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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Monday, April 7, 2014

Lucid dreaming: Healing our relationships with other souls through dreams

Dreams are our main guidance, it is through our dreams that we come back to a non-physical and more familiar state of being and see from a soul and broader perspective what needs to be changed from within ourselves in order to fulfill our soul mission as well as for the betterment of our physical lives. It is only through our dreams that we are able to heal and rejuvenate our physical bodies so we can come back to them again, as our soul feel them as a “burden” and need to rest at nights in higher planes, they are our principal channel from which we receive mostly all the guidance that will guide us during our daily life and will serve our highest purpose, revealing us certain and valuable information that we can use in order to mend situations that affects us or simply for soul remembrance which is what I am noticing that is happening a lot lately since January when we started to receive this powerful influx of Christed energies and that are assisting us in our inner remembrance process as well as our physical one.

Dreaming is natural to all human beings and happens every single night even if we do not remember it, sometimes it is a defense mechanism and other times we simply are not ready to remember, but the truth is that we all have dreams, as this is the way our Higher Self, soul and Guides have to guide us in our lives, apart from other numerous signs we may receive when we are awake, and it does not really matter if we remember them or not, as the knowledge and soul remembrance that we receive during our dreams will remain in our inner being and will come to the surface at the right time or whenever we need its information, we may not be aware of it, but when we face a certain situation in our life, suddenly we realize that we know exactly what to do when we did not have this same awareness before, and why is it? It is due to the guidance we receive in our dreams that we know exactly how to manage these situations and certain people, it is our soul guiding us, leading us to what is best for us. Other times, we even become conscious of the fact that we did not possess the information we have now, we could be asking ourselves for a specific issue without knowing what to do and all of a sudden we find the answer at the same time we realize that it simply happens out of nowhere! Well, this is just our inner being taking charge of our daily issues and assisting us through our daily lives, we simply have to focus on allowing this guidance to flow through us without impediments, surrendering to our Higher Self and to the infinite wisdom of the Divine within.

When I feel that I am “stuck” with a certain issue, I always say to my Higher Self to please take charge of this situation that is affecting me and that I do not know how to solve it due to my ego´s intervention, and as soon as I allow My Higher Self act through me, things, situations and people simply change, transform or disappear. Sometimes we have to be honest and know that our Higher being knows best and that without It we cannot really know what should be done in certain moments of our lives, so the best course of action will simply be to surrender to Its wisdom and let It act through us. We are One with our Higher Self, even if we can have the feeling of relying things upon other entity which is out of us, it is not that way, we act as a single Light Force, it is in its union that only things can be solved and mended, relying on our Higher Self and knowing that it is the Divine aspect of us that has no ego and that can really restore everything in our lives without damaging anyone or anything else is mastering our ego not to control everything in our lives and leave it to a Higher Wisdom.

My dreams started to shift in a different way after the intensity of the New Light we start receiving since the Equinox, I passed from having releasing dreams to healing ones, it indicates me that the integration process was and it is yet taking place within me, assisting me to purify myself and expand my consciousness even further and I have to recognize that sometimes I woke up crying of pure emotion, love and gratitude with my Higher Self and Guides for being so kind as to give me the gift of these dreams that help me to heal and to restore all the broken I can still have within. The experience I want to share with all of you is about healing dreams and how they help me to not only release but to be at peace with other souls that are still alive at the same time I also clean my emotional being from any unnecessary burdens that will only impede my well being and the guidance I receive from Source, so I am going to share one of those dreams I have with you all just to give you an example of how our Higher Self, Guides etc assist us during our dreams and how important is to ask for them when we are in need of healing without caring much if we will remember them or not, the importance thing is to always trust that we are being assisted and healed through them.

One of my dreams was with one person I used to share a relationship with years ago! It is truly amazing how can we buried certain feelings and be totally sure that we have healed them when they are still there hidden someplace in our hearts. In my dream with this soul, we meet each other’s again, we knew that our encounter was to make peace so we both could move forward and continue our journeys without regrets and the pain that without realizing it, was consuming us both. The dream seemed to me, every time I remember it; as if this just happen the other day! We both met again, sit and smile, I saw his soul, and I only saw love, he probably did the same and we both talked and embrace each others, I felt infinite love and gratitude for this soul at the same time we recognize each others as being part of our soul contracts which were necessary for both of us to evolve at the time we were together.

In my dream, we knew who we truly are, Divine souls having a human experience, we did not talk much, all was said in other and telepathic ways, we knew that this was all created to just live the experiences we both needed to grow and to ascend here, that the other soul was simply helping by fulfilling his/her part, even if his/her role was not a positive one. It is in those dreams that I remember once more who I AM, and, that we all come from the same place of light and love and that our souls decided all this before incarnating, that there is nothing to judge or to mend, as it is all as it should be, but simply see the whole picture and be grateful for what we have become and for our inner growth which is after all what truly is important. As we both smile, we both knew we have to separate ways, as our path is different and unique, we were not sad but grateful to see each other’s again, and we did not say goodbye because we knew we were already part of each others, and that even if our physical beings do not realize it, our souls do, so we keep smiling, the smiles that can only come from a place of love and inner recognition and we let each others go with compassion, without regrets, just with forgiveness and loving each other’s eternally.

I have had more dreams very similar to this one, and when I wake up in the morning I can literally feel the other person as being a part of me, as being still there, this sensation disappears as I wake up and feel again in my physical being, but what never disappears is the love that now, and from this moment onwards I know that I will keep feeling for this soul that decided to came and helped me in my journey and that my ego saw as being an evil one. When I wake up, all is healed, all is well, and tears flow freely, and I let them fall as they are tears of gratitude, tears of pure soul remembrance and tears of unconditional and Divine LOVE.

This is the way in which I heal with other souls, I also have encounters with some members of my family that have crossed over and that simply want to reassure me that they are fine and that love me unconditionally, but as my physical being is not totally aware of the feelings and old situations with people from my past that I still have to heal, my soul takes care of it all at nights, it is wonderful when we intentionally align ourselves with the Power that created us, with our Souls and Guides, how can we not only heal but feel as One again with our souls, because it is not the same to be aware of something which is Truth than to truly feel it, to feel again what You are is unexplainable,  if I describe what I feel when I know who I AM in my dreams, I will spoil its magic and purity, I could never be close to what it feels like seeing everything again from a place of wholeness and Divine love, sometimes things are better not described as they simply are meant to be felt.

Our Divine nature is the same, but remember that we are an individualized aspect of the Divine experiencing life in a unique way, this is why we all cannot have the same experiences, I was only sharing the joy and the experiences that I have, but you can have others and being exactly as powerful as mine or even more, and I AM sure that you will also heal in your dreams even if you do not remember them, sometimes we do not even have to remember as this could be not such a positive feeling for our physical being, the important thing is to wake up feeling that something has shifted in us, that we do not feel the burden we used to carry the day before and that instead we feel more love and forgiveness. If you wake up and I am sure that some days you will and feel only love after having a good night sleep, be all gratitude, because this is not only mean that you are aligned with who you are and feeling in your natural state of Divine bliss and love but that you have had wonderful dreams that helped you to feel in that amazing way!

If you would like to heal through your dreams even if you do not remember them later, ask your Higher Self and Guides, I always communicate with both of them as I could not be more grateful to both for the constant assistance and infinite love I feel from Them, but you could feel better calling your Angels or other beings of Light, it is all up to you, just do not be specific, as They know exactly what should be healed at this moment in your life, ask that you have the dream that will be best for your soul evolution and for you at the moment and go to bed knowing and trusting that the dream will be send to you and that even if you do not remember, you will keep the feeling at the same time that you will be healed if not at one time, during several nights. You will see proof of it maybe next day or at Divine Timing that you have shifted and healed an aspect of You, the signs will be unique as You are, just be sure that they will be send to you infinite times until you realize what you have to, this is how we know that it is our Higher Self and Soul guiding us and giving us the information and the tips we need to restore and to heal everything which is not align with our Divine and living nature.

With LOVE,

Natalia Alba

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