Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Super Full Moon in Aries, October 16th, 2016 ~ Achieving Inner Synthesis

Beloved Ones, 

As we deepen in this loving month, getting closer to the powerful Super Full Moon at 23 degrees Aries, we feel how everything our human self took for granted is being changed by our Soul into new pathways that are more aligned with our True journey, as no matter how we plan our lives, there will always be a Higher Intelligence orchestrating everything in a more perfect way that what we had in our human minds. Change have been a constant during this intense summer. Our inner and outer worlds have been dismantled for us to start creating it over and over as we also keep shifting and becoming anew at every single moment. 

At the Aries Full Moon time - and during the last months of this year - we are standing at a threshold, in which, we are not fully able to envision the next phase of our path, only what we left behind. This is why it is so important that instead of getting attached to the familiar, or trying to force things to occur before it is time, we take the time - even if fiery Aries invites us to act - to create harmony within, as Libra suggests, evaluate what this last phase taught us and achieve inner synthesis before taking action. While we remain in the threshold, a place where neither time nor space exist, it is also a wonderful opportunity for us to not only examine this last phase, but be grateful as well for everything and everyone that touched our lives until this moment.

Full Moons are all about endings, on the opposite, Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is a self-centered sign, eager to constantly start new things and immerse himself in new adventures - as Aries loves physical challenges. This is not a contradiction as endings and new beginnings are always intertwined and we are being confirmed what we have been already experiencing from within - a deep inner alchemical transformation in which we are becoming anew at every single moment, letting all go, old aspects of ourselves, old embrace higher ones, for we came here to integrate polarity and see all things/beings/aspects of ourselves as equal within Creation, which is what loving Libra reminds us - to start moving from the self to feel All as One.

This Aries Full Moon, is going to assist us by bringing this inner Fire and desire to act into the physical - burning old bridgdes that connect us with the past and giving us the passion and courage to step into the unknown with an open heart. As this is a Super Moon - closest to Earth - its opposite energies will hit us hard, as we have two different forces colliding. On one hand, we have the Sun in loving and calm Libra, on the other, we have the Moon in courageous Aries, and in conjunction to Uranus together with a dissonant T-square bewteen the Sun and Mercury and Libra, and Pluto and Mars conjuncting Capricorn. 

Aries is creative, passionate and likes to take action as He steps into the unknown without hesitation. Its impulsive energy helps us bring into fruition our deepest desires but in here Libra again reminds us to examine our feelings before acting and ask ourselves: Are we acting with the proper understanding of how things are created in the invisible realms and of the consequences that our actions will have for the whole? Are we creating from a unified place for the highest good of All and not just for the self? These opposite energies challenge us to master the art of not polarizing but to alchemize both forces, creating inner synthesis between the impulsiveness of our human self and our natural state of balance and harmony. 

The Full Moon will also help us to be fully aware of the aspects of our lives that we could improve and put some more fire to start something new. As Mars, the ruler of Aries, is going to be strong as well during the second half of this month, we have an opportunity for us to use this explosive energy to take action towards the new creations that we desire to birth. Remember that this month also holds a number 1 frequency of new beginnings and that together with this final part of this Year that is gently leading us to a whole new phase, we have a precious time - as the cosmic Forces keep pouring infinite blessings into us - to let go, transform what is not truly working out for us and begin anew.

The conjunction between the Moon and Uranus - the catalyst for change - will not only be strongly felt within ourselves but also in the collective as even if what is occurring can seem chaotic for our human being, in truth it is what is causing the masses to awake to their true nature and liberate themselves from the old matrix of control and illusion. And against of what some people share - false propaganda - we are conscious enough to discern, see behind the chaos and know that there are more and more souls stepping into this evolutionary path as the veil keeps being dissolved by All who are working for the benefit of the whole. 

Uranus, in its changing nature, invites us to break free from old attachments. Sometimes we create these inner illusions of separation and lack, thinking that outer circumstances, people or events are the ones who slave us. When in truth, it is our own selves the ones who keep us enclosed in a fake reality that we have built and that we can destroy as well. There is nothing or anyone that can keep us apart from choosing freedom and a higher way of living but our own selves. 

Look within to see where are you creating imbalances, where you still resist, where you still lie to yourself and blame others instead of taking full responsibility for your own journey. Let your soul reveal to you how liberating it is to become conscious that it was you all along who created the same situations, with different people, with different masks just to proof yourself that you were not free when you actually are a sovereign and powerful being since the very beginning - capable of creating any reality that you choose to experience, within this physical realm.

On October 15, we not only have Mercury in Libra making an exact square to Pluto but also Mars in Capricorn joining in this square. Mercury in Libra suggests that it is a wonderful time to ask ourselves if we are maintaining balanced relationships based on unconditional love and authenticity or are we still repeating old patterns that lead us to attachments and dependency? Are we communicating from a place of total integrity and freedom? Or are we in need of obtaining validation from others? 

Mars in Capricorn and Pluto will empower us and give us the strength to face all the revelations about our relationships that we will receive at this time, knowing that we never truly lose anyone and that as cosmic travelers - it is in our nature to dance with different companions at every single moment of our existence - deeply feeling that in truth we are always One being united by invisible threats that connect us All within Creation.

The path to unification is not easy, and the Aries/Libra Axis helps us regain the balance required between being too passionately impulsive and finding the proper discernment before taking new steps, which is essential - as we keep traversing the threshold that is leading us into a New phase. And as we keep bifurcating from the old Earth, we may find many challenges along the way, as no one said this path was going to be always easy - but, as ascending souls, it was our conscious choice - and passing through challenges that in truth push us to get out of our comfort zone, as well as feeling physical sensations as we keep re-patterning our physical vehicle is perfectly natural when a profound shift is taking place.

Transforming our physical bodies and adjusting them into the New and Higher frequency that we are descending from our I AM Presence is not a one-day process. Each one of you will experience physical pains in the parts of your body that are more resistant in letting go of what you used to be, as residing in two different worlds makes you waste more energy than just surrendering to the one that is now aligned with your True Self. 

Some of you may have been feeling weak in these past few weeks, especially in your stomach and chest areas, mainly due to the long and intense process of dissolving more of the - programmed - 3D personality traits. Let the pain come, allow yourself to feel it. Remember, this is not a race, neither are we here to judge what can only be felt. Embrace what your Soul is showing you. Let the illusion dissolve and break free from your own limited beliefs. Be compassionate with your unique journey, especially when you repeat old situations. We are eternal beings. The Universe is always one of unconditional love to All. There is no time neither a final destination for us to reach, just infinite love to become, hold and wonderful new experiences, to be lived. 

This Full Moon in opposition to the Sun in Libra with all this Cardinal energy in the Heavens, is a gift for us to create balance while we keep transforming our entire being and lives. The impulsiveness and wildness of Aries alone, will lead us into chaotic manifestations if we do not hold at the same time an inner state of harmony - surrendering to what is our natural state of being rather than forcing things in our way, as in the end, it is harder to maintain a state of imbalance than just surrendering to the infinite flow of love and joy that we in Essence are and patiently wait for the Divine Time in which our desires will thrive.  

In a time of completion, where we not only end with old situations and relationships but we also destroy from within all the illusory worlds that our human self created, we have now the cosmic gift to with this Fiery Moon together with the Libra influence, Mercury and Jupiter as well in this same sign, to ignite our inner spark and initiate from a state unity all the necessary changes to re-create our physical reality as well as to evaluate from a broader perspective the relationships that we still maintain in our lives and discern if we are still getting attached to linear and fixed outcomes that our human self would like to manifest or if we should let it all go and allow our Soul gather us with the perfect new companions that are aligned with who we have become. 

The Universe always illuminate the way for us, we just have to know where to look between all the shadows our human self tends to project and free ourselves from old burdens while we are in the process of planting new seeds on our unique path - trusting that we are always being supported and loved beyond measure by this loving Universe, and that all our soul desires will flourish and expand at Divine timing for All.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Energies of October 2016

Beloved Ones, 

We begin this new month of October (others will end September as it depends on where you live) with a wonderful and fresh New Moon at 8 degrees of Libra. It is with this loving sign that inner synthesis begins and we start moving from the individuality of Aries to remember the feeling of being One with All, sharing from our heart and being of selfless assistance to everyone and not just the self - as it used to be in the old. 

At this time, we rest now in the tranquility of our soul with the Sun and Moon in Libra, together with Mercury direct again also moving in the same sign, in a few days. Balance, calm after the storm, and expansion within new beginnings - especially into new and enlightened relationships of all kind - is what this Libra Moon promises us, as we have Jupiter also in Libra in conjunction with the Sun and Moon, helping us expand into abundance, new partnerships, and life experiences that are totally balanced and in perfect resonance with our soul frequency and authentic path.

We have been challenged during this intense summer to release until we empty ourselves of all the familiar, of all that no longer serves our soul path. This has been also strongly felt within our physical bodies, as the more we tend to resist to change, the more our bodies suffer to release and integrate these higher frequencies we are receiving. Each one of us is unique, so you may be experiencing pain in your spine and/or legs if what you need to work with is letting go of your fear to build strong foundations into your life and become the sovereign being that you are in Essence of your life experience. Others, may feel pain and activations in their throat chakra and thymus if what they need is to express their truth. Everyone will be pushed to let go of what its limiting them and begin to step into the New by being open to give and receive from the heart without limitation or fears. 

At this time, we are being blessed with new gifts around the corner for those of us who are not afraid of the unknown, who are willing to take a step beyond our human self can perceives and start descending our soul visions in the physical. It is a time for expansion, re-calibration and unification of what we still judge within ourselves and should be embraced as equal. Many of you may be experiencing the emergence of many aspects of  you that have been hidden until this moment. Let them come into the surface, this new wave is meant to bring all we refuse to admit into the light to be understood and dissolved. 

Before entering in depth into the energies of October - a month filled with many gifts and loving energies - I would like to share my experience as a stabilizer and New Earth Anchor at this intense time where Earth is bifurcating from the 3D matrix, which will finally take place throughout the next year of 2017. As you know, I am not linear with my posts as I share in my unique way all I receive and consider important. I rarely write about "dark" massive agendas, as I am guided to stay focused on the light that I/We All are even though it is not always easy. 

But ignoring that other opposite forces exist and that are acting with lack of consciousness, will not help, on the contrary, it will cause more confusion. This is why I decided to share within Divine Love what has been my experience during these past months, in case it may help others, as I consider that sharing is the only way to discern and inform of what is truly happening - especially for those who are starting on this ascension path - who tend to search outside the Truth, that can only be found within. 

Many of you, as starseed souls, may be also feeling dark Forces trying to weaken you and control you as you keep doing your inner work of unification and conscious integration. Sometimes you will be unable to discern if you are dissolving/unifying your own shadows or they are part of a massive attack upon you. This is where we dwell into our soul, listening to its loving and wise guidance to distinguish what seems real from what is manipulated. And remember, we are never alone or hopeless, there are Guardians, Star companions and many other lightlove beings assisting us into this important time within Creation, no need to fear, just the need to be informed. 

There are no judgments here, just a message to stabilizers, gridworkers and all that assist in your unique way - especially acting as filters of the massive negativity of the collective - to stay centered in your heart and its eternal compassion to All as we keep disengaging ourselves from the Old Earth, remember Beloveds, they try to cause more separation through any possible methods, and lets be honest, this journey is not always easy, we are criticized, judged, taken as fools between many other things, but our main aim and desire is to find unity and spread light where there is unlove, not to get involved into other's opinions or negative tactics about us.

It is not easy to remain balanced as we navigate through different realms that are being attacked through massive dark forces to belittle the work we do, as those who are experiencing it, know well. It may be extremely challenging, or at least it has been for me, to distinguish between your own life experiences and what is being sent by these dark entities in form of negative 3D negative codes (implants, thoughts sent through images and other methods). We all have passed through these inital stages - as we advanced through our ascension journey - confirming and staying true to our path and the guidance we receive from our soul. This makes all the difference - with all false propaganda that is out there to confuse the masses. 

When we commune with our soul, remembering the eternal of our existence and the true purpose of it, we may feel challenged, in pain as we continue to do our work, but also the joy that what we all are doing as One, brings into the Planet. We are indeed disengaging ourselves from all we used to be and know, as to be able to enrol into a whole new phase, we should enter totally empty, with an open heart that welcomes everything and everyone that is destined to touch our lives within this new phase of our life experience.

The cosmos always works in unison with us, with All that exists and has ever existed. October, like the New Moon in Libra, also holds a number 1 frequency as it is a 19 universal month which reduced gives us a 10 - 1. This is a reminder that we are ending a 9 year cycle - still oscillating between both worlds - and it is pivotal for us to end with all that used to limit us as we keep expanding within the New Realms that we are creating. We are still immersed in a huge transition, and as we reach the shore our main aim is to keep dissolving lower layers as well as learning how to navigate through a passage that is revealing to us the possible timelines that are available for us and that we will have to choose in which one we truly desire to dwell. 

Number 1 in tarot, is represented by the Magician. One hand pointing to the sky and the other one towards the earth. He knows how to work with the Universal Laws, as he has mastered the art of descending into the physical what is first created in the ethereal. This is where we are at this time - envisioning our deepest soul desires at the same time that we descend them into our New reality. We all are magicians as we all have within the power to manifest the outcomes that are aligned with our Highest Will, we just have to focus our precious energy into what is truly important, as it is not a time now to waste it on delusions and past situations, but in the new life experiences that we are building and that have nothing to do with who we used to be.

At a cosmic level we begin this month with an infusion of vitality, as we have already Pluto, the Planet of Power direct again since September 26 and the Warrior, Mars in Capricorn. Both Forces remind us of our inner power and if while both were retrograde we felt with lack of energy and focus, now that both are direct and in mighty signs, we have an opportunity to shift, transform and regenerate from within all that no longer resonates with who we are now. Mars helps us to direct our inner fire to what is truly important for our soul path, while Pluto gives us the gift to be the shapehifters of our lives. It is an opportunity for us to keep destroying old worlds and start bringing into form new ones based on freedom and the bliss that following our true soul desires brings.

We also start this month with Mercury entering into Libra. Mercury in Libra suggests, especially after its retrograde period, that it is a wonderful time to ask ourselves if we are maintaining balanced relationships based on unconditional love and authenticity or are we still repeating old patterns that lead us to attachments and dependency? Are we communicating from a place of total integrity and freedom? Or are we in need of obtaining validation from others? While retrograde, we took the time to visualize and observe our own behavior in our relationships, as it is always about ourselves, never about others. So now, if you realize that some of these old patterns are coming back into your life, it is perfect time to  heal and balance with so many planets in loving Libra.

On October 16th, we have a Full Moon at 23 degrees of Aries. Full Moons are all about endings, on the opposite, Aries, is a very optimistic sign, the first sign of the zodiac, who is eager to start new things and immersed himself into new adventures as it loves physical challenges. This is not a contradiction as endings and new beginnings are always intertwined and we are being confirmed what we have been already experiencing from within - a deep inner alchemical transformation in which we are becoming anew at every single moment, letting all go, old aspects of ourselves, old relationships... to embrace higher ones, for we came here to integrate polarity and see all things/beings/aspects of ourselves as equal within Creation. The path to unification is not easy, but it is essential to step into the new without judgments and the inner knowing that All is always Divine in nature even though our human self perceives it as being "dark" or "lower". All serves a purpose, all helps us to remember in a duality world, that in truth we came from unity.

Finally, the last part of the month is going to be reigned by the healing frequency of Scorpio, as on October 23, the Sun will enter into this sign together with Mercury doing the same into the next day, and a final New Moon in Scorpio too! We now are called to visit the depths of our being, navigating through our inner waters that contain all the emotions we need to heal and release, as with the Sun in Scorpio is a time to illuminate those dark corners through the wisdom we have regained during all this time and embrace the "dark" aspects that are also a part of who we are and Creation - that makes us whole and One with All. A time to look within to receive all the revelations that these last months bring to us, as the last part of this year, will show us where we are going, which is of great importance to change direction if the timeline we have chosen no longer resonates with our true destination.

This month is a calm one in the physical but it does not mean that our inner worlds are not being transformed and adjusted to a new vibration and even more after the intensity of the Eclipses whose energies will accompany us for at least six months. Everything is created from within and taking the time to descend into our inner realms and bring all these revelations and guidance into our physical self is pivotal at this time. We already feel this, as the macrocosm is just reflecting our microcosm and vice versa. We just have to tune into our Divine Essence to be fully aware of all that is taking place, not in the outer, but in our inner worlds, that will reveal all we need to know and accept at this time.

The potent New Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio at the end of the month together with Mercury already in this same sign since September 24, is a perfect synchronized message from the cosmos to keep working on soul integration and start creating unified outcomes that will serve the greater good from this whole and compassionate state of being. It is going to be a magical, intuitive and passionate New Moon to feel the heat of the Light that we all hold within and illuminate our outer world with it, bringing soul wisdom into our journey and more clarity that as always, can only come from the inside. All the self-healing and purification that we do at this time will affect the whole and it will clear the path for us to receive new visions about the next steps of our journey as well as to help the collective in their own soul quest.

This soothing month invites you to have faith in all the inner visions you have been receiving and that will flourish at Divine Timing and for the highest good of All involved. October holds many gifts for us to expand within the New and allow new enlightened and co-creative relationships into our lives. We just have to let go of what we thought was for us and allow the Divine to send us the souls that are aligned with our frequency. We may not feel it yet but our souls pre-agreed to these encounters long ago. 

Surrendering and being aware of all the signs that this benevolent Universe always sends to us - at every single moment - is essential to welcome all the blessings we are not always able to see due to our limited view. Just be, let things flow instead of fomenting the human tendency to control the conditions, know that you are always blessed beyond measure and that no matter if you see it already or not in your reality, things are always working out for us all in wondrous and miraculous ways.

I wish you All a magical, loving and abundant month of  October Beloveds!

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba