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Friday, March 28, 2014

Embracing the New Light: Christed Light Integration

The Cosmic energies that are bathing us, are being strongly felt among all the ascending souls and people who are starting to awake, and this is just the beginning as we will keep being in this integration process until the June Solstice or even after this time as the energies will keep assisting us for a bit longer. As the amplification of this process will last for a few months, the best is to be centered in our hearts and focused in the love that we are and doing only what we are truly guided to do, as this will be how we could be able to integrate these powerful energies as well as for flowing with the process in itself. Stay away from the drama, as some people, and it is perfectly fine as it is their choice, could be still living it as being a negative process as they are still attached to the old, and living in your own bubble of love and Truth will make you invincible towards other´s negativities and dramas which is vital at the moment if we want to remain positive within the inner shift we are passing through right now.

But with all that is taking place at the moment both physically and internally, how do we know that we are integrating the Cosmic Christ Energies we are facing since a few weeks ago? Our feelings are our best indicators of everything that is happening in our inner being as well as in our physical lives since the moment we incarnated on Earth, we know by our feelings when something is for our highest good or when we are walking in the wrong direction of our true nature and Divine mission.

From my experience, I have been feeling this shift as being one of the most intense that I have ever felt before! I have felt these powerful energies entering from my crown chakra descending into the other ones, as well as some sensations like spasm in my spine, and other heart sensations, but this is just my own and personal way to feel that these energies are integrating within my own physical body and inner one. Everyone is unique and sometimes I do not even feel physical sensations but instead, I feel inner and huge ones that from one day to another change my reality completely, bringing physical changes that only can come when we shift from within. So I was asked in a few emails, how can we truly know if we are integrating and merging with these energies, and honestly I feel that with simply having the intention to do so and taking care of our inner and physical selves, by taking the time to be still and “alone” with our own selves, by eating lightly but above all but having the conscious choice to internalize them and ascend into higher level of awareness, is that we truly integrate the New Light we are receiving. We do not need, unless we are guided to do so of course, to go into nature and do rituals for anchoring this New Light, or other things, which are also necessary for assisting Gaia depending on the role we have within creation in this Planet, but with simply going into nature or being in our sacred space as well as focusing on our inner integrating, would be enough for us to merge with them and internalize these New Light codes.

When we are focused on how could anchor this light instead of simply setting the intention for it to assist us, we lose our main focus which is to really merge with the process and do our best to flow with it. This is why it is so important to realize that just by sending to the universe the intention of what we want, the universe will do the rest, these energies are here for everyone, we just have to say YES to the process and to its integration, we cannot see it, but we all have our unique vibration by which the universe recognize each one of us and when we launch a focused intention, we can be sure that the universe will do its work, but we have to allow it as well. So do not worry much about if you are integrating this New Light or not, instead focused yourself on the process and let yourself be carried by it.

Listen to you inner guidance which is basically your feelings, would be essential to flow with the process instead of blocking it with doubts and fears for what could possibly happen. In my own experience, I am having very intense dreams again, a few months ago, my dreams used to be about releasing and purifying myself from the old as well as some physical sensations and a few sleepless nights, this is how I knew that I was internalizing these energies, I lived in a constant process of letting go, integration and stabilization, but after passing through this inner process I felt more peace within, more freedom and even more love for myself and for others, the results, after the “chaos” that we could also pass when releasing or shifting internally, is how we realize that we have had a purged time so to say and that now we are ready to move to the next phase, remember that this is an endless process, and that we will be always releasing and embracing higher energies, and this is how I knew that I was embracing and merging with these energies, because when you internalize them, an inner process, not only a physical one, start happening, and even if lots of things happen at the same time and you may notice as having different symptoms and physical situations going on in your life, in the end, you will see and feel things and people from a soul level, from a broader perspective, not only from your limited point of view but from a whole and True one, and with even more love, compassion and understanding that you used to see things and you will finally realize that the integration has taken place. We can only know if we are integrating and holding this New Light by shifting from within and by embracing more love in ourselves and lives, this is the only way in which we can truly know that we have shifted as well, by seeing a manifestation of it in our own feelings and our way of acting with ourselves and with others.

As I keep integrating and merging with these Cosmic energies, which are an amplification of the Christed energies we have been receiving since the Equinox Gateway, I am having different experiences when of integrating them lately, for example, I no longer feel any sensations in my spine but I do feel my crown chakra as crowded of information I later decode, as well as other intense sensations in my third eye at nights. But these are only the physical and natural symptoms that we could feel as being a part of this ascension process, they are not a disease, this is why I do not put much attention into them, because I know physical sensations are just part of the transformation we all are having to become crystalline beings, so I try to focus myself more on my inner shift than on the physical ones, because at the end, the only thing I can do when dealing with physical sensations is to drink lots of water, go into nature and do lots of exercise, as in my own case this is the only way in which my body feel relief and balanced.

If we look within ourselves and deepen in our soul, we will find that what really tell us about our inner process is how we feel and the manifestation of our behavior towards ourselves and others. When we internalize the Christed energies we are receiving, we can pass through numerous challenges simply because ascending does not imply to be free of them, but grow into more awareness and inner wisdom, and it can only be done by passing through some challenges that will only make us learn the aspects of us that we should shift in order to be closer of the Light and Love that we truly are. When this inner process is taking place we can have different manifestations of it in the physical but the most important thing of all is to look for our inner changes, you could find yourself having more compassion for yourself with things that you did not accustom to have before, you could find treating yourself from self-love issues that you used to have and overcome them, or infinite others challenges! But the thing is to grow, to learn from them and to become more whole and loving being, if you can find yourself being a more grateful person for everything YOU are and have with your own self and with others, then you can say that you are not only integrating these Christed energies and ascending but becoming a better being, a LoveLight being ruled by purity, integrity and the unceasing need of evolving and sharing the love and the wisdom that we all have within.

We are Pillars of Light that illuminate everything and everyone as they pass by, as Pillars, we integrate and give Light but we do not become It, because we are already Light. We purify, we love, we share and we change things as we keep shining, and this is our unique purpose in here, to be, to share and to become more Light, the rest simply does not matter, because we, ascending souls, know that the only important thing we came here to do, is to shine who we truly are.

In love and service,

Natalia Alba

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