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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Energies of February 2014

We started this wonderful month of February with the Chinese New Year, in February 1st the Year of the Horse, and with a very powerful energy that came from the Super New Moon in Aquarius on January 30th that encouraged us to move forward and start new things. Another important planetary event is Venus direct again since January 31, which is a great opportunity to start new relationships, to focus on the one we have with our own selves which is the most important one and to attract new people into our lives that truly resonate with where we are now in our Ascension path. We had some time to evaluate our relations with Venus being retrograde and left out the things, situations and people that no longer serve our higher purpose, with Venus direct again, it is time for us to put into practice what we have learnt in this time, our way to behave and be within our relationships within the New, which are based on honesty and integrity and not in the old patterns in which relationships used to be based on, so a wonderful time to see if we truly have learnt and evolve in this important sector of our lives as well.

After a few days within this month of February, we start feeling with the need of moving inward, and take some time to listen to our selves and souls, as Mercury pre-retrograde, it will be retrograde in Pisces from February 6th until February 28th, is already being felt, and even if we finished January with a very powerful Super New Moon in Aquarius, which invited us to start new beginnings and everything we would like to initiate, and we took all this powerful energy to this month of February, now it is a time to contemplate more than a time for acting, the beginning of this month has been very hyperactive, at least for me, we have been feeling with the need of expressing our souls through our creativity and we are going to remain in that natural state of bliss and expansion, but only if we allow ourselves to simply live in the Now moment and going with the flow and cycles of life, that will allow us to feel and expand our soul gifts at the same time that we adjust ourselves to the frequency of the New with the necessary time we need to integrate and anchor these powerful energies we have been receiving lately, which allow us to grow in awareness and expanding ourselves in our soul plan within planet earth. Taking a time is also vital for allowing the Divine flow to operate through us, as it only acts in the stillness of who we are and in the Now moment, and there is a time for everything, so if we simply decide to listen to our hearts and let our souls take charge of every situation, we will see that living our lives from a soul perspective instead of living them from an ego one, will make all the difference.

Mercury being retrograde from February 6th to February 28th makes us feel with the need of slowing down a bit, with the need to contemplate our lives from a broader perspective and simply go within to listen to what our souls are eager to tell us, remember that sometimes the guidance we need is not outside ourselves but within us, and this is why it is so important to take some time to spend it with our inner beings, so we can listen to the universal guidance we receive and to our Higher Selves. We do not need to seek outside what we have already within ourselves and if we simply try to shut our ego and mind and listen to the part of us that is infinite and wiser, we could not only obtain the answers we want to find, but the peace and the connection with the Divine that we sometimes need to remember again. This is what this Mercury retrograde time is all about, there is nothing negative with Mercury being retrograde, I always tell the same in my posts because I think all this fatalist prognostics belong to the old and now we all know that planetary events happen not for controlling our lives but as a sign of what is already taking place within ourselves, we do not feel with the need of having an inner retreat because Mercury is retrograde, we feel this inner need and at the same time Mercury turns retrograde, which is only a sign that everything is happening at once and that no external event is taking control of our lives and directing them at all, we are all moving in the same direction and the universe follows a strict and perfect order within the Divine Plan.

We all are moving into a New dimension, a new plane of love and compassion, we all are remembering who we truly are and what our soul missions are, the reason why we decided to come here, everything is being remembered at the right time, some people may be living already within the New and others are stepping into it, the important thing is that no matter how long it will take, we never stop evolving and ascending into higher dimensions of awareness and love, and this is what is happening at this month of February, a huge shift took place and it is still happening in Gaia and within ourselves, and we are adjusting to the higher frequencies that we are receiving, we will never stop growing and evolving, so it is better not to focus ourselves much on our physical sensations but in our inner process and in how we deal with the changes we are experiencing right now, whether they may be physical or inner ones. It is important to channel this powerful energy we receive in things that are productive and in perfect resonance with our souls and the Divine Will as it is by doing so that we can only be at peace with ourselves at the same time we are able to assists others.

Living in higher planes means to fully surrender to what your Divine mission is here on Earth is and to its Divine flow, we all have different missions and purpose here on Earth but the important thing is to be One with the power that created us, to act as a single Force of love when acting in this physical plane, this is what we came here to learn and to me, this is what this month and also our learning process will be about, even during all this Year. Learning how to live within the New and how to adjust ourselves, so to say, within the New frequency that Gaia is acquiring at the moment is relevant if we want to fully integrate ourselves within them. Sometimes when we do not know how to anchor these powerful energies within our bodies, we become out of balance and we tend to lose focus on our soul purpose, this is why we should be always center in our hearts, as they are always connected to the Divine through its limitless cosmic flow that gives us direction and guidance in our lives, so do not fear the unknown and trust that all is happening for the ascension of Gaia and our own one and the results can be felt and seen already in ourselves and in our physical lives, as always, we just have to know where to look, and where to center our attention and intention to see all the changes that are taking place at the moment.

Releasing everything from the old is important at this month as well because as we step into the New it is essential to enter with an open heart and renewed mind, if we try to enter into the New with the remains of the old, we will find ourselves blocking our path to the New, because when we do not finish one chapter of our lives, things, situations and even people repeat themselves again in order to us fulfill our lessons and internalize them all, so if you still feel that some past issues are still not close in your live, try to make peace with them and with where you are, and it will lead you to where you are supposed to be, even if you are always in the right path, you can always improve where you are going by simply let the Divine act through you and by knowing that everything is happening for a bigger reason and that all is well within the Divine plan and within your own one.

A month of completion, a month of moving inward to stop for a while our busy minds and start focusing ourselves more in what is happening within us, and a month to simply contemplate the huge leap that our lives and ourselves have had during all this time until this Now moment. The time to act will come and if we take this time for ourselves, we will feel how we are ready to start acting again when the time comes at the beginning of March with a wonderful and powerful New Moon in Pisces, but focusing in the moment is what truly matters and can make the next moment a better one. A month in which we are being asked to keep expanding and sharing our soul gifts and wisdom and being at service, whatever it is our mission here, because in the end this is what everything is about, helping and assisting others into this beautiful and higher New Age that we all are building with love and joy!

Beyond what we seem to be in this physical form lies what we truly are, beyond what it seems to be real lies what IS, we can forget, we can hide, we can believe we are not part of the Whole and we can live our illusion, because we are free, but we cannot change the fact that we are all sparks from the Divine, coming to the surface and shining through all the madness we create in here, through all the illusion we think is real, above that, is the love of who we are, and the beautiful souls assisting humanity in numerous forms in different ways…above all, is our will to become One with our purpose, with the Divine, and to make everything come back to its original state of bliss and love again, this is what IS, you can pretend and create other things, but the Truth will shine so bright that you could never darken it much longer. Chose to be light, chose to be love, chose to be the real YOU among all the illusions of the world.

With LOVE,

Natalia Alba 

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