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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Capricorn Super New Moon, January 1, 2014 ~ Embracing New Beginnings

The first New Moon of this wonderful 2014 Year will take place at 11º Capricorn and it will be a SuperMoon, as the Moon will be even more powerful and brighter due to its proximity and alignment to the Earth and sun, so we will be feeling its impact strongly than ever before at the same time it will push us into a New beginning. New Moons are always about new beginnings but this time the whole cosmos is helping us to integrate ourselves into the New with this powerful New Moon together with this New Year as well as the importance of this Now moment that we are facing in our Ascension Journey, so as you can see, everything is giving us the message of integrating ourselves within the New and leaving behind what no longer serves us. We have had this month of December to be still and for releasing everything that was keeping us from stepping into the New, probably we even had some challenges in our lives to prove ourselves if we are ready to give the final step into the New or if we still had some old things to get rid of, after this month, it is finally the time to start creating our new lives and start living our own True and soul desires from a place of love, compassion and integrity, this is why it was so important to not force things and feelings in this whole month and simply stay presence within our hearts, because by doing so we were releasing at the same time we were creating the space for the New to come into our lives.

Capricorn, the tenth earth sign of the zodiac, likes to be responsible towards its goals and desires and stay focus on what it wants without losing faith, it climbs step by step with patient and strong will until it reaches the top of the mountain, the goat, ambitious and determined but patient enough to wait until the right moment, will go after his goals no matter what, and this is the energy that this New Moon will give us, the determination we need to be strong so we can pursue our dreams, knowing that even if we may find some challenges in our path, they will be for our highest good and that the important thing is not even the top but the travel to it in itself and the valuable lessons we learn during our climb, so if we direct Capricorn energy towards our goals and desires we will find ourselves with extra strength and willingness to do whatever it takes to go after our dreams. We also count with the assistance of other five planets in this lunation! We have the sun, the moon, Mercury and Pluto at 11º Capricorn and Venus a bit further at 28º in Capricorn as well, so as you can see the energy of the goat will help us in those areas in which this planets reside as well as in other aspects of our lives if you need so. If you would like to see in which areas this New Moon will affect you, take a look at your birth chart to see in what house this New Moon occurs and you will know in which specific areas you will be affected by it. All this together with the energy that this New Year brings to all of us together with the powerful planetary alignments we have at the moment, will finally give us an important push to integrate ourselves within the New for those who have left their egos aside and are ready to embrace only the love of who they are and move only in the direction of it.

The Capricorn New Moon forms a Cardinal Grand Cross with Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, with this intense planetary combination the only thing we can do is to release and embrace the change that is already in our lives. Capricorn give us the strength and power to go on after our goals and Uranus/Pluto square give us change and transformation, what is happening at the moment, from an individual point of view to a more collective one with the massive shift that Gaia and humans are having at the moment, so as we count with the perseverance of the goat, we can be sure that with the proper channeling of this energy, we can have the motivation, power and determination at the same time as patient to transform the old into the New.

The New Moon conjunct Pluto and Mercury, the message is to stay true to who you are and your Truth and try to express it with love and uniqueness. Pluto is a great precursor of change and transformation, it is neither positive nor negative, as everything is all about how we direct its energy and how we take and internalize things and feelings, we can always chose to see the positive side of change and make the best we can with where we are and with what we have at the moment. With Pluto, it is all about transformations, destruction and its subsequent creation, regeneration and new beginnings, it all depends on our life lessons and what our soul wants to experience, as it is a very powerful planet and when it comes to us the best we can do is to surrender to its force and embrace all the changes that are coming, remember that Capricorn helps us by giving us the will and the patient we need when huge transformations occur.

The important thing with all the inner and outer changes that we all are having at the moment as sometimes when strong transformation occur, chaos tend for follow, the best is to stay center in the love that we are and try to remember all the time that no matter how difficult the changes we are facing at the moment or the challenges we are having are, but that they are all happening in order to create something new that will be beneficial to our soul growth as well as the subsequent raise of our consciousness. Remembering always our True Essence when facing huge changes or challenges, in my own experience is what really helps, because  living and seeing things from our ego perspective will only give us more pain, on the contrary, knowing from a soul perspective that everything we face is always leading us to the best outcome for us and to fulfill our soul purpose will give us strength during these moments, and at this time, some people may be already living within the New, leaving aside the old and its challenges but there are also other people who are still passing through a rough time full of challenges that will take them to finally realize things from a soul level and integrate themselves in the New, but until this moment comes for those people, they will need to remember that they came here to learn, to remember their Divine Essence and once remembered to live by it, but all this can only happen when we face challenges, so stay strong and take advantage of this powerful energy that the goat give us in this New Moon to improve our lives and know that facing things and situations with love and courage all will be perfectly fine at Divine Timing.

Venus is retrograde in Capricorn until January 31, 2014, it does not mean a fatalist prognostic in love or even in our relationships, from what I feel, when a planet is retrograde, it simply means that we should revise some things and feelings that we would like to consider at this moment in our lives in order to transform, as some things can be changed or released for the best and others can be simply transformed into something better, is everything about adjusting ourselves to the present moment and make of it the best we can, but it is never about being afraid of what external forces could make to us. From my point of view, everything in the universe is always helping us to evolve and grow in awareness and by having Venus, the planet of Love, retrograde, we can re-consider and evaluate the things, situations and relationships that we would like to improve, or simply let go in our lives, it is a time for review our feelings and stay true to who we are and to where we are in our paths right now, so take the time to review your relationships with not only other people but also the relationship you maintain with your own Self which is the most important one and know that everything is always encouraging you to see the things your soul would like to improve to grow and evolve for the betterment of your life and not for the detriment of it.

Use the powerful first New Year Super New Moon to empower you, to value what you have and to reconsider what you still have to transform and let go of, use this energy to find within the strength you have and need to overcome anything that is happening at the moment in your live, knowing that it is all for your highest good and soul evolution, that everything you are facing was once chose by your soul as a way of growing in awareness, love and compassion and that with simply looking within, you will remember this Truth as well as your True Essence.

Who you are is never the physical being that you are playing to be at the moment, who you are is never your ego and what it makes you think you are, what you are is further from all that, who you are is a light that only knows love and expansion, and once we remember and feel this Truth, we are able to reconnect again with our souls and live by its guidance and powerful alignment to All That Is. Choose to direct this new Moon energy into the betterment of your being, into the expansion of your soul gifts and of who you truly are, and ask yourself in what can you be at service at the moment in humanity if you are guided to do so, because that is at the end why we are here. Live your life as only the lovelight being that you really are would live, and know that no matter the time it takes you or the challenges you will have to face in your life, it will be worth it.

We have powerful cosmic alignments and our inner and precious inner guidance telling us what is best for us at each moment, use this inner knowing to move forward, use this inner and outer energies to start living your Truth and passion within the New and know that you will be always assisted by the whole universe, your personal team of Guides and infinite other beings of light that are helping you in your journey and of course, the most important guide of all, your Higher Self and soul, so do not be afraid if the path is not as shiny as you would like it to be, sometimes it is the darkness the one that lead us into the brightest morning, and trust that you are always going in the direction of what is best for You.

Happy New Moon and New Year to you all my beautiful family of light!

May you embrace and share your Divine soul gifts and inspiration in this New Year and always, as the world is waiting for you to do so, and May you know nothing but blessings, love and joy in your Divine and never ending Ascension path.

With Infinite LOVE,

Natalia Alba

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