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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Freeing ourselves from Myths of the 3rd Dimensional Paradigm

As we enter into the New, it is essential to leave behind not only old behaviors and other things we were used to, but the most important thing of all, at least to me, to leave behind everything that is keeping us between two worlds, that is to say, everything that is still maintaining us in a lower vibration, but how can we know if we are still attached to some of the old 3rd dimensional paradigms? Well, we recognize if we still have some certain old beliefs by our feelings as well in everything we do and in the things, situations and people that we attract into our lives, when we maintain a higher vibration not only are we connected to Source and to the natural state of bliss that being connected to It has, but we also attract abundance love and infinite other resources to our lives, on the contrary, when we are not align with our Higher selves, we find ourselves attracting situations and other things that reflect our disconnection with Source and with who we truly are, so this is why is important to release and let go off the old completely so we can enter into the New by being purified of everything that belongs to the 3rd dimensional paradigm.

Releasing can take time, and inner work, it is not a one-day process, but as long as we are ready to do it, we will be assisted by our Higher Selves and other beings of light if we ask for it, remember that living within the New means to know ourselves and to know who we truly are, co-creators and Masters of our own destiny and creations, we will keep evolving and ascending but we are into a self-mastery learning process at the moment in which we are conscious enough of our roles on earth and of the fact that the first and most important guidance that we possess is our Higher Self, we are always going to be helped by other beings of light, as are our Guides, Angels etc, but even they will also encouraged us to trust our Higher being and act under Its direction, but why is it? because now we have the inner knowledge that we need to realize that it is our best and higher guidance, and that we should not rely on external sources to know what direction to take because we already have the best guidance system within ourselves, and once we learn this important lesson about our inner guidance, we should know that listening to it and asking It to help us to release and let go of the old is not only the best we can do but necessary for our soul evolution and growth, as by doing that if we truly feel it, as it is through feelings that we can only communicate with our non-visible being, It will know if we really want to give this step or not, and when we feel ready to give this step of releasing, our Higher Self will help us and will take control of the situation and of the feelings we need to release.

Sometimes we ask others, to help us and to heal us and they of course can assists us in our journey but they cannot make the inner change we need to do first for this healing take place in ourselves, this is why if we are going to take the step of fully integrate ourselves within the New it is important to remember our roles as Masters of our own lives and experiences, we create them and we take control of every situation as the wise and Divine beings that we are, we are responsible for every creation we make and for everything that happen within them, and therefore, the only ones that can heal, mend or change a situation. So it is time that we start delegating the things we would like to change, transform and let go of to our Higher Selves simply because they know best as it is our direct connection to Source.

Another important thing that I would like to share and that I am seeing a lot lately is that if we really would like to step into the New, which simply means living in the knowledge of who we truly are and being align with this Truth and with our Divine and consequently cosmic heritage. It is necessary to start freeing ourselves from some old beliefs and myths we used to follow as if they controlled our lives and directed it. One example of that is Mercury being retrograde today, from February 6th in Pisces until February 28th, this is a great example of who we used to believe in the old myth that mercury being retrograde simply controlled our lives when dealing with delays in communications, not being a good time to start new things etc, but not in the New we already know that astrology just helps us to know ourselves more as the things that are happening in a planetary level are already happening within ourselves.

Mercury being retrograde means to take a time to ourselves so we can flow with the universe and let things happen at their right time, and even more in Pisces, which is a very sensitive and intuitive sign, that encourages us to move inward and listen to our souls and our intuitive guidance, and even if we do not know anything about Mercury being retrograde, we can feel inside our need to rest and soothe our beings, and how is that possible? Because what is happening in an inner level of ourselves is at the same time happening in an outer/planetary one, so astrology is a great subject that I like to follow and write about but I also do think that it does not control or direct our lives and that the fear we used to have in the old about not doing something new with Mercury being retrograde or even other planets, I think it is already time for us to free ourselves from these beliefs that belong to the old and start being in gratitude for a time in where we could nurture our souls and physical beings so we can be ready and with energy enough for when the time to act comes again. In my opinion I think this is what Mercury being retrograde truly means, remember that no planet is never retrograde, that it is just the view we have from Earth what makes this effect appearing real, so we should go beyond what seems, and see what truly IS, and know that everything is happening at the same time, and that we all follow a perfect and Divine Plan in which no thing can controlled other, we all have free will and we all moves in the same direction, so start seeing things as they are and not as others or the old mind-control program that we used to have told us, because behind all these old beliefs lie the Truth of what IS real and that can only be One, and this is the Truth we are now ready to see and hold.

It is a wonderful time indeed with Mercury being retrograde to not only nourish ourselves but to think about all the things we would like to release and free ourselves from, remember that living in the New simply means a shift in our consciousness that enable us to see the Truth that was once hidden from us, simply because we did not possess the necessary awareness to be able to see it or for other reasons, but now we know and feel the difference between the old and the new and it would be of great help for our soul evolution to start thinking of all the things we still carry in our minds as well as old beliefs, because seeing it, will help us to know what it is still hidden within ourselves and we could liberate all these old beliefs and myths, as it is only by doing so, that we ascend and raise our vibration to the frequency that actually rules on Gaia, a vibration of freedom, love and compassion like never before and one of Truth and purity in which we can stay as long as we release what is no longer vibrationally compatible with where we want to be right now and with the higher vibrational frequency that we all are creating in this New Age.

Be honest with yourself in this wonderful time of Mercury retrograde, and ask yourself how many old beliefs you are still holding on, and how could you release and free yourself from them all so you could enter with a renewed mind and heart within the New. It is important to be honest with ourselves and know where we are in our Ascension paths at the moment, because it will make the difference when dealing with people and our daily lives in general, you can lie to yourself, but life will give to you what you are feeling and creating in an invisible way, so even if we say we are living already in the New, if our thoughts and feelings are not vibrationally compatible with this higher vibration, we can keep lie to ourselves and but we never could lie to the universe.

Do not worry if you find yourself  having some old beliefs and with some inner work to do yet, we all have, we all pass through some lessons until being in a state of bliss and Divine alignment again and we will always have more lessons to learn that will help us to ascend, as it is an endless process, so there is nothing to be ashamed of, simply things to mend and some more inner work to do, be proud always of who you are and with what you did and are doing in this present moment if you are doing the best you can, because being at peace with everything you have done until now will help you to grow and see things from a boarder and soul perspective, and it will bring you the solution to solve any issue you may have, while embarrassing yourself from them, will only cause you to feel inner chaos and more confusion. When we truly love, respect and accept ourselves all this start changing and suddenly, we find ourselves moving in the direction of where we want to be without effort or sadness, we simply have to forgive and love ourselves to find that we are again in the flow that will lead us to the right place and vibration in that we must be at every moment.

Freeing ourselves from everything that is not real, from all illusions and from everything that is keeping us small is the key to enter into a New life of higher vibration and love, and we are the only ones with the key to open that door. Living in higher places means to maintain a higher vibration within ourselves that match this same state and we know that we already possess this higher vibration, as the beings of light that we all are, we just need to remembrance it again and align ourselves with the infinite Fountain of power and Divine Will that we all are. Stand tall, as you are a worthy and Divine being of all the good, and believe only that which only resonates with your highest truth, and remember that the Truth is simple, and shine by itself without the need of being exposed or manipulated.

With Divine Love,

Natalia Alba

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