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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Full Moon in Virgo March 16th 2014 ~ Bridging the gap between dreams and our reality

The Full Moon that will take place on March 16th at 26 degrees Virgo is going to be a balanced and a very released one comparing to the powerful New Moon we had in Pisces on 28th February through March 1st that invited us all to dream big and to envision our future lives within the New. Pisces New Moon was all about new beginnings, creativity, inner visions and everything related with the non-physical world as dreamy Pisces is a sign that helps us to deepen in our unconscious mind bringing from its depths our most profound wounds so we can heal them all, but it also brings to the surface our inner gifts and talents. On the contrary, this Full Moon in Virgo is all about finding our balance between our inner/dream world and the physical one, bring our dreams to fruition instead of dreaming aimlessly and finding the equilibrium, the necessary harmony we need to stay grounded and focused on our goals and mission.

While the moon is in Virgo we still have the sun in Pisces until March 20th this is just an opportunity to balance our mystical sense of life with our mental one, as Pisces is a sign that loves to assist others and its sense of devotion never ends, we can take the risk of losing our balance if we merge ourselves in just helping others and forget about our cares, as well as falling into the Piscean trap of illusion and inner visions, so this is why having the moon in Virgo is a chance to maintain our balance between our inner world and our earthly one, remembering our daily duties and manifesting our dreams and goals into our physical reality, that is what all is about, finding an equilibrium between what we dream about and the things we should be doing in our physical world to keep harmony in our lives that sometimes we forget if we tend to remain in Piscean Waters!

The earth sign of Virgo ruled by Mercury is associated with the Virgin symbol, which is by no means related with celibate, it has to do with the Divine feminine archetype of wisdom and wholeness. Virgo likes to serve humanity which is what gives them joy and purpose, this sense of taking care of others that Virgo already possess, will be emphasized by Mars in Libra. At the same time Virgo likes to help others, they also conserve their practical side and rational sense of life, what gives them the necessary balance to confront life as it is, Jupiter helps in that as it is in Cancer and our main priority is to be secure with our loved ones and being as practical as we could. This is what this moon in Virgo offers us, a sense of duty but also a reminder of our unique mission on earth as Pisces invited us to look within and know that we all are One, Virgo wants us to remember that even if we all belong to the same Source of love and light we came here with a individual mission which is our responsibility to fulfill and that needs to be done, remembering who we are is important not only from a collective point of view but from an individual one too, as the more we know ourselves the more we would be able to realize what we came here to do. This is the blessing that Virgo brings with it in this Full Moon, as we could fall into the depths of our being with Pisces and forgot about the sense of living an earthly experience and our mission here, and as always, balance is the key to live a grounded and at the same time magic and visionary life.

The Full Moon in Virgo is supported by Saturn, the so called planet of Karma, which is retrograde in Scorpio, and is going to help us with our life lessons, with our deepest wounds so we can bring them to the surface and heal them, knowing that all happen for our highest good and that bringing forgiveness to our lives as well as respect for all our past lessons will be the only thing that will make us heal and evolve into higher level of awareness and into more love and compassion, not only towards others but towards our own selves as well. Saturn could help us to release a lot of past issues that we still have in our unconscious mind, it is all good, we just have to know that sometimes when we fall, it is when we have a greater ascension as we become aware of the things we should change and when we finally see these lessons as a gift of life rather than a curse to bring us down it is that we are ready to move forward.

Remember that every time you feel lost or hopeless, and know that life will bring you exactly what you need at the moment even if you think it is negative and painful but it will help you to discover the light you need to find for your own self that will help you clarify more of who you are and to heal yourself. Everything that happens to us is just a gift for us to heal and to learn more, nothing comes to us to cause us pain, it is our perception of it what makes it so. Saturn, together with Virgo will help us to ground ourselves, to find balance and to have the courage to face all of our challenges and lessons.

Venus and Mercury are both in Aquarius, offering us the opportunity of being free of everything that is impeding us to express ourselves and our own truth. Venus in Aquarius gives our relationships not only freedom and the independence that we all need to be with our own selves at some moments, but with it, the sense of integrity and confidence that only unconditional love has, so it will be a great opportunity to see if we live our relationships with loyalty, but at the same time the freedom that only comes from Divine love and the integrity that all relationships have to posses to become real ones. On the other hand, we have Mercury direct in Aquarius until March 17th providing us, together with the practicability of Virgo, a great opportunity to learn anything we would like to; our passion for knowledge will be magnified while Mercury is in Aquarius as well as our sense of freedom, expressing our truth and hearts without fearing anything.  The sense of freedom and breaking free from old patterns is emphasized too by Uranus in Aries since March 11th giving us a strong sense of becoming independent, of fighting for our rights, as we are already seeing in some parts of the world, and live as integrated and worthy beings as we all are and deserve.

Another aspect from this Virgo Full Moon is that will help us to make all the changes in our live we need to fulfill our duties, it is a good moment to clarify our projects and start new things, and a perfect one to leave space for the new to come, clean your closet, get rid of the old that no longer serves you as it is a symbolic act that the universe will energetically see as a way of making space for all the things that reside in your vortex that has no space in our life, as you were still attached  to the old, and that are ready to come to you if you allow it! So take some time to clean your space, your mind and body of everything that is not pure enough and try to hold as much purity, and love as you can as it is the only way in which we could transform all of our past wounds into more light, love and new things to come. And finally Neptune in Pisces give us the imagination, the intuition and the capacity of deepening ourselves into a wave of expansive creativity that will refresh us after this practical and earthly Full Moon in Virgo, so we have the perfect balance between our emotional/psychic side and the physical one.

It is a wonderful time to expand ourselves into the new light we are receiving, as it is helping us to release and purify ourselves even more, not only to update ourselves from a physical point of view but also to maintain a balance so we can always act from a place of love and integrity, these energies will last until summer and will be intensify through the Equinox on March 20th. As you can see, this is no coincidence at all and the message that this Full Moon in Virgo brings to us could not be more attuned with the messages we are already receiving from our Higher Self and beings of light, so stay always focused on the love that you are and remain in there as it is the only way we all can pass through this intense shift, remember that we also take the risk of merging ourselves sometimes with the collective and it drama, this is why the only thing that is truly important is to remain in a place of non-judgment and unconditional love.

In love and service,

Natalia Alba 

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  1. authorcolleencostelloMarch 17, 2014 at 4:53 AM

    Enjoyed your post thanks Natalia! We are love itself and the more love we give out the more comes back to us

  2. Dear Colleen,

    So true! The more we give with unconditional love, the more we receive! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments and for supporting what I do with so much love as well as for your wonderful and wise writings!

    Love and gratitude,

    Natalia Alba


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