Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Energies of October 2015

September has been a very intense month that triggered many changes in our ascension journey. It was a turning point for us to allow the new waves of light sweep away what no longer served us in this new phase that we have consciously bring into form by embracing a higher way to live. We end September with the last Total Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Aries that together with the Solar Flares that also bathed us at the end of the month, helped us to burn everything from within ourselves to our physical bodies that cannot coexist with our new frequency. Throughout this summer we have had a lot of Planets retrograde inviting us to move inward and examine from a place of wisdom our physical lives, and also in this month of September with Mercury retrograde, so after this time of self-evaluation, we now hold more clarity about our path and we are now able to redirect our actions in a different way if we were not resonating with what we have been manifesting in all aspects of our lives until now. 

During the first week of October these energies of self-observation and deep evaluation of our selves and unique journey will continue to assist us on this process of inner recognition and integration so we can step into this new stage by being renewed and healed of the remains of the old. The rest of the month will be more focused on taking physical action and materializing all these inner visions and new revelations that we have been receiving lately into our tangible world as the Full Moon in Taurus at the end of the month will invite us to do. October is a month to fully act towards our soul desires with the inner equilibrium that we, as integrated beings, are embodying at all times in our ascension path, as this is a constant process of unification into higher octaves of Divine Love and awareness.

The final message of September is one of fulfillment and completion and was brought to us by the Total Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month. Indeed, we have closed an stage of our lives and now we are ready to embark ourselves into new adventures, since as you already know life revolves around cycles that make no distinction between ends and beginnings, it is all about our human perception of how things should occur what impedes us to see the whole picture behind our human scenes. We start October with the same feeling of culmination that we had on September as October is a 9 month, which in numerology also brings a message of concluding with an old phase of our lives and trust in the coming of a new one, that even if unknown yet, will be fill as well with many Divine gifts. Number nine represents final resolution, the need to release the old and start setting strong foundations to start building new beginnings with the proper harmony within and the stability required to manifest the abundant and secure lives that will support us in our tangible plane, which is going to be our main focus, apart from our soul reunions, during the entire month of October.

At this time, and after the intensity of the past few months, we are now adjusting ourselves to an even higher vibrational frequency, achieving advanced knowledge to understand our new vibrational state of being so we can manifest a higher form of life by being healed and unified. Some of you may be still oscillating between disengaging yourselves from this last phase of your lives and embracing a new one and this is precisely why old situations are emerging, so you can clearly see if they will continue to serve a higher purpose in your life experience or if they have already served its mission. Some of you will begin October by holding the clarity and the passion needed to start anew and fresh after having passing through a period of inner reflection and self-retrospection with Mercury retrograde. Others, are already experiencing this new reality/dimension of love and authenticity and are being the wayshowers of it, it does not matter where you are, what matters is the pure intention you hold of evolving and assisting others as you do the same, remember that we are all connected within the Divine light network that unite us all, and every single step we take towards our self-healing we take for All. 

October begins with a strong sense of culmination but also with the wondrous feeling of new beginnings ahead. Remember that life revolves around circles - endless spirals without beginning or end - all of them intertwined to each other's, connecting the dots that will lead us to the next step within our unique journey. This is what we call beginnings, but they are just extensions of who we are and our soul creations. This month starts with the silence required for us to operate in the higher realms so we can create from a wider place of Divine wisdom and love this new phase of our lives that we are so eager to give birth to. 

From a cosmic view, we begin this month with Venus, the Planet of Abundance and Love, leaving fiery Leo to enter into the sign of Virgo again and into the next day, Mercury, the Winged Messenger, will turn direct again. We have Venus, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion and Growth and the Warrior Mars in this same earthly signs! Jupiter likes to expand everything it touches, therefore by being in Virgo invites us to nurture the part of us who shares and gives within Divine Love without looking for any compensation. Fiery Mars in Virgo too, gives us the inner strength we need to achieve our soul desires without hesitation. All these Planets unite their forces to make us see beyond our human perception of what is helpful and what is not. We are invited to expand ourselves in how we are being of service, as we are all unique and we all possess precious talents to offer. Are we assisting others from a place of total integrity and compassion? Are we doing it because it is our joy or because we expect something in return? When we freely give from our hearts, we are already obtaining something in return, as when we give, we are receiving back by just experiencing pure bliss and Divine Love. This is what we are called to cultivate at this time, our sense of abundance, which is always a form of love, and how can we give to others from a place of total surrender and balance as the sun and Mercury in Libra will remind us.

Venus in Virgo is also all about sharing and expressing this love that we are into our human plane. As Virgo is an Earth sign, it will help us to open our hearts and brings this Divine Love into ourselves and earthly plane. Venus in Virgo very practical, and together with the final Full Moon in Taurus at the end of the month, increases our sense of community and service to others and makes us wonder if we are truly allowing the infinite influx of Divine Love to come into our lives or if we are in some way holding it back by our human sense of separation/lack and attachment. So during this month, we are going to put more attention into the things that bring us abundance and make our lives more comfortable, remembering that it is not about cultivating the part of us who is only Divine in Essence but also the human aspect of us, which is also Divine, and that sustains us in our earthly plane, as in the end, we came here to descend all this inner wisdom and soul expressions of the Divine into a physical world.

The Goddess of Love in this loving and serviceable sign, together with Mercury turning direct on the next day will assist us to not separate ourselves from others, but instead to find the balance that establishes the basis of all relationships and recognizes that as Divine beings we are united by a thread of infinite light and that we are always worthy of the great love that we already are in Essence. Remember that we are always loved, appreciated and whole within Creation and there is nothing from the outside or anyone else that can really complete what the Divine already created unified within its pure love and light Essence. Once we are aware enough to not only see but to feel this Truth, abundance, love and everything we have been yearned for start coming into our life experience because we are finally allowing it to enter into our lives by leaving behind all illusion of  not being a deserving being between other human old perceptions of what we are not.

In fact, Mercury retrograde is being of great assistance for our relationships and for the one we maintain with our own selves, as it is the most important one of all, so we can envision from a higher perspective what is really taking place in our life experiences and Divine Reunions without the judgment of our egoic self and its limited view. At this time, we are more conscious of the things we are grateful for but that are not going to be of assistance to us in this new cycle of our ascension path and that we would simply like to let go of. This is why is so important to embrace this period of inner contemplation, because it is only when we become the witness of our own selves that we can possess a broader vision of what we are creating that is not aligned with our highest will and what is going to serve for our personal path and All. 

Working behind the physical veils, visiting other realms - as the multidimensional beings that we all are - is as important as manifesting material things into our tangible world, as it is only when we are fully balanced and aligned with our true purpose that all synchronizes to help us manifest our true soul desires as well as new soul reunions that are in perfect resonance with who we are and our soul purpose. Our relationships have indeed passed through a process of deep transformation and balance during all this summer and we are now starting to realize its main purpose which is always one of assistance towards others in their own path by being the pioneers of this first steps that are leading us into a new way of experiencing our relationships and physical lives. This profound alchemy as always begins within ourselves, as it is only by unifying all the different aspects of us that we can reunite with another soul that holds the same frequency and that at the same time is whole as well, remember that it is not about two beings coming together to fill empty spaces, but about the merging of two whole and authentic souls as One and this is what some of you are already experiencing in your path and others are starting to envision as well.

During September we strongly felt the urge of letting go of all the challenges and past wounds that were still buried deep within our core and purify our hearts of the illusion of fragmentation by creating an unified field within ourselves of love and openness that allowed us to connect with other souls that resonate with our path as well as to reunite with the cosmic brotherhood. We did not only start reconnecting ourselves with the souls that are meant to be with us at this time but with our soul family, having a wider communion with our cosmic allies that reminds us about the important of manifesting balanced and integrated relationships within our new and higher reality so we can start having a glimpse of what Divine love truly means within a relationship. 

For this to occur, taking some time to stop all mental activity is pivotal so we can be honest and ask ourselves: are we acting from a place of wholeness and balance? Or are we still seeking outside how to fill the spaces that we do not know how to occupy yet for ourselves? Leaving behind old attachments and expectations is what this Mercury retrograde phase is reminding us and no matter how long this period lasts for us, what is important is to embody this knowledge and to be able to act as the magicians that we are and shift through inner alchemy what is still causing this fragmentation in ourselves and within our Divine reunions. 

To help us settle the foundations for our new beginnings, we have a wonderful and fresh New Moon at 19 degrees Libra on October 12th, which is going to harmonize the powerful energies that we have been internalizing  from the Equinox until the end of September and gives us the proper energies to keep expanding ourselves into new horizons. Remember that when we receive, first, we integrate these intense energies and secondly the process of balancing has to come so we can fully anchor these new waves into our physical bodies allowing them to become crystalized as we keep ascending within this endless spiral. And this is what this New Moon in Libra brings to all of us, the perfect balance to be at peace with ourselves and to savor the wonderful manifestations that being aligned with our souls have. 

The Libra New Moon will also make us wonder the things in our lives that are in need of stability and action, as it is only through the perfect equilibrium of the two polarities that coexist within us, that we can truly become whole and experience a spiritual life within our physical world filled with true bliss and all the abundance that makes our human lives more comfortable. As Libra is all about love; it will create harmony into our relationships and it will also remind us if we are still retaining some people in our lives because we are too attached and afraid to let them go or if we are already stepping into the New and having the relationships that are only based on the joy that only unconditional Love and integrity can give us, and if so, look for the things that could be more balanced and stable.

On October 23, the sun will enter into the sign of Scorpio. We now are called to visit the depths of our being, navigating deep through our inner waters that contain all the emotions we need to accept and release. For this same cause, Neptune in Pisces together with Chiron, The Cosmic Healer, retrograde in this same Water sign, helps us to even go deeper into our self-healing at the same time that it opens more our inner senses, allowing us to receive more revelations and new direction for our path in the physical, which together with the sun in Scorpio will be a great blessing for those who need to do more inner work as well as to keep receiving more guidance about what it is that should be shifted and healed from within themselves so they can feel whole, purified and renewed again from the old but again it can only be done by looking within at all aspects of us - those we accept and those that our ego is still reticent to embrace.

The sun in Scorpio is time to illuminate those dark corners through the wisdom we have regained during all this time and embrace the "dark" aspect that is also a part of who we are and Creation and that make us whole and One with All. This is also a reminder after the sun has left Libra, of the important that descension has in our lives since obtaining the perfect equilibrium is all about learning how to navigate through the "light" and "dark" aspects of us as equals and accept that we swing as waves, ascending and descending, and sometimes we will be on top and others at the bottom but both sides are essential for us to experience what this aspect of Creation truly means. The Sun in Scorpio will invites us all to reconcile the old perception we had about these different Forces, as we are also entering into the "dark" (for others "light") period of the Year, and find the light and joy of this time instead of seeing it as a dark phase. All have its gifts and it is according to our perception and what we decide to create that our vision of it could shift. 

At the end of the month, on October 27, we will have a Full Moon at 3 degrees of Taurus that will mark the end of a phase and the starting point of a new one that for us is all about cultivating this other earthly side of us who brings into fruition our inner visions and that is essential to nurture as well. Full Moons are all about the end of a cycle but this one is going to be more focused on our sense of abundance and physical sense of stability, as Taurus is all about making tangible what we have been giving form into the invisible world and honoring the part of us that is One with nature and that is essential as well to embody the perfect equilibrium and peaceful state of being. It is a Moon that will help us to connect ourselves with the feminine energy of Mother Earth that nurtures and sustains us in our earthly Plane. It is an opportunity to become aware of what it is that we could shift in order to feel more abundant and secure in our earthly lives as Taurus is all about grounding our True Essence into our physical being and world, and learn how to be the creators of our own resources and abundance that we really are. 

October is a month that softens the atmosphere for us to find rest and inner peace after all the intense waves we have been integrating during the past months. We are now reposing in the tranquility of our soul with the sun in Libra and later on in Scorpio, so we can create new life experiences that are totally balanced and in perfect resonance with our Higher Selves and soul purpose. These last months of the Year are a preparation for the new one that is about to come, although we, as ascending souls, have no longer this strong sense of separation and certain dates, as now we clearly remembrance from our souls that there are other higher cycles beyond our human perception that are more accurate and that we know by simply reconnecting with our feelings. 

We all have sensed even before this New Year comes the end of this old cycle and the raising of a new one (marked by Venus raising as a Morning Star on August) based on love, compassion, a greater connection with our Higher Self, and the feminine principle that All is and always have been within and that some are already labelling as "the coming back of the Feminine Era" as it was founded within Divine Love and followed the same principle of looking inward in order to clearly see what Is.

I wish you all an abundant and loving October filled with many miracles and infinite love ascensing Souls!

In love and light,
Natalia Alba

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Super Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries ~ September 27th, 2015

September is being one of the most intense months of this Year and it concludes with a very powerful Lunar Eclipse and Super Full Moon at 4 degrees of Aries on September 27th. During the time between Eclipses, whose energies will prevail for at least six months, old patterns were released as they kept us from expressing our true self and from manifesting the life that our souls chose to experience on this physical Plane without limitations. This is the opportunity that this Lunar Eclipse brings to us - the inner realization through deep self-observation of what no longer serves the self and our soul path - so we can be able to create new life experiences that are not limited by our old view of how reality should be. 

As we move into a higher octave of love and unity, letting behind more aspects of our old self, our new frequency matches with upper levels of Light and we are able to internalize more aspects of the Truth, becoming more aware of how much we tied ourselves by only focusing on our human illusions and attachments. Now, we are conscious enough to be grateful for all the regained wisdom that we accomplished by overcoming all these past challenges. Now we are free of those old chains that imprisoned our soul, and we can clearly see all the progress made, all the love we hold within, and all the gratitude towards the souls who have been our companions during this last stage of our journey and that have helped us more than our human being is able to recognize. 

This Lunar Eclipse is going to be especially felt in the collective and new awakening souls that have consciously decided to be a part of the ascension process, as they will not only "eclipse" an old phase of their lives but an entire and restricted way to live in order to step into a higher frequency of Divine love and integrity. For the souls who have already cross the veil of illusion and are walking this path of ascension, the Lunar Eclipse will also help them to keep integrating new aspects of themselves that are revealed as we evolve, and welcome the unknown that brings the opportunity to discover more soul gifts and how to use them to be of service, as it is also a new cycle for the ascending souls that are choosing to serve others in their soul path and they will also experience a fresh new way to use their inner senses and abilities to help others, remember that we all have unique gifts but sometimes we become what we need to be so we can be of assistance to others at that moment as the Divine spark within mold itself when necessary and so do we.

At the time of the Eclipse we have the asteroids Juno, the cosmic partner of Jupiter,  and Vesta, its sister, conjoined with the sun in Libra, which also conjoint with the North Node in this same sign, opposing the Moon in Aries and the South Node. The opposition between Libra and Aries is giving us the starting point to where we should direct our attention at this time as when we have two opposite forces it is always an indication of merging these different energies to create a third and united force that remind us about our unified nature. Libra and this Lunar Eclipse is going to rule our relationships and even more with Mercury retrograde in this same sign which is empowering it by making us evaluate our past/current relationships so we can have a clear perspective of the things we should heal and released. Libra is also going to assist us to create the required balance between the relationships we maintain with others as well as with all the aspects of physical lives and that could be a challenge since Aries is all about focusing on the self and Libra is all about being and sharing the love that we are in a selfless way. 

On the other hand, we have Aries, ruled by fiery Mars who will empower this Eclipse, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it master the self in all aspects and focus its attention in his own personal path. Aries likes to initiate and creates new beginnings but before it can happen, Libra reminds us that first we should manifest the necessary balance into our lives so we can give birth to the manifestations that are totally balanced and aligned with our highest Will. Aries step into the unknown without hesitation, its fiery energy helps us to bring into fruition our deepest desires but first we should examine our feelings and ask ourselves: Are we acting with the proper understanding of how things are created in the invisible realms and of the consequences that our inner creations will have for the whole? Are we thinking in the highest good of All? Or are we just manifesting without the proper discernment and balance? This is what libra will help us to evaluate before acting impulsively, remember that when we envision what we wish to bring into form, we are also creating and that it is important to do it with integrity before taking another step in the physical.

From an earthly perspective, the energies from the Eclipse are going to affect our relationships in a very profound and transformational way. Remember that relationships start with the one we maintain with our own selves as it is only when we fully love, respect and honor the self that we can manifest the same feelings with others and this is what we have to cultivate first - the inner reunion of our feminine and masculine polarities so we can merge with another soul that is One with us in Essence but only when first, we have also reached oneness with our own selves. The Lunar Eclipse together with Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra, will help us to move inward and envision from a mental and emotional plane the reunions that are not longer serving a higher purpose in our life experience and that should be released with gratitude and with infinite love, as every encounter is perfectly orchestrated by our souls and even if our human selves may forget the original plan, we, as conscious souls, remembrance that nothing happens by chance and that what our human being can feel as disappointment, was just serving a perfect role within the Divine Plan to assist not only the self but All into our endless evolutionary path.

The Sun in conjunction with Mercury retrograde may indeed bring back some feelings or situations from our past. This is for you to see the new understanding that you have achieved and that if there is still something you can heal, you do it again with from a conscious place of love and compassion. This is not for you to recreate yourself into something that no longer exist and that should be released, as it has already served its purpose, this is an opportunity for you to realize all you have walked and all you have loved instead of delve into the things you created and that now  you see as alien parts of you that you feel you have to fix them. There is nothing to fix only things to be realized and embraced to see the light of who You are again, so you can clearly know that there is nothing to regret just gratitude and infinite love for all the assistance received.

Another important cosmic event is Saturn, who left Scorpion Waters on September 17th to enter into the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn shows us the aspects of us that we need to master, even if it means passing through certain challenges that are not easy to deal with but that will serve us to gain a higher awareness. When Saturn was in Scorpio it taught us to dive deep into our feelings so we could heal and purify all that were stagnant and simply not serving us anymore since those feelings were disempowering us by making us holding sadness and other emotions that should be accepted/embraced in order for us to move forward. Now with Saturn entering into Sagittarius, we are invited to come into the surface and see the Light of who we are again, to leave the depths of our being in order to regain more clarity about our path. Sagittarius will now assist us with this fiery energy to regain more cosmic knowledge and to have faith that we can put it into practice and bring it into fruition into our tangible Plane as we keep internalizing and revealing it. We have already found our true path and realize that all the answers to our questions are always within, and now we are being asked to expand our gifts and wisdom more than keep asking ourselves where are we going and if we are doing exactly what we came here to do.

Saturn also shows us how to break free from all this old chains and forms of slavery of the past and start claiming our place in the world as the sovereigns beings that we are, this is going to be specially important for the souls that are starting to ascend and awake as they are going to start experience this huge acceleration and push to release the old and step into a higher state of being. It is now time to master the aspect of us that has to do with how authentic we are in everything we do or if we are still acting without integrity - acting as we think and feel - and giving our power away, remember that in order to embrace true knowledge which is what Sagittarius invites us to do, first we should master the art of being our own selves no matter in what circumstances or with whom. 

Another powerful regenerative energy that will cause a huge shift from within ourselves to our physical lives is Pluto, the Planet of Power, direct again since September 25 in Capricorn. While this transformative Planet was retrograde, we were feeling as if chaos was taking charge of our feelings. What really was happening was that the powerful restorative force of Pluto was assisting us to liberate and transmute all the inner conflicts and doubts that were impeding a major growth in our personal journey. Now that pluto is direct again, we have the benefit of what this inner metamorphosis brought to us - a deeper meaning of what we truly desire to create in our lives and the gift of seeing these inner visions manifested in our physical world. Both of this Planets, Pluto and Saturn, are going to act as another catalyst, together with the Lunar Eclipse, into all of us but particularly it is going to be a turning point for the souls who like I said are starting to ascend and realizing the illusion they were living in. 

The Lunar Eclipse sets a crucial moment for  our ascension path. Some of you that have been walking for a while on this journey, are already shifting at a high rate, rediscovering new aspects of their higher selves and stepping into another new cycle of their lives, as we are always uncovering new horizons and creating new visions for the next steps of our physical experience. Others, may be realizing who they truly are and feeling confused as this is a very intense period for those who are just beginning. It does not matter where you are, as it is where you need to be at this moment for your unique path. We are all deeply feeling the acceleration that this path that we have consciously chosen brings and we are surrendering to what its gifts with love and gratitude as we know that it will benefit All.

The Eclipses with their new beginnings and endings can bring into the surface lots of emotions and old memories that are not easy to deal with, but that are essential to our process of inner alchemy and deep transformation. There is perfect order in what our human being perceives as chaos, which is just the way the universe has to refocus things in a plane that is not visible neither reachable to us, so we are not in a position to judge why we have to let go of all the things, partners and situations that we have to. Our task is just to honor our path, as every path is unique, and we never know about other's paths, just about our own, therefore we cannot see what is taking place behind our human scenario, so we can only trust in the Divine that knows best. Our mission is to embrace the unique place that has been granted to us within this wondrous Universe, respect what Is and act as the light anchors that we are of all the precious creations that the Divine gives birth through us.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba