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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


jueves, 7 de marzo de 2019

Emotional Release

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

As you know we are immersed within a very creative, and profound, Piscean-Neptunian passage, where many of us, depending on where we are in our unique path, for we all have our micro cycles, are already feeling, or about to, feel the deep emotional impact from these Piscean energies. For the ones who no longer fear to completely experience the energies as they truly are, this is going to be a magical and powerful month, especially for the ones who were born, as it is my case, under this Water sign, for this phase, especially with the New Moon that we just had in Pisces, is going to offer us the opportunity to emotionally release that which belongs to the old and it is blocking our conscious desire to co-create in the new timeline that we have consciously chosen.

This is indeed a chance for us to work on self-liberation. As you know ascension is not about constantly integrating and raising our frequency, but about precisely working on emotional clearing, that we are able to grow and embody new levels consciousness, for it is by doing so that we dissolve the veils of illusions, past wounds and traumatic experiences that impede us to fully embrace a path of conscious expansion. 

Piscean energies together with the ones from Uranus in Taurus, are going to help us bringing into the surface not just our soul visions, but all of our hidden emotions/wounds, giving us the opportunity to make them conscious, so we can deal with them, dissolving all that has already fulfilled a purpose, in our human evolution, and learning process of remembering who we are and our unique purpose. 

Pisces as you know, is the last sign of the zodiac, it is where we finally release an old cycle of slavery and learn from everything experienced with the rest of the signs. Pisces comes to burn old worlds as well as the bridges that we have emotionally built to them. It is when we finally awake to the Truth, of who we are, of what we came here to master, share and of what is impeding us to embrace our Divine potential. 

It is with Pisces that all that is still hurting our soul, even though we are not conscious of it, comes back, for these are all fragments of our soul, dwelling in pain, in fear, waiting for us to embrace them, and bring them back Home, which is the individualized aspect of us called X, incarnated at this specific time within Creation.

It is precisely by unifying all these lost soul fragments, all the pain and wounds that are still mourning within our heart, that we can become whole, and hence healed, again. This is what gives us the Divine Gift of forgiving ourselves and others who have touched our lives, and by doing so, they have also left us a gift, for us to understand and embrace it, if guided, when the moment comes. For all is, at the end, a gift for us to accept and grow from it, or not.

The New Moon in Pisces on March 6th, as well as this entire month, is a period of deep communion with our God Self, for it is by turning inward that all we need to know, at this time, can be revealed. Revelations are not good or bad, as humans tend to label, they simply fulfill a purpose within Creation, which is one of delivering the information required for us to know where we are heading and of what is necessary for us to dissolve.

One can be revealed a certain aspect of themselves that needs unification. A certain truth that has been hidden by others or simply by our egoic tendency to protect us of what hurts us, or about any other issue that our God Self considers relevant for us to integrate, at this time. For me, exactly on the day of the New Moon, it was all about being open to receive the truth about a certain relationship (it does not have to be a romantic one) and the true intentions, since the very beginning of this person. To me, it was going to be a co-create relationship. I was in love with what we were going to create together. However, the intention of the other person was different, for it was simply one based on egoic premises. 

All is, always, well as it Is. This is not about being sad or any of these emotions that arise when we have been holding expectations regarding someone or to any project. For as evolving beings, many of us have as a part of our mission, the task to help the collective transmute, as they continue with the transformational process they are immersed into. 

This is not just about egoic feelings or having a bad day, for as ascending souls, we are far enough of these dramas. This is about assisting, in ways that sometimes make not easy to discern if what we feel comes from our mission to assist in this transitional process, of belongs to something we are experiencing ourselves. 

This also required of us a deep understanding of how the cellular process of releasing works, and how important it is to allow the connection between our emotions and our body, as to set and example, by shedding tears, we are allowing specific parts of our body to finally free an old blockage, as well as to empty ourselves of past energy, so we can embrace a new frequency. 

When our lightbody is moving into a new level of consciousness, we are going to experience many hidden emotions coming into the surface. It is hard for us when we finally are able to glimpse the truth, for our egoic self will deny it, hide it or fight it before embracing and accepting it. When we are immersed in that process, the who, what, how, and when, do not matter... the important thing is to become aware of the blessing in disguise that this person has brought to us or a particular situation.

This has nothing to do with being good or bad. It simply has to do with taking responsibility for something we have created for our human journey, being responsible, and brace enough, to learn from it. It is all about becoming more conscious, and about feeling all the pain and crying all the tears we have inside, for if not, our heart cannot grow in love and expand into it. Sometimes we all need something that comes not to damage us, but to save us by breaking the barriers we build into our heart as a protection mode, so we can love, again, unconditionally.

During this time, especially if you are experiencing an emotional release, many emotions/patterns can surface, as an indication of the emotional clearing that is taking place or that you need to do. Some of these are:
  • Fall into the victim or victimizer roles. 
  • Guilt. It is very important to work with blaming ourselves or others in our healing process. These are patterns that have been imposed to us, since we were born. In truth, there is no such a thing as blame. What is important is to be responsible for all we have done and use this to increase in awareness, and in love and compassion, toward ourselves and others. Using blame to punish ourselves will only foment old illusions and victimhood because the Universe do not blame anyone or punish, this is human, and must be dissolved, if we desire to truly become free sovereign beings. 
  • Rumination
  • Self-defence/justification.
  • Impulsive behaviours. 
  • Self-negative talk. This can be contrasted by focusing and working on self-love and worth.
  • Negative thoughts
  • Rage
  • Revenge
  • Self-harm patterns: addictions, toxic attachments or any other things that we use as a form of self-punishment. 
These are patterns that need our dedication and care, for if we do not love ourselves and become our own caretakers, there will be no other one that could heal these emotions and patterns for us.

It is important to look at ourselves with neutrality, until we will be able to fully merge with all the emotions and see from where they come. There are other tools, if you are passing through an emotional healing phase that could help you to face and embrace and heal all these emotions, so you can begin the process of healing:
  • Soul retrieval
  • EFT - emotional freedom techniques - I am a EFT practitioner, and it has helped me a great deal, when I began on this ascension journey, and it is something you can do yourself, for as I always say, we have to be responsible for our own healing process.
  • Somatic techniques for trauma and somatic grounding techniques for those who are dealing with past flashes or old patterns that come from old timelines.
As always, you know yourself better than anyone else and as you own master and healer, you will know what tools best resonate with who you are and with what your body needs. 

Surrendering, letting all go, whether in form of tears or in any other way that feels good to your unique process is good for the releasement of old relationships, jobs or dramatic situations. All the pain is a message for you to decide, at every single moment, whether you decide to engage in this past energy or allow yourself to feel, and release, pain in your unique way and step into a new state of being.

It is precisely remaining in pain, after having understood the gift it brought, to us what makes us fall into the trap of victimhood and other similar human roles. When we begin to ask ourselves the whys, the hows and the whens, we are anchored, again, in a past timeline. In the moment we decide to bless what our egoic self is reticent to let go, surrender and allow ourselves to pass through this releasing process, we have given ourselves the opportunity to expand and create from a totally different state of being.

When we are in the process of dissolving old energy/wounds, or whatever it is you need to liberate yourself from, we need of our love and assistance, for we are the first ones who have to be compassionate toward ourselves. Dwelling in the things you think you made wrong, in what you think others did to you or in what did not work, will only add more suffering, for you are creating an energy that is not aligned with the truth of who you are.

What is important is who you are Now. How you feel Now and the intention you put into all you think, say and do Now. What you did in the past, is no longer here except for your conscious or unconscious desire to bring it back. You do this every time you decide to remember and focus on what you did or not. Focus on what IS Now. It is the only way in which we can aligned with the present frequency, heal, and expand into new horizons.

As humans it is very hard for us to let go and understand that sometimes things are not going to happen in the way we wanted them to occur, simply because we are very naive and we forget that there is always a Higher Force taking care of us, and knowing what is best for us All. Certain things have not happened, for you to be alive, and in joy in this present moment, as certain situations or state of beings would have led you to extreme situations. Other things did not occur because they were not good for you or for others that at that time were involved, in whatever way, with you. Whether you believe it or not, we are like children and we are always taken cared of.

There is no way the human can know the original plan that the Divine has for All. This is why it is so important not to judge the Universe, its Power, its Love for All and its infinite Assistance, in infinite ways we cannot know. For in thinking we know more, we are falling, again, falling into egoic traps.

In the moments you feel you are hopeless, alone, in pain, in fear or in any other lower emotions that make you feel you are not in control or know how to step out of these situations, in this precise moment, you are being surrounded, and assisted, by infinite beings and forms of consciousness that you cannot see/feel or heard but that are taking care of you. They are making sure that in the precise moment, when you were guided to release, there is no other force or being taking advantage of the emotional state you have at this moment.

You are being immensely protected, guided and wrapped in the Divine Embrace. You do not have to believe it or not, you do not have to feel it, you just have to allow it and be grateful for the things that are not seen but are taking care of you in ways that as human, you could never do.

All is a conscious choice of enabling this Divine Force to take care of you. All is a choice of whether you desire to see the truth of this Universe being a loving one, or whether you desire to keep feeding an old reality that is no loner existing, in this present moment. 

I have encoded this message for all who are guided to read it, and feel beyond the written words, with light language and the sacred sound of my white quartz singing bowl. I was guided to sing and in a way encoded this message with great love and healing vibes, for all who are releasing in this massive way, as I am now. Just to remember that you are never alone and that all that is happening is not negative or bad or wrong, but a wonderful blessing, showing you many things. 

The first one of them is your strength, for it is precisely in extreme emotional situations when we realize how strong we are, something that in normal situations we could not have become aware of. Secondly, is showing you that you are evolving and heading into the desired timeline, which is why you are constantly leaving the old aside. Lastly, that you are indeed you are embracing higher levels of Love, for you, and hence for All.

As we approach to the Equinox, especially with the Full Moon in Libra, we will be feeling the harmony and peace it will bring. For the ones who are stabilizers, remain always centered into your heart, especially during this month where we are going to be fully immersed in the task of assisting with the Earth's Fabrics stabilization, and the unique mission each of us has. In a time when many of us are experiencing an emotional release, it is important to support ourselves in this process, and be loving as we pass this phase.

Sometimes it is hard for  us to remain fully balance as we envision what is taking place in the collective, and as we continue to honor their choices as well as we also deal with our own releasing process. By the end of the month we will feel relief and with strength to continue with our conscious desire to expand and co-create, for above all, this is one of the most creative month of all the year, to enjoy align with our creative essence and bring this soul visions, in the physical. 

I send to you infinite love, light and bright blessings Beloved Companions.

May you, always, remain in the Illumined, and comforting, Essence of your Soul. 

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2019

New Moon in Pisces, March 6th, 2019 ~ The Realms of Illumined Truth

Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear. 

 Mahatma Gandhi 

Beloved Light Emissaries,

During this Piscean month, we are entering into the realms of Illumined Truth. This passage will be intensified by the New Moon at 15 degrees of Pisces on March 6th, where we will have the cosmic blessing of expanding our creative abilities and navigate through the Piscean-Neptune portal, something that, again, is done by conscious alignment with the energy that we desire to co-create with.

This is indeed a very important cosmic event for those who are prepared to retrieve more Truth, through the revelations that at this time are meant to come to you, which is why it is so important to be grounded, for in the realm of Pisces, we could fall into the trap of delusional or magical thinking, addictions etc., something that will be enhanced by Neptune.

Pisces, rules intuition, compassion and devotion to service, with Pisces comes freedom, and the completion of a cycle, in both the micro and in the macro, as it is also happening in the Planet. With Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac endings come, as well as new beginnings for there is a moment in which both co-exist, at the same time. It is precisely from this timeless and spaceless moment, that we have the opportunity to create a new phase or to get attached to an old timeline. It is with Pisces that we begin to remember our true origins, clearing karmic patterns/debts, purifying ourselves and achieving personal enlightenment. 

At a cosmic level, we have the Sun, the Moon and Neptune in Pisces and the first two conjunct Neptune. This is going to be a great cosmic reunion for us to align with the compassionate essence of this loving Universe and with who we are, in nature. This is going to be a fountain of love, inspiration, creativity and Divine connection for us to connect with our inner creator. This will be a wonderful gift for us to expand our higher senses, harmonizing with these loving energies. 

Furthermore, the Sun will sextile Mars and Saturn, while on the other hand we also have Mars trine Saturn and this last one sextile Neptune. This will give us strength, vitality and the perseverance - Mars trine Saturn and Saturn sextile Neptune - required for us to stay grounded, make our soul visions tangible, know what this path of devotion truly means and honor our human journey, and mission, even though this path can also have some challenges that we need to overcome for our growth. 

It is a moment for the ones who are beginning to step into this journey to begin the process of conscious healing. For the ones who have been walking this path for a while, this is also going to be a gift for them to embrace a new form of communication, based on an equal collaborative exchange for teaching/sharing purposes, rather than the old channeling methods, as it used to be in the old. 

We are now becoming free sovereign beings, and when we embrace this journey as such, there is no such a thing as giving our power to outer forces and beings, for all come now from our God Source that resides within. This is what this wonderful passage is going to reminds us, that no matter what kind of information/guidance we try to retrieve, it shall be always searched within. 

A very important phase as well for us to work on our physical bodies, for our consciousness travels faster than our physical body, which is why many of us are already experiencing time different. However, our physical body does not, this is why it is so important to work with our bodies, for they are denser and need more adjustment and care, as we continue to embody our silicate original essence. 

New Earth body template

The process of building our new earth body template is not a one-day process. This is a task that is going to be challenging and long-term one and the more we focus on the physical sensations as something negative, the more that these symptoms will increase, for they are simply a natural result of our conscious choice of transmuting our physical bodies to its original substance.

There are many of us that are already seeing the physical evidences of this inner work, which is something that begins by working with our DNA and the releasement of all past energy/wounds/programs and anything that is impeding us to pass through this organic process of embodying our true essence. 

During this month, and especially during this Piscean Moon, we have the opportunity to continue working with the conscious labor that of assisting our bodies in their transfiguration process. It is a wonderful time to break old ancestral karmic patterns, old energy, and shift the physical blockages in our bodies that have come as the result of all the trauma or past patterns/energy that were/are in our emotional body. As you know if we hold for a long time a certain pattern that is not beneficial, it will eventually become physical.

Pisces rules the feet, pancreas, and lymphatic system. Piscean energies are perfect to work with past patterns as well as to work with these physical parts of our bodies that may have past energy stuck or that simply are beginning to experience a profound transformation due to the new frequency embodied. 

To work with these frequencies, we just have to set the intention to align with the essence of these energies rather than with what we have been taught they represent by astrology or simply by our own self-created beliefs and begin to truly understand that planetary essences simply are, and it is up to us to give them a meaning and direct them for the betterment of our being or not.

Although we can work with all the parts/organs of our body, at all times, there are certain frequencies that foment certain bodily works. These are some of the things we could work with the present Piscean energies:
  • Inner synthesis between masculine and feminine principles.
  • Balanced relationships
  • Feet issues
  • Pancreas 
  • Sexual trauma/abuse
  • Ancestral karmic patterns
  • Freedom from reincarnation - for Pisces precisely has to do with getting out of the karmic wheel. 
Our new bodies are not precisely build with just integrating energies and having the mental concept of what this involves. Our new body template is built by beginning to release all that was actually impeding this natural transformation and consciously direct this light to the building of what we were originally meant to be. 

Healing, and hence the subsequent activations, that come when we dissolve past energy/wounds, do not come by simply descend light into our bodies, but by talking to our bodies and do the work necessary for us to begin this process of physical mutation. 

Our body cells and everything within our bodies respond to our command and love, imagine them as little light beings, working for the sustenance of our bodies so we can experience an earthly life. 

Everything occurring within and without ourselves has consciousness, is made of light essence and is able to listen and to transform itself through our pure intention and love. This is in truth the true path to self-healing and hence, sovereignty. 

Channeling vs. conscious collaboration

In a month ruled by the many revelations that many of us are receiving, it is pivotal to learn to discern between the many sources from which we obtain guidance/information. This is why I was deeply guided to share, with great love and respect to All, about this profound subject that many call: channeling. 

During this time there is a tremendous influx of light - wisdom - being poured to us by several sources. On one hand and as we continue to embody new levels of consciousness, we receive more light from our God Self. On the other, through the cosmic frequencies coming from the new position - harmonic universe - that Earth as well as many of us, by conscious choice, occupy now.

This is why it is essential to discern with whom we decide to co-create or collaborate with, when we open ourselves to receive guidance, for we could fall into the trap of the many beings whose purpose is to distract, even destroy, the love mission many of us brought, when we decide to come into this planet. 

The importance of receiving guidance from authentic sources is pivotal to our path of conscious evolution as well as for the ones who have as a personal mission to share certain information for All. While I am not entering or go deeper into the many different ways of receiving information, I will make emphasis in the importance of aligning with authentic sources, and even more for the ones who are beginning to walk this path, for they may not be as conscious and as informed, as we already are, to discern from where and whom they are receiving guidance and information.

To me guidance differ from information in the sense that the first one is something that will assist you in your personal and unique journey. While the second one is more focused on simply offering specific information for All, regarding some subject or simply in general terms. The main aim of receiving guidance is to assist us in our human evolutionary journey. Whereas information will be about spreading truth or simply about helping us remembering our true origin and/or particular issue we desire to know best.

There is a lot of confusion about the word channeling, for as it happens with many spiritual terms, this word has been deeply used and hence, manipulated. Many refer to the word channeling as being literally the incorporation of an energy, form of consciousness and/or being/entity within our human body and personality. While others talk about channeling as being fully conscious while they receive certain guidance or information from one or several beings.

The difference between both shall be remarked. For it is essential that we understand that there is a lot of differences between the both of them. While to me, channeling involves the violation of your free will and hence, persona, whether the incorporation is allowed or not. the second one, which I prefer to label as conscious collaboration, and sometimes for the advanced souls co-creation, is what in truth many will refer as channeling. However, it is not exactly the same.

I will also emphasize the fact that channeling is often refered as the ability to transmit messages from non-incarnated beings. While on the opposite, or at least in my view, what many of us do is simply collaborating or participating of a conscious exchange with beings who are, like us, incarnated or residing in simply other planes of existences/dimensions/civilizations, call it as you prefer. The belief of som fo us being alive and others dead, is simply human, there is no such a thing as being dead, in truth. For we simply transform ourselves or pass to reside in another dimension. 

When we consciously collaborate with other light beings and/or form of consciousness, we do so from a total sovereignty space, the same as when we speak or collaborate with other human being. We are free and empowered beings who do not allow anything or anyone to take control of our bodies in whatever possible way it can occur. 

We consciously have allowed the exchange and as equals we agree to have these encounters, whether physical, energetically (as holographic ones, as it happens in the majority of the ETs encounters) or astrally. We are acting as physical translators or transmitters of cosmic information, something that we have already agreed, before incarnating as a soul agreement, or as something we are agreeing now, in this moment of our human experience.

By no means we are allowing any entities, to take control of ourselves and use us according to their purposes. Sometimes, channeling does not have to happen in that way and in the majority of the times it occurs by unconscious manipulation, which is why there are many in the spiritual community that truly believe they are channeling light beings, when in truth they are being manipulated and they are not even aware of it at all.

The danger of channeling shall be highly emphasized, especially at a time when many play with this. It can damage our nervous system and it can even result in soul fragmentation, due to the harm made in our system. 

When the exchange is equal, informative, of assistance and for the highest good of All, it will never violate anything or anyone. It will always occur with the person agreement and under the physical circumstances that will never harm the physical body. Besides, the information received will never coerce anyone, try to manipulate or control us in any way.

If during the exchange we are told what to do and how or when, then it is not going to come from a light source, for highly evolved beings never tell us what to do, they simply encourage us to heal, embrace a path of unconditional love and self-empowerment, beginning with our own selves, and be compassionate beings, no matter under what circumstances.

We will never receive future predictions, or if so, they will be not true. We will never receive any kind of gossip regarding a certain person, and less that we should "help" another by interfering into their unique path, for in the Illumined Realms there is no such a thing as violating the free will that we, as humans, have in this dense plane. For this is seen as a gift for the ones who decide to come here and learn, by own experience, how it is to live in a dense plane. 

There is another variant or version of channeling which is what many do at this time, which is channeling certain ascended masters or other beings. In my humble opinion and mainly through the guidance received, which I fully trust for they are higher aspects of me and my Unified Self, and I have spent years mastering with whom I decide to commune or not, this is very dangerous, because for more than the information received feels good to you, you rarely know who you are channeling.

Ascended Masters, Angels etc. desire for us to commune with our own God Self and Wisdom. These beings may offer us their assistance but they rarely will begin a process of constant canalization with humans, simply for doing so. It often tends to come from our minds or simply from our God Self and we have created the belief they are other beings, for humans tend to have these beings into a pedestal, without appreciating their own Wisdom within. 

The truth is that everything that comes from outside us that is not our Unified Self, personal Guides, who are often, like I said future/parallel selves of ourselves, or pre-planned encounters with our galactic soul family, from a sovereign space, is not going to come from a true fountain, simply because these beings, that some people think they channel, may not be the ones they say they are and it is very hard to discern about it.

Some beings will share loving information to simply take advantage of our energy and feed from them. Others, will try to enter into our auric field and begin their true purpose of manipulating us, between any other things. Lovelight beings indeed are willing to assist us. However, we must be the first ones in doing so, from within. 

Having said that, and if you are prepared to confront whatever it is you can find within that is not aligned with who you truly desire to work with, move inward, and see if you are receiving guidance from where and whom this is coming. I have been working with myself for now 17 years, for I began when I was an adolescent, as there were a lot of inner work to do, and still am doing so, for this is an endless path, and if I share this, it is precisely because I have experienced many times, many encounters that did not feel aligned with what I truly desired to share, and with what I consider to b light beings.

This is how we do it, by going first, feeling everything deeper within ourselves, so we can master it and be able to share the differences between an authentic and empowered encounter and a fake one. Needless to say that protection is essential before we begin to commune with other beings. This is a basic tool that I already assume many will do, daily. 

In my personal experience authentic and empowered encounter with other lovelight beings have occurred in these similar ways:
  • I often receive the guidance and information required for my own journey or to assist others through direct contact in a clauriaudient way, which I do not consider as channeling, for I see it as simply listening as I am able to do with any other human being. However, as the information can be very profound and detailed, it all depends on our level of consciousness, in what we are able to receive and hold, I receive the majority of the information in the form of a light packet, so to speak, so I can decode it after it. This is why many times  we may feel many sensations in our crown chakra, as a sign that we are receiving guidance/information.
  • Inner knowing: This is something that at the beginning will confuse many, for they may think this knowledge come from their minds, not being able to discern if it is authentic or not. One masters this with time and experience. This wisdom comes from our God Self, call it as you prefer, it is part of our ancient wisdom and it comes simply as a profound sense of knowing something that we could have never known by ourselves. 
  • Holograms: Regarding what many call physical encounters with other beings from other civilizations or ET if you prefer, they occur as holograms. Many say they have seen these beings, it is true, but what happens if you try to touch them? You will realize it is all happening in a holographic nature, for different purposes, I will not enter now. 
I know there are other ways for example being taken in crafts to be able to receive further instruction. However, I am only naming the ones I more often use. 

As always, take what resonates with your own guidance. Sometimes, even if we are not aware that what we do is not coming from an authentic source, we must realize it in our own way, for it is how we learn to discern and differentiate. 

I was guided to share about this, even though briefly, or what to me seems briefly, for this subject is very deep. I think this is pivotal fo the ones that consciously have chosen to come here to spread our personal truth and the cosmic guidance we receive, for if we do not begin by discerning with whom we choose to engage, energetically, we could not protect ourselves and unique mission.

As we evolve, we will realize that what we once considered to be truth, is just one aspect of the whole Truth. This occurs because our human minds and abilities are not yet able to understand the mind of the Creator. So every time we embody a new level of consciousness, we will realize a new True, one that does not revoke the previous one, but that adds something that we were not yet able to grasp, at this time.

This is why being humble is so important because even though we can receive certain truths, we are not going to be able to know All That Is and has ever existed, as humans, simply because there are infinite ladders to climb, within this infinite Universe, and we are just beginners.

The Realms of Illumined Truth are not hidden to anyone or just open on certain occasions. They are there for all whose pure intention, and purpose, is to retrieve information that will serve their evolution, and hence that of All. Our task is to remain as open and as humble as possible to receive the Truth rather than the previous human illusion we believed to be true. 

March is a time to dwell in Oneness. Pisces teaches us what Divine Love and compassion truly mean, as we dissolve the veils of human illusions and begin to listen to the whispers of our soul, calling us back Home, as we keep remembering our true Divine legacy and mission. As always, it is up to us to embrace this infinite love that may burn all that is not aligned, but that will also restore what is pure, unconditional and compassionate, in essence or continue to dwell in delusions.

This is a passage for us to merge with the Divine within and begin to create beyond all the illusions of who and what we have been told we are, the path that our soul truly desires for us - embracing our true potential, and living as the compassionate, and wise, masters of an earthly realm, that we are, in nature.  

I wish you a wonderful and magical New Moon in Pisces Beloveds!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba