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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Anchoring the New in our Lives

Leaving behind what no longer served us and enjoying stillness was vital during the month of December for our ascension process and soul evolution, now we can fully appreciate and notice the difference that taking a time for our inner selves have in our lives not only for our inner being but for embracing our True Self and for the Divine remembrance that it brings to us, when we look inward, we are creating, we are balancing our inner world, we are listening to our souls telling us what our next step in our Divine path should be, at the same time that we allow Spirit to communicate with us. When we think we are taking a time off but in truth we are not, is when we feel anxiety and sadness, because what we are doing is different for our soul desires and it is the way our bodies have to tell us that we are not being true to our soul desires, this is neither good nor bad, is just the control that our egos sometimes have over us and that serves us to learn more about the things we still have to work on in our lives and to know where are we in our ascension path. Remember that we are loved without measure by the universe and its beings of light and that there is not such a thing as judgment in the universe, but lessons to learn through different lives to live, do not be afraid and know that you are nothing but love living in a world when you decided to forget what you truly are, and that no thing is condemned by Spirit as we are all equally loved by Source.

We have started this New 2014 Year with a powerful New Moon in Capricorn that helped us to be the master creators that we truly are by taking our power back and expressing and living our own our Truth and if we look behind, we will see how much we have evolved in all this past year and how much we have shifted from within to without, so no matter where you might be at the moment in your Divine path, you are probably feeling at this point in your journey the intensity of the latest energies and all the changes we have felt during not only these past months by this whole year, which from what I feel, was all about remembering our True nature and Essence and start living who we truly are, now it is finally time to truly remember why we are here and start doing what we came here to do as beings that are already conscious of their cosmic lineage and that are here to assist Gaia and to act according to our Divine nature.

We have been learning, remembering and even though we will never get it done, who we are and how to live our authentic Truth without fearing what others may say and its consequences, we have also been remembering our True Essence, which to me, it does not mean our planetary origin, as to me we all belong to the universe in itself and our Home is the whole universe and not a single star or planet, we can resonate with a specific one, but our True origin is Source and we are light beings whose Home will be always the whole universe in itself, therefore no matter where we go, we will be always at Home, as we all carry it within ourselves, so when I say remembering our Essence I am talking not only about our soul unique blueprint and origin but also our soul Divine mission and gifts which are unique as well, when I talk about expressing our Soul Essence I am making reference to the fact that is already time, as we remember who we are as Divine beings, to express our unique talents, so Spirit can fully expresses itself through ourselves and fulfills its Divine purpose through us. This is the first step in this moment in our ascension path, everyone is in their own and unique path but in general and for what I see at the moment, we all remember already or others may be doing it now our soul mission and Divine origin as the consequence of the long soul merging process we have had, so now the importance thing is to learn how to express our unique and Divine qualities within the New.

Creating through our intentional desire is how we create within the New, as we learn how to manage the energy, and our personal energy first as it is the first thing we should learn how to control and direct, as well as how to direct it with a pure intention, we do not need of more tools to create in our physical world, it can take more time or less, it all depends on our alignment with who we are and what we want to achieve, and of course, the universe timing  that will decide when is the right moment for the manifestations to occur, but it just take a pure intention and a perfect alignment with what we want to create in the New for the manifestation to follow. After knowing how to do that, the next step is to start focusing our desires towards what we want and live only from a love place, when we live our lives from an authentic and loving place and we love everything we do and everyone we meet in our path, we do not need to worry anymore about the manifestations that we will obtain in our physical world because we simply know that as we are living only from a love place, there is nothing negative that can comes from that, so it is not about the manifestation in itself but about the constant state of bliss that we should have for achieving our desires.

When we reach a place of love and pure desire of manifesting the Divine in us in our physical world, when we want to assist others with the gifts we brought here and through the Divine, everything falls into place and things and people are no longer “bothering us” or “hurting us”, but helping us to grow and to see the Truth behind every situation and to clearly know what we are and what we want, we all are here in disguise, helping each others to grow in awareness and in love, we agreed to come here without remembering anything at all about who we are or about what we came here to do, but the truth is, we all are the same light and we all love each others without measure, it just take some time and inner work to remember,  and once our souls awake to the Truth of our light, the rest come easily. So when you meet another soul, because this is what we are, no matter how this soul will behave with you, know that is just a role this person picked to come here, to help you in your path, chose to see this person through the love that you are and that this person is, and know that this person is not remembering at the moment the Truth about who she/he is, but remember that you do know and see without the veil of illusion and it gives us the power, the understanding and compassion that the pioneers and ascending souls have when dealing with hard situations to manage them all with love and not from an egocentric place, because we, the pioneers of love in Gaia, have chosen to remember who we are and to live by this Truth but it does not mean we are better than others, it simply means our assistance in here is needed and this can only be made with compassion and love, so every time you find yourself thinking negative about other person know that is not you neither him/her, but your ego thinking instead of your soul, and know that every negative feeling you may have, is just an illusion appearing real, nothing more.

Living within the New means to be a loving soul as we remember our Essence and this is only love, living in the New means to get rid of old limitations as our ego and our thoughts of superiority and inferiority, living within the New to me simply means being love, and even more in the hard times or when we encounter people that teach us if we are living as Christed beings or we are not ready yet, they are the teachers that show us where we are in our ascension path, when we live in our own bubble and we do not meet and talk with people daily we cannot know if we are all the time expressing love towards others, simply because we have chosen to live in our own world and by being “alone” we cannot know how we could behave under certain circumstances, I have learnt this from my own experience as well, but when we finally opened ourselves to everyone and everything that is destined to touch our lives, is when we truly can see if we always act from a place of love and compassion, so do not be afraid of open your heart, even if it means that you will get “hurt”, because you will receive valuable lessons that are necessary for your soul growth and evolution.

Anchoring the New simply means to fully embrace the love that we are and to shine our lights, our gifts and talents with the world, to be who we truly are, even if we have flaws, it is all fine if we try to do things with love, we will be always learning and evolving, so do not worry about the mistakes we can commit in our path, we will learn from there what we are not and what does not resonate with us. The latest energies we have been receiving are all about helping us to grow and evolve wherever we are in our path at the moment, some people are starting to awake as there are a massive awakening happening in Gaia recently, at every moment, souls are remembering and awakening to their Divine power and the love that they, but how can we integrate these energies and direct them in a positive way? Well, taking a time to simply being will be enough as our physical and non-physical beings will integrate them in the stillness of who we are, we simply have to stay focus on our hearts and in the love that we are and we will feel when we are ready to internalize these energies and channel them to the betterment of our bodies and souls. These energies are also for helping us integrate even more our soul’s gifts and expand ourselves into them, by doing so we will be anchoring the New, which is just the remembrance of our True Essence and the expression of It, and sharing our wonderful beings and soul talents with humanity.

When we embody who we are and remember why we are here and our soul gifts, the next step is the natural expansion and expression that we have of them, so this is what anchoring the New means, to embody and to live our True as the co-creators that we are. Starting to do what our souls are guiding us to do is what we truly came here to do, because by doing so is how Source is experiencing and expressing itself through us, when we want to be as someone else we do not find much opportunities so to say, because is not what we are meant to be and expressed, instead, when we decide to fully embrace who we are and manifest it, the whole universe help us to grow in awareness and to expand in our natural gifts because this is how we can help Humanity.

So next time you feel you are not enough, or that you have other gifts instead of having the ones you would like to have and other similar feelings, things that this belongs to the old and that loving and respecting yourself is the best thing that can happen to you as you will liberate yourself from old burdens and will let your unique and wonderful light shine and with it its unique gifts that the entire world and universe is waiting for, so do not doubt yourself anymore, there is no need to do so, every single thing you do, no matter if there are millions of people that seem to be doing the same, do it! Because no one can do it exactly the same as you can do, even the tiniest different counts. We all are different and unique and we all are here to express our unique spark of light from Source that we all are, we all are equally needed and loved and we all need to know this Truth NOW because the time has come in where Humanity, united as ONE, remembers who they truly are and take their power back to create a New Earth of love and unity where we all can finally enjoy the magnificence of who we are and the greatness of our soul gifts and Divine heritage!

With infinite LOVE,

Natalia Alba 


  1. Thank you Natalia for another wonderful post about "Exactly" where we are at. So nice to know that there are other that are experiencing the same thing as I am. Much love to you, :-)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment my dear sister Wanda! It is an honor to share this wonderful and Divine path with such a wondrous and creative soul as YOU are dear! I AM blessed to have you as a friend and hope we will continue to share and be in this path together! Love you! <3

    Natalia Alba


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