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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mars enters Sagittarius, September 14,2014 ~ Embracing our Goals

After a time of healing and purification during the Full Moon in Pisces, Solar Flares and other cosmic energies that are helping us to keep releasing and purifying ourselves from the remains of the old, the energies that soon we will experience, will be one of action and expansion within the new, as Mars will enter Sagittarius on September 14th, Mars is the Planet of action, the one who provides us the fuel and inner strength we need to go after our goals and dreams and Sagittarius is well known as the Truth seeker, both together can be aggressive to express the Truth but we can direct this fiery energy and channel them into a positive force that give us extra energy to continue with our mission whatever it might be and for directing this action into the manifestation of our new projects.

Mars in Sagittarius will be a great ally as Mercury is entering in its pre-shadow phase to give us the energy needed for us to keep moving forward.  But as always, everything comes gradually and with Divine balance, so some people may begin to experience a burst of energy again with Mars entering Sagittarius, after a time of inner contemplation and non-action, they will feel with the need of having fun and socialize more, which is essential for ourselves as it is only through inner peace and the pure feeling of Divine bliss that we can align ourselves with who we truly are and allow all the good to come into our lives, but on the other hand, there are others that could feel as taking more time to envision the next steps of their journey, as we are the creators of what we call our future, and keep remaining in a silence state of being, is perfect as long as you do what you are guided to at every moment.

For those of you who are still feeling the intensity of the latest cosmic energies, it is perfectly normal and we all are going to keep sensing ascension symptoms in some way or another, remember that this is an endless process of evolution , inner transformation and soul alchemy, so apart from normalizing the integration of these energies and keep moving forward, the feeling of moving inward is still there for some of us, at least in my case, embrace it, and do not let your ego tells you that you are “doing nothing” as sometimes by doing nothing we do the most, as we are acting and creating from an inner and invisible place in which all things are being created, as well as listening to the wisdom of our souls, sometimes we want so bad to go with the flow of the collective or the cosmic energies that we forget that the first thing that we should be in alignment with, is with our own and Higher selves and do only what resonates with us in the Now, so even if Mars is going to give us extra energy, which is going to be a good thing to balance Mercury entering in its pre-shadow phase, remember that these energies will remain there for when you are ready and that it does not mean that you have to pass from one day to another to take some action unless you feel it, things are going to shift step by step and balance is required to keep creating our New lives.

Mars in Sagittarius will also inspire us to keep expanding ourselves into our soul gifts and talents, as well as to just enjoy our new creations and sharing them with others as it will help us to express our Truth a share the uniqueness aspect of the Divine that we all came here to share, as well as opening up to new horizons without fearing at all future outcomes, as we are the ones that controlled what will happen, but all this will come only if we have taken some time to look within, as everything always comes from within to without, and we cannot expect to be creative again if first we did not take some time to fully integrate the energies we have been receiving, envisioning our new lives and listening to our souls, because when we force ourselves to keep acting when it is not time to do so, it is when we feel we are “stuck“ as we are not allowing, and this is why it is so important to listen to our inner guidance and surrender at this time so we can truly know when is the time for us to stop and when is the time to keep acting and manifesting, remember that in the end we are the masters of our own life experience and no one else or outer force is.

We are all One with the universe, no outer forces can create anything in our lives that we do not allow first, leaving behind this old pattern of cosmic events interfering in our lives is already part of our old way to sense and perceive things, now we know better, now we know that we all move as One into the same direction of love and wholeness, now we know that we all dance at the same rhythm of the Divine within us all, and that we are the only ones that can give a purpose to the cosmic energies and planetary events that we receive and not the other way around.

Love and blessings!

Natalia Alba

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Super Full Moon in Pisces ~ September 8-9th, 2014

The Full Moon at 16 degrees Pisces on September 8-9th is another Super Moon as it will be closest to the earth allowing us to see and feel its powerful light more intensely than usual as well as its mighty and Divine Feminine energy. At the Full Moon time, the sun will be in Virgo which together with the releasing and emotional Full Moon in Pisces gives us the perfect combination to heal old wounds and to be at selfless service as these two signs are the most serviceable of all the zodiac and the lesson that both of them offer us is not to sacrifice ourselves as it used to be in the old, but to see others with the eyes of our the soul, feel their needs and assisting them with all of our heart in whatever it is that we can help others, this is one of the lessons that Pisces teaches us, as this is the last sign of the zodiac, in which we finally leave our karma behind and transcend matter through Spirit,  anchoring and manifesting our Divine attributes into our physical realm, finally remembering and embracing our True Essence that will give us the knowledge we need to keep ascending into a higher level of awareness. Indeed this Full Moon in Pisces helps us to keep mastering ourselves not only by releasing what is no longer needed but also by embracing who we truly are, so we can transcend our ego, becoming One with our own selves as well as with others, remembering that in the end we are all One.

The wonderful gift that this Full Moon in Pisces brings to us is that it conjuncts with Chiron, the Cosmic Healer, but that is not the only aspect of this Full Moon that help us to heal and release ourselves from the past but also the fact that Chiron is in a Grand Water Trine with Saturn which is in the sign of Scorpio and Juno which is in the sign of Cancer! What a perfect combination and Divine blessing to keep healing the aspects of ourselves that are in need of balance and the things that we should let go of our lives so we can live some space for the New to enter. The Pisces Full Moon can really helps us if we direct its energy to release the old wounds that are still buried deep within our core, from our childhood and from old traumas that are still hurting us, and if we already have done this inner work, it will be a perfect Moon to expand ourselves more into our physic abilities, as this Moon in Pisces is the ideal one for us to dive deep into our subconscious, bringing into the surface the best of it, as by being closest to the earth, its energies will also be more intense, receiving lunar energy in a direct way that will help us to amplify our inner gifts.

We could also feel more sensitive than we used to be due to not only the Full Moon but also to the latest energies that we have been receiving from our central sun in form of solar flares and the wave of cosmic energies during the intense Gateway in the first week of September, all this together will make us feel probably tired, with the need to rest and be still for a while, and it is perfectly fine, remember that only we can decide about how we feel and react about these outer energies and if we always listen to our bodies and souls and do what is best for us at every moment, we will not feel with the old need of creating drama or tolerate it anymore, on the contrary, we will accept what IS as a natural process of our soul and physical evolution, embracing whatever it is that should come to where we are now.

It is a great time to simply surrender and allow all the good to finally come into our lives, as the Full Moon in Pisces is also called the Harvest Moon because it is the time in which we all collect what we have sown during all this time. The Full Moon is also in harmony aspect with Saturn and Pluto what indicates another portal of abundance and love into our lives at this time, remember that abundance is not only about money but about love in itself as it is only by feeling True and Divine love that we can become abundant beings in all aspects of our lives. After the practical Virgo New Moon than we had on August 25th, that invited us to take action and to be practical, now we are called to simply embrace what IS and let the universe deliver to us what is meant to be at this time as we have been working in ourselves and physical lives for a while and the time of simply being to allow has finally come, and now it is a time to patiently wait and allow all of our inner creations to manifest in our physical world, as when we force and push with our minds what we would like to have at the moment, what we are doing is blocking the natural flow of abundance, instead of allowing it, on the contrary, when we fully surrender in the Now, knowing that we will obtain that which is meant to be for us, is when we allow the manifestation of all the good things into our lives.

Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, is also in Virgo, Venus in Virgo will try to find True Love and express it in all its forms. Venus helps us realize if the relationships we are maintaining in our lives are the proper ones that we need for our soul evolution at the moment or if they are not serving us into our highest purpose anymore and even more at the Full Moon time as Venus in Virgo will oppose Neptune and it will help us even more to stay grounded and to discern about the true nature of our relationships and finances. Venus in Virgo also raises our sense of community and service to others that are in need of our help, and makes us wonder if we are truly allowing Divine Love to come into our lives or if we are in some way holding it back. On the other hand, Mercury, which is the ruler of Virgo, and that is now in Libra, is also activating the Pluto/Uranus square, assisting us to find out what is for real in our lives and what is not, not only when dealing with our relationships but with everything in our lives that do resonate with who we truly are.

Finally, after a time of healing and purification on the Full Moon in Pisces, on September 13th, we will experience a burst of energy again with Mars entering Sagittarius, as balance is always requires, after a time of inner contemplation, we will feel with the need of having fun and socialize more, which is essential for ourselves as it is only through inner peace and the pure feeling of Divine bliss that we can align ourselves with who we truly are and allow all the good into our lives. Mars in Sagittarius will also inspire us to keep expanding ourselves into our soul gifts and talents, opening up to new horizons without fearing at all future outcomes, just enjoying our new creations and sharing them with others as it will help us to grow, express our Truth a share the uniqueness aspect of the Divine that we all came here to share.

It is a great moment to liberate ourselves from the old; this is the cosmic message of this Full Moon in Pisces. Sometimes it can be hard to let go, not because we are still attached to someone or something that has still value for us but because of the fact that holding onto the these things and people give us a sense of control and of what is familiar to us that is hard to let go of but only if we act from our ego instead of feeling from our soul. When we truly become One with our souls and open ourselves to the Divine guidance that lies within and continue to go with the flow of life, we no longer have the feeling of being attached to something or someone anymore simply because the only feeling that we hold after our past encounters with others is one of love and gratitude for all that we shared together and that has leaded us to this Now moment, so bless everything and everyone that has given you an important lesson in your life and let them all go if they do not serve to your highest purpose anymore, new more people will come as your proceed in your New journey, more new and good things are coming, you just have to trust and have faith that where you are going is where you need to be next in your life and that all that you wish from your soul, will be waiting for you in that place of Love and non resistant where you are going.

Love and blessings,

Natalia Alba