You are pure love and light. And now, it is also time for you to be your own Master ~ You are unique, you are powerful without measure, you are love and the best is yet to come,the best is yet to be


Friday, January 30, 2015

The Energies of February 2015

The energies that will accompany us during this month of February are going to be the perfect ones to keep expanding ourselves into our Soul gifts and Self-Mastery as February begins with the influence of the Air element, we have the Sun together with Mercury in Aquarius until the middle of the month, and it will be the perfect combination to express our inner creator. But February also have the right energies for us to heal and release our mental and emotional bodies from past times and old feelings that are not serving us anymore in our highest purpose and that are impeding us to fully embrace all the wonderful energies that these Planets on Air signs give us, such as freedom, innovation and genius, making us feel empowered and exalted again to express our new ideas and materialize them in our physical Realm when the right time comes. This is a very important month, in which we will pass from the Air/Water element, which is going to be of great help for releasing old emotions, to Fire at the end of the month with Mars and Venus in Aries, whose fiery energy will burn everything that is blocking us from living in a higher state of BEing, and will finally give us the burst of energy required to finally act upon our goals and deepest soul desires!

February brings us lots of gifts that we could only see if we go within, as we start this month with Mercury being retrograde in Aquarius until February 11th, a cosmic message of creating from a place of inner wisdom and unification with our inner being as well as with our mental, emotional and physical bodies with all the Air/Water activity that we are facing, as it is vital to evaluate our inner creations first from an energetic perspective so we can give birth to something that is going to be of assistance for the Self and All. This is why is so important to embrace what IS at this time instead of going against the current, because it is only when we do what is aligned with our highest good and Self that we can manifest what we truly desire from our souls.

Another blessing that February offers us is the opportunity to cleanse and purify our mental body as we are being assisted by Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, which is not a curse at all! Instead it is a gift, and even if it can cause some mental confusion and conflicts, it will serve us to realize if we are following our Human minds or our inner BEing. When we have mental/inner conflicts it is because we are not aligned with our Higher Heart and Self, this is why suffering occurs, on the contrary, if we become the observant of what is taking place in our minds from a soul level and become aware of the fact that this is not our natural state of  BEing and that it is this same discomfort the one that informs us what we do not want, we will see Mercury retrograde by being a blessing and a great Cosmic Teacher that makes us more aware of who we truly are and what are our True Soul desires. So for those of you who have still some healing to do or simply release that which no longer resonates with where you are, it is a good time to evaluate from a mental Plane what is impeding you to embrace the wondrous being that you are and the freedom that you could obtain if you just let all past thoughts and old wounds behind and start walking your unique path of self-mastery and integrity.

At the beginning of the month, we also have a powerful Full Moon on February 3rd at 14 degrees Leo that will conjunct Jupiter and that will be supported by Uranus in Aries, this Full Moon will bring us joy and the need to socialize but it will also bring into the light important things for us that were hidden or simply that were not clear enough for us until this moment, revelations will keep coming and all we need to know for our Divine paths will be lighted for us to see what truly is important so we can break off from the past and keep embracing more magic and miracles. The Full Moon in Leo ends with a cycle of old repetitive patterns if some of you may have been experiencing confusion and the old coming back at this time, and brings us the confirmation if we are finally living our True purpose and joy or if we are still in need of letting go. In either case, the Full Moon in Leo brings us positive changes and miracles if we are in a constant state of gratitude and openness to receive! This Full Moon is a preparation to be ready for all that is coming at the end of the month, on February 18th with another New Moon in Aquarius! A New Moon that brings us not only more changes but also new beginnings and the energy we need to end with the old and liberate ourselves from any mental burdens that we could possibly have.

The Planet of Abundance and Beauty, Venus, will be in Pisces until February 20th that will move into the sign of Aries. Venus in Pisces and even more together with the powerful energy of Mars connects us with our inner creator, it helps us to give birth to our visions and expand ourselves into our heart desires and spirituality as this is a time for diving deep into our inner senses, connecting to our souls, and listening to our own guidance and Divine inspirations. Venus is going to give us a perfect energy for our relationships as well, it going to be a perfect energy to dissolve everything that is not pure and authentic in our sacred reunions with others. This loving energy will be also wonderful for those celebrating Saint Valentine´s Day, but remember that this same Divine Love that some of you will feel and embrace at this day, is the one we should possess every single day of our earthly lives, as celebrating and honoring the LoveLight Begins that we all are should be our main aim and passion on our everyday lives.

Venus together with Mars in Pisces is also an opportunity to balance our masculine and feminine side as well and to keep unifying ourselves with the higher aspects of who we truly are, embodying this Divine Love into higher levels of our BEing, do not limit it with just the love we feel for others but also for the one we feel for our own selves. At the end of the month, Venus and Mars in Aries will be a very powerful combination for us! Both lights together will give us vitality, passion and action to act towards our visions and creations which is perfect after Mercury have turned direct again! We just have to find the perfect balance not to act upon our impulses as both Planets will make us be too passionate about our dreams, and remember that things when planned from an inner place of tranquility and wisdom will manifest better than when we simply act upon the first impulse that usually comes from our Human being.

On the other hand, we have Mars, the Planet of Passion, also in Dreamy Pisces until February 19th, giving us a burst of energy but also a touch of love and delicacy in all we do as Pisces is a more passive sign, and both together with help us to put enthusiasm into everything we would like to give birth to at the same time that balance and harmony will be guaranteed. Mars is a very powerful Planet and if we do not direct its energy properly we could fall into the trap of exceeding ourselves in some aspects but together with Pisces who manage Mars by giving it a more loving and kind touch, we will possess the necessary strength we need to get things done instead of only dreaming about them. Mars and Venus dancing together in Pisces are going to put so much magic and new beginnings in our relationships and everything we decide to start at this time as well! It is a time in which we could benefit from evaluating our relationships, make the necessary healing with our Beloveds and also with ourselves, so take the time to nurture all your relationships in your lives as it is a wonderful and magical time to do so!

We will have a second New Moon in Aquarius on February 18th! This is a huge cosmic message to free ourselves from the old beliefs and emotions that are in the end what is causing us to feel imprisoned, as no one can truly slave us but our own thoughts and feelings, and start living our lives from a total place of love and surrender. This month opens new channels for those souls who are awakening and ascending at the moment and are eager to free themselves from their old lives, souls that have finally decided to step into and endless path of self-mastery and authenticity in which they will start by creating their new jobs and everything that sustain themselves in their new lives!

February comes full of gifts for us to keep choosing the path of least resistance that will lead us to our True Being and to keep embracing all the Soul gifts that we have brought to this Planet in order to assist others in our endless journey of Divine Love and Self-Mastery. The power of stepping into a path of infinite love and Soul remembrance is always yours as well as the gift of sharing your unique Soul gifts with the world. You have the opportunity to step out of your cocoon and break free from everything that is impeding you to express who you truly are. We are presented with the gift to shine our unique Lights not just one month a Year but every single moment of our lives, at every single Now, we are offered with the opportunity of choosing to express who we are and to shift our reality. Now is the only time for you to free yourself from the old restrictive world of unlove and control and take the Soul path that you are meant to walk. Now is the time to choose a higher form of Living, in this moment you can change your whole human life, you just have to realize that no one is controlling you, but your own self and that you are a magnificent and powerful creator with the strength enough to stand as the unique spark of the Divine that you came here to be.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ascension Update, January 23, 2015 ~ Embodying The Higher Realms Within

We are entering into an acceleration of our Ascension process. We are embodying higher frequencies that will assist us in our process of Soul remembrance to keep expanding ourselves into our Soul mission and New paths but remember that what we call Higher Realms are not found anywhere else but within our own selves and we can only access them and its Divine wisdom once we move beyond our Human perception and move within to find what truly IS. The crystalline energies (Gold/Diamond Light) that we are receiving to help us in our physical transformation into crystalline beings are being intensified since we are being bathed again with Solar Flares apart from the fact that we have consciously decided to keep raising our vibration into a higher state of consciousness, getting closer to what we call cosmic or higher energies, which have always been there, it was ourselves the responsible ones for shifting our vibration into a higher one so we could finally merge with this New Light, as what we perceive as “receiving energies from above” is nothing but the ascension of our beings making possible the embodiment of these higher frequencies and the subsequent transformational process that we are facing.

It is important that at this time and even more with Mercury retrograde that invites to move inward and BEing in contact with our Soul wisdom, we finally decide whether we would like to remain in the old vibrational state of being that some of you may already be experiencing as non being a comfortable one at all or that you finally take the huge but necessary leap to step into a new and higher vibration by leaving behind everything and everyone that is not serving your highest purpose anymore, it is the time to do so for the souls who are still remaining between the old and the new vibration. It is vital that at the moment we take some time to release that which no longer can coexist with a lower vibration within our physical bodies and simply BEing as it is a crucial moment during all this week for us to truly keep choosing our ascension path of self mastery and soul evolution, as this is a constant personal choice, or to remain between two worlds, as some souls are experiencing at this time.

At this very moment, the collective, is trying to elucidate if they truly desire to remain in the 4D world which is just another label we use to refer ourselves to different states of being/vibrational frequency, or leaving the it behind. It is important that we all keep dissolving what is not part of our True Self, as it will purified ourselves even more so we can keep with our integration process, remember that since 2010 until 2016 is being a pivotal time for Humanity to finally rise its vibration and start living in a higher vibrational world, as Gaia is ascending by itself, remember that Gaia is a living organism with own will and that it needs of us to support Her but it is not dependant of us for Her own process of evolution. So in this year 2015 the step into the new for the collective and for the Ascending Souls to keep choosing a higher vibrational path of Self-Mastery is going to be essential, as we are the wayshowers of others who are also consciously choosing this path as well as for creating this New Era in which highly evolved Beings are finally living as the Divine masters that they are.

There are some souls that are still oscillating, between two worlds, as some souls are not sure enough if they want to leave all the old behind themselves or if they are still attached to a feeling that even if it is part of an illusion, is also part of what they consider themselves to be, remember that there are some people who are still bound to what they think they are, instead of clearly realizing and feeling what they truly are behind all human comprehension. This is perfectly fine, all souls came here to also experience life in whatever way they decided and once incarnated we can always make a better choice, so for those souls who are not secure yet in their paths, soon this clarification shall come, for others may not, the important thing is to remain fully open and aware so when the right moment comes, we should be able to discern what our souls really desire to manifest next. If some people decide to remain in the old vibrational system, that would be their choice and that would be perfect for what they want to experience, blessed be these souls that show us in other ways what we do not desire to experience anymore, as it is also essential to know what we do not wish for our unique journey.

For the Ascending Ones, the process of integration and self mastery will continue as this is an endless process and at this time it is essential that we unify all aspects of ourselves and remain in our Higher Hearts as this is where we truly can see with clarity what truly IS from all the Human illusion that we are creating. When we live from our Higher Heart, which is One with the Divine Will, we do not judge as we know that everything serves a highest purpose within Creation. When we live in this high state of BEing we can sense and visualize the next steps of our journey and we do not find separation or any limitation with the self and others as this simply does not exist in our New World anymore. So for the ones who are in this Ascension path, it is important to keep choosing higher choices of living as it is by doing so that we fully anchor this higher vibration within our being as well as in our New lives, leaving aside everything that does not touch our souls anymore, re-discovering old soul memories to assist the Self and All.

In love and light,

Natalia Alba