Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

The Energies of August 2018 & The Lion's Gate - The Rebirth of Light Consciousness

There's always another level up. There's always another ascension. More grace, more light, more generosity, more compassion, more to shed, more to grow.
Elizabeth Gilbert

Beloved  Light Emissaries, 

It is with great joy that I share the benevolent, and nonetheless intense, energies of this new energetic month, for even though, as humans, we tend to separate, this month is a continuation of what we began to experience with the first Eclipse in Cancer, and in general during all this summer, and that will increase with the Lion’s Gate in August 8th, reaching its peak with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo. This month marks a key point in our evolutionary journey, it is indeed the end for many who are still trying to sustain both opposite worlds, for when we consciously decide to step into this new ascended reality, nothing will ever be the same. 

All months hold precious gifts, if we are willing to see and embrace them. This new month brings us the gift of stepping into a new reality. If with the last Eclipse in Aquarius we had the opportunity to consciously release what no longer serves, for us as humans, we always tend to get attached to old energy, unconsciously repeating old habits/patterns, now with the coming of the Eclipse in Leo, we are being invited to become empowered sovereign beings, seeding light consciousness rather than fomenting the old energy, for the return of light consciousness can only be possible if we first hold this same frequency, within. 

This is not an ending either a beginning, as the Universal 10/1 - 19 reduced - frequency of this month reminds us, for as you know, it is in the middle that we coexist and experience change, for all is happening at the same time, and when we believe something has finished, it is the new seed of what is already emerging, we just have to know where to look and shift our focus from poverty/victimhood/negative consciousness to a wider one, realizing that all is in truth an opportunity rather than a curse. 

The energies from this month are going to be the new seeds for us to grow our true soul desires or keep feeding our human fears and illusions, as always, all choices are respected, and served equally, within Creation. During this summer, we have the opportunity to move from fear consciousness and step into a new way of living, for where we have chosen to dwell, there are no limitations and in the moment we create them, we automatically lower our frequency, returning to a restricted and illusory reality.

Lyran & Sirian connection 

As we approach August, the fiery energies that we have been feeling since July, will increase  with the coming of the Lionsgate, on the 8th of August. During the Lion’s Gate our Planet will align with the Star Sirius, the Galactic Center and with many sacred places on Earth, as it is for example the Pyramid of Gyza, giving us the opportunity to connect with the Cosmic Heart and other Star companions that have been following our soul evolution, for our cosmic family from Lyra, our forefathers, and Sirius have been assisting in the awakening of humanity for a long time, especially after the original Adamic DNA was manipulated - impeding us to fully be aware, as other cosmic civilizations are, of our True Divine Essence. 

This month, and especially with the coming of this Fiery wave, is going to be challenging for those who are working on the lower layers of their egoic self, for the ego can no longer coexist with the higher frequencies we are receiving and the more resistance we may have to let it all go, the more we can suffer from getting attached to human illusions and/or fears. This passage will serve in many ways, for some, it will be a phase for connecting with their star family, for others it will help them dissolve more of the old, it is all according to where you are in your unique path. 

The Lionsgate is a very important galactic opening, for the portal travelers, starseed souls, and for everyone whose connection with Lyra and Sirius remains strong, will have the opportunity to establish conscious connection and begin to use their precious assistance to continue the process of DNA reconnection and activation, for without the second one there can be no possible integration. Our Sirian family left in many starseed souls many codes within their DNA for when they were ready to evolve and begin to decode them remembering the ancient wisdom - once lost due to the manipulation of our original DNA.

To understand our connection with these star systems or civilizations, first it is pivotal to have some authentic information, which can only come first from within, about the galactic history of our Galaxy. There are many who separate, claiming they come from Pleiades, Sirius, bringing confusion and separation, when in truth, what truly matters is where we are now, for it is only in this moment that we exist and not embracing it as well as our physical realm, will be delusional. I am not judging or saying these people are wrong, I am simply saying that the mind, as well as any other part of our body, gets sick, if we keep feeding illusions, and it is our task to become aware when this occurs and do whatever we can to recover.

The history of our Galaxy is very profound and I do not have the time required to write in depth about all this. However, sharing at least the basis may help many to understand that there is no separation between the many different star systems.

Life in our Galaxy began in Lyra Constellation, these were highly 12D evolved beings birthed by the Elohims. After a time, this civilization split due to disagreements, for while some desired to dwell in the Light, others began to separate from it. It was then that the so-called wars between Lyra and Orion began, a war over consciousness that ended eons ago and that led the ones who still live in unity to leave Lyra and began to colonize/create other places, such as Vega, Pleiades, Sirius etc.

Therefore, it is why it is so important to commune with our God Self to know about our history, human races, and many other things that are essential if we desire to know our Galaxy and true origin. I understand it is not always easy, but as it was in my case, obtaining things from within, before searching or reading it outside, makes all the difference to truly discern about what we read, for we may fall into the trap of making what others channel ours, and then, we are not seeing the Truth by ourselves.

There is no separation; we are all, or most of us, coming from Lyra or as humans, at least having within our DNA many star essences. Another thing is that the soul chooses only to incarnate in one specific civilization, but once one incarnates in a human body, the body will always have genetic memories and patterns that cannot be erased.

At this unique time, and especially during this month of August, we have the opportunity to remember not just our true galactic history and origin, but to remember unity consciousness and what life within Divine Love means, for Lyrans, our creators, are there to remind us the importance that respecting the Law of One has for All who desire to live a free, sovereign, peaceful and respectful experience within Creation.

On the other hand, Sirians are also there to assist those who are working with the conscious inner work of DNA reconnection for they were pioneers in the human genetic project, which was supervised as well by the Lyrans, and they are ones who know all about how to decode our original 12 DNA strands, something that many of us are working at the moment, for without this constant inner work, the physical body as well as ourselves, cannot truly evolve.

There are many who focus only in the physical connection, however, conscious connection with our star family is done from within, by remembering who we are, by searching within instead of obtaining information from outside and above all, by clearing our mental and emotional bodies before we fall into delusional traps. Contact is made by inner knowing, by telepathy or simply by conscious interaction, if for example you are clairaudient or are one who can receive in a similar way.

As I always say, we all are unique and if we have our mind healthy, we will know when we are receiving true guidance and making real contact or when we are believing our own mind creations, and hence, illusions.

Delusional thinking vs. authentic guidance

At a time of profound integration, where we are communing with the Illuminated Realms as well as with many beings that have been assisting us for eons, I  was guided to share a bit more about the importance that clearing our minds of delusions has on our evolutionary journey, for it is pivotal if we desire to know if we are receiving authentic guidance or are being fooled by our ego.
I understand there are many phases as we ascend in which we will experience different delusions, and there is nothing wrong with this, for this is precisely what helps us grow and discern what is real from what was part of our mind creations.

There are many, and like I always say, it is fine and we all at some point have passed through these phases, whose minds tend to become ill with fake information and delusions. Therefore they are not able to distinguish, for they are not conscious, from where their "guidance" is coming from. When this occurs, and if I say this it is because once it happened to me years ago, for I have been doing, and still continue to do so, the proper inner work for more than 10 years now, for all began for me when I was 18 years old, and I consider that being open and listening, especially to the ones who loves us, is pivotal when our mind is infected by our mind’sdelusions and/or negative alien programming.

I share this with great love and I hope it can help for the ones who are open to finally see they were following their mind delusions or were under the negative agenda manipulation, instead of receiving true guidance. There are many signs that can indicate us that we are being manipulated by negative forces or simply by our own egoic mind.

The followings are just some I consider the main and most important ones. Above all follow your own guidance to know what you are experiencing or not:
  • Inability to discern from where they obtain their guidance. As many of you will know, we all begin to walk a path in which we must learn to discern if what we are receiving comes from a place of love or from one that tries to manipulate the self. When true guidance is received, there will be no judgments, no praise of the egoic self, and above many other things, for I can only share the main ones, there will be no talk about others, unless we have their permission, and even though, our God Self, Source and/or Guides, as  you prefer  to call your own fountain of guidance, will never trespass our free will or that of others.
It is essential that we understand that our God Self or Guides, are there to respect our human will and soul plan, they will never tell us what to do or what is going to happen, or simply share personal details about others. It is true that energy introduces us. However, one thing is what we feel about certain people and another one is to believe we are being told their entire life. When this occurs, the information is usually very manipulated and of course fake and it is not just our egoic mind creating fake guidance but it is often filled with lower astral information or in some cases influenced by negative beings.

There is nothing wrong or shameful about being there, for like I said, we all need to experience both to become aware what is an authentic source of guidance and what is not. This is what duality has that it teaches us to compare and discern for ourselves. What is important is to begin acknowledging that our mind has been manipulated by our ego and many other forces that are not coming from a respectful space and clear our mind.

When we leave expectations and attachments behind, and the necessity of what is going to happen, in the future, as if we were mere puppets moved by a capricious god, who do not create our destiny, is when we finally are open, for we have emptied ourselves of all that was an illusion, to receive authentic guidance, one that will be, always, loving, respectful, with ourselves and others, for highly evolved beings as well as our God Self - will never share details like this about others, this is egoic and human gossip, and we will finally realize the difference, for it will be also strongly felt.
  • Black magic, understanding by black magic everything that involves conscious manipulation of others and/or entering into other’s personal space without their consent.
There are many forms of black magic, for all that involves trying to manipulate the outside world and/or others, is for me, black magic. I am not judging and saying this is bad, I simply must to label what I desire to share. To set my own example, I used to be a wiccan in the past, although first I was raised as a catholic. I do not desire to name as "wrong" these religions, for they have taught me the most important lessons I could have ever had in my human life. However, it is important that we understand that these are not just the only ways of manipulations, there are others that we tend to skip simply because we are accustomed to them.

I have to say that I am not saying at all that Wiccans are black magicians, there are many who practice their love and respect for nature as I did, although at some point I did not as well, and there will be others, as I know, who will believe they have some influence in other’s actions. I respect everything and I share this with great respect, but this is not how highly evolved beings will behave, this is another form of human delusion, we can never control others or make them stop or not doing something simply because it is not pleasant to us.

When the human thinks he/she can manipulate or change the course of another life, then the mind is not healthy, and I understand there will be many evidences for these people of their success in their tactics but with time, they will see they only damaged themselves. We have now, all of us, a wonderful opportunity to keep releasing old patterns and beliefs which diminish ourselves, for most of the times these fake beliefs are what impedes us to liberate ourselves from feeling disempowered.

Black magic is not just done by damaging others with certain rituals. Black magic is done when our egoic self believes is bigger than the Divine Plan and then we play god by trying to impose our will onto others. When we judge, when we send a negative thought to another, when we wish something less than good to other person, then we are, whether conscious or not, possessed by our mind’s delusions and exercising lower practices than in the end will come back to us in forms that we will not like.

Another aspect of black magic is to tell people without their consent things about their personal lives, which at least in my case are not true at all and are just coming from a mind that is obviously not healthy. When our mind’s imaginations become a reality for us and we project that upon others, then we are allowing ourselves to be controlled by our egoic self who thinks that knows more about others than themselves.

These people even claim they receive guidance from God, and this is one of the main signs that one is not truly receiving true guidance, for God will never share anything about any other person, especially if this person has not even consented it. God respects, God loves All, as equal, God does not play games or gossip, for God does not mind the human games we pretend to play here in our plane, for what this Infinite Intelligence is remains still far away from our human understanding, we are just beginning to learn how to live within Divine Love, so pretending to know all and play god will only slow our evolution. When the ego believes he has become god, then we have to clear our mind and begin to work on humility and respect towards others.
  • Narcissism disguised as fake self-love, spiritualism an excess of feminine essence, which is a rejection of the masculine. It usually leads the person to live in fantasy and unreal world, where the tangible is not important, and hence, lack of abundance, and inability to sustain themselves in the physical, are one of their main issues. It usually happens with traumatic experiences with the masculine.
What is important is to becomes aware, which is hard, sometimes, but that can be done when one become the eternal witness of our human experience and listen to others who love us who could be really helping us to see the reality.

It is also essential that we begin to love and be compassionate with ourselves if we have realized we were not truly receiving authentic guidance, for the mind also needs assistance, as any other part of who we are, and there is nothing wrong with this, we just need to remember this is also telling us something about ourselves and that we have the opportunity to listen to the new knowledge we are being offered and learn from it.

Soul mission embodiment

As many of you are already experiencing, during this intense and transformative phase, there are many who are beginning to descend new aspects of their soul mission for the more we work on our egoic self, releasing old layers as well as habits/patterns, the more that we will be allowing these aspects to be fully integrated within our being.

There are many, and I include myself, who have fulfilled a part of our mission, so to speak, and are now ready to activate new aspects, for this is not just about our personal journey, but about what the Planet requires. For some, their new soul role will involve to physically move, especially if they are now meant to act as gatekeepers, gridworkers, portal openers etc. For others, it will be more about stop acting and being, for it is by their essence that they shift/heal certain physical spaces, or simply about shifting what they have been doing until now and use different tools and ways to perform their tasks.

As you embody higher levels of consciousness and as Gaia will continue its ascension, there will be many things, in an accelerate way, that will change within and in our physical lives. In my personal journey, even though I am still a stabilizer, for it is in my nature and in my own essence, I have fulfilled this task where I used to reside, and even though I was not conscious of it, until the right moment came, I felt for a time as if I no longer had this same mission anymore.

When this occurs, trusting that when we are ready, we will obtain more clarity, is pivotal not to fall into egoic delusions such as thinking that we are not enough that our life is going to end simply because we have fulfilled a part of our task here on Earth etc. It is important to always surrender and trust that we will be placed where we are needed and that when our human self is ready, we will know what is our new task and how can we develop it. Forcing it, pushing ourselves to do or be more, will not serve, for we will be impeding the descension of these new aspects. Instead of wanting to do more or feeling inadequate, take a time to simply enjoy and do other things that your soul is also eager to experience, in this physical reality.

Before we are ready to embody and be fully conscious of the many different aspects of our mission, first we need to work on soul integration, for if we have not yet integrated more light from our I AM Presence, if we still have soul fragments dwelling in pain, due to past traumas or painful relationships or other wounds, there cannot be integration of these new soul mission aspects.

After this first step, there are other such as cellular and genetic/karmic patterns clearing that must follow before we can be ready to master a new aspect of our mission. There are many aspects of our soul mission, even though it is only one, it holds many aspects and we can only develop them when we are humanly ready to do the sacred task that our soul planned for us to fulfil here to serve All.

Being patient is another important factor to take into account if we are integrating or wanting to do so, for there are many who desire  to be or do more, when it is not the time to do yet for they are still preparing their physical bodies and selves, until they can truly understand this new information, and other times, people like to compare  themselves with others and what others do to assist, idealizing their soul roles and wanting to do what they do, which is another important reason why many people still do not really know what they are here to do, because they have been focusing in being who they are not, and as a consequence, they have been blocking their true gifts to come to the surface.

We are at a very special moment within this year of acceleration and it is now, especially with this fiery galactic wave, that we  have the cosmic gift to release and integrate in a higher level, for we are now dwelling in a lighter dimensional space where aligning with its frequency, will help us to clearly receive the new aspects of our mission that shall be integrated to be of further assistance. 

Planetary alignments

We begin this new energetic, and fiery month of August, with a message of culmination, and hence, the subsequent integration of the new wave that is already strongly felt. This month is a very powerful one for us to create a new path. To confirm where we are in our ascension journey, for we find ourselves navigating within endings and beginnings, this month is a Universal 10/1 number - 19 reduced.  This is the space in which beginnings and endings find each other, it is precisely in that infinite space, where we dwell in possibility, that we can choose the timeline, and the creations, that are most aligned with who we are. 

In Tarot, the card that represents number 10 is the Wheel of Fortune, which represents the change in destiny, that we have been able to accomplish, one that we have consciously created ourselves, and that only we know if the change that we have created from within will lead us to a higher space or to a lower one, for no one can ever predict where we are going but our own selves.

At a cosmic level, we begin this new month with Uranus, turning retrograde just at the very beginning of this month, on August 7 - acting as the catalyst of this great change in which, we all are consciously immersed. As many of you probably know, I no longer choose to foment the retrograde illusion, so I will share my personal view, and essence, of what Uranus means to me, and my journey. Uranus' frequency brings the gift, for those who choose to align with it, of looking at things from a different, and higher, perspective, being able to see things that our limited mind impeded us to realize before. Limited and hence fixed ideas, are precisely what keeps us from experiencing reality as it truly is rather than as our human mind makes it.

Are you ready to embrace freedom? For with freedom comes the need to release an old self, and life, and there are many who are still reticent to leave behind who they have been for so long. Are you ready to finally leave a familiar world with familiar faces behind to embrace the unknown? If you really are in this moment, many people will relocate, others will pass through a phase of deep silence, until they learn how to adjust themselves and physical reality to their new frequency. All is heading always into the right space for us all. There is no need to force or to run to reach to a certain destination, for you will always have the opportunity to evolve.

On August 11, there will be another cosmic dance between the Sun and the Moon. For we are welcoming, again, a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Leo. This Eclipse will sweep away everything your old self-created, timelines, old situations, encounters, when you possessed a lower level of consciousness. As the Eclipse will be influenced by Mercury, "retrograde", this will also give us the time we need before initiating change to commune with our soul and regain the proper wisdom required for us to create from a conscious state of being rather than from a delusional egoic one, which is often the main reason why many of our creations are not aligned with our desires. However, this is what we came here, to master our inner creator, in the physical.

As Mars "retrograde" will enter into Capricorn the next day of the Eclipse, we are being urged to create change in whatever aspect of us or area of our live that needs it, for this Warrior energy together with the fiery ones from Leo and the earthly ones from Capricorn, reminding us the importance that directing this inner force into our tangible plane to create change, has for us humans.

On August 19, Mercury, will turn direct. As you know, I do no longer share much or feed this illusion, however, as astrologically it is important for many, at least, the least I can do is sharing the date in which this human illusion disappears from our physical plane and become "direct", again. In my personal experience, when I released the fear or Mercury retrograde, for behind every limited belief, there is fear, all began to flow whether Mercury was retrograde or not, for this was never real to begin with and by fomenting this collective belief, we are only limiting ourselves more and creating the so called " negative outcomes" and/or slowness in our human experience.

In this same day, we also have another important event, Jupiter trine Neptune, a trine that has been happening since December 2017 until August 2018. As the Planet of Expansion, Jupiter enhances the essence of Neptune which is one of spirituality, intuition, high ideals and a deep sense of working for the community, in a selfless way.

This is also a gift for those who are on a soul quest, and desire to know more about how they can be of greater assistance. This is also a time for special mystic and soul encounters whether they occur in the physical or in our dream phase, for this is a magical corridor that will lead us to the Illuminated Realms, if we are willing to align with this heavenly frequency.

On August 23rd, the Sun will enter Virgo. When the Sun shines a Light into Virgo, we are called now to ground ourselves and direct our creative power into our earthly Plane, which is something we have been doing for a while with these powerful and abundant Leo energies. As an Earth sign, Virgo reminds us we are here to manifest our true desires which at the same time, will always be of assistance. For Virgo is quite aware of its mission, which is always to be in service to All.

Virgo will bring purity, something we are all beginning to experience as we are now near the Higher Realms. It invites us to remember that the purity we hold within can also be reflected into everything we do in our dense realm. And even if this sign can seem practical, its main essence is all about remembering we are here to combine what we create from the inside with what others may need in the physical, for we are here to synthesize and unify both polarities, both planes, the physical and the ethereal - bringing all these inner visions into our tangible realm, as it is only by doing that, that we can truly master ourselves as creators of the physical.

We end this powerful month with a no less intense Full Moon at 3 degrees Pisces and with the Warrior Mars turning direct, again. This will be a very powerful and fortunate Moon, for its Grand Trine which involves the Sun, Saturn, Uranus. This Moon brings soothing energies after the intensity of the fiery ones we have been receiving during all this summer, and gives us another opportunity for working on karmic release, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, where we graduate from past experiences, keeping the knowledge within and stepping into a new path of conscious creation and self-empowerment. 

Beloved seeders of light consciousness, coming back unceasingly to spread the unique light that you are, raise, for it is time for us to begin the seeding that we began eons ago and that was impeded by the dark forces. We have never decayed. We have never lost hope, for we knew one day the many souls trapped within a manipulated 3D matrix will awake, and as such so it has been.

It is time now for us to be, not do, for it is in being that we do our purpose, the light emissaries that once chose to volunteer for the sake of this Planet. We, the ones who consciously decided to come, may not have an easy path, for within this dual plane, we now navigate in both dark and light frequencies, but we will always have the remembrance of Source within, and its infinite loving embrace, at every single moment of our human existence.

Every time that you are trapped by your human fears, challenges and/or other dramas from this human reality, remember, you have waited a long time for you to allow yourself to fall into human distractions. You by yourself are powerful and wise enough to leave behind what diminish you, embrace your true potential, and raise as the Divine Being, and Emissary, that you are, capable to change the frequency of the Planet so it can regain its lost purity and loving essence.

I AM an infinite spark of All That Is and has ever existed.
I AM Divine Intelligence incarnated into a physical body for the purpose of conscious co-creation and assistance to All.

I AM the light that brings clarity to the illusory human mind, where I now dwell.

I AM pure light consciousness transforming a fear based Planet into a free, sovereign, one.

And so are YOU! 

I wish you a blessed, empowered and loving August, Beloveds,

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

domingo, 22 de julio de 2018

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, July 27, 2018 ~ Conscious Release

The end is the beginning of all things, suppressed and hidden, awaiting to be released through the rhythm of pain and pleasure.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Beloved Light Emissaries,

The period between Eclipses, as many of you already know, is one of profound change. What can seem chaotic to our human self is nothing but the natural transformation that we, our bodies, and therefore physical life, shall experience, for us to begin a new life. With change comes endings, ones that are the seeds of what will be the foundations of the next phase of our human experience. The Full Moon’s Total Eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius, is the catalyst for the change we all need to transform an old reality and begin to mould a new one. 

This Eclipse will be a very potent one, especially for its conjunction to retrograde Mars, the Warrior, and its duration, the longest of the century - one hour and twenty-three minutes. As always, it is our choice to use these frequencies some are calling: destructive, challenging, etc. to rebuild and stabilize what is not in alignment with the human experience we desire to live. Energies simply are, it is our human mind that needs to be constantly labelling them according to our human perspective, but the truth is that only our intention, and hence, conscious attention, is what gives them meaning.

At the Eclipse time, one taking place in the head of the Capricornus Constellation, we have the Moon in conjunction to Mars, making a square to Uranus, the Planet of Change or Transformation, that many call Rebellion, and semisextile Saturn, which will bring us more soothing energies. All this planetary combination will help us remove the ashes of the old, both internally and externally, giving us the opportunity to release what enslaved us and continue our conscious journey by being free of burdens and limited beliefs. 

Mars helps us to stay grounded, and even more with Uranus being in Taurus as well, which asks us to create stability, in the physical, in all the changes we make, something vital when we are immersed within a path of self-evolution, for us not to fall into delusional traps and beliefs that only damage our mind and human experience. 

Some may think/feel being grounded will prevent them from experiencing the delights of the Illuminated Realms. On the contrary, it is precisely by being grounded, and keep a healthy, and open mind, that enables us to descend more Light - Wisdom - and integrate it within our physical bodies, and physical plane, which is why we came here, to descend and experience, our Divine Essence, and gifts, into the tangible. 

Integrating darkness

During the Eclipse season, in which we are going to be immersed in different cosmic waves, coming not just from the many planetary events happening within our planetary system, but outside it too, there are many who are going to be experiencing what I call darkness integration. As you know, we live in a dualistic universe, and our main task, as humans, is to integrate both polarities, as equal, for it is only by doing so that we can finally leave behind a limited reality based on the illusion of separation and begin to embrace what unity consciousness truly means.

It is at this time that many Starseed Souls, New Earth Seeds and many who are beginning to step into this journey, of selfless assistance, and devotion to All, are feeling the deep impact that change has, for they are being asked to integrate the darkness and for some it is not easy to distinguish all that is occurring.

When we are working on the conscious evolution of the Planet, from a place of clarity, instead of mental delusion or illness, which is very common in the spiritual community, and it is fine, for we all need to experience many phases to regain awareness of which path we truly desire to walk, we will be attacked by many forces that are working for the dark polarity. Distinguishing if we are being asked, by our God Self, to integrate darkness, or if instead we are being attacked and/or manipulated by these dark forces is pivotal, for us not to fall in delusional thinking and other dark tactics.

When we begin to integrate darkness we may find people, situations and other similar events that ask us to embody this pain, not by feeling attacked or hopeless, but by precisely recognizing this same light under the darkness, realizing that this dark aspect is also willing to come back to the light. We may find all of a sudden people who need our assistance, who are in extreme situations, or other life experiences that we may consider darkness or people we tend to name as being "negative" who need our love.

When this occurs, communing with our soul, is what will show us if we are being abused, manipulated or if we are given an opportunity to integrate darkness. When we feel love and compassion and without draining our life force, we truly feel guided to assist others, we are not in the middle of any negative situation, on the contrary, we are acting as the bringers of the light that we are, and assisting those to integrate the darkness, as we do so by not labelling the situation we are experiencing, by not judging their current situation, and by not feeling superiority, on the contrary by seeing an opportunity to be the Lovelight beings that we are, from a space of neutrality and love, assisting until they can see the light by themselves.

Therefore, it is so important that we master the ego and begin to operate from a heart space, where the clarity we need resides, and learn to distinguish that not everything is an attack, that at some point, we are going to be invited to stand tall in our power and form this loving and empowered state, assist others. 

The illusion many in the spiritual community have of being only of the light and dwelling, always, there, is nothing but unconscious egoic beliefs, that are hard to recognize. There are many who are convinced, that if they are touched by "negativity" it is because they are being attacked. Therefore, it is so important to be constantly releasing human beliefs, and even if it is challenging, be open to what our God Self, desires to tell us, for sometimes these negative encounters and/or situations, assist us more than we assist them, to stand firm in our path, and to regain sovereignty, something we could not do if we were just dwelling in the light. 

Every challenging, negative, uncomfortable, or as you prefer to call it, situation, shows us more about ourselves than about others. It shows us our fears, doubts, egoic feelings, delusional thinking, and above all, if we behave, always, with unconditional love, compassion and humility with ourselves and All, or if we are yet facing feelings of annoyance when we are asked to integrate darkness. 

In any case, there is always an opportunity for us to grow, and this is what this period of Eclipses brings, the chance for us to embrace a new path, made of all the love and wisdom we have embodied rather than on our egoic desires. 

Ancenstral healing

The Aquarian Eclipse is a South Node Eclipse, on the contrary of the Cancerian one, which occurs  in the North Node. The South Node is all about letting all go and release an old self and life that is not in alignment with who we have become, for when we begin this evolutionary journey, we are constantly releasing old aspects of our lower self, and hence, there is always the need for us to descend and integrate new ones. 

This is not just happening internally but in the collective as well, for we are beginning to see how the masses are fighting for releasing old laws that enslave them, as well as many others  limited structures that they are beginning to realize are only there to disempower them and keep them as mere slaves. 

The birth of a new era is not something achieved in one day, and even though many claim to be already living in a fifth dimensional reality, it is not yet totally done, and there are many things that we are still here to work with, beginning for ourselves and ending with the society that eons ago was built to keep us enslaved.

The period between Eclipses is a blessed one for those who are working on clearing karmic/ancestral patterns for even though you may be already a sovereign being descending from the Illumined Realms, you are incarnated within a human body, which carries your ancestor’s genes and within them many old patterns, behaviours etc. to be cleared, otherwise, the repetition of these patterns will tend to come to the surface, once again.

There are many people who once they begin to walk this evolutionary path find out how hard it is for them to release certain customs, habits and/or behaviours that they do not even consider to be part of them or their true soul desires. As I am one who had to deal with a very hard pattern coming from my biological mother, I know how difficult it is when one is literally compelled, against one’s will, to do certain things that do not benefit us, but that for some reason feel as if we shall continue repeating them.

Compulsive behaviours are often caused by all the genetic burdens we carry within ourselves and that we have not yet healed. It is pivotal that in the first steps of our ascension path, when these old patterns arise, we take the time to dissolve these ancestral habits and begin to consciously command our genes to release the many behaviours that are not truly ours to experience.

These old habits that some may be repeating, without even being aware of it, goes from addictions to substances, attachments to relationships, and many other things we tend to do that are, probably, coming from our family lineage. If you are one who knows your biological family, for in my case it was not like this, then you have a great opportunity to witness yourself and see from who these old patterns are coming and how you are repeating them, for this is the first step towards self-liberation.

Releasing an old habit, whether it is a physical or a mental one (for example negative thinking, being a drama feeder etc) is very challenging for your body is accustomed to certain substances and/or thoughts that are part of their energetic food, so to speak, and one must begin to consciously master the self and command our genes to release all that do not belong to what we should experience in this lifetime.

This takes time, devotion to the self and constant inner work. The release from ancestral patterns is one of the most liberating experiences one could ever have, for one begins to truly know oneself without other's burdens within. It is then that we start knowing who we truly are, healing our own issues rather than those occurring genetically. 

After healing ancestral patterns, not just old habits and thoughts disappear but many physical sensations that came with them. It is one of the main things to work with, especially at the time of this Eclipse, when we all have a great opportunity to eclipse what we do not desire or what no longer belongs to us.  

Earth healing: A call to Starseed Souls & New Earth Seeds

As Starseed Souls and New Earth Seeds, one aspect of our mission is to help restore the distorted Earth fabrics that were manipulated to encapsulate us within a 3D matrix. As you already know, there are many roles within Creation, and the labels above, are just some names to label the many missions that as ascending souls we are here to fulfil, so this message goes for everyone, who simply has a pure intention to assist planet Earth, independently of the name we prefer to use.

With the coming of the Eclipse there are many changes occurring not just within ourselves but in our Planet. The new galactic waves received are creating new avenues for the ones who work with the Earth Grids to restore the long ago manipulated Earth fabrics, helping us to become Earth bridges to connect the restored grids with the New Earth Grid system. 

At this time, reading, talking and thinking about ascension or how can we assist, will not serve. This is a moment to just be and do what our soul guides us to do, instead of reading or comparing ourselves to others and see what they do to assist, for in the moment we do so, we are losing the unique way we are meant to be of assistance.

It is in BEing and not in doing that the majority of the Starseed Souls and New Earth Seeds help in the task of restoring the distorted Earth structures. We all have our own way, the most important thing is to unite as One, and master egoic feelings of superiority, and begin to be of help to our own selves, for most of the time many tend to focus on what they can fix outside instead of beginning from within.

It is vital to be totally present, focus on our bodies, while they keep integrating higher levels of consciousness and take care of our bodies, the best we can, for in the moment we allow our lower self to take control and continue feeding it with dense food and many other manipulated non-human food, as I call it, the body is not able to continue its transformation into crystalline matter.

For those who feel extreme exhaustion, and above all, you are sure you are perfectly fine, physically and emotionally, and there are no dark attacks, this is where you honor and respect your body, for there are times when you must put yourself before anything else. The fatigue and sleepy periods must be respected for in my personal experience it means my body is releasing so much that if this does not rest, it could not be possible to do so and restore my body to its natural healthy state, again.

Everyone is unique, and like I always say, when we are secure there is nothing else disturbing our ascension process, we all must become our own oracles to discern what are real physical pains and what is a natural symptom created by our conscious choice of transforming our bodies to their pure and original state of being. 

For the stabilizers and everyone whose soul mission involves using crystals, remember that they are our companions and co-create with us to help us anchor, balance and/or any other role they have. Dependency on them can make us lose the real purpose and power from where what we do comes, which is always from within. There are many tools we tend to use that can make us feel as if without them we could not make our task, and there are times when remembering the Divine Consciousness within, is more important than focusing on external tools, which at this time can happen many times.

I have received, again, certain regions on Earth where there will be major openings for us to begin restoring the frequency of these places, and grids, for even though our Planet has already bifurcated from old earth, there are still some places highly contaminated and assistance is pivotal for them to regain their lost purity.

I share this information for those who are already, consciously, working with the Earth Grids and would like to send healing to these places:
  • Belarus
  • Karachay Lake, Russia - for the ones whose mission is related to heal Earth Waters etc. there will be an opening we could take advantage of to send healing. The level of contamination is beyond imaginable. There are many Islands where clearing is not possible at the moment, however, there are more new openings, as our Planet continues raising in frequency.
  • Zambia
  • Nepal
  • Altai, is an independent terrritory of Russia bordering Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. I have received there is no one able to assist there physically and it is a very restrictive place, apart from the fact that there are certain time/space issues in this land, which makes even more challenging to work there, which is why we could only assist in the astral and by consciously sending healing.

As always, take what resonates with your own guidance and feel free to share/add the ones you have received yourself on my facebook page for All to know. Thank you for your conscious assistance and love to all the Earth places that are still in pain due to human damage.

For the ones whose mission is different, nonetheless equal, and must work in the 3D world, your task is even harder than the ones that have already taken the decision of creating their own form of living and live only in the places and with the people that are in perfect resonance with who we are. For those who are in this situation, as I know there are many, for there are a lot of people writing to me about this, sharing their situation, you have my most sincere respect and love.

Having been there myself before, it is extremely hard to be able to restore the body, at the end of the day, and try to keep it balanced when we are surrounded by people and situations that are simply not aligned with our frequency. This does not mean you are in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, there is not such a thing as being in the wrong place, for all serves our path.

There are many brave and strong souls whose mission is to work in that level, which is even more challenging, and even though there are many who may think these souls cannot be ascending as the ones who are more isolated from these 3D distractions, this is, again, separation, egoic feelings of superiority, between many other judgements.

There are no special souls placed in wondrous places, from where they can serve untouched, even though it can seem to be like this. There are many important special souls placed in the places their unique and precious frequency can heal. When one is ready and if the God Self decides so, then if the work is done these souls can pass to a more peaceful human existence, but the important thing is not where we work or the label of what we do, but the intention with which we do it that matters.

It is the essence, the love, the compassion we put into what we do, that serves. There are souls doing more challenging work in the 3D world than others who live isolated. I have no judgements, even though by reading this it can seem so. I respect All. However, every time I read or hear someone feeling superior about living in certain conditions others do not, I have no other way than sharing about the importance of mastering the ego as well as to see the same light in other's jobs. 

I say this even if I am one living in what I consider a perfect reality for me, which cost me years, but the importance of appreciating what others do is pivotal. There are many in the spiritual community, whose smiles, love and light messages, are precious, however, energy speaks for themselves, and there is no one who can disguise what one is. And there is nothing wrong with this, for we all have our time to begin knowing ourselves, witnessing what disempowers us and beginning the endless path of self-evolution.

Earth Transmuters

As we continue to navigate through the Eclipses, and until the Lion’s Gate on August 8, the energies will continue increasing. This is a very important passage for the Earth Transmuters - group of souls whose mission is centered on the transmutation of lower  energies - filtering and purifying them so they regain their natural light state, again. 

At the moment, we are undergoing many changes, however, for these changes to occur first a transformation must take place, one that begins energetically until it reaches the physical. These souls who are in charge of transmuting these energies will feel exhausted and if they do it unconsciously, for the majority of the time, it is by our essence that we do our soul mission, will experience depressive periods, if they do not take good care of themselves, for they may not distinguish from where these lower energies or feelings come, and instead of acting as mere filters, could fall into the illusion this pain or lower state of being, belongs to them, when they are just here to transmute and let it all go.

Only by knowing oneself and by constant self-observation can one know whose role is the one they brought, for some people can confirm it to you, but no one else will know better than yourself. There are many souls working in public places such as hospitals, and mainly where it involves working with a lot of people or people who are experiencing illness, whose part of their mission is to precisely transform not what these people experience individually, but the collective frequency. Therefore, it is so important that they are conscious of how to use a proper protective layer between other boundaries to be able to fulfil their mission without being directly or intimately affected.

During the Eclipses there are many souls working on the dissolution of lower frequencies and there are many whose soul role will even involve travelling to do the work of dark transmutation. It depends on the essence of their mission, for sometimes it is more centered on transmuting the dark energy of Earth and others shall do so collectively, more focused on the dark energy that people, in general, generate.

Therefore, being aware of what exactly is your mission is very important for when there are things that may seem similar, they are not, and most who are not yet holding clarity, will tend to resonate with more than one mission, at a time. This disappears with inner work and when the lower self is ready. The important is not exactly what our mission is called or what we do, but how we do it. As I always say, it is all about the intention more than the label in itself.

Comparison, as I always say, is another important thing to work with if we are willing to truly disengage ourselves of self-imposed expectation and of fixed ways of doing things. We all are unique and even though certain souls can carry the same mission, not even two can make it the same way.  Comparing yourself to others or wanting to do what others do, is a complete waste of the precious, and gifted, soul that you are, therefore know, respect and honor thyself.

There are many who are ready, as I received, to descend, and hence, embody in their physical beings, new aspects of their mission, leaving behind their challenging roles as Earth transmuters, although a part of them will continue this work, and being now able to move on from years of feeling tired, sick, depressed etc. in which their bodies have suffered a great deal to be able to filter all these lower  frequencies.

During the Eclipse, if you are one of those souls, you have the opportunity to release a part of your mission which is already fulfilled and embody new aspects, as many of us are doing. You may not know all the details, this is a path of trust in the Divine, and the only thing we can do until a higher clarity comes, is to flow and continue doing what we feel is our current mission. 

All comes to us when we are ready. In that moment of illumination, one realizes that one wasted time constantly asking, suffering, and searching outside, in the wrong places and people, what was only within. It is then that one realizes and it serves for the next time, that one simply must wait for when the physical self is ready to receive and that one can only do so, not by searching healing or other things outside but to consciously work on the self, patiently waiting for the right moment in which we finally are ready to descend more wisdom.

The return of Light Consciousness 

This is a very potent Eclipse, and galactic passage, in which while we are fully immersed in these healing waves, we could align with them to go deeper within our being and liberate ourselves of the unhealed issues and self-imposed chains that our egoic self is constantly creating. 

The return of Light Consciousness is a fact, for our Planet is not just beginning to dwell within a higher dimensional space, but also the ones who have consciously chosen to experience this transition. Now, it is pivotal that we do not fall into the egoic trap of thinking we have done it all, for we came here to master the self as well as to assist the Planet until its full transition, which is not done yet. And it is our main mission to act as New Earth Bridges, even in the most challenges times, to make this shift possible.

During the Full Moon we have two loving and powerful events - a trine between Jupiter and Neptune, which is still in our Heavens and Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. This is where the ones who have already worked for so long with healing our human ancestral patterns and many other lower layers of the self, are ready to only work on bringing back the lost connection to Source, the feeling of oneness we once forgot and the remembrance of finding love in everything within Creation, not just in the things we consider miraculous, which is everything that surrounds us, but in every creature, being and thing, for this is where Divine remembrance truly begins.

Ascension is nothing but the descension of our Divinity into a human self and plane, one we created precisely for this purpose, between many other ones. It is not about running, and wanting to force our progress, for there is no destination, other than assisting while we are in a human body and enjoying the delights of this plane. It is not about constantly seeking and asking, but about BEing in the now, being who we are and doing all we truly desire, from our soul, that truly counts. 

It is all about being present more than wanting to do and accept where we are, for here, in this moment is where you are being of assistance, is where peace resides. Here is where you exist, and it is only in this moment that you are free and able to create the next one as you wish. 

When we embrace the moment, we no longer have the need to maintain old frequencies, situations and experiences activated, as we understand that they are just past choices happening at another timeline, it is then that we allow healing to occur, remembering that when we heal ourselves, the invisible threads that connect us with All within Creation make healing possible for All as well.

Infinite love, joy, and bright blessings for a wonderful Eclipse, and for a magical everything, always, Beloved Companions. Remember to stay, always, in the Illumined Essence of your God Self, which knows only Love, Truth and Compassion. 

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba