You are pure love and light. And now, it is also time for you to be your own Master ~ You are unique, you are powerful without measure, you are love and the best is yet to come,the best is yet to be


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Practicing the Art of Being Fully Present

The intensity of the Gateway that we faced during this New Moon in Leo has been pretty intense and the cosmic energy we are receiving are razing everything which does not belong to this high vibration in which some of us have chosen to reside and this can trigger some tough symptoms to some people as we all experience this integration wave in our unique way. As we internalize and merge within this powerful energy, we can feel very tired and even disoriented as we are not only purifying our body cells but integrating this New Light into our subtle bodies as it is how the integration process always begins, so we can feel with the need to rest, which is important to fully embody and anchor these energies within ourselves as they are not only assisting our physical bodies into becoming more crystalline but our inner being as well to embody our True Self and as we become One with it we also embrace more of our Soul mission, which is what is taking place at this time and this is why it is so important to be fully present, so we can receive all the guidance we need for our Divine journey here on earth.

The New Light that we are integrating has nothing to do with other updates that we have passed through before, these energies bring an unique pack of light codes to each one of us, we all are experiencing the same process as we are all heading into the same direction, but as we are all unique and came here to have different life experiences with a different purpose by individualizing a certain aspect of the Divine through us, these rays of pure Light coming from our central Sun and other cosmic sources, contain specific codes for each one of us to remember what we have come here to do and to help us in our unique path, remember that this Light is infinite wisdom that comes from Source, so it is vital to not only see this process as a common and natural one that is happening to all the people in order to ascend, but also to acknowledge that as we are all unique, we are all going to be receiving specific information for our mission and being and that looking within and experience every sensation we may have within this process is pivotal at this time to fully integrate and understand what is happening for our own and personal mission.

With every integration wave that we experience, we keep evolving as well as our physical bodies, and even if we cannot perceive these tiny changes, we are constantly shifting. As we embody this New Light our purpose become more and more clear and we start to realize how important it is to be fully aligned with our souls so we can finally embody our I AM Presence, as by doing so, we will be finally receiving unique guidance for our own selves and journey that will help us to see our next step on this wonderful journey.

Our unique path will have challenges and everything we need to learn from this life experience, but all of these challenges that our ego in the old, used to see as dramatic and negative, are now seen as great opportunities that will lead us to our final destination, as we are more aware than we used to be even a year ago, and now we know that everything is always helping us in our path for what is coming next, every single experience no matter how we decide to see it, whether positive or negative, is helping us to love more, to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others and to be closer to our final purpose.

Embrace everything that is happening Now, as it IS, do not judge it, be grateful, as it is helping you to get to where you want to be and into the realization of the wondrous being that You are. Everything that is occurring at this moment in our ascension path, regardless of the unique path that each one of us have, is happening for us to align ourselves with our True being and Divine purpose, observe from a higher and soul perspective all that is coming into your life at this moment and feel thankful about it, as this is a wonderful experience to discover more of our soul mission through the proper alignment with our True Self and remember that You are always heading into the direction of your dreams as it is always the purpose of this universe to help you reach the place that is meant to be for you.

With Love,

Natalia Alba

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Surrendering to the Divine Will

It has been a while since I wrote about the current energies, this is due to the fresh and loving month of July that we are having, as in comparison with the previous months, it has came to nurture our souls and inner being as well as to offer us creativity, abundance and freshness into our lives.  We are still in the integration process of the intense New Light that since March we have been internalizing, we have had hard ascension symptoms due to this natural process of personal evolution that we have chosen to experience, but the difference with the previous months is that the more we look within and the more we merge ourselves within the New and with its new way to live, the better we feel, as step by step we are leaving behind not only the old but also its drama and needless consequences.

As we move forward we realize how much we have learned and grown during all this year, as this is where we should focus upon, on all the wisdom we have gained instead of the challenges we have had in the past to get to where we are at the moment, all serves a higher purpose, even the things we consider unnecessary and “negative” for our lives are serving us to evolve into a higher awareness and I feel this month is all about realizing this huge leap we have given forward , leaving behind all that only served to diminish us.

During this month is a wonderful time to see the manifestation of our dreams, and to plant those seeds that we would like to see in our physical plane in a few months, but it is also one for moving inward and seeing from a higher perspective not only all you have accomplished until this Now moment but all that is still pending for you to achieve within your New life, as it is only by asking our souls and hearts that we can truly proceed with our soul mission, knowing without any doubts what we would like to create next in our journey.

When we move within and find that unique and infinite place in which our Divine wisdom resides and stay there for a while, forgetting about the outer world and how can we force things to be as we want them to be, is that we can create the necessary atmosphere to allow the things that are waiting for us in our vortex to manifest in our reality, when we force ourselves to keep acting even if it is not the right time and when we keep working into the same projects without  leaving space and the necessary energy to allow, we are blocking the energetic flow of love, abundance and healing to come to our lives. So if you feel that the time for you to move within and simply being has come, honor yourself by listening to your soul and keep embracing your inner guidance as it knows what is best for you at every moment.

This New Moon in Leo will help to bring us abundance and romance into our lives, but it is not the energies what bring us what we may need, but our own selves the ones who internalize these Divine energies and create our reality, so it is You the only one who determines what is going to come next to your life experience by being in alignment with what you want and with who you are or not, it is all fine, all choices are equally to Source´s eyes. Sometimes we can attract and create more if we simply let the universe delivers to us at Divine Timing what is meant to be and move into a place of calmness and love within, when we surrender and when we finally see that by stepping out of the way so the universe can act, is not quitting but acting with the higher understanding that knows when is the right time for things to happen and when we simply stop forcing things, is when miracles and magic start happening in our lives, because sometimes we do more by “doing nothing” and simply being and create and allow from this same energetic place than by trying to interfere in Source´s Will.

Soothe your being, nurture your soul, let the Divine Will flow and act through You, and expect the best to come, because when you trust the Fountain of Divine Love which is You and when you truly have faith in that the universe will provide you with everything you need and more, manifestations will occur, you just have to hold the feeling of trusting before it comes.

I am going to take some time to honor my inner being and to listen to my Soul guidance, I will come back very soon!

In love and service,

Natalia Alba