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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world


Thursday, May 21, 2015

The cosmic gift of mercury retrograde for our relationships

The sun has finally entered into the Mutable sign of Gemini, and we leave the fixed and earthly realm of Taurus to enter into the mental realm of this Air Sign. The sun represents our Higher Self – a higher consciousness where all the aspects of us are reunited as One. When the sun shines a light into a specific sign, we are being invited to put our attention into this aspect of ourselves and master it.  At this time, the sun in Gemini makes emphasis in the part of us that is related to our intellectual side, but also into the way that we relate to others, as our relationships with others show us the aspects of us that are not yet integrated, remember that we all act as mirrors - reflecting each other’s fears and insecurities as well as positive aspects. Gemini rules communication and its main aim is to express his ideas and soul gifts and expand its knowledge through our ability to communicate. Together with Mercury retrograde in its ruler sign, we are called to turn all communication within (as it is where all the answers and the Divine Wisdom we seek truly reside) and find a place to examine our deepest feelings and the inner visions that we have for the next steps of our journey before manifesting them.

One of the many blessings that Mercury retrograde offers us is the opportunity to become the witness of our own life experience and examine the relationships that we maintain with others. Are we communicating from a place of total integrity and freedom? Or are we still in need of obtaining validation from others? It is essential that before judging ourselves or the situation that we are dealing with, we take the time to visualize and observe our own behavior in our relationships, as it is always about ourselves, never about others. Mercury retrograde can actually bring back some of the old situations and relationships that we thought concluded, but this is always a gift for us to truly assess the emotions and thoughts that are still hidden within our core and that should be released and healed in order to embrace the next phase of our journey by being renewed and purified of the old.

When we feel anger or sadness towards a certain person or situation, it is because we have not seen yet the innocence and Divine spark within this person and therefore within our own selves as well. Our anger as well as other emotions that we call "negative" are always showing us the feelings that we should accept, embrace and understand for what they are and if we keep ignoring them or simply refusing to hold a higher understanding of why they are still buried deep within our core, it is because we still lack of self love and worth to pay attention to our feelings and it is our inner work to deal with. This is one of the reasons why these old situations and relationships keep emerging into our experience, so we can have another opportunity to heal and release them. See it as a blessing for you to be aware of the things you should unify instead of polarizing. Do not look at it as a curse that Mercury retrograde is bringing to you, but as a cosmic gift to evolve and keep ascending within your unique evolutionary path. Remember that the more open you are to embrace a higher understanding of what is taking place within you and treat it with true compassion and love, the sooner it will dissolve old attachments and past wounds that keep you fragmented.

When we move inward and realize that we still hold some old emotions or painful feelings, it is essential not to judge ourselves, remember that judging is unnecessary and impedes us to be fully aware of what is behind our feelings so we can heal those emotions and release the shadows that are chasing us. Do not let yourself be carried away by human illusions; when you find challenging situations in your path, be open to receive the lesson and embrace it, do not allow your ego by showing anger or other similar egoic reactions, to spoil the precious treasures that all these challenges have for you. This period of Mercury retrograde is going to help us determine not only who we are and how we express our feelings, but also to set the necessary personal boundaries required to maintain healthy relationships and not controlling ones that belong to the old 3D world that we left behind a long time ago.

If you find yourself repeating the same old limited patterns remember to see the innocence within you as the Universe sees you too instead of victimizing you or the situation. These old relationships coming back into your life, are trying to show you something, maybe you need to love yourself more or maybe you are in need of setting the necessary boundaries that tell others what you allow them to do and what you do not resonate with. Ask yourself if you are setting the proper boundaries in your relationships that respect and honor your decisions or if you are letting others dictate who you are and what you do. Remember to move within before taking another step and discern about the situation, which is not the same as to judge it, if you are acting from a place of integrity – thoughts, feelings and actions aligned as One, or if you are still acting as others would like you to behave.

When fears of abandonment or other dependant emotions arise again within yourself with someone important in your life or simply with anyone that crosses your path, see it as an opportunity to grow, as they are showing you the aspects of yourself that you need to bring into union so the false feeling of separation can be dissolved at the same time that you also act as a mirror for them to see what they are in need of healing. Just try not to control the situation or force it in any way, see it by what it is – a gift for you to elucidate what you are showing to the world and what you need to become aware of. Move forward by embodying this new knowledge without seeing yourself as the victim or simply as being attacked, because this is never the truth about our relationships with others, but the perception our human ego makes of them, as it needs approval and validation, as our souls know that it is always about assisting one another and not about who we should blame or who is right or wrong.

Old relationships can also return at this time because now you are ready to co-create with them something new that you were not able to do before. You will know it by the way you feel, our souls are all the time speaking to us through our feelings, and if you embrace stillness and move within, you will be able to clearly connect with the eternal wisdom that lies within you and realize if they are coming back for you to embrace a new path of conscious co-creation with them or if instead you should bless and release them and start anew. Nothing comes to us by chance, as you already know, everything is perfectly orchestrated within the Creator's Plan, all is working as it should for all of us, even if our human perspective cannot see it all the time, and if we simply move aside and let the Divine act through us, we will find that all is guided, connected and make perfect sense for what we need at this Now moment.

When we quit the human need to control the conditions, the situations and our relationships with others, the miracle of transformation occurs because we have allowed Infinite Intelligence to act through us at Divine Time and with the perfect tools that dissolve all conflicts and illusions. Leaving aside our need to control everything that happens in our reality, as we can never do so, is essential to hold a state of complete surrender that will allow us to embody the wisdom and gifts of all our life experiences and relationships with others. Be grateful for every encounter that you have had and will have with another soul, do not take anything personally, see everything from a soul perspective of Divine love and compassion, as they are teaching you what you are not able to realize for your own self yet, or on the contrary, all that you have already achieved until now within your unique evolutionary soul path.

In love and light,

Natalia Alba 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ascension Update ~ Stilling the mind through inner contemplation

On these days, a new portal opens for us to channel and integrate the cosmic energies that we are receiving from our central sun, in form of solar flares, as well as other planetary alignments that are sending us the clear message of re-integrate all the lost fragments /aspects of ourselves that are still living under the human illusion of fear and separation. All we are feeling should be embraced at this time as a part of who we are without judgments, as even if our human being labels our feelings as "good" or "bad", in truth everything simply IS and it is only by merging those polarities that we have created in our human experience that we can unify and remove all human beliefs that limit us. 

Taking the time to create a special place within in which we can still our minds, bringing from other realities the wisdom we may need for our path as well as to integrate all that is still separated within ourselves, is pivotal at this time of our Ascencion journey, so we can be able to realize what we should bring into unity and what should be released from our lives. It is important to embrace, not just understand, the meaning of Oneness and unity consciousness, as this is our true path – a journey to re-integrate the aspects of us that were polarized by our human selves, so we can start acting as the sovereign and cosmic beings that we all are.

The Taurus New Moon energy also prepares us to unify our earthly realm with our spiritual one, by manifesting the essence of what we already are, in our physical Plane. This is why our souls decided to come here - to descend all the wisdom that our souls carry within into our human bodies. Today, Venus, the Planet of Beauty and Abundance trines with Neptune, both are totally different energies, but by being together in harmony aspect, they show us that it is possible to balance and integrate the aspect of us linked to our earthly needs (Venus) with our intuitive one (Neptune). Both Forces united as One send us the cosmic message that all is heading into the same direction of Divine Love and unification and that it is only by recognizing this Truth and manifesting it from within to without, that we can create in the physical that our highest soul desires.

On the other hand, the Winged Messenger Mercury will turn retrograde a few hours after the New Moon in Taurus at 13 degrees Gemini until June 11th. Mercury rules Gemini, so being retrograde in this Air sign, is a reminder of the importance that turning all communication inward has at this time, in which inner contemplation is essential to evaluate all we have been creating until this moment and all that is still within us waiting to flourish and that we simply should ponder before giving a new step.

Mercury in Gemini is a wonderful gift for us to move inward and stop the noise of our minds for a while. It is a gift to assess from a mental Plane what it is that we would like to shift in our inner/outer world through inner alchemy, so it can be transformed into something new and fully alienated with our soul desires. Mercury invites us to plant the seeds in the invisible first, which does not mean to stop all activity, since when we move inward to create; we are acting in the same way, but from a place of inner wisdom and mental clarity that we cannot have when we act from our human perspective. The message is to become the observer of our own life experience, so we can create and alter from a higher and energetic place what does not resonates with where we are now, and start transforming all that no longer is aligned with our highest Will with what truly is One with It.

Do not fight it, remember that as you feel, you will create, and it is when we most fear that we create the outcomes that are not coming from a place of integrity and Truth but from a state of desperation and delusion. Use Mercury retrograde to find within what you seek without, use it to empower yourself by finding the revelations – through lucid dreams or sometimes simply by going within, that will assist you in your Ascension path of self-mastery and soul remembrance. Just embrace the cosmic message of spending some time "alone", in truth we are never alone as all Creation resides within us, and remember that by moving inward you are acting and creating as well, just from an inner and invisible plane of non-resistance, Divine Love and wisdom, which is from where your external reality is always created

In love, light and joy,
Natalia Alba