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Monday, July 14, 2014

Divine Reunions ~ Soul recognition and challenges

At this time of our journey we all are fully merged into the fulfillment of our Soul mission here on Earth, it is our duty to this Planet and to who we truly are and chose to be once incarnated on Earth to fulfill and to remember again the nature of our True mission and goals as it is only through the proper level of awareness and soul embodiment that we can really know what we came here to do and the Divine Essence of our purpose. When we are fully integrated with our soul and when we consciously choose to embody all the higher aspects of who we are and bring this awareness into this physical plane through the love that we feel for our own selves and through our selfless service to humanity it is when we are ready to meet  our Twin Flame, it does not mean that we are going to be free of challenges as we are always learning and evolving through the different lessons that are presented to us as a gift as we move forward with our lives, it simply means that once we have embraced True Love which is the one we always have within ourselves, we could serve a higher level with our Twin Flames, serving Humanity as One, the label is  not important only what we feel and the nature of our mission is.

The path of Divine Love is full of opportunities that we call challenges, our ego can perceive them as being a burden and as an impediment to fulfill our inner desires and goals, but we know, that this is just our limited and egoic way of perceiving things, our souls know that we came here with challenges that will only make us grow and see the whole picture of our life experience here on Earth, so when dealing with our Divine encounters with others it is going to be the same, challenges will come to us to simply make us realize that we have much to learn and that our mission involves to have a higher understanding on what is beyond our physical reunions and how we used to see them in our physical Plane.

Divine Reunions and specially those called Twin Flame Reunions are not necessarily those who reunite and spend the rest of their lives together with the kind of physical love that some people may have in mind, as being a passionate and dramatic love as it used to be in the old. A Twin Flame Reunion even if it is also a wondrous one in the physical aspect, happens when we are fully aware that our mission is more important than our egoic view of personal relationships, we also enjoy the physical part of our reunion, it is not that we only have to dedicate ourselves to our Divine side, but when we become conscious and when our soul desire is one of service to others we are not attached to our Beloveds in the old way we used to be with our partners and this is what most people do not understand.  A Twin Flame Reunion only happens when we are finally having a karmic free experience here on earth and we are able to unite ourselves with our Beloved as One in all levels of our being and not only in a physical way but in the rest of our non-physical ones as well, no matter the distance, age or other differences we may have,  Twin Flame reunions even if they are taking place more than ever at the moment are not as any other Reunion even if all of them are equal, serve a highest purpose and are as Divine as this one, Twin Flames reunions are the ones who are meant to be at service as One, they never serve our ego but Divine Will and this is what the majority of the people who find themselves into the confusion of not knowing what kind of Reunion  are experiencing should bare in mind.

A Twin Flame Reunion is more than a physical connection between two physical bodies, it is feeling as One in all aspects, beyond the physical Plane, sensing each other’s through space and time, uniting their souls to be at service and help Humanity within its ascension process. We honor our Reunion by simply being present within it, by being who we are and by shining our Lights together so we can put our unique signature within this Planet, but we do not try to retain or possess the other person, because we know that in our physical path we could separate if necessary, to assist in others ways and places, and it is only through a higher awareness that we can fully respect the Creator´s Will and our own Will as well and part without fears or any other negative feelings that will only disempower our Divine encounter.

When we know that we are, no matter what could possibly happen, One with our Beloved, we no longer care about time or space, we simply enjoy our life experience and know that at Divine Timing we will meet again, we feel no pain, and this is hard for some people and I do understand this, but it is the only way that Twin Flames reunions can take place, when we hold this higher vibration of Divine Love and understanding, we understand that  our Reunion is for serving a higher purpose and not our human and egoic side. There is nothing wrong with being in the old and having a 3D relationship, there are infinite Divine Reunions who are still basing their relationships in the old way we used to live, as they are all Divine in their Essence, as our main aim in here is to learn and evolve from them, and there is nothing to judge, simply different ways to experience our relationships and we can choose to experience them within the New or remaining in the old, but a lot of people compare their relationship to the ones that belong to the 3D, and this is why Twin Flames reunions have been so misunderstood during all this time. All is well and all serve to a higher purpose, but when you are already integrated within the New and you hold a higher awareness of how our human experience truly is you no longer have the egoic need to retain anyone or live in the old, but to set them free as it is the highest form of loving someone.

At present, Divine Reunions are taking place all over the Planet, which does not mean that we all are going to reunite in our physical world; it is simply a natural consequence of our natural ascension into a higher level of awareness and also as a result of our soul contracts before incarnating but how do we truly know the nature of our Divine encounter? When we meet someone we have to feel instead of thinking as sometimes our ego plays with us, making us believe that we have finally met our Twin Flames when this is just a soul contract with another soul that we have to fulfill in order to learn and move forward, this is why is so important to step out of our own judgmental view of how things should be and look things from a broader and soul perspective, we always know if we have met our Twin Flames or not, deep inside we know, sometimes some people simply choose to believe instead of feeling and this is when confusion takes place and they do not know if they are with the “right” person or not. As always, feeling and listening to our souls will be the only way to let us know who is the One meant to be for us, even though all reunions are Divine, nothing is by accident and we always can be sure that no matter the nature of our reunion, it is serving to a higher and Divine purpose.

At the time Divine Reunions can be passing through different challenges but the majority of them as it is the guidance I am obtaining lately and also what I am seeing in my sessions, they are finding hard to recognize themselves after a long time of being confused with other partners, this is perfectly fine at the early stages, as we have spent a lot of time basing our decision in our egoic view of things and until we reach a higher level of consciousness we can pass through this state of non-recognition, but as we let our souls reconnect again without physical being we will remember the Essence of who they are again. In Twin Flames reunions it is one of them who recognize the other one first if they are not aware yet of their full potential, which is perfectly fine as one of them could assist the other one until matching the same frequency, others can simply recognize each others at the same time, but the challenges that some of them are passing at the moment are due to the need to reconcile themselves with their souls first, so they can fully  bring this remembrance into their being, and manifest their encounter with the other soul. It will happen, if is meant to be, when we are fully ready, remember that time is not important and that when we finally embody this higher wisdom that we all possess within and love ourselves first unconditionally, both will realize by the inner knowing that being One with the higher aspects of who we are brings, that we are within a Twin Flame reunion.

Another challenge that I have seeing lately in Divine Reunions is when they can also pass through the phase in which they find each other’s and  even if they recognize the nature of their reunion, if they are not fully ready yet, they could separate again from each other’s until they first find a balance with themselves so they can finally come back together and manifest their reunion as a higher aspect of the Divine Will, which is the true reason why they are together, to assist humanity and to give birth something unique from their reunion that no one else can bring into light but themselves.

The challenges we could experience in our reunions with other souls are just for us to see that the important thing is not what we want but what our souls came here to do, what is vital is to realize that the reunions of these two souls are the manifestation of the Divine Will through ourselves and that our main aim is to help ourselves and humanity and not just annoying the kind of romantic love in which we used to base our relationships in the old. No matter what you situation is at the moment within your Twin Flame or any other reunion, patience and balance is essential to get to know the nature of your reunion, no matter of what kind it might be, the important thing is always to evolve and to learn, remember that through the many encounters that we have had in our past is that we are now with the person that truly resonates with our soul and heart, so honoring everything that was and that IS now will make things brighter and easy for us.

Some people could be still with their old partners, separating from them and trying to deal with the situation, those people could have found their Twin during this time and could feel as if they do not know yet the nature of their relationship or simply they are not ready to become One yet as they are not fully aligned with their souls at the moment and have healed the past, should start by healing all aspects of themselves that are not in perfect alignment with the Divine Will and wait for the perfect moment to become One. All these challenges are necessary for us to keep moving forward within our relationship, all is going into the direction that should be, interfering and forcing things with our Beloved if they are not ready will make us block the flow of Divine Love and will slow down the process so by simply letting go of our ego desires and by embracing what should be at this moment, we will let the Divine to assist us within our Twin Flame relationship and things will flow differently than if we act hastily.

Enjoy the wondrous being that you are Now, enjoy every part of who you are, as all of them are unique and wonderful manifestation of the Divine Creator through You, bring this Love into your being and know that by embracing who you are and by feeling in your natural state of Divine bliss and flow is enough. You need no one else to fulfill you because you already are whole, you need no one else to make you happy, because only You have the power within to do so, you just need to be patient and trust that the Divine Love which is within you, will also manifest in your life experience, when you both are ready, when the time will be perfect, you cannot be separate from each other, as you are already One even if you cannot comprehend this Truth at the moment, and if you simply look within and listen, you will know, that all is well, that all will be even better and that you are always heading in the direction of where True Love resides for you.

In love and service,

Natalia Alba

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Super Full Moon in Capricorn, July 12th, 2014

We have a powerful and productive Super Full Moon on the 12th  of July at 20 degrees Capricorn; A Super Moon occurs when the moon is closest to the earth, in direct alignment with the sun and our Planet and this is why we can perceive it as being bigger than it is usual. The Full Moon in Capricorn will shine a light into our finances, into the way we have to manage our material world, as always the universe always find a balance in all aspects of our lives, as we have the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn, giving us the perfect equilibrium we need for our masculine and feminine side, and after having cultivated our inner and psychic senses with the last New Moon in Cancer it is finally time to deal with the material side of our lives as well and how do we nurture ourselves in terms of physical security and everything that has to do with our finances and the practical side of life.

Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, is a practical sign, is a sign that works hard for obtaining their desires and goals in life, it is represented by the Goat, as it is a very determine sign that climbs into the top of the mountain, obtaining what he wants, but remember that the pleasure is not  on the top of the mountain but in our journey to get there what truly gives us the strength to move forward as well as to receive the valuable lessons that we need for our inner growth and soul quest, so not everything is going to be about the material things and achievements that we accomplish in life but about the pleasure that we have while getting there and about the wisdom that we can acquire during our journey, this is what this Full Moon brings us, the possibility of being where we would like to be if we simply are determine, organized and do never give up on our dreams and goals.

The Full Moon conjuncts Pluto, equilibrating our emotional side with our practical one, letting us know our deepest feelings and helping us to heal the issues that are still buried within our hearts, causing us pain and impeding us to move forward within the New. Pluto will assist us to regenerate ourselves in an emotional level, allowing us to fully embrace our fears so they can disappear as it is the only way in which we can make peace with where we are, by accepting what IS and move forward knowing what should be healed and left behind for our new lives. Pluto is also going to help us to give birth to something new or to leave behind the old that no longer serve for our highest purpose, remember that even if transformation can be harmful, when we finally heal and purify ourselves, we give birth to a new part of us that was dormant due to the pain we used to feel inside, becoming more aware of who we truly are, shining our light brighter than ever and bringing to the surface the best aspects of us that were hidden within ourselves for a long time.

During this Full Moon we are going to have positive energies that are going to assist us in our earthly matters as well, and it is a perfect time to ask ourselves if we feel secure enough with the life we have been creating, if we feel abundant beings with the power to attract and manifest everything we need for our physical lives, or do we feel with feelings of insecurity with respect to our finances? All these questions are going to help us realize the things that should be healed and shifted in our life experience so we can improve these aspects and establish security in all aspects of our lives. Mercury will enter Cancer on July 13th and will also help us out in moving forward with our plans which together with the Moon in Capricorn will give us strength to finally get to where we wanted to be at this time.

The Capricorn Full Moon is also going to challenge us so we can find out if we are facing the situations that are in need of balance and that cannot be procrastinating anymore in our lives, as when we delay the things that are important to our evolution simply because of our fears and doubts, we are blocking the natural flow of abundance into our lives, instead, when we face our fears and resolve what have been impeding our growing in certain aspects of our lives, we finally see the light in all that used to be stuck, so this Full Moon is going to help us realize the things we can improve in our finances as well as dealing with our masculine side as it is the one that has to do with our abundance aspect and everything related with our earthly side so we can put an end into the issues that are not flowing and lead them again into the direction of our desires and goals.

Together with this Capricorn Full Moon, Jupiter, the Planet of Luck and Good Fortune, will move into the sign of Leo until the 12th of August, assisting us with our finances and everything related with abundance in our lives, shining a light into our business, money issues and bringing us the proper energies for us to improve our financial side. It is a time to ground these abundant energies into our physical lives, the energies of plenitude and infinite resources are always there for all of us to be achieved but only if we align ourselves with this powerful Force, bringing and anchoring these energies of prosperity and abundance into our physical realm, remember that it is not about outer events but about how we manage the infinite and Divine Force that we all possess within and that is what truly gives us the power to create what we wish for our life experience.

Take advantage of this powerful Full Moon to manifest those dreams that you were hidden deep inside your heart just because you were afraid of the future outcome, of the unknown, of what could possibly happen if you just trust yourself and pursue those dreams, use this energy to bring into fruition all the desires that are still dancing somewhere in your heart, crying out to be lived, you have the power to create more abundance, more love into your life, use it, do not give the power to others, be the creator and the artifice of your own life experience that you truly are, as this is why you came here, to create, to give birth, and to trust in the Divine Force of Love and Light that You really are and that can manifest everything that is perfect alignment with the highest good of all.

Love and Blessings,

Natalia Alba