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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Friday, April 25, 2014

The Period between Eclipses: Deepening into Self-Mastery

The period between Eclipses is being strongly felt in the depths of our being, some of you may be passing through rough challenges until mastering some aspects of yourselves which are necessary for your physical being and soul evolution, others may be feeling with intense physical sensations as we increase our vibration and our bodies need to merge with the new vibration we are facing and others may feel a bit chaotic inside, experiencing a lot of changes not only from within but in their physical lives as well. It is all a part of the huge cleansing and purifying period in which we all are merged, nothing to be afraid of, just be grateful for, as by passing through this purification process we are allowing our inner being to shine even brighter as well as to remember more of who we are and manifest more of our inner desires and wishes, as when we purify some aspect of us, we are allowing the Divine flow to permeate through us manifesting our soul desires.

At this time when we are in the middle of a Lunar Eclipse, which brings to the surface all we should purify and release and within a Grand Cross that is powerfully shaking and transforming our lives, self-awareness by looking within is the key right now, having a better understanding of who we are, of the things we need to heal is the best we can do at this precise moment in our journeys as when the Solar Eclipse comes we could embrace what is coming to the surface by having our inner conflicts resolved. It is very important that we look within and see without any fear of the Truth that lies within us what should be released, when we are afraid to look within ourselves and buried old feelings, at the end those feelings will flourish, blocking our evolution, impeding us from getting a higher vibrational state of being, this is why it is a perfect time to release and to see what we need to let go off, why? Because the Lunar Eclipse served us to see what is not real and what is in need of a cleansing, we may not see the whole picture yet, but the Lunar Eclipse brought to the surface everything that is not in perfect resonance with the New vibration that we are holding and heading to. This is why a lot of people felt like if their lives were falling apart, when this is just an opportunity to heal ourselves and our lives from the old that is not a part of our journey anymore.

When we not only release but forgive and forget everything and everyone who have passed through our lives, we are not doing this for them but for us, we are liberating ourselves from our own burdens, we are acknowledging that we all are light souls experiencing an earthly life with our own lessons and challenges, we may not remember who we are and tend to judge others or see them as being “bad” or “good” but the Truth is that we all are here playing our unique roles and helping each others to ascend, so forgiving and seeing everything from a soul perspective is the only thing that will allow us to heal old wounds and to see what IS at this time. By the time of the Solar Eclipse, we will finally have the opportunity of seeing the Truth of everything that seemed to be hidden from us, we will increase not only our vibration, although this is also a personal choice, but manifestations will start coming quickly into our lives as the whole cosmos is helping us to take a huge leap into a higher vibration of love and compassion, we just have to trust in the process and in our Higher Selves and never forget that after the storm the calm always reigns again.

Another important aspect from all these cosmic events, is the raising of our consciousness and physic gifts, as we increase our awareness we are more align with our souls, with who we truly are and all this brings a perfect alignment with our inner senses which are being intensified by the events we are facing at this powerful time, so be in contact with your inner being and soul and you will be able to see a broader aspect of your Self and your mission here. A lot of people are realizing what they have came to do and be here on earth at this time, it is the time to act and help Gaia as She helps ourselves, we are being assisted to activate the dormant aspects of us that will help us to remember our Divine mission and our unique gifts so we can assist humanity, it has to be NOW as there is no better time in which we can be of help for raising Gaia to a higher dimension, remember that by anchoring our own frequency, by ascending and being conscious of this process, we are anchoring our unique Light in different places of the Planet allowing Gaia to evolve, and this is what the planet needs at the moment, our conscious assistance and selfless service, you do not have to be a Light Anchor, a Gatekeeper or Pillar of Light, because we all are Light, so in the end the only thing you have to do to help this process is to shine.

As a personal experience, I feel OBEs (out of body experiences) are also increasing a lot, this has been happening since the beginning of the Year but even more since the Lunar Eclipse, in my own case, my experience in the astral is one of communication with my Guides and getting to know more about my own mission on earth, this is what is happening to me at the moment, I am not so concentrating helping others during my sleep time than remembering and learning about my role in here, but maybe your experience is a different one as we are all unique and need different experiences. All is going to happen according to our level of awareness and what we need at the moment to see our paths with more clarity, ask your Higher Self and Guides if you need to know something that is vital for you at this time and you can be sure that They will help you to pass through whatever it is that is making your doubt, ask and you will always find the perfect answer at the perfect moment, you simply have to allow it to flow to you.

Personally, this is the most intense time in all this year for me, after a physical cleansing and the healing process in which I am immerge yet, I do not feel chaos within anymore but the Light that comes after it, I am seeing new aspects that were “hidden” for me before of what I am here to do, and I am realizing that ascension is a constant intentional process, with that I am not saying that this is hard, but  neither effortless, maintaining a higher vibration is a constant process, having the intention and finding things and feelings, as well as dropping the negative ones, that increase our vibration to match Gaia´s vibration as well as our personal one is sometimes very intense and we need to stop and simply being for a while.

We are deepening in our Self-Mastery, mastering ourselves simply means to master our egos, to let them know that they do not control us anymore, so when we pass through certain egoic lessons we could see the whole picture and realize that this is our ego and not who we truly are and dissolve another aspect of our ego with love and compassion. We are constantly learning and remembering who we are, this is an endless process, but the more we remember our True and Divine origin, the more we understand our mission here, the more we realize why some things happens and the more we see and feel others as a part of our own selves. Self-Mastery includes to pass through challenges that may be hard for us at the beginning but that are the only way in which we can learn in our own skin how it feels passing through certain situations, as we pass our lessons we master certain aspect of us that were overshadowed by our ego, and see the light that resides within, as we keep mastering our selves we keep increasing our awareness and vibration and this is the moment to do so, this is the only moment to shine, we are ready, we do not have to wait for anything or anyone else to save us, we have everything we need inside, we just have to decide if we chose to shine or hide our light, but I assure you that the world will be a better place if you just will finally decide to be the Light that You truly are.

In love and Service,
Natalia Alba

I would like to thank all the beautiful souls that are working for the ascension of Gaia, You know who you are. Some of them are unknown to us, never to Source, souls that are not in the public scenes like some of us are, but that without their Lights Gaia would never be the same, even ourselves would not be the same, as we are all One, without all the people that are shining their lights no matter what happens, no matter what role they chose to be and do here on earth, Gaia will not shine as bright as it is shining, to all of them, respect, love and infinite gratitude!

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