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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ascension Update Feb.19, 2014 ~ Living as LoveLight Beings

The powerful waves of light that we are receiving during all this month of February makes this shift one of the most intense we have had since the beginning of this year, as we keep evolving and ascending into higher level of awareness we can feel that every shift we have is a very strong one, but at least form my own experience we can also feel how our physical bodies get more and more accustomed to these changes, and we no longer experience the strong sensations that we used to had when these intense shifts occurred. We can still feel some physical sensations but as we work on ourselves and treat our bodies and inner beings with the cares that this new and higher frequency required, we will no longer feel the discomfort of other times, because our bodies have already started to integrate more and more light and as we become crystalline beings and accept and embrace fully what we truly are and bring our True Essence to the surface, we stop feeling negative sensations to feel lighter, to feel better, and that is what we are becoming step by step, if we chose to do so, we are becoming not only lighter but acting as the Divine beings able to transmute and transform any negativity and darkness in light, as well as helping others as the wayshowers of this shift and subsequent transformation of Gaia in a place of love and integrity.

The shift can be felt in different ways, but what cannot be denied is that everyone at some point is experiencing it according to their level of awareness. Some people may find themselves at a crossroad, as their souls are starting to awake, and as always, there is no such a thing as darkness but a huge transformation that has its own lessons in order to reach higher levels of frequency and awareness, so for those who are starting to remember what they truly are, for those who are already awake but starting to remember their missions here on earth, faith in your Higher Selves and in yourselves will make of this shift a better one, when we know that everything that is taking place at the moment in our lives is happening according to not only a Divine Plan but to what our souls planned before incarnating here on earth, then we have the strength to pass through our awakening and whatever it is we are passing through at the moment, as we evolve, we are being guided and numerous signs that comes from invisible places that we do not see but that we can feel, start guiding us in our path, so we can feel that we are never alone or hopeless, as we keep moving in the direction of what our souls are here to do, our fear vanishes, because now, we know more, and what we consider to be something negative, now we perceive to be as a necessary lesson to evolve into new levels of awareness than will lead us to the light we were searching for, and that we are, so no matter what, keep having faith, in the universe, in Source, in You and know that everything is well and that you are always going into the direction of the light, even if sometimes your eyes are blinded by the veil of illusion of the ego, you just proceed, and as you proceed, the path will be shown to you.

When we talk about the shift and the energies we receive, what we are really emphasizing is the fact that we are being helped, assisted by the cosmos in itself and other beings of light in our ascension journey and we are receiving coded information through the Divine wisdom that resides in the light, this is what we really are talking about when we mention the powerful energies that we are facing lately. These energies are going to help everyone but specially those who have taken the volunteer decision of stepping into the New with all its consequences, leaving behind the old that includes people, situations and other things we were accustomed to, is not easy at the beginning but when we see the truth behind it and when we finally can see things from a soul perspective we start realizing that where we are going to is better than where we were before, so for those who are already living within the New these energies will assist you even more into the proper adjusting that our physical bodies need for the new frequency and also will help us to evolve into a higher level of awareness as we never stop evolving and growing, but only if our souls are ready to move into the next step of our journey, that is something only we can feel and truly know, no one can know better than we know if we are ready to embrace the New and a new chapter of our life. Being hyper active, like I wrote on some of my latest articles, is one of the things this shift can bring to all of us, at least from my own experience, but it only means we are integrating these energies, so it would be good for us to channel them properly being in contact with nature and doing creative things that will serve us to the canalization of these powerful energies without collapsing our mental/emotional and physical body.

Being still is another message we are probably feeling lately and also the message that the cosmos is sending us since a few weeks. The sun is in Pisces, Neptune is also in Pisces, and will remain there for a long time, until 2026! These are cosmic messages together with Mercury being still retrograde to be still and listen to our souls; it does not mean we should not move at all and do nothing! It simply means that there is a time for everything and now it is the perfect one for being quiet so we can find the answers to our inner questions and see if we are going to where we would like to or instead, if we should change direction. It is indeed a wonderful time to dream big with the sun in Pisces and to expand ourselves into our soul gifts as with Pisces it is the perfect time to do so, Pisces is a dreamer, a visionary and a very intuitive sign, so if we take some time to remain peacefully, we could have important revelations with Pisces energies helping us at this time.

Pisces is not only a dreamer, but a very wise sign that have learnt his lessons only through the experience that having different lives/experiences can give, is the last and 12th sign of the zodiac, which means is the last step, so to say, to transcend our lessons into our soul path, we have been passing through rough times, through 11 life lessons, each of them necessary and unique to reach the place in where we are now, and even if we may still have some lessons to learn, we are mastering ourselves into this life, we are leaving behind the old, which is vital to ascend and keeping the lessons we learnt so we can move forward into a new and higher way of living our lives.

 I am a Pisces, and my experience as a Pisces has been really positive, being an empath made my life a bit complicated at some point when I was really young, but later I learnt it was not only necessary but a very positive thing to understand others, leaving behind people from my past, and other things that I was really attached to, was the lesson I needed to learn to finally step into the New and embrace my Soul mission, so I can tell you that even if your sign is not Pisces, it would be the same, as its energies will help you to grow and to leave behind the things that are no longer meant to be in your life path, at the same time it will give you strength to keep dreaming and living the life you have always wanted and move forward in the last stages of your learning, whatever it is you may be learning at the moment, it does not necessarily mean the final lesson of your last incarnation here. So embrace these energies of love, and be nothing but compassion and light wherever you are because this is what living in the New truly means, to walk only into the direction of love and integrity in which our Divine beings only operate.

Today I read a very interesting thing about asteroid Flyby, and honestly, I am not at all an expert on that issue, but as I always say and from my humble opinion, no outer event is going to cause a shift on us, it can help us, and of course I also like to write about astrology and the important messages that the cosmos send to us, but they are a confirmation of what is already taking place within ourselves, so thinking that external events can do our inner work for us belongs to the old way of thinking and now we have the awareness enough to know that we are the only ones that can really change our lives.

External events can never transform ourselves from within, only we can do that, all is happening at once, all is going into the direction of a perfect and Divine Plan and keep focusing our attention in these planetary events will only disempowered us, because they are, as we are, moving at the same time into the same direction and not the other way around, and even without knowing anything about planetary events, we are already experiencing this shift within ourselves at the same time other outer/cosmic events are happening,  we are already shifting from within, we need no external excuses. There is no external thing causing any changes within ourselves, only we can transform and change our reality, and realizing that, is one of the first step into the knowledge of who we truly are and our Divine role here.

It is a perfect time to heal and become whole, heal the feelings we still have in our hearts that are not pure enough to vibrate in the frequency of the New, to heal old regrets, to forgive, and to finally transcend all these negative feelings that are not part of who we truly are, and that are impeding our natural evolution to higher level of awareness, because we can receive waves of light, assistance from higher realms etc, but only we can do the inner work we need to evolve. The universe will do as we feel, so if we are still attached to the old way of thinking or living, it will respect our decision, but if we have decided to give the final step to live within the New, and our intention is true, it will also help us to do so, in every possible way that we can imagine, so be strong and know that you are all the time surrounded by infinite beings of light that you cannot see, but they are as real as you are, so honor your being and be in a total state of gratitude and love for everything you have and for all the help you possess from other realms and beings because living from a place of gratitude is the best feeling a person can have and it will attract the best outcome possible to you. So start by being thankful for everything in your life, even what you consider not to be as perfect as you would like it to be and wait, because soon, you will see everything change as you keep living a life full of love and gratitude.

Living as if you were a powerful being of light and co-creator is not only your birth right, but who YOU truly are! Escaping from this reality will only make you crumble into another false one, embracing who you are and shining your unique Essence will give you the joy and the love that you deserve as a Divine co-creator, as a light being who are helping Gaia, who are helping others, without knowing your own light, without knowing that by shining, you are illuminating others as you pass by, without knowing how important you are with every single thing you do… you are changing the world, that is how important you really are, but you do not remember, because you chose to do so, but now we are ready, to remember, to know, and to embrace who we are and our Divine role on earth, now, we chose to stop pretending that we do not know yet, now, we chose to shine our unique Essence, now we chose to be the LOVE that we all are!

With joy and love,
Natalia Alba

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