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Friday, April 5, 2013

Relationships in 5D: From Dependence to Oneness

As we move forward to 5th dimension, and leave behind the old that no longer serves us, we will appreciate a lot of differences, not only within us, but also in our relations with others, especially when talking about relationships, we are no longer into the old paradigm of separation and sadness of being alone or even the desire of coming back Home, because we made Earth already our Home. We finally have moved on into the new and precious feeling of oneness and wholeness that at the same time lead us to the sense of community which is of much relevance at this moment on Earth.

In the 3rd dimension, we were slaved by our fears; we did what we were told to do, not what we really wanted and came here to do. In 5th dimension all this is gone, we know what we want, and how we want it, and we do everything that is in our hands to accomplish it. We passed from fear to know who we really are, to take our power back, to take also charge of our lives and move on to finally realize that it is more important to do what we feel and express our uniqueness than to do what others want us to do and feel oppressed by it.

In a more specific way, the same is happening with our personal relations. I have heard so many people talking about how their relationships came to an end after so long that I realize it is for the same reasons, as we move on to 5th dimension, the relations that we used to have in the past that no longer serves us now, have to go, we have to let them go from our lives and move on, if we want to improve our own selves.

This is not necessarily a bad thing in our lives, I know that when we maintain a very long relationship and it comes to an end after a long time, it is painful, but we have to say goodbye with our hearts, that is to say, we have to bless them and know that we were not wasting our time, but learning precious lessons from all of them, and by blessing them and letting them go off from our lives what we are doing is allowing other relationships to come to us, and to move on from what is no longer of any use for us to the new, which will bring us change, and love, a love which is no longer dependent from anyone, and which fits better to our own personality and how we feel now. Maybe we will not have our twin flame right away, but the relation that is best for us at this moment. So if we do not allow the older relationships to disappear from our lives, what we are doing is to unlearn instead of learning new things, and to get stuck again in old patterns, this is why it is of much importance to let go of the old, recover from old wounds and embrace the new.

Probably you will be asking yourself why we lost our past relations to get involve into new ones, well, the truth is that old relationships or relationships from 3rd dimension, were dependent, we used to feel dependency for the other person, jealousy, and therefore manipulation, and even victimhood when this relation came to an end, and this is the old pattern. Feeling that the other person can bring us happiness to our lives, or makes us feel different, happier, alive and in resume, attract the positive to our lives, was never true, it only was our ego wanted more attention and be fulfilled. But if we really love ourselves and others, we will know that we are already complete, and that no one is there for making us happy, or even complete us. We are all complete, and we have all already within us what we all need for being happy and for living without the other. But we need to understand that it was the old way of thinking in 3rd dimension relationships, in which we eluded our own and Divine power and give it to others for makes us feel better.

In contrast to all this, 5th dimension relationships are completely different, we already have been through a lot, we have healed our past wounds, forgiven and forgotten ourselves too and have moved on with our lives to a brighter and better ones. In this 5D we already love ourselves enough for attract everything we want in our lives, we already know that we are the creators of our own experience, and after all this self mastery, we could finally find, if not our true mate, one that match us vibrationally. So this is a good thing for all of us, and even if it is hard to say goodbye to some people and to some relations and things from our past, we know that this is for our highest good, not only for us, but for everyone, and that all is moving to a better place.

Love cannot be forced by anyone, as it used to be in 3rd dimension, love is freedom of choice, love is unconditional, love is even much more things that I could  possibly say, because love cannot be described. But I am sure that what love is not, is manipulation, control, jealousy, and many other things that we have lived in the past. I know we had to experiment all this in order to be aware of what love is not and to finally realize what love is, that all this was necessary for us to grow into love, and ascend to higher realms and in this wondrous 5D that we are entering in, but at the same time, we should think  that all this was essential for our evolution, and never feel guilty for what we did in the past, or even for having left others in our path, and know that this was necessary.

The path in which we are now, is the path of authenticity, the path of love, honesty, first with ourselves and later with others, the path of being who we truly are, and this path can only leads us to more love, not to the old state of anxiety in which we all used to be.

So stay positive, because all the changes in relationships that we are passing through in this moment, are for sure for our own good, and be sure that what your Divine being really want is coming and it will be what you always wanted, because now, you are prepared, to finally live your dreams, to finally love in a real, Divine and purely way.

Enjoy this time with no regrets or sadness, let go of the old and embrace the new and stay connected to the Source and with your own and Divine being dear ones!

With much love

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