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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Monday, April 28, 2014

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Taurus, April 28/29th, 2014.

We are dancing in the middle of two powerful energies, one of them brought us darkness, in which we could merged ourselves with and see our own Light, sometimes it is necessary to experience darkness to simply realize that we do not need anything else, that we do not need outer lights to save us, that our own is the one that can truly illuminate our path, making us see the Truth of who we are and the things we need to see at the moment, our own Light is the one that helps us bringing to the surface everything that was hidden and that was not serving us anymore, darkness is necessary to find our own Light, to help us remember that we can illuminate all the dark corners of our soul with our Divine Light and that everything can be healed by simply looking within and realizing our magnificent being. After the intensity of the Lunar Eclipse, we face now an annular Solar Eclipse, which happens when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth, and as the Sun is not fully covered, it forms a ring of fire around the Sun, this Solar Eclipse is a New Dawn to our New lives, a new beginning together with the powerful and fresh energy of the New Moon in Taurus, this will bring us balance, will harmonize the aspects of ourselves that were in a healing process and will make everything softened for us, especially from a physical and material point of view.

The New Moon will take place at 8°52 Taurus and it will assist us with our new beginnings, as we already concluded with our old issues during the Lunar Eclipse and close what does not resonate with us anymore in our new lives, now it is the time to start creating more of the new, manifesting more of our dreams, and expressing our creativity and gifts with the world, and with not only a New Moon but a Solar Eclipse, we are being assisted with a powerful energy to give birth to our new desires, to finally act upon the things are important for our soul evolution and lives.

You have been probably feeling that after the Lunar Eclipse, things begin to manifest faster, with the Solar Eclipse that we face now and whose energies will last for at least six months, we will keep experiencing how the necessary changes that we need to prosper and for our inner growth as well keep coming, this is what has been happening in the invisible world while we were questioning the whys and the whats of our troubles and physical sensations, things were being created and now it is the time in which we are finally seeing our creations. The Solar Eclipse brings the Light to what was “hidden” to our physical eyes, everything that we were asking ourselves is being answered and we can finally feel renewed and confident to embrace our own Light, because this is the true aim of this Solar Eclipse, to embrace our own and Divine Light, bringing it to the surface, anchoring it and manifesting it through our physical beings.

Taurus New Moon will help us to discover if we truly feel secure with our material life as Taurus is all about feeling comfort with life in general, is a very physical sign, but remember that after the Full Moon In Libra that helped us to balance ourselves, now we have the opportunity with this New Moon to cultivate more of our physical side, as important as our inner one, to ask ourselves what can we do to feel more secure whether financially or in any other aspect of our lives, have we been creating stability? Have we been responsible towards our material life? Now it is the time to balance both aspects of us, getting the rewards of all the good we have been planting before.

Taurus is not only about the physical and material aspect of our lives, with this New Moon in Taurus we will also feel and see our inner abundance, as not everything is about materialistic things in our lives, having and feeling abundance within, means to fully embrace and love who we are, when we love and respect the wonderful being that we are, when we see our value and share with the world our talents, it is when we manifest abundance, as everything comes first as you know from an energetic plane and the more you love yourself and see yourself as the creator of your own abundance and love, the more that you will find prosperity and everything you need to sustain you in your life. So Taurus also encourages us to see the Light that we are within, to see that from this Light is where everything good is originated and to feel ourselves as the Divine co-creators that we truly are, we are our own resources, we are our own lovers, we just need to feel with our hearts that we are going to manifest other aspects we would like to have in our physical lives, so give a chance to your inner being to shine and bring to you all the abundance, love and other physical resources that you may need at this time.

It is also a wonderful time during this New Moon to be in contact with nature, to plant, to make things grow, to simply be with our Beloved Gaia and honor it. Being in contact with nature will not only help you to balance yourself, as you may already know, trees and nature creatures serves as stabilizers, but also to clean and purify your physical and emotional body from the negativity that can be still damaging your auric field causing your to lose energy and other similar things, which at the end is what causes us to feel in a low energetic level, so take advantage of this moment, take time to nourish your physical body as well, and to nourish yourself in every aspect you feel guided to, remember that this New Moon is all about taking care of our physical needs as well, and Taurus will assist us in doing so with a very grounded, fresh and powerful energy.

Another important thing is that both Eclipses, the Lunar and this Solar one, are being ruled by Venus which is in Pisces, so here you have another cosmic message of the importance at this moment that self-love have, even if we think we do not have self-love issues, it is never a waste of time to keep mastering ourselves at that level, to keep loving and rediscovering other aspects of us to love and to honor. To me, this is a time to be with our own selves in nature, to feel the being that is behind our physical aspect, and to nurture it the best we can, we can also find love in a physical way, but the love we cultivate for ourselves is the one that truly matters as this will be the one that will help us to attract true and unconditional love with another person, so take time to bring balance to both aspect of your being, the feminine and the masculine and to honor and love them as they are, without judging anything, simply be with your own Self and take some time to play and to do things that make you feel the child that you once were and that you are still having within yourself in some way, this energy will allow more of the changes within the New to manifest in our world.

All the energy from this New Moon in Taurus will be increased by the sun also being in Taurus together with Mercury. Mercury in Taurus will give us the focus we need, if are more a dreamer than a practical person, to put our attention in the physical realm. Taurus is also a very creative sign so together with Mercury we could have some new ideas with respect to our creativity and we could feel pushed by Mercury to express them. It will also help us to bring our ideas to fruition, we may still have some doubts, we may still do not know what to do but we can be sure that with Mercury in Taurus we are going to deal with all of them until we manifest our plans.

The Eclipse season in particular will help us, as you may be already feeling, to balance all the aspects of ourselves, our love for our own Self and for others, our material resources with our inner feeling of abundance, and our feminine and masculine side, each one of them help us to cultivate a different aspect of our being, all of them as important and as equal as the others. This is the time in which the best we can do is to look within as it is always by moving inward that we can find all we need to know and ask ourselves if we are in need of any inner and physical changes, if we are comfortable with our lives at this moment, or if we could change some part of them so we can live more abundantly life and in resonance with our inner being and desires as well. It is all a preparation for the June Solstice, in which we should be ready for what is about to come with a fresh and renewed sense of direction in our lives, having clear what our soul mission is, so we can give the step to embrace what is our next step of our Divine but at the same time human journey.

Rebirth in your own Light, dance in the Light of who you are, let yourself be bathed by the Divine love and remembrance of yourTrue Essence and embrace all aspects of you, as being equal, as being powerful as being Divine aspects of the same Fountain of love and Purity that creates YOU!

Wishing you a blessed Solar Eclipse and New Moon full of blessings and abundance!

With LOVE,
Natalia Alba


  1. Lovely reading Natalia! Thank you for helping us remember our True Essence! Have a wonderful day.

  2. Thank you so much to you too dear Colleen for your nice comment and writings as well, and for everything you do for all of us! Have a lovely day full of joy and blessings <3


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