Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Importance of Hororing the Periods of Silence & Discernment in our Ascension path

Beloved Ones,

As we transition into a new  phase of our lives, we may feel with the inner call of just BEing instead of paying attention to the outer noise.  We all have our own inner cycles that should be honored and accepted, as sometimes we tend to pay too much attention to the planetary Forces that invite us to move within or to act instead of focusing in the inside and what is truly time for us to do or not, when in truth, the first voice we should be listening to is the one that comes from within. These periods of tranquility are essential to integrate and to discern about our current state of being and path, as it is only in those silence moments that we allow the Truth to enter, being able to envision beyond our human perception what is for real and what is just another construction that we make under our human limited perception and that should be dismissed to see the core of what we are actually experiencing and giving form.

When we consciously decide to embody and adjust our physical bodies to the new energies - cosmic planetary ones and other forms of stellar consciousness assisting our Planet as well as our own selves - we have to evaluate what is the conscious use that we are going to give to these Forces within ourselves and to assist All, and for doing so, silence is essential so we can act from a place of clarity and not just from one of eager manifestation into the physical. We should respect and embrace every state we should pass before seeing things in the physical, as there are other things that are as important as our creations. The expansion we first experience from within that makes everything changes, is more important that our human need to see new things in our reality and we should always pay attention to every inner state we experience without denial or judgements, if we truly desire to co-create an authentic and loving reality without past choices that did not serve the self at that moment.

Transitioning does not mean an ever ending state of not being fully anchored in the new or never reaching higher states of being, it simply means that the more we dissolve old layers of the old, which is at every single moment, the more we feel as if we were navigating between infinite possibilities within endless timelines that we may not conceive with our human mind but that our souls creates in the invisible for us to align ourselves with our true soul desires and anchor them in the physical.

When we integrate, we are not only releasing the old aspects of ourselves and what no longer serves us, neither are we just embodying the different energies from the planets that share this journey with us, such as our sense of abundance and/or lack of it, which is another form of love, form Venus, or  to set another example, how we navigate within our subconscious mind and inner realms with Neptune, but also activating new layers of our DNA as well as allowing this new regained knowledge to internalize in our being and bodies, which is not at all a one-day process. So we should always see this as a sacred passage to a new way of being and live, instead of a period in which "nothing" is happening in the visible.

If we look life as being static, temporal and within a box, we will also create this same feeling within and without, manifesting just repetitive results, however, if we know where to look and instead of thinking we simply choose to feel, we will perceive our lives as a continue state of movement and transition, which is what I refer to when I talk about navigating between timelines as the multidimensional beings that we are in nature - to simply be in a complete state of movement and therefore shift to embody new states of being, it has nothing to do with our human feeling of obtaining new things or manifesting new outcomes, we simply do this for the mere joy of our inner expansion. Whereas we keep embodying higher essences of our soul, we also leave behind who we used to be before embracing this new aspect of us, becoming anew and stepping into new life experiences that will never be the same that the ones we left behind.

We are indeed at all times stepping into new realities, as we are consciously choosing to skin all the false layers that our human self creates in its deep state of illusion until we reach the light that resides in the center and the more we will discover what lies in the deep core of who we truly are, the faster we will have to leave old aspects of us and lives behind as where we are going is into a lightly state of being, where our past cannot coexist anymore with this new frequency.

At this time, specially the ones who assist by stabilizing, will be feeling extremely sensitive to the collective energies as well as with the need to rest and simply being. Listen to what you unique guidance and physical body is telling you at this time, we have been doing a lot for the past months in world that we cannot even comprehend. I write from my humble and unique experience in case it help All but you possess your own guidance to know what it is that you truly need at this moment.

It is a time to rest, as in March, we will start stabilizing the stellar energies coming from other form of  planetary consciousness as well as from the powerful Forces of the Eclipses that we are about to face and whose energies can be already felt, and we will be busy harmonizing in our unique way for a while, so it is essential to nurture and prepare ourselves for what is yet to come as our inner work never ends, not even between our periods of rest, in which we tune into new dimensions to obtain higher guidance and direction of what can we be of service next.

Remember, being a stabilizer does not mean to be in our own world, feeling always in a perfect state of joy and harmony, this is one role within many others, if you are a stabilizer, you know how it is, and you will know that it has nothing to do with that, this is why I can only speak about what I experience within my own being because I could send the wrong definition of what stabilizing means and we can never define what can only be felt by own experience. This is why is so important that you do not compare yourself with others, neither you try to fit into a certain role and/or definition of what you do in your unique way.

There are many roles within Creation, and all of them as equals and as unique as the one you play. Embrace the master that you do are of your own being and life experience, connect with the Divine Essence within You and honor every step that you are guided to take under its Divine command and you will never feel the need to compare yourself to others as you will always be doing that which deep within yourself you know that you came here to fulfill in service to All with great joy, gratitude and humility.

Thereby, respect this time if you feel that for you it is a time to take care of your being, as it means that you need all this inner strength to move into a new state of being as well as to direct all this inner force to be of service in a different way for you. You came here to be an individualized aspect of Source, do not choose to compare yourself with others, it will disempower you and what the Divine desires to experience only through your unique eyes and soul. 

We, as humans, use many labels, we call ourselves by many names, as we like to define that which is unnameable, but the truth is that we could never give a meaning to what we are or do as we are infinite and wise beings with no limitations neither are we here to just fulfill one single task, as even if we all have a unique soul mission, it has also many aspects within itself and it can shift as we keep doing so from within.

Choose to know yourself as well as your unique role. Be grateful to be participating in this unique realm within the many kingdoms within Creation and honor the part you decided to play within Divine Love and bliss. Comparisons are unnecessary and so is the need to be like others are, as you can only be of assistance when you truly share who you are and when you do what makes you feel alive and One with your Soul and the Essence of All things.

Remain always in the luminous Presence of your True being and honor the unique aspect of the Divine that you are Beloveds.

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ascension update ~ Embracing our ascension and descension micro cycles

Beloved Ones,

We live in a constant dance of embracing and letting all go, as it is by emptying ourselves at every moment of what seemed to be ours in the previous one, that allows the New to enter. At this month, it is important that since the  doorway opened by the New Moon in Aquarius we align ourselves with this pure abundant influx that will continue with the coming series of Eclipses. It is indeed a time to create, but it is also a time to free ourselves from old attachments, and we cannot do so if first we have not take the time to fully embody all the inner revelations and clarity that will make us discern about what it is that should be dismissed of our current path.

As ascending Souls, we are constantly choosing between different realities, deciding which one will benefit most to our true soul path and All and therefore doing what is necessary to anchor all of our inner visions in the physical and this is why it is important not to only focus on the external and  into our human tendency to simply create things in the physical but also into moving within to envision the next steps of our journey from a higher place of wisdom and love to All.

The message of culmination, of releasing the old and finally cross into the other side of the bridge, welcoming a new way to live, will be reinforced during all this New Year by different sources, but as the Truth is only One, all of them will lead us to the same message - dissolving old ways of being and living that were just making us repeating the same old patterns and start anew. This message is also confirmed by the New Chinese Year of the Monkey, as well as by the 9 frequency that this whole Year holds. Remember, even if we, as humans, tend to create different dates for a New Year to begin, every moment is new and possesses infinite possibilities and miracles, and in the end, the truth is that there is only this Now moment to be embraced and lived.

As the creators and magicians that we are, we see beyond human veils and we know that when we identify ourselves with a certain archetype or label, we limit ourselves, losing our freedom, and allowing external forces to control who we are or what we do, as we choose to enslaved ourselves to fixed roles and old ways of doing things that impede our being to be in its natural state of flow and receptivity. This is why at this moment, is pivotal that you ask yourself if at the same time that you are focusing your intention on creating something new,  you too are on releasing all the old versions of you that identify yourself with a certain aspect of who you used to be - remember that you are new, pure and wiser at every moment - or if you are yet choosing to remain attached to what is not real and hence  is preventing you from creating the reality that is growing deep within your being but that is not yet reflected in your physical plane due to the fact that you are still holding onto the old.

Every time you focus your attention on an old feeling or thought, you are activating this same old frequency and re-creating the same old outcomes that are no longer One with who you are now, and this is what keeps you from living in the moment and embracing higher essences of your soul. It is not possible to be fully anchored in the new, while you still try to hold the remains of your old reality. It is not even about trying, it is not about chasing old dreams that are not meant to be just because your human being resists to get rid of the old. It is about releasing, emptying yourself and anchoring this new frequency without looking back, you do not have to try, you just have to do it with a pure intention and with the inner knowing that the Divine is guiding your at every single step of your unique and precious path.

We all desire to create and manifest in the physical, and this is perfectly understandable, as we came here to master the art of consciously co-creating in this dense plane as well as to keep expanding ourselves within the wisdom that other realms within Creation of existence offer us. But sometimes, what is important is not precisely what we desire to manifest, but to take the time to integrate all this cosmic knowledge that we are remembering now and in what way can we  direct it to assist All, before we could really keep giving birth to new creations.

The most important is not just to be constantly manifesting new beginnings and the material things we desire, as despite our human illusion of a permanent reality, we are always new at every single moment, and our creations even if similar to our human perception, are never the same. What truly makes a difference in our unique experience and being, is how we shift from within as we keep embodying higher essences of our True Self and aspects of the Truth. This is what makes the outer change, this is what makes everything new, not external forces, not others, not our visions, but the inner Essence of who we are that creates worlds, and this is where we also should focus our attention before becoming to eager to bring our desires into the physical.

During this month, we are being invited to realize that life is a constant dance between ascending and descending, as we are forever moving from within to without to just begin this eternal swing of opposites again, and it is our inner work to descend our higher essence into our physical vehicle so our human self can be illuminated by it, and not the other way around. Both are necessary and equals, as there is no separation between what we consider material and what is ethereal but the one we tend to create. 

The unification of both is what we are going to be mastering during this month of February and as we step into the month of March, passing from manifesting and anchor  our soul visions in the physical  to travel between worlds in order to remembrance our union with our cosmic essence. As always, the Universe have a perfect time for All and if we learn how to dance within its macro-rhythms at the same time that we also flow with our micro ones, we will master the art of consciously co-creaitng in the physical, as we never create on our own, we all manifest in cooperation to All beings/forms of consciousness within Creation. By now, we are just asked to balance both sides of us, and at the same time that we enjoy the delight all we are creating, take some time as well to fully integrate all that we are receiving and experiencing.

The cosmos sends us this same message of freeing ourselves from a mental and emotional plane of old attachments and secure our inner creations in the physical with the Winged Messenger, Mercury, moving from Capricorn into Aquarius on February 13, together with Venus that will do the same a few days later on February 16! Mercury retrograde in Capricorn invited us to evaluate our earthly creations, as well as to take some time to move inward and to examine what aspects of ourselves were not aligned with our natural state of abundance and love in which we are supposed to live.

When Mercury will be in the Air sign of Aquarius, it will provide us with new and wonderful insights that we could use to improve our new projects in the physical and/or simply keep sharing our soul gifts from a total place of clarity and freedom into a new and totally different way. Mercury will also assist us in creating a better communication towards the self and others, as communication always begin within our own beings and the way we talk to ourselves. So this is an opportunity to dive deep into our mental plane and dissolve more old patterns of thoughts, realizing with clarity what is impeding us a major growth because we are still too attached to what no longer is serving our new life and soul desires.

On February 16, Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, will also be moving from Capricorn into Aquarius as well. While Venus was in Capricorn, reminded us to create stability into our earthly lives and relationships, as establishing strong pillars in our Divine reunions in the New based on integrity and equality, is essential to create authentic relationships, so they can flourish. With Venus in Aquarius, we are going to feel free, free to love, free to go into the direction of our true feelings without judging ourselves if we have to leave behind old companions or situations. And we are also going to pass from taking life so seriously to also enjoy life in a more relaxed and joyful way, remember that our true natural state of being is one of pure bliss for the mere joy of being alive at this wonderful time, we need no outer person or experience to activate this feeling oh joy and wholeness within, as this is who we truly are in Essence.

Remember Beloveds, there is a time to ascend and manifest and a time to move within and descend/ integrate all the new wisdom we have regained through the embodiment of the new energies as well as by soul remembrance. Honor your micro own cycles, no matter what you may observe in the outer, your ascension path is unqiue and so are You, and remember that the best guidance that can truly inform you of what it is time for you to do, is your inner and precious one.

Always in the love that we/All are and in the Truth of Unity,

Natalia Alba