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Friday, April 19, 2013

Releasing the past through our dreams

The past Full Moon in Libra on 27th of March, which was really intense, joined to the March Equinox, has brought us balanced as well as equilibrium in our Higher Self, but all this balanced that we have achieved now, is due to several light activations and our will to let go of the old. So I wanted to write an article about what is coming now for all of us, and what is new after all this severe and strong planetary changes as well as all the changes that have been occurring and are still happening within us and in our lives in these past months, but as always I was guided to write about how to release the past in our dreams, as it happens to me every time I have the need to let go of something that no longer serves to my Higher purpose. So I am going to share with you my own experience, and how good is it to release the past through our dreams, so we do not have to suffer during the day its process. So this article is centered on my own experience on how to release my past. It is an issue that touches me, but I think it can be of much help.

A few years ago, when I had to release something, no matter of what kind, a relationship that no longer served me, or a friendship, or any other situation in my life, I really had a bad time, because my mind could not stop thinking about the same trouble once and again, I could not let go of in that state of mind, and it was really profound to me because, I could not do properly my daily tasks, and I even did not have much energy to continue with my day, and felt like sad all the time, just because I could not stop thinking of what was no longer in my life. It was then when I started to release all my sadness and past situations in my dreams.

Even if this started to diminish when I had my spiritual awakening, I was still feeling depress every time I had to release something from my past. So after a time, I started to have dreams about all that I wanted to let go of in my life, at the very beginning I did not see it was for a higher purpose, but after some time, I suddenly knew I was releasing my past through my dreams! It was a relief because I was having a bad time when dealing with my past, and now I also felt sad when I had all these dreams, but as it happens during my sleep time at night I am not completely aware as I am during my day, in which things are heavier and saddest. The day has so many hours, that being all the time thinking about the same problems was not doing any good to me. So I started to make it happen every time I wanted to let go.

At the beginning, my guides communicated me was what happening, because I asked them, they told me that as I had such a bad time during the day and it was deteriorating me a lot, they were helping me to release what I need to let go of my life in that way because it was less harmful and I release it in the same way as if I was totally conscious, so I thanked them and since them I always release my past through my dreams. I do not know for sure, if all this happens to all the people, I guess it has to happen as well, although we sometimes do not realize it at all, but from my own experience, I think if we are passing through a rough time, we can feel free to ask our guides to help ourselves to release all we need through dreams and even if we do not remember them when we wake up in the morning, we will feel relief in some way or another. So I truly recommend it to everybody! Your guides will always help you in everything but specially in relieving the pain, and you will feel more energetic during the day.

At the present moment and due to all the huge changes that planet Earth is having and also the fact that we are shifting within as well. I was not conscious of all the things in my life that I had to release, because all came so suddenly that at the end I found myself busted when confronting it. So I asked my Guides and Angels to help me, because I did not want to collapse again, and as always they were there to help me.

I have to recognize that I do not have a very good time when I have to let go some people from my past, I am good at letting go situations, forgiving, but not when dealing with letting go of people that I really do love yet or that I had such a great moments in the past with. So I know it is common to cry when we have to release, and we have our days, because being aware entails also suffering sometimes, just because people awake into their Higher Self, and start a new life, does not mean we do not cry sometimes, we are human after all and from my point of view, sometimes it is good not only from our minds but also for our bodies to cry. What happens is that as everything in life, crying is good only to a certain extent, enough to be able to let go and start a new fresh beginning again, not to the point of being depressed. This is exactly what happened to me in the past, and this is why I think it is of much importance to ask our Guides, Angels, and Beings of light to help us during our release process. They will do that and will be pleased to be asked for help.

Sometimes you do not even have to ask it, because your Guides and the rest of your Helpers, know what you need, but other times, it is necessary for you to express how you feel for them to give you what you exactly need. In my own case, when I go to bed and start having dreams, is amazing how can I release and forgive like if I really meet all these people from my past face to face. I dream of having a meeting with one person that I have to let go of if I want to keep going and stay happy again, and when I meet this person, we start a conversation about what still bothers us, we do promise to forgive and forget one another, and letting go. It is emotional to me, because I have always had vivid dreams, but these releasing dreams are so magnificent!! That sometimes when I wake up I find myself crying, but crying in a good way, I am detoxing off my past and releasing, so I know that this forgiving process is happening in some part of other galaxy, between two souls or more than one that decide to meet and resolve old things, and to me, this is really beautiful.

I remember every single detail, gesture and words that we say to each other; it is impressive how one can be so aware in what we call dreams that for me are just another part of our lives. To me, when we dream, it is as if we were living in another part, with the same people, or maybe with new ones that we meet in our “travel” and it is not at all an imaginary thing that we all invent every night. I am truly grateful to all the Beings for helping me, but also I give thanks to all the souls who I have encounter with at nights, for letting me go, as well as for forgiving me, because I know that even if a certain person does not know about it, or maybe, who knows? I know that his/her soul knows for sure and that is all that matters to me.

Particularly, I find difficult to let go of an specific friend that I used to have at school, and I know this is necessary for our growth, but it is hard to me to deal with it, so not matter how many nights you have to dream about the same person or situation, you will, until you get it done, because in my own case, I have been having dreams with the same person I am talking about now, during a year or so, until I was able to finally let this person go of my life. I would never forget this dream, I was with this person walking and having fun as we used to have, and suddenly, it was like if I really was with this person, talking about the current situation in our lives, and this person looked directly to me, and told me: “Natalia, I think it is time for you to let me go, it is the best thing for you, for me and for us. We can say goodbye with love, and live our lives free of any regrets, and remember all the good, or we can be all our lives remembering the bad stuff and being sad about it”, in this precise moment, I knew I had to let this person go of my life. Things sometimes has to be like this, for a reason, sometimes we will know the reason behind everything, other times, we will never know until the right time, but know that always, things happen for our own and Highest good.

I feel saved, protected, free, loved and forgiven by all the people that someday I hurt or just people that have to go for some reasons. I feel that in some part of their souls, they know, and I know that they know, because we meet sometimes, and I feel something different in this person, even in the air that they love me, they will always love me, but as the human beings we are now, as the human experience we are living in right now, we have to say goodbye to each other, and live freely of old chains, and I do appreciate it a lot, and I really am grateful for all the love that we shared some day in the past. Our ego makes us think we lose things and people in our lives, but in the universe nothing and no one can ever be lost, we are always One and we will always be together in some way, we are all part of the same Divine Source, but I also know that now we are having a human experience and that if we want to have some new beautiful days again, we have to let go, for new things, people and situations to come into our lives.

Let go, even if it hurts so much that you think you could never be able to do it and recover from it, I promise you, you will, someday. Do forgive and forget, it is good to you, and to others, not matter what time it takes, and be grateful and sure that after doing all this, good things, and only good things will come to your life and you will be thankful for all that one day you decided to let go of your life.

Letting go is the best way to enter into the new, love and stay positive even if you cannot see the light yet, I assure you, that it is there, nearer than you think.

With so much love

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