limitless abundance, authentic relationships etc, and yet there is another why question in the air of why someone would not want to accept all this goodness.

Well, there is another unconscious but very real program running within our mental and emotional bodies, which is the one of punishment and guilt, this is the worst frequency we can hold within, for it is the opposite of our True Nature. This is what occurs when humanity still have not cleared alien and self-imposed negative programs, and why is pivotal that at this phase, we finally become aware of it and begin to dissolve an old self that was manipulated and controlled and that always served us to realize who we really are in Essence, and who we are not.

For the proper self-liberation of all that we still give our power to, as well as the healing required to allow the embodiment of our 5D self, it is pivotal that we first synthesize and heal our 3D parallel selves and their influence, for the majority of times, especially if your United Self is using parallel incarnation as a way of accelerating our ascension, we will be deeply influenced by other selves that existing at this moment, even within this earthly plane, could affect us in our own journey, for even if we created the illusion of being an individualized aspect, they are One with us and the echoes of their acts and own process will have a profound impact in our own healing process.

It is precisely because of this that we should observe whether our present actions, thoughts and feelings are coming from our own self, or if it is coming from past and/or parallel selves that are not yet being called Home, or that are having their own experience, which affects us without being fully conscious of why we are literally robotized to perform certain acts, even if they go against our own soul desires. Sometimes these people do not possess karma, but there are other aspects of them, who are incarnated at the same time/space zone who does, and need to be commanded to allow them to experience their our own individualized mission and human experience, without their influence. 

Physical sensations

As you know, each one of you is unique, so we all will experience physical sensations where your body possess more blockages due to old wounds/programs and so on. I just share the most common ones, some that I have experienced myself, in case it can be of assistance. As I always say, our bodies are constantly speaking to us and we are the only ones who can really know what is going on within. 

Furthermore, remember that physical sensations, are a manifestation of our conscious decision and natural process of our ascension journey, taking care of ourselves instead of only focusing on how hard this is for us, will help us to release them instead of keep feeding our physical discomfort. 

  • Heavy sleep - due to the effort that our human body is making to release more density, which is  why the body needs to sleep to be able to heal and rejuvenate.
  • Pressure in the crown chakra - this is due to the shift our higher chakras are experiencing when descending more Light from our I AM Presence, as well as from the cosmic codes we are embodying/decoding. They are adjusting themselves to a new and higher state.
  • Anxiety and panick attacks - as always they come from not being totally focused on the present moment, as well as to the attachment of the lower 3D self to the old ways of living.
  • Stomach issues - they often occurr as we detoxify our body cells and as the new frequencies are consciously integrated for the purpose of cleansing our physical and non-physical bodies of all the past burden.

This gateway will be a great gift for the ones who have chosen to change from within to without all that is obsolete and that is impeding them to step into a higher timeline. Change sometimes comes when we are ready to confront our shadows and our soul awake us without us being even fully aware, for it knows we are ready to begin a new phase of our human evolutionary journey. 

Other times, change must be created from within in order to be the catalyst of this shift. If you feel change is what you need, then these frequencies, if well directed, will assist you to create the proper transformation required for you to dissolve the old. Change is not coming from the outside, for it should be created by being fully conscious of how are we going to direct this destructive, and at the same time constructive, energy. 

Become your eternal witness, observe where you are fixed in an idea, in a feeling or in something that happened that you still keep recreating in the physical and that is impeding you to expand yourself. Ask what change you would like into your life and how you could bring it into form, remember that first you must find within what is causing this constant repetitive pattern in the outside.

If you would like to bring change into your relationship, for you are feeling lack of unconditional love, then ask yourself if you love yourself in this same way. If what you wish is more abundance, and you are frustrated not knowing where to find it, then you are still not recognizing the limitless and abundant creator that you are, for you still remain in lack, waiting it from the outside, for someone else to produce it  for you. As conscious beings, self-observation will give us the opportunity to determine whether we are heading into the timeline we have consciously chosen, or whether we are yet blind by our own delusions.

It is a very important phase of our ascension journey, Beloveds. Ascension is not something that is granted to us from the Heavens, it is something we already have within and anchor in the physical by conscious integration. This is not done by asking outside Forces or simply reading or acting, but by BEing and go beyond our human boundaries/illusions to create this cosmic synthesis with All.

We are not going to become galactic beings. We are already cosmic beings beginning to reactivate our ancient stellar memories and abilities, long time closed by manipulation and the consequent outcome of remaining unconscious. We are already reawakening who we always have been, something that it is first done by beginning with the unification of our inner polarities, dissolution of an old self and its old programs, so we can be able to descend and anchor a higher state of consciousness within this physical body. 

For real mastery and ascension occur when we are able to evolve in the physical, when we remember, when we consciously bring the wonders of the Above, Below, as after all, one can only ascend in an earthly plane, for the higher aspects of us are already evolved and need no evolution, only the lower aspects of us need to learn how to dwell within Divine Love. 

I wish you a blessed stellar passage Beloveds! 

May you always choose to remain in the illuminated Presence of your Soul - always in light, bliss and love with All.

In love, light and service,

Natalia Alba 

Artist of the photo: Ellen Vaman.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Ascension Update: Soul Fragmentation Vs. Divine Connection

There is only one issue: man's lack of experience in feeling his Divine Self and his innate connection with the Divine. All other issues stem from this. 

Lindsay Wagner

Beloved Ones,

As we approach December, the majority of us will begin to clearly see, even in our physical timeline by the loss of gravity and many other events, the first signs of our current bifurcation from Old Earth, recognizing soul separation, in ourselves as well as in the people who surround us. It is essential for us to distinguish lifeless energy from the ones who are aligned with the Divine Force.

It is a very challenging period for those who are not standing firm in their soul light essence and truth, for they will begin to realize how their matrix begins to crumble, feeling lost and hence maintaining an attacking/defensive position. This is why discerning what is real - from other old forms of illusions - is pivotal for us to remain in the timeline we have consciously chosen, for this new phase of our ascension journey.

We began this new energetic month with some important planetary/cosmic events, although everything is important, as you know. But as you know, I have shifted the way in sharing and I do not put focus on the astrological aspects I consider fixed and linear, whose meaning will not vary. However, during this month, there are aspects which are worth mentioning, that are happening for the first time in years, or that are beyond our Galaxy, but that are occurring to assist us into our cosmic transition. 

The Full Moon in Aries, on October 5, marks the beginning of the final transition that will continue until December. At this time, we have seven Planets in Cardinal signs, the Moon, Aries, The Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury, this is a cosmic confirmation of the new beginning that we, as well as our Planet, is experiencing. The macro reminds us of the importance that standing tall is in who we are, and the power we have at this transitional period. It is a time to act according to what we think and feel, and a time to finally be our own leaders instead of relying upon others. 

Oppositionally, the Sun in Libra, will put the balance - key at this phase - required between taking too much action and being too independent and our sense of communion with All and in being of service. Setting your highest intention, aligning with this frequency and acting accordingly, which is something in which sometimes people tend to fail, is essential while we keep navigating between unknown realms to maintain a higher frequency.

There are two other aspects which I consider very important at this time, and that are not fixed in nature as other aspects may be. First, the semisquare between Uranus and Neptune, whose frequency will remain with us for a while, for this has not occurred since the mid 60's and it is a sign from the macro of the great revolution that is taking place both within and without the Planet, as we shift timelines. If consciously integrated, these frequencies, revelations, and the so called miracles - which in my view, are a natural manifestation of our perfect alignment - will take place, for this is the way the macro has to inform us that we are finally breaking free from an old micro and macro cycle.

Secondly, there is another aspect worth mentioning, the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, whose effect will keep lasting for all the rest of this year. This is important for it brings not just growth and expansion but the opportunity to create the necessary change we are so eager to see in the physical. Uranus' power can be used  not  just to destroy but to build from the ashes of the old, we just need to direct our intention in a constructive way, instead of becoming mere victims of the conditions,circumstance and/or energies, which simply are, they by themselves are not causing anything to any of us, unless we integrate them and direct their essence into the purpose  of creating or destroying. Both choices, as you well know, are highly respected within Creation, one just has to choose.

Beyond our galaxy confines, we also have other cosmic forces helping us into our process of self-liberation from the old. We have the Fixed Star Alpheratz, belonging to the our nearest Galaxy Andromeda at 14°33′ Aries , and on the other hand, the star Algorab who belongs to the small Constellation of Corvus, who is said to bring destruction, which to me, is simply the ending of what is not working any longer in our lives, of what must be dissolved.

These stellar frequencies received from these cosmic portals - special cosmic alignments happening to open a no time/space zone so these frequencies can be conduit into our Planet - are conscious light codes, they are coming through these portals, and not just in one day, for this is limited, but for a few months, to help the Planet, as well as the ones who have decided, to raise into this New 5D Timeline, to end with an old cycle of enslavery. This is where we are now, destroying old worlds that once served a  purpose for us to grow, releasing an old egoic self and beginning to plant the new seeds and strong pillars of our new life in a higher dimensional space.

Andromeda, is a Galaxy who is very involved in the assistance of our Planet. They are already dwelling in constant change, for their reality is not a fixed and linear one, as is ours. They have to be constantly adjusting to change as we are beginning to do. This is why they feel the call to serve humanity, as we too begin to shift in form, even if this change will not be evident yet - in thought, and even in physical location.

The energies in itself do not help us if we first do not do the inner work required to release blockages, stagnant energy and allow the new one to be integrated. It is important that we all become neutral observers, for a lot of people still live in delusion - allowing their 3D personality to own them - which is perfectly fine, and another choice, we all need out time to see for ourselves where we are, what must be shifted and healed. However, being in this state of mental confusion, and what is most important, not being able to have the insight to see it, brings many energetic attachments that are impeding us to heal, grow and ascend.

Soul separation

I was guided to write about what many of us are already seeing, especially in our loved ones, or friends or simply others, who are not yet choosing to evolve. This is not the same as soul retrieval, for by soul separation I refer to the the ones who have unconsciously, in the majority of times, allowed other energies/beings/entities to occupy their bodies. This occurs when we have only embodied a small part of our soul, for it is then when we all become more likely to lose all consciousness.

There are people that are disguised as being "spiritual" (I put it into commas because we all come from Spirit) who are serving as a conduit of darkness. There are some people, especially the ones who are beginning to awake, for at this time in the Planet there is occurring a mass awakening, even though some of the chaos may point in another direction, who are feeling that they are not yet able to discern whether they are making authentic and integrated relationships or whether they are being manipulated.

The main traits to discern the ones who are in a deep state of soul disconnection, apart from your own and best soul guidance, are:

  • Programmed repetitions - often manipulated to program others with 3D beliefs.
  • Acting without integrity and responsibility.
  • Trying to impose one's beliefs on others. We all must walk our own journey, if we need to release old beliefs or half-truths no one must interfere, we will realize it in our Divine Time. 
  • Lifeless eyes.
  • Being easily irritated/angry - especially when one does not resonate with their beliefs.
  • Thinking they know/see/feel more than you about your own path and being and/or personal experience.
  • Believing their truth is The Truth
  • Be also very aware of their behaviour when facing situations in which using compassion is essential.
  • Speaking badly about others. And no, it does not matter what you think others have done to you. If you use it to criticize them, then, your act in itself is already speaking to you and telling you where you are. A conscious being will allow himself/herself to feel every state of being, but will not dwell in it for long.
  • Addictions: These beings whose soul is fragmented, will tend to share about ascension, read, and try to show you how "spiritual" they are while they are poisoning their bodies not with just lower food but by many drinking habits, between many other drugs. As you know I am not saying you must be Vegan or otherwise you are not ascending. I am simply saying that one cannot really embody a higher level of consciousness within a weak and toxic body and/or with a toxic mind and unhealed emotional body.
  • Some of them will make their "mission" to talk about others, by disguising it as "telling the truth" when we all know this is the ego, being jealous, believing in delusions and above all, they are the ones aligned with the dark forces, allowing them to use them for their manipulative tactics. Some of them will create youtube channels, write about it, anything that will keep feeding their negative polarity beliefs. 
When one must speak about what is happening, as it is my case, one does it with respect, not wiht lower words, not by being angry between many things, because when one resides in love, one does not need to use names or attack anyone, for one knows these peple are simply being used - as empty corpes - by the dark polarity to serve their purpose. Being informed, mainly by own guidance, is essential to be able to discern.
  • Saying they can heal you and make you whole again. No one can ever heal you, just help you to heal, for the light power to do so is within. No one can have more power than you to do this. This is another form of manipulation, and I do believe in healers, in the integrated ones who do not manipulate and try to get advantage of where you are to succeed in their egoic tactics. We are all here in a constant and eternal dance, we all need assistance from each other, we all need confirmation and guidance, but not if this is not done with a conscious mind and with the proper purification and Divine connection.
  • Violation of your sacred space - reading/manipulating energy and disguising it as helping you.

I would like to explain the delicacy of some of these people to manipulate others with their false view of reality and lack of respect towards others. There are some people who say they can read energy, they "do" this without any integrity and respect, for as many of you know, one thing is the first reading we all tend to feel, which is not the same as judgments, of the people we meet or are in contact with. They make a profound energy reading of someone, using their dark tactics to use you and manipulate you, especially by making you dependent on what they see or not.

These beings will tell you anything, from trying to put you in fear, by telling you that you have been possessed, when it is the opposite, by telling you they can see in you something you cannot yet, by their lack of respect, humility and unconditional love for your unique journey, and by literally going against the Universal Law Of One, for as many of you know, one never enters into the sacred space of another person, and less without their permission.

A truly empowered, authentic and integrated being, who is able to envision more than what we see in the physical realm, will never interfere in your unique growth process. A conscious being who is coming from a unified space, will never read your energy, for we all know this violates our sacred space, between many other things.

A conscious being will not tell you that he/she is doing it to help you. Have you requested their help? Have you given them your permission? If not, the answer is very clear. If yes, then you should discern to whom you give your energy/power and why you would allow others to manipulate it. Some of these beings who are living in a state of soul disconnection will never be aware of where they are, there is no point in trying to help them. The only and best thing to do is simply to walk away in love and in total respect for what they have decided to experience.

This is not a negative post, as some would like to label it, this is meant to bring clarity to All, for I am often asked about all this, consciousness, information, and most of the times based on personal experience. This is for you to discern on what is happening within your own human experience. This is more important that sharing about the astrology, for example, for this meaning is fixed, on the contrary, what is truly important now is to be able to bring light on what is occurring, discerning and becoming aware of the many manipulations and tactics of those who have chosen to serve the dark polarity in many ways.

One must be fully present and in neutral observation mode to be able to clearly know when we fall into our 3D egoic personality traps and when we remain in our Light Essence, without judgements, with love, with compassion. This is not easy for sometimes we tend to defend and explain ourselves, which is again egoic, and perfectly fine, for we all are constantly learning on how to become fully sovereign and empowered beings, and everything that happens that seems to lead us into the other direction, is to teach us more humility, love and compassion.

Divine connection signs

  • Acting with integrity - as one thinks and feel.
  • Respecting the ascension journeys of others - and respecting where individuals are within their own journey.
  • Guiding/sharing by informing from their own soul/Unified Self guidance - not by what they read and make theirs, not by what they were taught, but by their own soul/Unified Self guidance.
  • Setting healthy boundaries instead of becoming too obsessed with self-protection, negativity etc. Vulnerability if well embraced, makes us stronger. If one remains in one's power and strength, one does not need to be constantly trying to protect oneself or fearing what could possibly happen if one interacts with lower frequencies.
  • Never imposing one's guidance on others by sending constant messages, making propaganda about them or what they do. Authentic conscious beings simply be and do their mission in simple and humble ways, in their own sacred spaces. There is no need to force our guidance on anyone for we know the people who are meant to co-create with us; will come at Divine Time.
  • Assisting without losing one's power and health when one feels one can do it, instead of walking away at the first negative situation one sees just because it can affect one. We are not here to be isolated in mountains, as old gurus and isolate ourselves of others just because they resonate at a different frequency, this is, again, separation, but to consciously help others too in many ways. This is separation, egoic and not true and conscious assistance.
  • Assistance without interference. A truly empowered conscious being - coming from a space of love and unity - will never interfere in your journey. They will clearly see, feel and know but they will not come to you to tell you what they feel, for they will respect your free will to remain in the frequency you have chosen, no matter if this resonates with them or not.
There are a lot of people out there, guided by their 3D egoic personality, as well as many other dark forces, whose main aim is to tell people what they think of them, they like to help them without being asked, simply because they think they can make them change or make them better or simply make them as they are. This is the highest form or manipulation.

When you see this, this is, again, why it is so important to be always present in a state of neutral observation, walking away - and setting strong boundaries - will help you not contaminate yourself with these lower frequencies. Energy speaks louder than words, energy precedes you, there is no need to read further, there is not need to violate anyone's sacred space.

Let the darkness be. Let it do its work, for within this dualistic Universe both forces are necessary for us to know what Light feels like, for us to remember our True Essence. It is all part of the cosmic dance we agreed to experience. Do not fight the darkness, instead remain - always - in the illuminated Presence of your God Self, spreading your unique spark in your special way. It is not by fighting anything or anyone that darkness is finally embraced, but about our lack of judgement, and appreciation for All, that we can finally move into a unified space.

Fear nothing. Choose to grow within Divine Love, and you will be able to see beyond human illusions the true nature of existence, and be finally able to get rid of the wheel of illusion, control and manipulation in which you have been dwelling for eons. When you choose to only serve the path of unity and unconditional love, no one can dim your spark, for the frequency in which you remain now is no longer in the same range that the lower ones. Now you have finally become the LoveLight being that you are. Now you are free. Now there is no need to fight anything, for the only thing to do now is just to BE. 

In love and service to Unity Consciousness, 

Natalia Alba