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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Full Moon in Leo, February 14th 2014 ~ Fiery Love

The powerful Full Moon in Fiery Leo that we face on February 14th coincides with Valentine's Day, a love Moon that invites us to not only take care of our relationships and live them passionately, but to improve also the relationship that we have with our own selves which is the most important relationship of all. Leo is a very passionate sign with a unique magnetism that give us the strength we need to go after the ones we love without fearing what may happen, and to go after our dreams and goals, as this energy will be enhanced by the sun entering Pisces in February 18. Leo gives us the forcefulness energy to put the magic in our relationships to burn in fire again, in the fire of love and passion that this Full Moon in Leo gives us.

Self-love and be self-confident are one of the most important attributes that Leo possesses and that this Full Moon energy will offer us, ours is the opportunity to integrate these energies so we can go after what we want confident enough as the Divine and worthy beings  of the very best that we all are. The Full Moon coinciding with Valentine's Day is an opportunity more than a materialistic day for us to buy things and putting our attention into things more than into our own selves and the ones who we truly love. Focus on the people more than in what they give to you as a symbol of their love, focus on the way they treat you and what they mean to you more than in what this day has been turned into and above all, focus on the love that you should feel for your own self as you are the most important person in your life and remember that if you do not love yourself enough to respect and honor the Divine being that you are, you could not make the same with others, so in this Valentine´s Day show your love to others, but do not forget to show first the love you feel for yourself!

The Full Moon occur at 26 degrees Leo, the moon will oppose the sun which will be in Aquarius as well as Mercury, so we will be still under the air element influence, that makes us feel with the need to innovate, breaking free from old patterns as well as from the rules that restrict us from being who we truly are as Aquarius is a very progressive sign that likes freedom and it moves in a mental level more than in an emotional one, but all this will change on February 18th when the sun will move into Pisces, a very emotional and sensitive sign that will restore in us our sense of the importance that our feelings have above rationality, and listening to our emotions instead of rationalizing everything with our minds and live in a total state of balance between them both, our mental and emotional side.

Having mercury retrograde until February 28, can bring to our lives some past issues that are still there for us to release as well as some people that could come back to our lives, and that, could be a good thing or not, it all depends on the kind of relationship that we would like to maintain with them within the New, remember that relationships within the new are based on integrity, compassion and unconditional love, leaving aside the old pattern of need the other person we used to have and jealously, so just focus on what you truly wish and know that everything happens for a highest reason that your soul orchestrated in an invisible plane before incarnating on Earth, that is was You the one who decided what role you wanted to play when coming in here and that even if you do not remember it perfectly at the moment, deep inside, you can feel that all is well and according to the Divine Plan that you created. So if some past things and people are coming back is probably because you need to pass some lessons that you still need for your soul evolution and at the right time you will see how they helped you to grow in awareness and in love, so bless everything that is in your life and know that you are always on your right path!

As the sun will move in Pisces, balance is another important factor to take into account in this Full Moon in Leo, and as you already know the energy of the Full Moon does not only last one day but even more, so all this together create the perfect scenario for us to maintain the natural balance we need to reach a state of Divine bliss and responsibility in our lives. Passing through a mental state to a more emotional one can cause a bit of disequilibrium in ourselves, as being too rational will make us lose our emotions as a human beings and will make us numb to the feelings of others as well, but it is also too extreme to only base ourselves in our feelings and losing our rational minds, so as always, balance is the key to be at perfect harmony with ourselves and others.

Another important aspect of this month is Jupiter square Uranus on February 25, with this powerful alignment, the unknown, the unpredictable is in the air, stay open to embrace change and try not to distrust what you do not know, have faith in the universe and in your Higher Self that attracts every situation and person that you need to grow from an inner and outer perspective. Changes are not always uncomfortable and at this time wonderful things are happening, your life can shift and only what you make of this change will lead you to a positive outcome or a negative one, as always, yours is the power to change and transform any situation into a positive and productive one rather than giving your power away and let yourself be controlled by external circumstances and people. So remember that at this time anything can happen, but if you hold a positive view of the changes that are around the corner and trust in Spirit, all will be for your highest good. This is also a very powerful alignment that will help us to expand ourselves into new horizons and into our soul gifts, so do not be afraid of anything that is new for you, instead, embrace it as it comes and make the best of it!

And finally Mars in Libra in harmony with the sun and the moon! To me this is a gift, mars in Libra helps you to free yourself from the burdens of your daily life as well as for other troubles and worries that are impeding the natural flow of joy into your life. Take some time to spend in it in nature, as nature balance you, and it helps you not only to release but to purify your non-physical and physical body at all levels so you can integrate the powerful energies we are receiving lately, which are a blessings to Gaia and all of us, if we know how to internalize and direct them. Use this powerful energy that Mars give us, which is warrior energy, to do things that will help you to release some tensions and to create positive outcomes instead of searching for fights that will not help you at all to be at peace with yourself. With the powerful combination of Jupiter square Uranus, the Fiery Leo Full Moon energy and mars in Libra the best is to channel this energy properly as it is really strong, what I personally do, is to walk in nature and do activities that will help me to channel all this energy because if not, we can going from one extreme, being hyper active, into the other, being tired and confused, so knowing ourselves and what is best for us and our bodies will help us to maintain ourselves in a perfect state of equilibrium and diverge any excess of energy.

Use this Leo fire energy to burn old wounds, to burn everything that is not helping you into your soul evolution that is impeding you to live a life of abundance, joy and love that you deserve and that you are destined to have. Burn, everything that is not serving you anymore…let it burn everything between you and the ones who do not resonate with the way you live your relationships within the New, and fly above the ashes of all that caused you pain and that finally is gone. Now, all is well.

With love

Natalia Alba

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  1. Thank you so much Natalia for your wonderful insights into this months energies. They are definitely very strong.

  2. You are very welcome sister Wanda! Yes, I am sure you can feel the intensity of the latest wave of energy we have been receiving as well ;) Sending lots of love and gratitude dear! <3


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