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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2019

Full Moon in Pisces, September 14th, 2019 ~ Galactivation

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

We have been for a while immersed in a phase of constant integration where the main energies that reigned were fiery, and hence masculine ones. In the midst of all this intense period, we now pass to be surrounded by the loving and calm energies from Virgo together with a wonderful Full Moon at 21 degrees Pisces on September 14th that comes to give us a break within this intense passage. Many of us have had during all the summer very profound activations, as the result of all the physical embodiment experienced since the eclipses. This Full Moon in Pisces is the culmination of all the adjustments and conscious integration that have been occurring in our non-physical senses, and that come now to its fruition. 

Pisces, rules intuition, compassion and devotion to service, with Pisces comes freedom, and the completion of a cycle, in both the micro and in the macro, as it is also happening in the Planet. With Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, endings come, and hence new beginnings for there is a moment in which both co-exist, at the same time. It is precisely from this timeless and spaceless moment, that we have the opportunity to create a new phase or to get attached to an old timeline. It is with Pisces that we begin to remember our true origins, clearing karmic patterns/agreements, purifying ourselves and achieving personal enlightenment. 

Astrologically, the Full Moon in Pisces have wonderful aspects for us to work on polarity integration, as in truth this is the basis of ascension, as well as to set a balance between acting and dwelling in the spiritual worlds. We have a very powerful and transformative T-Square between Jupiter which is in Sagittarius, square to the Sun and Mars which are both in Virgo, with the Full Moon and Neptune, both in Pisces.

We have the same energy that we felt at the end of August with the New Moon in Virgo, as we continue having seven Planets in Earth signs and seven in mutable ones. This is an invitation to adapt to change, flow with it and embrace it even though we consciously cannot see yet where we are heading. We do not have to clearly know what is coming next, our soul will guide us to the perfect destination and companions for us.

It is precisely not knowing that makes our human experience a rich and excited one. It is true that it is very challenging for us, when we are immersed in this human journey, unable to see beyond the moment, to envision our new destination. However, if we would have come here by knowing every single detail of our path, it will not be an authentic experience but a manipulated one. So trusting is pivotal in a path in which we consciously chose to put a veil of illusion into ourselves and simply trust in the Illumined Aspect of us that knows what we are doing and where we are heading. 

This is also a Moon for us to create balance not just in all aspects/polarities of ourselves but also in how we live our human experience. As the Sun and Mars is in Virgo, we have an energy of action, and making things physical. On the other hand, we have the Moon and Neptune in Pisces, an energy that is about being and wanting to dwell in the ethereal. This is where we should create harmony between these two aspects of us and descend our soul visions, what we create in the depths of our being, in our physical body and plane, where we reside and when we can truly enjoy our creations. 

Pisces is the ultimate sign where we learn how to merge opposites and how to finally ascend after having passed through the rest of the zodiac signs, carrying all its wisdom, from all these past experiences. When we reach this stage we already hold the proper wisdom required for us to leave all behind and step into a new state of being. With this Moon many will begin to contemplate a new life, one based on the synthesis of both planes, the physical and the non-physical ones, rather than just residing in extremes. 

Cellular activation 

One of the most influential and important alignments of this Full Moon is the conjunction with Neptune, which is going to help us enhance our non-physical senses and go further into the process of conscious communication and co-creation with our God Self and Guides. This alignment together with the Moon sextile Pluto, which is a wonderful opportunity to create personal transformation and hence liberation, are going to be a great influx of power, which is why it is vital that we stay in our center to be able to conduit these essences wisely, without falling into extremes and emotional traps.

Many of us even before this powerful Moon are having galactivations, which is how I call the current process that is taking place in many of us which is simply the attunement of our physical bodies with the non-physical aspects of us to finally retrieve the wisdom we hold from eons of incarnations as well as experiences in other dimensions, and that is within all of us, as the galactic beings that we, in nature, are. 

This process begins with healing, hara line reconfiguration and with the soul-monad connection required for us to continue expanding into a higher connection with our Unified Self and Illumined Realms. This is something that goes further than anything that we could have ever experienced. This is indeed beginning to occur to those who do their inner work and are ready to finally become universal channels, reclaiming their natural connection to All That Is, not just a tiny part of who they are, as incarnate and hence individualized beings. 

During this Full Moon we have a wonderful opportunity to reclaim the knowledge that our parallel selves possess, and that we can use, to evolve and expand into our work of assistance. To do so it is so important that before working on expanding into our galactic nature, we first dissolve what is impeding this natural connection of our upper chakras to the Illumined Essence of who we are, and continue with the subsequent process of purification.

Building the Antahkarana is one of the first steps towards regaining the soul connection required for us to go further. If we are not whole and healed first, if we have hidden wounds that are being replayed, unconsciously, then we could not build the proper bridge between our human self and our Illumined One. This is also a step that requires dedication and the more we work on this conscious connection to our soul and monad we do, the more that we will feel attuned to who we truly are and the more guidance we will be able to receive. 

Needless to say how important it is as well to work on soul fragmentation which is in truth all about forgiveness, compassion and authenticity towards ourselves and others, for if we still hold regrets, past wounds etc. residing in our emotional and mental bodies, then the work of reclaiming our sovereignty and hence wisdom, will not be as effective as if we leave the proper space within to reclaim what was always a part of us to begin with. 

There are many who ask themselves how they can receive more guidance or why they are not yet receiving the assistance they so desire. In my humble opinion, this is a daily inner work, and for the ones who are on this path 24/7 it can seem easier, even though has many challenges as well, as we are all the time devoted to do this inner work. However, and sharing as well from own experience, for the ones who have to combine this inner work with having a more earthly job or with family etc. lets  be honest, it not so easy.

Patience, self-love, compassion and care is what will help you understand that if this is your case, you are not in delay, or doing anything wrong. What you are doing is multitasking yourself. Do not be hard on yourself, you are in truth a powerful being who even though has to deal with many things, are capable to continue with your desire of evolving. You are doing perfectly fine to deal with both an earthly realm and a non-physical one, and you should also see what you do, and have achieved, rather than comparing yourself to others. Everyone has its own journey and everything that shows us something to heal, to activate etc. is always leading us to evolve.

After doing these main tasks, we are ready to work with the activation of this ancient wisdom that is within all of us and that remains intact, due to our lack of knowledge of how to reclaim it and as many of you know due to the eons of manipulation and different seedings humanity have had. This process is done through the natural cellular telepathy that exists between the cells. As you know we dwell in many timelines and dimensions, we are not just this individualized aspect of us called X, we are all of them splitted in many bodies. 

Behind our illusion of separation all of us are deeply connected and possess within our soul matrix the same wisdom, one that can be shared through cellular reconnection. Our body cells have the capacity when properly programmed so to speak, to communicate between them, outside of time and space, and exchange the proper information required for our personal journey and work of assistance. Doing this conscious commands to our cells together with the proper DNA reconfiguration, is what will determine the connection of all the aspects/selves and hence wisdom, of who we are in totality.

When we consciously ask our Unified Self, for it knows what is best for us, to regain wisdom from all of our parallel selves, as in truth nothing is past or future, we are not asking for the gifts or abilities we desire but for the ones our Unified Self considers appropriate for us to regain, at this time of our evolutionary path. Remember that this is not for us to simply envision something or work with these abilities but to use them to know more about who we truly are as well as to be of greater assistance to others.

One of the most important things to do if we are going to reclaim our abilities is to work first with our nervous system, for it is the one that through our solar plexus chakra is in charge of receiving and giving energies from us. It is our main connection to the Sun and from where we receive the life force that allows us to live and manage energy as well as from where the proper distribution of light impulses occurs. If this is not balanced, then the feminine cannot do the work of wisdom integration.

Cells are living organisms in themselves who possess Divine Intelligence that travels through multiple dimensions, for they function as One. if we begin to function as whole and healed beings, even though this is an endless inner task, we will begin to retrieve new aspects of who we are and the many the abilities that are innate, as a part of our soul learning and mastering through eons. 

We are not limited by space and time, even though we have created this separation and likes to experience it in a human form from time to time. As conscious beings who are regaining our sovereignty, it is our responsibility to clear all fake perceptions of who we are and begin to reclaim our true nature and memories. As long as we continue having other imbalances that are not yet dissolved, we could not fully recognize and embody the magnificence of who we truly are.

At this time there are many who are under this process of personal reclamation. As you know when we are under an internal process of transformation our entire light body is moving into a new level of consciousness and hence our physical body has to adjust to the new frequency integrated. This is why many of us are now sensing how there are many changes in our intuitive channels, and even though it may seem challenging, it is nothing but the natural adjustment and subsequent recalibration that the non-physical aspects of who we are must have in order to align with this new state of being that we possess now. 

This is one of the main causes of why many are feeling as if they do not receive guidance or as if they are stuck, because there is a time we all have to pass until the total adjustment of our bodies is done and our upper canals are able to receive and transmit this new frequency to us, consciously. With this Full Moon in this Water and Intuitive sign, we can finally anchor this new state of being and begin to function as we used to before this period of integration. 

As always energies just are and it is our personal intention to be devoted to our evolution, and responsibility, to conduit them into something that will benefit us and hence the whole. This Moon can be felt as being a very emotional and confused one for the ones who are yet travelling between two worlds, leaving an old self and beginning to build their new reality behind. Or on the other hand, it can be felt as a very powerful and intuitive one, for the ones who have done their inner work and are now expanding and flowing with these energies.

This is not about time or about running in our ascension path. Evolution is not a race and we all have our own time to free ourselves form our own mind projections and old beliefs and there is always time and the opportunity for us to embrace our true self and step into a path of self-love, empowerment and compassion. Time is irrelevant only our intention and devotion to integrate higher levels of consciousness is.

Releasing the energy of desperation

As you know during the Full Moon time, we have Neptune influencing us deeply. When I talk about time it is not just at the precise time the Full Moon occurs, but before and after it takes place. As you know this is not just a one day alignment. When Neptune, especially dwelling in Pisces and in alignment with the Full Moon, appears in the horizon for us, it can be a period of deep confusion, frustration and hopelessness for many who are beginning to awake or for those who are experiencing a transition, as they do not know yet how to conduit this powerful essence properly.

When we are immersed in one of our own personal stages of transition into one state of being into a new one, it is very important that we take the time to focus on understanding that this is the natural part of a process that consists of releasing old energies and hence habits and everything that belongs to an old self. It is not until our bodies get accustomed to the new frequency that we are embodying, that we will feel ourselves again.

Desperation is an energy that if not directed properly can lead us into impulsive acts, lies, and many other unloving behaviours, as we may tend to have a delusive view of reality, and that are happening due to our lack of understanding or will to simply accept the present circumstances, flow with what IS and welcome this new vibration.

Fighting with ourselves to pass this process easily and fast will only bring more confusion. It is pivotal that when we are in the process of transfiguration we begin to let go of our egoic desire to control everything, even our state of being, and begin to surrender to what our soul prepares for us to experience next. 

The feeling of not knowing where to go next, not knowing if we are doing what we came here to do or not, is only experienced through the lower aspect of us that is in fear and dwell in doubt. The authentic Presence within us knows that where we are is where we need to be and that where we are heading is also the best space for us to learn/remember what we chose to.

When independently of the many challenges we experience, we continue trusting in the Source that guides us towards our human experience, we know, even though there is no way out sometimes for us, that we are always being taken care of and that we are going to be just fine, although it does not seem to be as such, in the moment.

It is essential that we understand that whatever it is we are passing through at this time, whether it is a financial issue, unbalanced relationships, confusion about our soul purpose, or any other important issue for us, we bear in mind that this is where we need to focus, on what this present moment has to show us for us to master, learn and heal. 

Our main focus should not be in what we leave behind. It is not either about what will come for us, for only we can choose what you will create next. It is all about what we choose to do in this present moment what will determine where we are going and who we will become, and this is in truth, what truly matters, for nothing is ever happening outside this Now moment.

I wish you all a wonderful, revealing and blessed Moon Beloved Ones.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

jueves, 29 de agosto de 2019

The Energies of September 2019 ~ Recalibration Phase

Recalibration of the mind means clearing our perceptions and recovering our capacity for pure observation.

Ilchi Lee

Beloved Light Emissaries,

We have just left behind one of the most fierce and hence intense months of all the year. August especially with the cosmic influx coming from the Lions Gate has been beyond what we can appreciate from our human perspective. It gave us the opportunity to bring healing into ourselves, self-empowerment and dissolution of what no longer serves u. Something that is very important as we continue integrating higher levels of Wisdom. 

At this time, we are now heading into a more feminine and creative frequency that will help us liberate our creative essence. If during August we experienced the fierceness of the masculine, during this new month we are going to create more balance that will catapult with the Equinox at the end of the month. 

September is also a month that will help us to work on openness, receptivity to receive and trust, so we can become aware of the infinite potential, as well as possibilities, that lie within all of us and that most of the times are clouded by our egoic self and fears. We are all cosmic antennas, descending wisdom from Above to anchor it in our physical plane. This is a month for us to focus on the proper integration of the recent frequencies embodied into ourselves, so we can pass to give birth to a new reality that is aligned with our soul Will. 

This new energetic month begins with a soothing New Moon at 6 degrees of Virgo on August 30. This Moon's loving frequency is meant to help us purifying ourselves with the element Earth, after all the constant embodiment and for many releasing process too. It is with this Moon that we begin to feel the energies of what September holds for us - rejuvenation, cleansing and the subsequent stabilization. 

The Virgo Moon is highly influenced by Mars, Venus and Mercury, making of this Moon a perfect one for us to embrace our power and use it to ground ourselves, as its Grand Earth Trine reminds us, descend our soul visions into the physical and the most important of all - use all this energy, and our soul creations to be of assistance, in our unique and perfect way. 

The New Moon in Virgo acts as a the catalyst of the Earth healing happening at this time - even though the recent events may seem otherwise - and introduces the energies of September. The focus during this time between these two months is on acting as pure light canals of these healing codes so we can assist Earth at this tumultuous time. This is why it is so important that in order to do so, first we also focus on self-purification, so we can act as unadulterated filters of love. 

As I always say, we do not have to be more or do what others do. We came here with specific essences and abilities that help us bring together the whole puzzle of Creation. When we diminish ourselves by doing what we see as glamorous, or idealizing other's abilities, we are shadowing the unique Spark of the Divine within us that desires to express itself, freely and uniquely. 

This is a time of big changes for many of us, as it is cosmically introduced as well at the end of August by two loving trines involving the Sun and Mars to Uranus. As I always say, change does not have to happen at a physical level, as simply with achieving a peaceful state of being, it will signify a profound change. Change comes when we work with inner alchemy, transforming from within what does no longer serves us, opening ourselves to receive and experience, without judgments or expectations, what our Soul desires to undergo through us. 

At a cosmic or macro level, this is also a profound month for many of us who are guided to retreat to fully integrate the new galactic frequencies that are helping us to work with our body channels, stabilizing them so we can conduit these energies and connect them to the universal Earth's Fabrics, being able to bring the Earth healing required for assisting the many planetary structures that are still being restored, especially the ones that unite the old Earth time/space grids with the new restored New Earth's ones. 

Cleansing and renewal

At this profound phase in which we find ourselves, many of us are experiencing a deep metamorphosis, in which our physical bodies are not just dissolving old energy and healing but adjusting again to the new frequency that we are now able to embody, due to the new level of consciousness embodied. This is a very important phase, especially at the end of August and September to take some time to be in deep communion with our soul as well as to rejuvenate our bodies.

For some this time has already come, as it was my case, I had the deepest activation I have ever had during August, and it took me a few days to totally recover. For others, this is happening now or will be about to; the time is not relevant only the proper inner work we do is. This is why during this month taking time to recalibrate our bodies is so important, if we desire to move forward by being aligned not just in a soul level, but in a physical one as well.

During August many of have been working on the dissolution of fears, doubts and especially what was limiting them to expand into their soul purpose here on Earth. At this time there are many who are becoming more aware of other aspects of what they came here to be and share. When this occurs, we may be ready at a soul level. However, our physical bodies need a lot of preparation, rest, and healing to be able to follow this process without falling out of balance and manifest certain blockages or even diseases.

As you know, when we hold fear in a certain organ or part of our body, it will end up by manifesting in a particular form and hence illness, although everybody is unique. It is pivotal that despise our egoic self desires to be constantly doing and assisting others, we also take some time to stop all activity, which does not mean at all to do nothing, and recalibrate the body, for we ascend precisely if we take this evolution in a physical level.

It is at this unique time, when we, as species, are moving from fear to love that we most need to release the beliefs, past energy etc. that are still retained in our body cells and organs and that will not allow us to experience the totality of who we are in this physical realm. This process may be slow and challenging, but we all knew what we came here to do and when we get hurt or feel challenged beyond comprehension, is when we most need to have faith and trust.

There many wondrous souls who are acting, especially at this time of deep releasing and hence integration, as filters of negativity of lower energies, transmuting in a massive way the collective energy that is impeding the whole to evolve. This group of souls need daily cleansing, as their bodies act as conduits for these energies to come through them and then be released. 

This mission is one of the hardest ones for they feel the collective pain, and therefore may fall into the trap of believing this pain belongs to them. This is why they need to be in balance to precisely transmute these lower energies into higher ones and send harmony and love rather than fear and the chaos that is often seed by the dark forces.

At this time it is essential that we take care of specific parts of our bodies whose main function is to exactly filter these energies. The main ones are: Kidneys - who are the ones that filter negativity in our bodies. Another important aspect we should work with is our body grid canals - these are energetic physical channels that are connected to the Earth Grids and that many, as their main mission, have to purify constantly, if they work with the Earth Fabrics. These shall be cleanse and purify properly, which is why it is important that we have the proper knowledge of our body to identify these canals and clean them.

These are some of the tools required for us to cleanse ourselves and bodies at this recalibration phase:
  • Physical cleanse
  • Clearing ego, attachments/cords, lower energies,implants, programs and timeliness. 
  • Soul fragmentation healing 
  • Violet Flame
  • Karmic clearing
  • Dissolution of 3D programs
  • Relationships closure
  • DNA template regeneration/activation
  • Etheric body reconnection
If etheric surgery is required, it is better we begin by asking our Guides team and Unified Self to assist us, and they will generously work with us, for as you know there are astral surgeons in that level to heal what it is in need of in our bodies. If necessary, they will also send us specific people on our earthly realm to do so. It is important to ask, at all levels, for assistance rather than trying things for ourselves that we are not sure or know how to treat in our bodies. 

Wherever you are in your ascension path, energetic balance, especially at this time after the many activations that many of us have experienced, is vital as well as taking some time to replenish the physical body and dissolve all the imbalances that are yet causing us pain or that make us come back into old habits or thoughts patterns. 

Astrological alignments

We end August with a soothing frequency as well as mutable one that indicates the change that is already happening, if not in a physical level for all, in an energetic one, as we have seven Planets in Virgo and another seven in Earth signs that introduces us into the energies of September, ones that are all about purification, Earth healing, renewal and harmony, a frequency that will come as we enter into this new month, as we are now going to be reign by Libra, a sign that will invite us to create balance in all aspects of ourselves and life. 

September is a month for us to tune into its calming essence, but not for this less creative and expansive, as its a universal number 3 - 12 reduced - reminds us. A number of creativity, intuition and also a number of growth, as it is the result of the union between two equals - the synthesis of two giving birth to something new that will assist All. To reach this point first we need to be in deep communion with our soul, purify our physical bodies and connect, at a deeper level, with the creative spark that we all have within and that desires to be anchored. 

The frequency of number 3 goes beyond our interpretation of this number as being a creative one. This is the essence that  invites us to connect with the feminine power within and begin to create from this same inner space what the masculine will bring into the tangible. This is about expressing our soul in the physical in constructive and stable ways. Next year 2020 is going to be a perfect year for us to build strong foundations in our lives, as it will be a 4 universal year, and it is now with this 3 frequency, not just of this month but this 2019 year a well, to begin giving birth to all these soul creations that next year will be anchored, helping us to be more grounded and manifest a solid reality. 

In Tarot, number 3 is represented by the archetype of the Empress. The empress represents the empowered feminine presence within us, the one who constantly creates and expands from within, for she knows no lack or disallows illusions to cover the Truth. She lives in love with herself and All for She knows that everything is One with her, and it is from this unified space that abundance and anything she needs is manifested. 

This is what we are invited to do at this time, to move inward, from where all creations are birthed, and focus on how we create instead of expecting anything from the outside to fulfill our desires and establish a higher form communication with our Unified Self, instead of searching it outside.

To help us in this inner voyage we have on September 14 a Full Moon at 21 degrees Pisces. This is going to be a perfect Moon to move inward and listen to our soul whispers for this Moon will join Neptune, making of it one of the most intuitive phases that we have had recently. We have been surrounded by the element Fire and its masculine essence, and Water comes now to soothe and soften ourselves in the midst of all this fierce energies.

Mars will also join this Moon to bring its Warrior energy and remind us that we dwell now in a physical realm and that it is important to descend everything in the physical. For many this will be about focusing on creating from within what later on they will anchor and expand in their lives. For others who are yet immersed in a profound transformation it will be about working with their intuitive senses. Lastly, there will be others who are still navigating within unknown waters, until they regain more clarity of what to give birth next. Above all, this will be a Moon for all of us to have faith and trust in our soul plan and in the Divine, for all things happen at Divine Timing and in a perfect way for All. 

In this same day we have other two important cosmic events: Mercury and Venus entering into Libra. Mercury rules communication and this Planet in Libra will help us in creating balance in our mental plane, in the way we talk to ourselves and in our relationships. This is a time to observe ourselves and the unconscious speech we use towards ourselves and others, in a way that we may not be always aware, but that can build or destroy a relationship, whether the one we maintain with ourselves or with our loved ones.

As you know the power of word has a profound impact, for words are energy as well, sending an specific frequency, often underestimated, and thi is precisely what brings us undesired outcomes, the majority of the times. This is why it is so important with these two Planets in Libra to work with ourselves and relationships, to get to know where we still allow our ego to govern ourselves and how we can dissolve these unloving behaviors. There are many who desire a balanced relationship, but if they first do not respect and love themselves, they cannot obtain something they do not have first within themselves. 

The next important cosmic event will take place on September 21, as we have Jupiter square Neptune. This is a wonderful frequency for us to work with human delusions, and expand into new horizons if we have already done this inner work, as well as to work on having faith in our unique soul journey. This is where we connect with our inner guru and allow this infinite wisdom to remind us the power of faith, especially when everything seems lost for us, for in truth we never know what it is happening, beyond our human confines. This is a blessed period for those who need to work on having more trust and confidence in their soul plan and in the new reality they are anchoring. 

On September 23rd we have the Sun entering into the sign of Libra, together with the Equinox. Both events are One as both are sending us the same message of unification and balance regained through the proper process of inner alchemy that we have been working on for a while. With Libra and Virgo energies this month, we have a very powerful and soothing time to balance our feminine and masculine essences. 

An inner task that is a lifetime work, for as long as we reside in a dual world, we will be working with inner synthesis. If we desire to evolve and embody our 5D self, first we must move beyond our deep sense of polarity and separation. One does so by beginning to unify themselves, feeling completely whole and in love, and harmony, with ourselves and All.

We end the month with two important cosmic events on September 28: A New Moon in Libra and Saturn opposition True Node. This, especially by having Saturn direct again since September 18, is the frequency that will help those who are ready to descend more aspects of their soul mission, as they have already being challenged by Saturn "retrograde" to look at their fears, limitations and to learn from them how to emerge by being stronger, wiser and empowered.

Now these encounters will help them receive more guidance about their soul purpose. For there are many who are already under this process of consciously unveiling more about their cosmic heritage and the many missions they have fulfilled, within Creation, and the one they have been assigned, during this present lifetime. 

For others, this process of knowing more about their human mission will come when they will be ready to fully understand who they truly are. There are many precious souls who are passing, at this moment, through an inner transition in which for more than they desire to know, their human self is not ready yet, and only inner work, and patience, will help them, until they are ready to receive this new knowledge about who they are and what they are meant to do here on this Planet. 

The New Moon at 5 degrees Libra that we have at the end of the month sets the perfect frequency for us to create the change we desire from a space of total balance and alignment with our soul. This is a very calming and restorative Moon that will be received as a gift after the recent integration phase that many of us have been experiencing, in which our bodies needs to be recalibrated, at all levels. 

We have a wonderful month ahead to recalibrate our bodies, work on what is still causing us fear to be the powerful creators that already are, in nature, and begin to tuning into what helps us expanding within ou unique desired timeline. As we take advantage of these two years and its benevolent energies to help us create synthesis in our masculine and feminine essences to master ourselves as creators and begin to co-create more consciously, we will realize that in truth we were the only ones impeding us to move forward within our personal human path.

This is a loving and harmonious month to conquer yourself, to admire all you have achieved rather than just focusing on what is yet to be mastered and above all, in creating the proper balance within that will make everything else coming back into its right order, for there is no one or outside force that can create this shift for you but yourself, the question is: Will you? Or will you choose to continue allowing others forces to govern who you are or should be?

I wish you all a blessed, loving and soothing September, Beloved Ones!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba