Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2020

Full Moon in Taurus, October 31, 2020 ~ Changing Reality

Beloved Ones,

We are already leaving another month behind. One that leads us closer to a new cycle, one unlike any other one that we have previously experienced. We end October by having a powerful Blue Full Moon at 8 degrees Taurus. As you well know, this is a macro representation, as well as all the planetary events that surround this Moon, of what we are already experiencing, in the micro. This Blue Full Moon represents the profound transformation, at a tangible level, that our Planet, and hence the collective, is living, at the moment.

This is a frequency, as it is not precisely about the Moon but about All together, that is going to help us creating the life that we so desire to experience. However, for things to shift in a tangible way, first we need to create this same change within, and this is what many are still mastering, for we all have our own time. 

This Moon reflects the rebellion that we are envisioning in the collective, the desperation and the many attempts from many to change the world, which is nothing but the feeling that has awaken inside many who desire another reality - more loving, compassionate and peaceful one. However, first we need to go within, shift and clear mental patterns, inherited ones as well as many other genetic/DNA distortions that make us fall into the same old patterns again. 

Only by understanding this inner process and having the courage to pass through it, is that we could trigger the process of personal change that we wish, and subsequent ascension. This is a conscious choice that we not only choose once, but daily, as being in an illumined frequency of love and compassion, is something that is chosen constantly, whether we are challenged beyond measure or not, as we all knew what this path of personal evolution and assistance to All, truly means. 

A moon that conjunct Uranus and that without any doubts will have a profound impact at a global level, especially in the collective, as we are already seeing, and above all, in transforming many structures that enslave us all in a way. This Moon shows the anxiety, the desperation and the confusion that many feel with the recent events and their eagerness to change what they consider disrespectful and unfair. 

Taurus Moon brings the opportunity as well to clear primal fears. The energies surrounding this Moon is going to bring healing, harmony and the proper energies for us to clear our fears and being to see our true potential and magnificence. This is a time for the ones who are still fearing their power, a change in their lives due to fears of how to sustain themselves etc, to risk and trust in who they are and in their unique abilities. 

When the time for us to change comes, if we do not provoke this change in a way, there will be other forces triggering this transformation for us, for it is what our soul desires for us to experience. It is important that when this time comes, we have prepared ourselves to confront all that is required to shift our entire human experience. 

This is a wonderful period to work on forgiveness, especially with all the energy of anger that we all can breathe in the air recently. Even though it is understandable, we need to see that what others do or not has nothing to do with us and that they are only acting with the level of consciousness they possess, at this moment. Forgiving is pivotal, if we desire to continue evolving at peace.

It is always up to you to welcome and receive this forgiving, healing light or to reject it. We always have the opportunity to open our eyes and see that after all we are love and that this is the only thing that we have been offered, at every single moment. 

Another important frequency is the one coming from the Mercury square to Saturn on November 1. As always, events do not only last one day and the influence of this Moon, and surrounding events, will go beyond this day, as we are going to feel its impact for a few weeks. An energy that will only increase as other planetary alignwments join.

Mercury square Saturn is an opportunity to challenge ourselves to clear our mind of old mechanisms, beliefs, and from all the confusion that abide in our mental body, especially after all we are recently living. In order to communicate in a precise, loving and clear way, to solve any issue that we may have with ourselves or others, first our mental plane needs to be cleared, healed and organized and this is an oportunity to sit, clear and heal all we need to, before we initiate a confrontation with the world for things that we cannot totally change, although we can always stand tall for what we believe. 

Remember that your energy is precious and that directing it towards things you cannot change will only drain you more and more. While learning how to direct it towards self-empowerment and the creation of a more peaceful and loving state of being, will make all the difference for you to feel in your natural frequency. 

As we all know, our Planet has been transitioning for a while into a new dimensional space, and so are the many souls who have consciously chosen to do so too, although there are many awakening, at every single moment with the same personal choice. This is what we are witnessing - the desire that many have for changing their reality - as well as the many injustices that they see, and they cannot understand, as they violate our human rights.

Freedom is reached from within. We can never change others or what others choose to do, in a global perspective. Our main aim as ascending souls is to precisely stay in the loving and illumined Essence of our Soul, seeding peace and harmony rather than desperation, anxiety and many other lower feelings that are by the way understandable, when we see all that is happening, but that only feed their controlling tactics.

It is not by fighting what we cannot change that our frequency rises and we can create the desired reality, but about being flexible, changing only that which belongs to our personal reality, and from our own space, trying to share and give all of our love to All. I understand that the present situation cannot be easily taken, for there are many that are being affected in ways that involves how they sustain themselves and how they can live their lives. This is of course very hard to digest and shift, let us not be in denial of what is taking place. However, by choosing to feed these forces, we will be precisely doing what they desire, which is to enter into their game by lowering our frequency and fall into their traps.

I am one who consider myself blessed, even though as you know, I also have my challenges. However, to be able to say so, I too had to change my entirely reality, suffering transformation, at all levels, not just in a physical one, but in a familiar, emotional, mental and in a work level too. Nonetheless, if I could shifted my reality and aligned it with my soul's Will, you too can do the same. The question is: are you ready to experience and embrace all it takes to get there? If so, you count with all the power and assistance that you could have ever imagined, you just have to say yes with all your heart and never look back.

There are many who believe that all is lost, that our Planet is indeed heading into a global dictatorship. In a way, if we only look what is happening in a physical level, it can seem so. However, if we look further, not just in what we are told or experienced, we will see the massive awakening, the amount of unconditional love that is being poured at every single moment towards all of us, and the unity that we all are learning, if we choose so, of course. 

We just have to learn how to look and move into a wider space. One without judgements, desperation and delusions, for if we do not leave all of our human beliefs and conceptions aside, we could not see the Truth of what is really taking place.

There are wonderful souls doing an unimaginable work to maintain a loving planetary frequency, in many ways, not just the so called spiritual ones, but many others who are in the front line, so to speak, directly working within the matrix, who are seeding an illumined frequency wherever they go. Not all is how they are telling us. It is our main task to seek the Truth.

This is a very important time within our planetary history for us to decay and focus on what they tell us is happening. Move inward, you have within an immense Source of Wisdom. Seek for yourself. Discern for yourself. Do what is in your hand to shift what you can, and that is only yourself and own reality. Believe that if you stay in your personal frequency of love and compassion, you are helping to shift the planetary frequency, whether you are able to see it, with your physical eyes or not yet.

It is not about seeing, or acting, but about being and believing, especially in our human plane. You always have the choice to contribute by caring, staying in your heart center and help in your unique way. There are many doing this same choice at every single moment, whether we are being told otherwise. We all know the Truth.

Never quit for what seems to be happening. No matter what seems to occur, we are always heading into the right space and place for us All to fit into the Divine Plan. Our main aim is to trust in this Plan, for we all agreed to it before this human experience. We just need to work on remembering, which is too part of our personal mission in this wonderful Earth Planet.

You have the strength, the wisdom and the mastery that comes through all the experience you have accumulated through lifetimes. You need no one else or anything else to save you, or tells you what you already feel, and know, within. 

Remember who you are.

Recognize your beauty and power.

Regain your sovereignty as a free Divine Being.

Remembering is part of the game we agreed to play here, and the reason why dwelling into this plane is so joyful and worth it. Being in joy and in gratitude is essential for us to continue shifting into evolved species, despite the many challenges that in our way may arise. 

Choose to contribute by standing in your power and sovereignty. 

Choose to always be the love that you are and seed it wherever you are.

I wish you all a powerful and loving Full Moon. May you make of it an opportunity for you to release false beliefs and regain a higher understanding of your life experience. 

In love, light and gratitude to All,

Natalia Alba 

miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2020

New Moon in Libra, October 16, 2020 ~ Earth's Timeline Graduation

Beloved Ones, 

We are heading into the last months of this year, 2020. One in which our main aim has been to create stability among the many challenges experienced. This has been a year that will not leave anyone indifferent, as it has been one in which choosing a new timeline has been pivotal, for the ones who wish to step into a whole new dimensional space, one that Planet Earth already occupies, as it finally created a parallel Earth in a new harmonic dimensional plane. 

At a time when one of the most important things  to learn is how to remain balanced within the present turmoil, we are presented with the loving essence of a New Moon at 23 degrees Libra, which together with other planetary events that surrounds it, make of it a Moon for us to focus on communing with our soul, as things are yet being woven, and staying in the deep silence of it, receiving more guidance about our new direction, which is vital for the ones who are initiating themselves into a new reality.

As always, there is a time for everything within Creation, and at the moment things are still being formed, in the ethereal planes, which is why many, even though they try to force a new reality, cannot fully anchor it yet, as it is not ready to be born. Things need a Divine Timing, not our human one, and when we set the intention, align with it and surrender, everything happens in a perfect way for All. On the contrary, when we try to force something to occur, the final outcome rarely resonates with our true vision.

At a planetary level, the New Moon in Libra on October 16, is one that is opposite the Warrior Mars, which at the same time also square Pluto. This energy claims for balance at all levels. Anger, frustration, the exertion of force upon situations or things, and all the confusion that we may have as desires manifest, is what this essence will help us to integrate. Do we integrate our feelings and channel them properly? Or do we still react impulsively without previously thinking? 

Controlling our emotions is not the same as denying them. Many times we act without the proper integration of our feelings, and when we act out of anger or impulsiveness is when we most hurt others, and hence ourselves, for we may fall into unloving patterns that we could have avoided if we first learn how to calm ourselves, accept what we cannot change and see how we can direct these feelings, which are simply energy that we have to choose how to channel. 

On another hand, we also have the New Moon square Saturn and Pluto. This is the energy that since a few months we have already felt. The energy of the egoic self who fights with everything and everyone that goes against its desires is the opposite of the energy of love and balance that Libra seeds. 

This is happening in a global perspective, as we are seeing people all around the world profoundly hurt and upset about the many measures taken due to the pandemic, and how they disagree and fight for what they believe to be true. 

However, at a more personal level, we are also seeing evidence of this energy, in how we have rebelled, so to speak, with an obsolete reality that is desperately trying to manipulate us, as it is seeing it vanish, and how many have felt with their lives totally changed and with the necessity to begin anew, from one day to another. After all, the macro or the planetary events are a representation of the micro or what is already happening within. 

Earth's timeline graduation 

As you know, Planet Earth has created, for a few years now, a fifth dimensional equivalent, a parallel one, who is already dwelling into a new harmonic space. At the moment, Planet Earth is being stabilized, as there is a massive exit taking place. There are many souls awakening and beginning to leave the 3D matrix, not in a physical way, although many will choose to do so as well, but in terms of shifting their own frequency. 

Our Planet is currently - for we are at a crucial phase of this massive transition, -being helped tremendously, as it is not only about the many souls who are helping to assist this transition, but about the many Forces, Beings and other Forms of Consciousness that are too helping for this to happen.

There are many who are Earth Seeds Souls, who were originated within this Earth or whose first soul incarnation was on this Planet, who are now ready to leave their Home Planet, and move into its fifth dimensional parallel ones. This is a progressive transition, and there will be many who are already feeling, in the form of pain, as they leave it behind, the shift that it is occurring.

For the ones whose main mission was to come into Earth to help it shift in frequency or many other purposes, there is the choice to come back to their original civilization, dimensions or where they choose to be of assistance after a time, as my Guides shared, or total recalibration and rest, in the etheric planes prepared for that.

For many, as I know it is happening, this is a hard decision, for they have dwelt within this Earth Plane, for many of our human years and it is not easy to leave attachments and above all the many soul connections they have established for many years, and that will come into conclusion.

They will need to validate - if they wish - to continue coming into this same dimensional space or beginning anew. As always, all choices are equally valid and respected and serve All Creation. The only one judging our own experience are ourselves, for the universe does not know about judgments, this is human, and we are the only ones who need to ponder if we desire to step into a new timeline, outside of this human matrix, or remain in our familiar one.

Every time that you choose an elevating and loving though, you are choosing to step into a more harmonic timeline. No one has to physically leave this Earth plane to do so, for the wonderful thing about ascension is that we are finally able to do so as we dwell as physical beings.

Every time you choose to act lovingly, within respect to you, your own personal journey and that of All, you are changing your old trajectory and choosing a more illumined one. You may not notice suddenly, but you will see the results as you continue to hold the same frequency.

Stay strong in your loving frequency, this is the real challenge for us among all the tribulations and unloving things we came here to witness. Stay no matter what others may tell you. Others may tell you that it is not possible to shift your reality, as they have allowed their own to be governed by outer forces.

They are telling you what is real for them, not what it IS for yours. We are not delusional, if we are focused in our hearts, and work on mental and emotional stabilization, even though we also may experience challenges, our reality will speak louder than any other one, and will let us know where we are and what we need to change.

There are many whose main aim is to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, accept challenge. Stand tall in your power, you may not see from one day to another the result, but I assure you, as it has been also my own personal choice for many years now, that results come and that this is a path full of blessings and miracles, if we know how to look at our reality from a bigger perspective.

All is connected, all is shifting as you choose to do so, and even though we cannot see all that shifts as we pick different results, our choices, acts and thoughts impact the whole, and it is there we, as ascending souls, should aim always for acting within unconditional love, for we now remember that all we touch shall be done respectfully, honorably and lovingly.

The transformational Seventh dimensional Ray

During this last phase of our ascension journey, although in truth we are always shifting and creating ourselves anew, I received again the importance that at this time, of balance and adaptation to change, this tool - 7th dimensional Ray - has for all of us who desire to transmute lower energies, and remain purified as well and continue stepping into a new timeline.

This Ray is very important for it is directly descended from the three main Creational Flames that originally birthed our universe. This purple Ray is the one that helps us purify ourselves and bodies in many levels, especially our seventh dimensional one, who is one of the most important portals to help us stay connected to our 7D being and hence, plane.

This Flame when invoked will be descended to us throughout seventh chakra and it will clear all distortions related to our masculine-feminine principle, as its assistance goes further than just clearing ourselves in a physical way of lower energies.

As everything, this powerful tool has many purposes and I have been asked my Council to share again the importance of working with this Ray at the moment, as there are many who are beginning to embrace or work more on their masculine side, long time distorted by the many lower forces that once occupied our 3D Earth.

This flame as I prefer to call this Ray, for it is how I visualize it as being a purple flame that enters my body and that makes my entire body vibrates tremendously, as I surrender to it, supports the balance of the masculine as we continue, and it continues its merging with our feminine one. This 7D flame connects to our bodies through its main portal, which is situated on our left shoulder, whose main portal connect with it, and hence with our crown chakra, through which the Purple Ray descends. 

In contract, our feminine one is on the right side of our shoulder who’s main 6D portal is connected to our third eye. Both are responsible for building our light-body and once this connection has been rebuilt, help us into the proper calibration and integration of both of our essences - masculine and feminine ones.

In the moment that we, and this happens often, focus only on our third eye, in our intuitive senses and into the aspects of us that are linked to the feminine, the masculine suffers an imbalance, making the synthesis of both difficult. This is happening to many, as I co-create with many of you who are having distortions within their masculine due to paying more attention to the feminine side. 

It is something that we, as ascending souls, who dedicate our lives to the betterment of the planet and selfless assistance to others, experience from time to time and it is our personal choice to detect it and work with it, so both are balanced, again.

The Purple flame will help us to clear ourselves, and once we have done this our main task is to align both of our essences. This Ray is also helping many, as many of you know, who are energy transmutators and whose main mission is to help transmute lower energies, as well as to help Earth Planet into the reconstruction of its original fabrics, as they were deeply manipulated, as you know, and Earth has begun to have them restored since a few years now.

We have ahead a wonderful opportunity for us to begin disengaging more and more from the current reality that are trying to impose upon us. We do not need to leave this plane physically. We do not need to do complicated rituals or fall into desperate actions, simply because we may see the unloving acts taking place.

Shifting timelines is always done by remaining in a loving frequency. And even though many times it is not easy, for there are many things and situations that may impede us to be always focus on our true vision. It should be our main aim to always strive for the light.

I wish you a loving Moon and last phase of the year, Beloved Ones.

May you always remain in the loving and harmonic essence of who you are.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba