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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Healing ourselves by reconnecting with our past and future Selves

We are experiencing a huge shift as you already know and feel, some of us took a time to integrate the New Light which is nothing but cosmic Christ Light assisting all of us in our ascension journey, but at the same time we can find ourselves still releasing as this is an eternal process, our internal process of metamorphosis implies leaving other old aspects of ourselves aside. But how can we know exactly what feelings and old memories must be released?, Well, our feelings would clearly show it to us, they tell us what needs to be healed all the time as they are our inner guidance system, we just have to be honest with ourselves and be brave enough to look to our inner shadows as being authentic and integrated beings implies to look within ourselves in order to restore the broken, in order to balance ourselves and heal our old wounds and not only to ascend but to keep the peace within ourselves as well as to the betterment of our physical lives.

After the intensity of the Spring Equinox I had a very profound releasing episode, and I would like to share it with you all in case it can help some of you to clarify some doubts you may have about if you are on your right path or simply to try to reconnect both aspects of yourself as they can assist you in your earthly journey when things seem not to be clear enough or when you simply need better guidance.

On the night of the Equinox, I start feeling with the need of crying, it is not usual in me as I accustom to feel joy and peace almost all the time but I felt it was vital for me to cry at this moment, sometimes the best way of releasing is by crying, it depends on each person, so I did not know what was this intense feeling, but I started crying at the same time the images of what it was all about start coming to the surface. I felt some of my past “mistakes” which I honestly put between commas because to what I feel there is no such a thing as mistakes, just actions that are closer or further of acting with integrity and with love. Next, I suddenly remember once isolated situation in my life which made me feel sad, it was like years ago! But as I cried, I realized it still hurts within myself, and I was not even aware of it, so I just left myself flow with this emotion as I always do and as I kept crying, I become aware of the fact that the pain was decreasing as I surrendered to this process instead of refusing it, I knew I was releasing this old memory and not only from my emotional body but from my body cells as well, and to be honest, I felt relieved and gratitude about it.

When I was in my room, in my sacred space, I began to share this experience with my Guides, I simply got still, put a few candles and while being totally awake, another emotional feeling came to me, it was totally opposite to the previous one, it was a good feeling, and without expecting it or causing it at all, I found myself being a child again! I could not believe it, because in my vision which to me, it was as real as I am writing it right now, I was myself but when I had 6 years old! My future Self visited my past Self when I was a kid! I was not even thinking about trying to do it at all and I have to say that it is the first time that outside a dream I have not a vision but a completely new experience of visiting another parallel reality within this same dimension or world in which I am living in, if this is how it can be called.

In my vision, so to say, I was the observant of it, at the same time I also was my past and 6 years old child and my future Self! All of them at the same time, I cannot really explain the feeling, both of my Selves in constant communication and recognition, so I had different feelings of what I AM and all the different aspects of my own Selves. I was at my parent's home, when I had 6 years old and I started to teach, I used to play the role of a teacher with my teddies and I truly believed what I was doing was real, I remember I tried to teach them in English simply because it made me happy. It was truly a great experience to be honest.

Finally, this little girl saw my future Self, and I cannot explain her face of surprised and proud when she was watching my future Self teaching in English in real life! Yes, I used to be a teacher before deciding taking the step to quit my job and fulfilling the mission that I AM here to do, I remember to be all the time speaking in English at the same time I evolved in a spiritual sense, what I truly wanted was simply to express myself in English rather than teaching, but I was only aware of that years later. In the vision, this little girl I was, felt so proud of what I was doing when getting older that I could only felt love and joy for the girl I was. After that, my past Self, kept visioning my future Self doing other things, spiritual ones, like pulling cards for others, doing healing sessions etc, and she was so happy knowing that all her dreams would become true that she could not stop smiling! In the end, it was all she wanted to do, express the real her, be who she was/is and just share it with the world.

This little girl who was my younger Self from what we call “past” which are just different realities happening all at the same time, was happy of who she has become, and I sometimes am so hard on myself, telling myself I could do things better, asking why I did not do this or that.. When the truth is that this little girl that knew best, that truly knew who she was and for what she has come here was proud of whom she was. I think there is no need of saying that I AM totally sure my Guides and my Higher Self sent me this vision so I could see and appreciate not only what is not happening anymore because it belongs to the past and I should not be focusing on it, as I am not this same person anymore, but also the good things I have done and the feeling that I had when this little girl saw what I was going to do in the future. Showing me this vision totally change a part of me which was dormant, a part of me that wanted to know if I was doing what I came here to do for real, even if I am sure of what I am and want, but we can never leave totally aside our egos and minds, as they are in this experience with us, so I had to pass through many challenges like this one before taking the step to become what I AM now, assisting others was a feeling that could not stop growing within me, so I knew I had to take the step of doing what my soul was eager to do.

This vision of my past and future Selves together has showed me once more that I am not my mistakes, and has softened my heart and soul. Seeing my past Self  happy with what I am at the moment, made me remember lots of things, feelings that has been buried for a long time, as always, another challenge that taught me a valuable and wise lesson, that no matter what we are, we are always in our right path, even if we do not remember, even if we sometimes step out of our true path, we will always come back again to what our souls have to do in here, simply because even if we think we do not remember, our souls do, and they guide us through the shadows, they whisper in our ear when we are in doubt, they are the ones that are behind our most pure impulses, the ones that light our path to our true happiness and Divine mission and we may not know, but we can be sure that this Divine and invisible Force is always there, protecting us, guiding us in our lives.

Being proud of who you are does not imply our ego, the ego only wants, needs validation and other´s approval, feeling proud goes deeper than that, when you feel proud of who you are it means you are loving  and respecting yourself, all aspects of you, the ones you consider negative and the positive too, feeling proud means knowing that you are doing the best you can in every moment and that you will keep doing it no matter what, with integrity, honesty and love to your own Self and to others as well, this is what I felt and what I truly think being proud is all about. I AM eternally grateful to my Higher Self and Guides for this vision because it truly showed me that I still have to do some inner work and feeling this little girl´s  joy for having achieved the things she was dreaming for, made me embraced her and told her “Yes, you can proceed, in the middle of your path you will find some hard challenges, but in the end as you can see, all will be well, you do not have to fear, or feel guilty, all will serve you to learn, and to take you to where you are right now, to the place you saw, and as you can see, it is all good”. Honestly, I will keep the feeling of what this little girl felt, as a reminder that I AM doing what I came here to do and that these challenges in my path only indicates that I am actually where I have to be at this moment having the life experiences that will serve me to my inner growth and soul evolution.

I thank my Guides and Higher Self and slept better than any other day. I know deep within me my Guides wanted me this other feeling of joy and wholeness, they wanted to give me a confirmation of what I am doing in here, so I could remember it every time my ego decides to spoil my natural state of bliss with past issues and feelings. I know we sometimes have felt or feel as if we were not worthy, loved or valued, the truth is you do not even need these visions coming to you, you just need to go within and find this same feeling for yourself, reconnecting with your inner child would help you a lot as well as establishing constant communication with your Higher Self as it is the only way in which you could receive assistance when needed.  You do not have to have the same experience I had, you can have another different one, everyone is unique and so will be our experiences, you will be sent exactly what you need to see the aspects of you that are in need of healing and you will be helped in a way that will resonate better with who you are, this is just an example of my personal experience I wanted to share with you all, but if you feel there is still some past issues to release, by simply asking all will come to you if you just allow it to happen.

When you reconnect with your inner child, past or Future Self, ask this other aspect of you who is experiencing life at the same time, how would he/she feel if he/she saw you now?, what would be his/her reaction to what you are doing with your life? Ask your inner child what he/she would like to do in the future, be still and see what happens after doing that and the most important of all, remember, what you used to do when you play, remember how you used to feel while doing it and the things you truly wanted to do when you grow up, those feelings and things are the ones you are probably doing now, but if not, ask yourself why and if this is what you truly would love to do at the moment in your present life, if the answer is affirmative, you can be sure that assistance will be sent to you to fulfill your soul purpose.

Our inner child always have the answers because when we were kids, we were pure, we knew deep within ourselves who we are, we envisioned ourselves in the future doing what we knew that has to be done in here, we remembered our mission and seriously played its role to manifest it when we grow older. Remember to go to this same place every time you have doubts about yourself, about your Divine path and about who you are, it will help you to see some aspects of you which are still in need of balance or to remember the things you have buried within yourself simply for fear of not being able to fulfill your dreams and that today you could appreciate a lot.

Hope this help you in case you have doubts or simply the inner need to do the exercise of going within, finding your inner child and reconnecting again with the pure Essence of who you are, remembering and bringing to your present day the gifts and inner knowing that you have always possessed within your own Self!

With LOVE,
Natalia Alba


  1. Lovely to share your inspirational and loving words Natalia, your tears of healing, embracing the aspects of who you are and wonderful words about your inner child, very beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much for your empathy and kindness dear Colleen! :) You words are much appreciated! Thanks always for your support and love! <3


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