You are pure love and light. And now, it is also time for you to be your own Master ~ You are unique, you are powerful without measure, you are love and the best is yet to come,the best is yet to be


Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Moon in Capricorn & the Solstice Gateway ~ 12, 21, 2014

New beginnings are around the corner with this wonderful new Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn together with another Gateway on December 21 with the Winter/Summer Solstice that will last until the end of the month with the coming of the New Year! We are full of blessings and changes for this new phase of our lives, but are we ready to embrace all we have built during all this time? Or are we still attached to the old patterns of thoughts and way to live that we used to have? Capricorn invites us to question ourselves, do we feel stable and financially secure in our lives? Or we could do something more for the betterment of our life experience, if so, Capricorn will teach us how to reach new goals and how to be persistent with our work. We have already look within while we were diving deep into scorpion waters, later on, we also kept seeking the truth of what truly IS with Sagittarius and now it is time to put all this inner knowledge into the way we manage our earthly lives as it is equally important.

We still have this month of December to keep releasing and letting go of the old so we can enter into this New Year with a new sense of direction and purpose that we did not fully embrace before. New Moons are all about starting new things that we have been creating first in a non-physical plane, and at this time with the Moon being at 0 degrees Capricorn together with the energies of renewal and new beginnings of the New Year, it gets more intensified! The cosmic message is to step into the New and keep expanding ourselves into our soul desires and projects, to dive deep into the core of our being to get to know what we truly wish from our hearts and to be brave enough to go after our goals and dreams, as Capricorn, the Goat, will not cease until reaching the top of the mountain, and so shall we do with our dreams!

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and this is probably why Capricorn likes discipline and determination in His journey. Capricorn likes to get things done, and He will not stop until he reaches his goals and dreams by bringing them into a physical and tangible world, and this is what we are called to do at this wonderful New Moon time, we are invited to start something secure and prosperous in our lives, beginning with our own selves, as for giving birth to something new first we should set strong foundations within ourselves to support our journey, and construct what is going to give us abundance in the next Year. It is a good time for those who are stepping into this new path of Ascension and self-mastery, so they start thinking about the kind of job that would benefit not only the self but others as well, to start creating the kind of job that they truly resonate with, as we are all creating our own fountain of abundance which only depends on our own selves, and with Saturn moving into the sign of Sagittarius on December 23 the collective will be even more aware of the path that they really would like to walk in the next Year.

On a cosmic level, Pluto, the Planet of Power, is also in Capricorn. His energy is powerful and destructive but again, energies are all about what we do with them, so we can direct them to benefit ourselves and transmute all of the old into a new life experience that will empower ourselves as well as others or we can choose to follow the same old egoist pattern that we used to. Life is but a series of moments, and in every single moment we are the ones in choosing what experience we would like to live next, we are always free to do so and there is no one judging ourselves or our acts but our own selves, so what we decide to experience on this realm will be perfect for the Divine, we just have to realize what will be best for us and others as the integrated beings that we are. So by channeling this powerful energy in our favor we could empower our Soul Quest and mission, we could channel the next steps of our journey, acting as One with the Divine Will that lies within ourselves, as in the end we are here to follow the Divine within, and it is a great opportunity to do so by being renewed and empowered with this wonderful Pluto-Capricorn Cosmic Force that gives us all this inner strength and passion to manifest all of our dreams and goals.

Venus, The Planet of Love and Abundance, is in Capricorn as well. Venus in Capricorn invites us to ask ourselves what areas of our lives could be more stable and financially secure. Venus helps us to realize that we are the creators of our own resources and that we no longer have to depend on external sources or even others to obtain what is ours by birthright. In our relationships, Venus is also going to make us wonder if we are having a balance and authentic relationship with who we have become now, or if we should take some time to evaluate it. What is essential at this time is to become the observant of our physical lives and relationships and become aware of the things that we could improve or instead shift if we do not resonate with what we are experiencing in the moment. It is all a gift for us to be objective so we can appreciate the aspect of our selves and lives that also need stability and harmony, remember that we are living in a physical realm and in the end, all we need is to be grounded which is essential to channel our Divine Essence into our earthly plane and with Venus in Capricorn is going to be a blessing for us to mend the things we would like to change with love, compassion but also with determination enough to change and transform all we feel that should disappeared for the new can come.

Another important planetary event that will shift our lives completely is Saturn moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius and will stay there until December of the year 2017. Globally, this is going to make a huge impact, the collective will start seeking for the Truth in all matters, religion, education, and everything that Sagittarius rules. We are going to awake the Truth seeker within us and some people are going to start questioning their current path and try to shift into a new and totally different one of self-fulfillment and integrity with their inner beings. At a non-physical level, more revelations will keep coming and the ones, who are already walking in a path of Self-mastery and Divine love, will keep experiencing their multidimensionality and soul expansion into their Divine gifts and talents. During these three years that Saturn will be in Sagittarius, old structures when talking about the government, education and everything that chained us, will fall down, and at the end, as it is usually said, the Truth shall set us free!

Mars that is in Aquarius since December 6 will also assist Saturn in its Truth quest, as Mars is power and strength and directed in a positive way, could be used to break free from all the old and start new beginnings. We may want to be our own fountain of resources, create our own jobs, and decide for ourselves what it is that we consider being best for us and stepping into a new way of living and Mars whose ruler is Uranus, the Planet of Rebellion, that will also turn direct on the same day of the New Moon, will help us to give the step of breaking free from the old without fears or regrets for what we leave behind and start living outside the matrix and even more on December 20 when both, mars and Uranus will be in harmony aspect. So it is the time for those souls who are still oscillating between the old world and the new one, to realize what it is that they truly desire from their Souls and take the final step into a new way to live.

On December 21, the Sun will enter into the sign of Capricorn and on the next day, we will also have the Moon, Venus, Vesta, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn! What a magical combination that reminds us to take action towards the dreams that we would like to see manifested soon in our lives! But this is not the only cosmic event, as we will also have the Winter/Summer Solstice at the same time that the New Moon in Capricorn! This will be an immense Portal of Light for us to stand in our power and start building within the New all that our souls are eager to create from a higher perspective and that will benefit the All. It is not that at certain dates we have special energies coming, we are always receiving the energies we need to fully embrace our True Essence and manifest it in our physical real, but at this CHRISTmas time, the energies become more intense, as we are in acceleration mode and shifting at a high speed at the moment as well as our physical bodies. So we are going to keep receiving intense energies like we have been integrating during all the month of December and the sensations of this intense wave of light is being strongly felt as we are finally merging with what we call the higher aspects of ourselves without any separation like we used to make in the old. The energies that we are about to face in the last days of this month are all about stepping into our new way to life without fears and by being totally focused on our New path ahead, unifying as One with our Higher selves, as we are multidimensional beings having different experiences in different planes of existence, and start acting and creating as One the New life we truly desire to experience in a New World of Love, authenticity and integrity.

The Solstice will bring harmonizing energies for those who are still releasing the old to be fully present in the Now moment and realize that we can only move forward when we let go and stay fully present in the embodiment of our Divine Essence and  creation within our physical realm. A great time to integrate the aspects that are not totally balanced within ourselves, so if we are in need of healing or harmonize some aspects of our lives, it is a wonderful time to create this equilibrium that makes everything whole and peaceful. The Solstice together with the New Moon in Capricorn offer us the opportunity to not only get rid of the old but to dissolve and detach from our old selves, remember that we are evolving at every single moment and it is when we consciously decide to keep embracing higher aspects of the self, that we can shift and let go of the old self.

BEing in total harmony with who we are and take care of our bodies so they can integrate and keep adjusting to their new and high frequency is our main aim at this time, as when we are swinging between two different vibration, we cannot enter into a new cycle of our lives because we are not holding this same vibration, this is why is so important to empty ourselves of everything that does not serve us anymore so we can fully receive what is about to come into our next life experience and be fully present and in a perfect state of bliss to enjoy our next life experiences and the ones that we are manifesting already here and now.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The 12-12 Gateway ~ Embracing our New Self in Divine Unity

Since we started December we have been bathed by intense waves of Christed Light energies. It is not that in this day 12:12 we are going to receive different energies than the ones we have been facing during the entire month. When we keep establishing certain dates to explain the incoming waves of Light that we are constantly receiving and not just in a particular day, we are limiting ourselves and what is more important, we are limiting the way the universe works. We are definitely experiencing more intensity and acceleration into our ascension process lately, but this is not because we are receiving higher frequencies of light codes, but because we are holding a higher vibration so we notice with more intensity than we used to our own process of integration and the huge shift that our bodies are also facing.

When we put labels or dates to a certain and endless process, we simply come back into the old, because where we are now, and as Ascending Souls, we have reached a higher knowledge and we know that human dates are not relevant and that we are always going to be bathed by the love of the Creator whether it is December or any other date, so starting by realizing that time or dates is not relevant and that only our feelings which are the ones that truly can let us know if we are in receiving mode or not, is that we can keep leaving the old patterns of thoughts behind ourselves and start living reality based in what truly IS instead of what our programmed minds thought it was.

The first two weeks of December are going to be all about receiving, integrating and activating the Christ consciousness within ourselves, which is nothing but pure and Divine love based on authentic compassion and integrity. In these weeks some of you probably have been feeling very intense symptoms, depending where you are in your ascension journey, as I always say, we are all unique, and we are all experiencing Ascension in a different and unique way. But as we expand ourselves and hearts into more love and cosmic wisdom, as the light codes we have been receiving are also for assisting us into our soul remembrance process, we also gain in awareness and it is easier for us to realize the things we should heal and transmute to keep stepping into the New, which is just a higher vibrational state of being and living.

In this first phase of December, we have been releasing our old selves, and embodying more of our True Essence, we are always the same in Essence but the more we heal release and let go of our ego and old limitations, the more that we become our new selves. When we embody a new aspect of ourselves, and as the Light keeps entering into our own bodies, it is usual to feel that old patterns of thoughts, beliefs and things we used to do, are falling down, and together with this, feeling emotional can also emerge, this is happening because the Light that is entering is simply sweeping away all that cannot coexist with this new and higher vibration that we have decided to embrace. This is why some of you may have noticed some old blockages dissolving if you made the proper inner work, especially in your first and second chakras or solar one as we embrace our personal power, so when this happens, it can be challenging but this is what shifting and healing feels like after receiving these higher frequencies of Photonic Light.

These new waves of Light can also make some of you feel as if you are completely loosing yourselves but what is occurring is that you are releasing an old aspect/s of your being that is not serving you in the new life and vibration that you possess at the moment, so accept it without regrets and any pain for what it is not existing anymore in the Now and surrender to all the gifts that are coming, as it is only when we see what truly IS and realize how blessed we are that we can allow all that we wish from our souls to manifest in our physical realm. Do not forget that we are the creators of our life experience, that we control all that we create and that we are the only ones that can truly choose to allow the eternal flow of well-being into our lives or not, and it is all up to us, no one else or outer circumstances are controlling how we feel in the Now, this is why it is only by embracing and loving all aspects of the Self and where we are at the moment that we can let go of the illusion of the pain and enjoy our true feeling of Divine bliss.

The unification of all the aspects of ourselves and the reunion of the different polarities that lies within ourselves is what is occurring at the same time that we keep receiving these higher and Christed energies, it is essential to unify all aspects of the Self. It is important at this time to being in a perfect alignment with who we are and with the Divine if we truly want to unify ourselves with everything that surrounds us, remember that first is the self and it is by experiencing this inner Union that we can make other physical reunions possible, so celebrating and honoring where we are in our ascension process as well as the Christ within, is essential to begin something new and to unite ourselves with others in stable and prosperous relationships.

We are amplifying our senses beyond our physical capacities, as the multidimensional beings that we all are, we are now entering into a total new phase in which the old simply cannot co-exist anymore with who we have become and keep living this illusion will only make us dance between two different world/vibrations. It is challenging at the beginning to let go of everything that once was familiar to us, and the ego will probably resist, but the more we attuned ourselves to the light and love of our True being and the more we see what IS, we will finally realize that all we have been through have been for our highest good and benefit of the All and that choosing Love is always worth it. we also have the assistance of Jupiter, the Planet of Luck but also Truth with us at the moment, as It went retrograde in December 8th, remember that this is just our limited and human perspective from earth as no Planet turn retrograde, so Jupiter will help us to find the Truth o what truly IS at the same time that It will act as a bridge, bringing us the necessary energies, for us to keep expanding ourselves into the new and into more Divine wisdom which is something that we have been experiencing for a while due to our soul embodiment and its subsequent remembrance process.

Let your heart expands into infinite Love, compassion and forgiveness as this is what December energies and what we call Gateways and these certain dates like today are showing to us, it is not about the dates, but about us expanding and opening to new and higher level of love and transmutation of the old, both, physically and internally, we are shifting a whole old perception into a new one, and this can be a huge challenge for some of you and not for others, we all are unique and should honor where we are in our journey, but no matter where you are in your Ascension path, love will always dissolve any possible challenge that you are experiencing, not matter if this is your ego fighting back or you adjusting to the New, the power of our Christ consciousness that loves and forgives through us conquers all.

Remember that it is in the Now where we always live. It is only in the Now where we can create. It is in the Now that things are occurring but just because we make them happen, they were never taking place in any other time that it was not this moment and this is why every time we tend to look at other past or future times that does not exist anymore, we feel pain. But we can always choose to feel joy, let it all go, live in the moment and empty ourselves of what we are not; we can always keep choosing what IS and let this wonderful feeling of joy and love invade ourselves at all time, embracing the magnificence of who we are and letting our True Essence shines bright!

In love and light,
Natalia Alba