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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Moon in Cancer ~ June 27th, 2014

We end this intense month of June with a powerful, emotional and magical New Moon at 5º Cancer on June 27th! What a time to look inward and listen to what our feelings and emotions have to tell us, as they are our main guide and even if we sometimes tend to find the answers in others we know that everything is always within ourselves waiting to be heard, so listen to the whispers of your soul at this time and know that even if you can feel a bit emotional when dealing with certain aspects of your life that can be delicate for you, you will be acting in the right direction as when we follow our feelings we are also following our soul desires, so be brave, look within and ask yourself what do you truly feel about a certain issue or person in your life? How can you heal it? What do think is the best for you at the moment? Just listen to the voice within, nourish yourself, as cancer is all about nurturing our inner and physical beings and do not be afraid of doing what is for your highest good!

Some of the most important aspect of this New Moon is Pluto opposing the New Moon, Pluto is the Planet of Power, Pluto is all about regeneration, transformation and rebirth, so the best move with Pluto at this time is to focus our inner power into constructive things not in anger or fury, it is all about how we direct our inner energy and thoughts as we are the ones who decide if Pluto opposing the New Moon represents a positive or negative effect but not the Planet itself, it is time for us to take our power back and do not rely on external forces or planetary alignments, but to simply know the current energies that we are receiving from the cosmos so we can use them to keep learning and mastering ourselves as well as to channel them to our advantage.

Another important event during this New Moon is Mercury, which is still retrograde  in Gemini but soon, on July 1st will be direct again, giving us a break and helping us with our communications, our new projects and everything that we would like to initiate at this time would be supported by Mercury as the time to evaluate and think about what we wanted to start next in our lives has ended and now it is finally the time to act again with this wonderful New Moon in Cancer and Mercury about to turn direct, so keep adding magic into your life, keep making your dreams come true and thank the universe for its wondrous assistance towards what you wish!

Neptune is also in harmony with the New Moon, a powerful combination to open and keep expanding ourselves within our inner abilities, a time to have important revelations and visions and a time to heal ourselves from the past, as due to Mars opposite Uranus, we could have some struggles in our relationships as Mars in Libra is also in conflict aspect with Chiron retrograde in Pisces, which means we could have old memories coming back to us or people from our past, remember all this is just a lesson and we are the ones that truly decides if this is coming back because we have more to learn from it or simply because we have to let it go and keep healing this aspect of ourselves and lives.

Healing our past and any aspect that is not in harmony with who we truly are is another important issue that we should consider at this powerful New Moon time because Cancer gives us the energy and the feeling to nourish ourselves, Neptune is also in harmony with the New Moon and we can use these energies together with the ones that we received and are still receiving from our Central Sun, Rays of pure Light that brings us the necessary energies we need to regenerate, to release and to purify ourselves, to leave space for more of the New to come, so if you feel it is time for you to move inward and have an inner retreat, you would be doing it at the perfect time with this Cancer New Moon!

During this New Moon would be also a magnificent time to let ourselves be inspired by our inner muse, by Cancer, which is the Moon, the one that makes us dream and helps us bring into the surface our poetic side and positive feelings, so if you are an artist of work with your emotions to help others, know that it is a great time to cultivate this part of you, to take a retreat to listen to your inner guidance and to nourish yourself in the way you consider it is best for you, a time to give birth and form to our inner desires and ideas and everything we would like to undertake, a great time to plant the seeds that will flourish at the right time in our physical lives and a perfect one to cultivate our emotional side as Cancer is not only a sign that likes to be surrounded by family and have a comfortable life but also one who is very in touch with his emotional and psychic side, so be ready to expand your creativity and inner senses, as it is the perfect time to do so!

New Moon blessings and infinite love to all!

Natalia Alba 


  1. Thank you Natalia for your wonderful guidance on the New Moon. From start to finish, your report really resonated with me. The first paragraph is a complete description of what I am experiencing. THANK YOU. The questions you included were also very helpful and I will be reverting back to them when I need to truly ask myself things and tune into my guidance. This is a very exciting time! Thank you! New Moon Blessings to you!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Dear Amanda,

    Thank you so much for your nice words and for sharing your experiences with all of us! Much appreciated! I am feeling the need for an inner retreat too, just with my own Self, listening to the silence and simply enjoying the NOW moment, so we are in the same wave! Thanks to you as well for your guidance and all the healign and amazing work that you do!

    Wishing you too a blessed and joyful New Moon!


    Natalia Alba


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