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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2019

Full Moon in Taurus, November 12, 2019 ~ New Life's Foundations & Star Lineage Clearing

Beloved light Emissaries, 

We are in a phase of our ascension journey in which the harmonic energies of the new year that we are about to welcome are already strongly felt. Energies that are going to help us enter into a stage in which balance to be able to create the proper foundations for our new lives, is pivotal. The Full Moon at 19 degrees Taurus on November 12, is going to occur after the massive influx of the 11:11, helping us anchor these frequencies on ourselves and tangible plane so we can being building from within this new phase of our lives. 

These energies are going to be of great relevance if we understand how to direct them to activate the parts of our bodies that are yet dormant - descending into the physical the visions and soul creations we desire to manifest. This Moon is going to have different purposes for us to work with. As usual energies simply are and we receive many essences from different galactic sources, how we direct them is always our personal choice.

For some this Moon will be all about mastering how to create abundance and a stable life in the physical, especially for its Venusian connection, which is always linked to how we feel for ourselves, as if we do not respect and honor ourselves as well as personal soul choices, we could not manifest a loving and harmonious reality.

For others who have already brought into form the reality desired, this Moon is going to be of great assistance for them to connect, in a deeper way, to their star lineage, using these frequencies to heal and restore the proper connection to their galactic essences and families. Clearing our star lineage is of great importance when we begin to open ourselves to receive new levels of wisdom. It is pivotal that we clear any distortions as well as negative, so to speak, connections with certain beings/entities that may be impeding us to receive, and hence transmit, a pure message and/or healing frequency for the ones who work on assisting others in their personal healing journey.

The most important task in this new phase that we are about to start is to harmonize our physical and non-physical bodies so we can finally work on creating the proper alignment between both realities in where we exists, although as you know, we dwell in many dimensions. This Moon is going to act as the perfect bridge for us to unite both planes the cosmic and physical one, so we can begin integrating both as an equal part of who we truly are. 

As we have the Sun in Scorpio, this Moon is going to have the perfect opposite for us to fusion the ethereal aspect of us with the earthly one that yearns to experience a physical plane with all its challengings as well as blessings. So for many who are working on how to manifest their desires and align more with our physical reality, this Moon will provide them with the perfect energies to do.

On the other hand, for those who have mastered the art of being in harmony with their souls, as well as opposite polarities and have already bring into form what is going to assist them in this new phase, they will be also blessed with these Moon frequencies to expand in their galactic nature and clear all that still dwells in separation within themselves so they can begin to expand more into their healing task and soul mission. 

Resolving inner conflicts 

The Taurus Full Moon will help us tremendously in manifesting the reality that our soul, in the ethereal envisions for us since it activates the Saturn sextile Neptune alignment that will help all who are eager to pursue their goals and finally be courageous to go after what they feel will be in harmony with who they have become. 

This is going to be a year of great changes at the beginning and after that the subsequent stabilization shall come, so we are in a wonderful moment for us to connect in a deeper way with these frequencies and do the inner work required to properly embody and conduit them for conscious co-creation purposes.

As the taurus Moon Will oppose Mercury, the Planet of communication, this is going to be a great opportunity for us to work on conscious interactions and self-expression. It is pivotal to be able to express our feelings from a total space of freedom, love and respect to All. As I always say, communication begins from the one we maintain with ourselves. It is from this inner space that we create the programs that are going to govern ourselves and our self-image.

If we create a self-image caused by our own delusions or by what others perceive of us, then we will be distorting our own person and reality, all due to a lack of loving communication with ourselves, which is why it is pivotal to focus on working with our - most of the times - unconscious self-negative talk and begin to build a kind and respectful relationship with ourselves, so we can expand this same love to our personal relationships and All.

To give us strength in our path to self-love, respect and healthy communication, we have the Moon in Taurus trine Saturn together with Mars sextile Jupiter which is going to help us cultivate patience, harmony and emotional strength to cope with all the emotional/mental challenges that can come when we are under a very deep process of transformation. 

In a more earthly way, this Moon is going to be of great assistance to all of us who are searching for expressing our feelings openly with love and respect as well as to work with how we express ourselves in the world in general. It is very important that what we express comes from a unified and kind space, so what we are sharing comes from our purest soul desire to assist throughout gifts rather than from an egoic wish to just please others or obtain something in return from our human exchanges. 

Star lineage clearing & Blue Ray descendants activation 

Galactically, the Full Moon in Taurus is a wonderful portal, connected to the 11:11 previous one, that is going to help us commune with the cosmic aspects of who we are as well as others stellar companions that are One with us in soul and that are helping us while we walk as humans.

As I said before this Moon can be taken in many ways and one of them is by focusing in using its galactic frequencies, ones that are linked to the Pleiadian/Venusian portal that connect our Planet with Taurus constellation, to work on unconditional love and the conscious co-creation of these same loving essences within our tangible plane, something that Pleiadians are teaching many since a long time ago, as they live within respect and Divine Love.

For the ones who are beginning to work with star lineage clearing, this is going to be a blessed portal to work with the many distortions that many of us, as galactic citizens who have dwelled in many civilizations, hold within regarding certain imbalances that come from some experiences many have had in Aldebaran, Orion, especially during the war period. There are many who have experienced these wars and that still hold within many patterns that may impede them to release certain old beliefs and habits that impede them to embrace their sovereignty.

As this Moon is very connected to certain galactic dimensions and what we call stars, it is a good moment to establish the conscious connection for us to clear these old programs that are within our DNA, and hence star memories, and that shall be released for us to embody higher levels of love, wisdom and consciousness.

Clearing all the emotional programming is essential in this ascension journey and this is a Moon that gives us the perfect essences for us to call upon our Unified Selves and galactic team and work in a deeper level to bring the proper healing required for our own personal evolution. Many may think they do not know how to do this. However, if we leave aside of our minds for a while and surrender the: I do not know how to do this, we will begin to notice how all of a sudden we are assisted by hidden forces that we many not see but that are as real as we are.

Often we many receive help from people, situations that change, sudden healing, or a realization of something we did not know how to solve, or simply a more peacefully state of being. This is the result of your prayers being answered in a way that may not be as you wanted it to be but that is the way that is meant to be for you and All. Our main mission resides in moving away from our egoic desires and expectations and how what we wish must happen in our human reality and let the Universe do its job.

We do not need to physically hear, see or contact. Although many of us have this as a part of our mission. We simply need to open our hearts surrender and wait in the humility of our humanity the assistance that shall come when a Higher Intelligence considers most appropriate. 

At the Full Moon time we have great galactic connections. Aldebaran, as you know is the brightest star belonging to the Taurus constellation, from where the Blue descendants from the First Sound Founder Flame - Blue Flame - originated. There are many distortions regarding the masculine principle, power issues, and other implanted memories and hybridization programs that come from what happened eons ago in these civilizations that are in need to be released, especially for the ones whose main origin resides in this Flame and who know, by their own soul guidance, that have karmic patterns to release. Therefore it is a wonderful portal to bring all these past wounds into the light and begin working with them. 

During the 11:11 portal there are many souls who have wisely chosen this gateway to enter into our time/space zone, incarnating int this physical plane and carrying within their DNA the potential to develop the first original DNA strands that comprehends until 30 layers. This is something that is happening at a time when our Planet needs support to finally dwell into a new dimensional space. Thi is why it is so important that we all contribute, especially during this year 2020, with the proper stabilization of our bodies, and consciousness, required to support this change. 

At a physical level, The Moon in Taurus will be a very powerful one as well in terms of physical healing, as Taurus line situated in UK - Avebury - is directly linked and aligned with star Aldebaran, a frequency designed for those who are beginning to work on the conscious embodiment of the Christos Essence that begins to shift our bodies - retrieving our original Adamic DNA. This is a very important Moon in terms of working with our bodies for its transformative frequency as well as stellar healing connections, and whether we are located in thi location or not, we all can always benefit from its healing essence, if we desire to align with it. 

For the time shifters and those who work with helping our Planet to restore its universal sense of time and space, during the Full Moon in Taurus there is going to be a very unique opening for those who are time travelers or that are here to retrieve certain universal patterns, lost through manipulative tactics eons ago, as Aldebaran, works in unison with Antares, Scorpio constellation, creating a time portal meant to help those who are able to project their consciousness through time/space and do their unique work of assistance or to simply connect with the universal time for other soul purposes. 

The power of Taurus precisely resides in the strength that we all have for personal transformation, especially while we dwell as physical beings, from where we most can experience deep evolution. As its Planet Venus reminds us, these energies can help us channel pure and unconditional love within ourselves and bringing it into our earthly reality, for there are many benevolent beings that are helping us to do so, and finally live as sovereign loving beings. We just have to choose to anchor this same essence and act accordingly.

I wish you a blessed and magical 11:11 and Full Moon in Taurus Beloved Ones.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

Gratitude to Cosmic Collage Art for the wonderful photo. 

viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2019

The Energies of November 2019 ~ Integrating Change

Beloved light Emissaries, 

There is a time for everything within Creation and at this time of our evolutionary journey, we are about to leave behind another phase of our human experience, one that has brought us many initiations. We are immersed in a period in which bringing balance into ourselves, especially during this month in which change is going to be a constant, is pivotal. The last months of the year are marked by precisely a frequency of harmony that were introduced by a very powerful New Moon at 5 degrees Libra. An essence of harmony and love that continued during this past month of October, as its universal number 4 reminded us, and that will be very present during the coming year 2020, whose main frequency is as well a universal number 4. 2020 is the year of harmony, clarity and stabilization as it is all about creating harmony within the changes we have created and hence in our physical lives. 

2020 is going to be a very important year for the ones working on polarity synthesis as well as for the ones who have created a life that is aligned with their soul will and that needs to be brought into balance, as everything we give birth in the non-physical planes, shall be stabilized by creating the proper foundations that will uphold our soul creations. 

In this new year that we are about to embrace many gatekeepers, stabilizers and others who have as their main soul mission to work with the  Earth Grids, will change location, as it is my personal case as well. We will be integrating new aspects of our Unified Self as well as mission, as a result of the inner work done and personal devotion to this journey. This is part of the stabilization process happening on the Planet during these transitioning years and even though many of us can be surprised about our new path, our only aim lies in surrendering, accepting our Unified's Will and continue doing what is best for the highest good of All.

This new energetic month of November, has a 5 universal frequency, one of change that the New Moon at the end of October at 4 degrees of Scorpio introduced, especially for its opposition to Uranus, which reinforces this essence of change. Many of you will begin to see in the physical the seeds planted time ago and that are blossoming now for you to nurture them and begin your new path. This is indeed a time for accepting change and balance it, at all levels of our human being and physical lives. Our life as we knew it, has shifted, as we continue doing so from within, and what we thought it was going to remain fixed or was part of our original plan, may change as we keep advancing through this ascension journey. 

For many of us, as it is happening to me, that believed that we were always going to be solitary souls, simply doing the mission, we will realize that nothing is as fixed as we thought and that there are many versions for us all of what we call our original soul plan. All depends on where we are and what we are doing with our human experience to determine if we are ready to embrace a new journey that may comprehends new ways of healing, a new soul companion that we never thought possible to have or any other experiences that just because, at that time, we did not possess the proper level of conciousness required to co-create in new ways, does not mean they cannot come now, for we now possess the evolution required for us to participate within the Divine Plan, in new ways. 

As always, beginnings are not introduced with new energies or with specific dates as it is the so awaited year, but by our soul sacred decision to help us evolve in this human journey. However, to do so, first we need to erase fake programs and remove fears, so we can begin the process of healing and balancing. This is why this last stage is going to be so important for us, if we truly desire to clear the past, begin anew and embrace the many blessings that are about to manifest in our earthly reality.  

As we embrace transition, old wounds can resurface, making many fall into what is often called the dark night of the soul, which I would not call exactly as such. This is what many are experiencing at the moment. It is very important that while this turmoil lasts and our bodies release old burdens, we stay centered in our heart, trusting that this is a natural process that needs to occur when we release an old self and begin to embrace new aspects of our authentic one. 

The path to become sovereign free beings is not an ideal one or free of challenges journey, those who are on this path know. It is precisely through the personal experience of the many human tribulations that we finally reach mastery and the illumination required to see things from a higher perspective and begin to embrace a new path based on unconditional love and ego dissolution, something that is a lifetime task.

During this month we are going to have the opportunity to accept change and master how to create balance within it, which is mainly done by moving into a more unified perspective, as we approach 2020, a year in which our main task, apart from our personal one, as we all have ou own journey to experience, will be all about stabilizing ourselves as well as our physical life experience, something that is never separated from our true nature as Divine Beings, as all is Divine in truth. Our main task is not in separating both but into the conscious integration of all that our human self sees as different, lower or not of the light. 

11-11: Removal of fear & Unity Consciouness integration

After having experienced a very intense phase during these past months, We are now heading into a year where we will have the opportunity to begin working with our bodies, in a further way. This month is going to be about shifting everything that is not aligned so we can move into a higher level of consciousness, one in which a lower state of being cannot coexist with where we are heading in this new phase that is already occurring in a soul level and that we will pass to manifest in the following months.

During November, we will have a massive influx of assistance to help us integrate this new level of awareness and that even if we envision it as happening on the 11-11 is already strongly felt, as I am sure most of you may already sense. This process may not be easy, for as always we will be challenged to leave behind more of our old self and limited beliefs. However, on the contrary of what can seems, this is a blessed phase for us to work on the conscious removal of fear, which is the main issue that humans tend to experience, as we leave behind lower layers of who we used to be.

When we experience these stages it is not a reason to think that we are not evolving, for this is what triggers this process and what allows us to move into a new state of being. If we are ope enough to see that this is an opportunity rather than perceiving it as something that we are not doing properly, we will be able to fully appreciate the opportunity to change and release what no longer serves our evolution. 

There are many who are beginning to feel the surface of the physical imbalances that come when we are working on the conscious removal of lower energies. As you know, as we evolve, the more conscious we will be of the energy of fear, as our entire being is asking us to remove it so we can move forward and so the proper energies can be integrated. 

At this time of change it is very important that we focus on releasing all that blocks our natural ability to expand and move forward. When we have been for a while whether unconsciously or consciously focusing on fear, this energy begins to reprogram our body cells to act accordingly, unlike us, they do not judge, they simply become what command them to.

It is then that our bodies begin to accumulate, in certain parts, depending on what kind of thoughts and emotions we hold within, the imbalances that may eve manifest physically, if we do not work with it on time. Sometimes if this energy remains in our bodies for long, even diseases, that will threaten the energetic balance of our bodies. During this month, we are going to have the blessing to become conscious of what needs to be dissolved, rebalance and bring into harmony again, so we can begin to prepare for what 2020 brings, which is all about holding equilibrium and create the strong pillars that will sustain our new lives.

During the process of change, we have to welcome our soul will and be open to accept whatever destination that our soul has orchestrated for us. Sometimes there are many who are willing to relocate or to begin a new life, although it is not yet happening in a physical level.

If you do the inner work of alignment with your soul desires and if you simply be patient, when the time comes, you will see why this change did not occur, at the time that your human self wanted it to happen, as we are not always able to see, from a wider perspective, our authentic journey. However, our soul does and knows what is best for us and All, always. Our mission is not to desperate but to surrender, accept that what we truly desire will come at a perfect time for us and begin to move from fear to a total space of trust in the path that we created for ourselves and that is highly respected within Creation. 

Planetary alignments 

We ended October with a very powerful and revealing New Moon at 4 degrees of Scorpio, one that introduced us into this new energetic month of November, whose main frequency is one of change and adaptation to what it brings in both our inner selves and physical lives. The frequency of November is a fifth universal one - 14 reduced. As you know in tarot, the card that represents number 5 is the Hierophant. 

The Wise Man is a metaphor of a Higher Intelligence who guides us through change and who reveals Truth for all who are ready to listen. This is indeed a phase for deep revelations and self-mastery, a passage to show us clarity in all situations of our human experiences, and the road to enlightened, which is always a challenging path, no free of obstacles, but worth it to walk. 

Number 5 has a passionate frequency which invites us to embrace change, in whatever form it comes. Mars is related to this number, whose Warrior frequency, if well embodied, is perfect for us to overcome any challenges that may arise as we continue growing and expanding ourselves within new timeliness. On November 19, Mars will enter into Scorpio, which potents moving inward and create the change, if we have not done it already and if this is what we desire, that will grow and that we will have to stabilize during the rest of the year 2020, whose main essence will help us do this inner work. 

In truth all is meant to help us, everything even that, which we consider "bad", helps us see where we are not being the LoveLight beings that we are. Furthermore, number 5 symbolizes self-liberation, liberation from cults, religions, old programs, and from everything that keeps us small and in fear, which is everything that was created by humans, in a lower state of consciousness. We always have the perfect essences for us to align with and begin to disengage from old beliefs and ways of beings, it is our final choice to continue in the old or be brave to step into new horizons. 

Astrologically, we begin November with Venus entering in Sagittarius on the first day of the month. Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance in Sagittarius is going to help us liberate ourselves from toxic relationships and from anything that is still keeping us from experience what true and unconditional love is as well as to cease old behaviours that limit us, not just regarding abundance but in all aspects of ourselves and lives.

Sagittarius, the traveler of the zodiac, is always eager to explore new territories, as it always has an open mind, therefore, if we truly desire to experience love, not the egoic one but the authentic Divine Essence that is within us and in All within Creation, we should leave behind what is comfortable, walk an unknown path, and begin to release all the ideas that keep us from experiencing what love truly means. 

There are no frontiers with Venus in Sagittarius, not in love, not in being free and not in expressing our hearts. This is a path to walk in unity, freedom and in love with All, and in the moment that we impede ourselves to experience love in that selfless way, is when we finally are able to broaden our horizons and begin to experience what true liberation feels like. 

On November 2nd we also have a very important alignment: Saturn Sextile Saturn. This is about finding what limits you and going beyond what keeps you small. For the ones who devote themselves to be of assistance, this is going to help us release the old habit of self-sacrifice that many of us still hold within and that needs to be liberated. 

On November 12, we have a very powerful earthly Full Moon at 19 degrees Taurus. In a moment in which we are about to enter a very tangible year, for in truth ascension can only be done through the conscious evolution in a physical world, we have this Moon reminding us the importance to focus on our human senses and feelings as well as we try to cultivate and nourished our non-physical ones. 

It is very important for us to be able to enjoy our earthly experience, as this is where we truly appreciate what the Divine designs and wish to experience through all of us as well as to honor the aspect of us that is human, resides in a physical plane and needs of the physical too, to survive and be able to evolve from the many experiences.

On another hand, this Taurus Moon will also help us in making our soul creations tangible, establishing goals that will help us live abundantly and authentically our human experience and above all in creating unity Above and Below, something that many of us forget when we are too focused on only one side of who we are. 

As this Moon will opposite Mercury, it will challenge us to look within, express our feelings and do it with love and respect, something that can seem very easy but that once we are in the euphoria of the moment, we may tend to forget. As this Moon will harmonize with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, we will be assisted to remain centered into our hearts and conduit any fury energy into more respectful and communicate ways to express our hearts.

On November 20, we have Mercury turning "retrograde". As many of you know I always leave this event on my articles as a mere informative note, as I do not believe in retrograde phases or the effect they have upon us. I released this belief years ago and it does not affect me in the reality I have chosen to create, for it is one ruled by my Unified Self, never by Planets or outer events, that like us are experiencing evolution within Creation and do not curse or bless us. This is something that has been created  through masses manipulation and now it will have an impact on the collective of course, for they choose to experience this. For the ones who consider Mercury a benevolent force with an energy that is up to us how to decide to align with, this is never an event we should fear.

On November 22, the Sun will enter into Sagittarius. We pass from going deeper into all matters and bringing into the surface what was hidden with Scorpio, to manifest new opportunities in our lives with the gentle energy of Sagittarius, a sign that seeks beyond the surface but also enjoys its quest and making things tangible. Sagittarius likes to explore new horizons and as its ruler is Jupiter, it also helps us to expand ourselves even more in our own soul, and mission, search.

Sagittarians are the Truth-seekers of the zodiac, they wander for more wisdom and answers to their inner questions, they do not hesitate if the road gets hard as they know that finding the Truth will be worth it. Sagittarius are persevering in what they truly desire, and they enjoy the journey more than getting to their “final destination” as they are grateful for all the lessons learnt in their path and know that it is in the journey in itself where true wisdom resides.

Sagittarian energies will finally give us the necessary rest that we need after this intense and revealing summer - introducing us to the last month of December, a decisive month before entering into a new phase of our human journey. 

On November 25, Venus will enter Capricorn. When Venus dwells in this earthly Planet, we are invited to commit in a new level, beginning with ourselves and taking it further to every single encounter we may have. This is about working in our relationships, being the most important one the one we maintain with ourselves. It is about making the commitment to love, respect and honor ourselves at all levels, so we can extend this same love into the physical by being first authentic, which cannot occur if we do not love ourselves, for we will be giving something that is not first within us. 

On November 26, we have a wonderful New Moon at 4 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a time for expansion, openness and for us to begin embrace the new adventures that come when we are ready to liberate ourselves from an old self and past. This is what this Moon brings us - the gift to free ourselves from old chains and to begin exploring new territories that does not necessarily have to be about traveling or expanding in the physical, but about breaking the inner barriers that impede us to see our true soul path and enjoy it in its fullness.

Finally, at the end of November, we have Neptune, the Planet of Intuition and the subconscious turning direct again. As you know I prefer to simply align with the essence of Planets and really feel outside of our conventional human perspective what is truly happening behind the physical scenes.

Neptune can be challenging, as it invites to go deeper into the aspects of us and feelings that we do not desire to visit. However, once we integrate our shadows and overcome any fears, we can resurface by being stronger, wiser and with a new sense of direction and connection to our inner guidance, that we did not posses before due to our egoic fear to visit the unknown and the corners of our souls that are in pain.

This is also going to be of great help for those who need to see reality. As you know many times we simply deny seeing what IS and focus on the many humans delusions that cloud our understanding about what is already occurring in our human experience. If you are one who tend to dwell in the ethereal, in denial of what is taking place in your human reality. then Neptune will help you to being into synthesis both worlds, understanding that both are equals and that can coexist, if we desire to embrace both sides of who we are, not just the Divine, but the mundane one as well.

This is a month for us to dream about the many possibilities that are in our hand to bring into fruition. If we align properly with these forces, we will begin to realize the power that lie within all of us to finally bring into existence anything we have ever desired to manifest and that due to our human fears we could not pursue.

This is a time for change. There is nothing ever fixed within the Divine design but our human tendency to get attached to a certain reality. Change should feel as a blessing that comes to us for we can experience different realities and have many soul encounters that will enrich our human journey.

There is nothing to fear if we work with our inability to move forward. There are many wonderful things and companions awaiting for us in this human experience that we have consciously co-created. There are infinite possibilities for us to pursue and manifest. This path was created to challenge ourselves to grow and expand, never to remain under the illusion of familiarity and stagnation due to our apprehension of the unknown.

There are indeed many scenarios that you could play, in the way you choose it, all of them as wonderful as you desire them to be, the only thing stopping you is the fear you have to experience the powerful being that you are and what you could do with all the resources, love and passion that you have within.

The choice, as I always say, is yours. Are you ready to move from a limited reality and experience the magnificence of who you truly are? Are you willing to do what it takes to find the courage and strength required to give birth to a new life? 

I AM and You too are.

I wish you a wonderful new month filled with love, abundance and blessings Beloved Ones.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba