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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


lunes, 14 de enero de 2019

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, January 21, 2019 ~ A Gateway to the Cosmic Heart

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark. 

Swami Vivekananda

Beloved Light Emissaries,  

There has never been a time within our human history in which we have had so much assistance for us to completely disengage from an obsolete and manipulative reality. It is precisely at this time, when our Planet is experiencing a massive awakening that we welcome a very powerful Eclipse at the special 00°51 degrees Leo - the consciousness awakener - that will have a deep impact in the collective, helping them in the process of self-liberation. 

For the ones who have been on this ascension journey for a while, this eclipse brings the perfect frequencies for us to  share our creative essences, expanding into the cosmic creator that we are. To do so, first we need to work on connecting to our true power, which is often confused with the force that the ego exercises, when it desires something. This will be another opportunity for us to activate our hearts, for this is from when true empowerment comes from, and from this loving space dissolve all fears and finally share who we truly are.

As we are all unique and we all are in different phases, within our evolutionary journey, this Eclipse's frequencies will offer us many opportunities for us to work with what specifically we desire to shift. For the ones who are working on trusting their own guidance and sharing with the world who they truly are and their unique gifts, this eclipse will offer them the gift of standing tall in who they are and finally get out of their protective cocoons to shine their unique spark of the Divine.

For the ones who are beginning to walk on this ascension journey, which are many, at this time, this eclipse will be an infused of unconditional love and fierceness, so they can finally regain the courage to be on a path that even though has many blessings also presents many challenges for our growth and expansion.

Finally, for the ones who are already sovereign creators who have already done their inner work to become empowered and integrated beings. This eclipse will offer them the opportunity to become receptive channels and go further in their connection to other galactic companions who are there to show us the way to true self-mastery and unconditional love. As starseed souls and new earth seeds, one of our purposes is to bring information from our Unified Self and/or from other dimensions to assist All - apart from our own growth. 

Sharing guidance received from Light Sources, is pivotal, for our double mission. This is indeed a unique cosmic portal for us to bring information from the Illumined Realms, especially for those who are multidimensional liaisons, cosmic channelers or creative channels, and we all possess this gift, in some way or another, as a part of our Divine Nature. 

Since Leo rules the heart, we will have the opportunity to work with these energies to open and activate our hearts and connect to the cosmic one. This is the first step if we desire to bring change within and in our physical lives, for we cannot do so, if we are not connected to a Higher and Creative Intelligence that offers us the proper balance and clarity for us to create the reality that is aligned with our soul Will. It is precisely from this non-linear/mental/verbal space, and connection to our higher hearts, that we receive all the transmissions, from our God Self/Light Realms, that we are meant to integrate, at this time of our ascension journey

Tools to anchor change during the Leo eclipse

It is said that this is an Eclipse that will bring unexpected change, as it will square Uranus. As you may already know, my view on astrological interpretations differ from traditional meanings, for I prefer to align with these frequencies to interpret their true essence more than base myself on human interpretations which are based on our limited cosmic knowledge. To me, this Eclipse is not about bringing unexpected change, simply because there is no outer force or stellar body that governs our human existence by bringing or not a certain result.

Change is only unexpected when we are not yet acting as conscious and sovereign beings of our own human experience, giving our power to other people or forces to rule our lives. When we are conscious of the path that we created for ourselves, then we are the ones triggering this change - aligning with the frequencies that will serve us to anchor this transformation into the physical.

The main Essence of this powerful Leo Eclipse is one of creativity, higher connection to our heart and healing. However, for this to occur first we need to become receptive to anchor this healing frequency as well as to embody the necessary energies for us to work on bringing the change in both within and in our physical plane, that we are so eager to manifest.

To be able to align ourselves with the frequencies from this eclipse, first we need to feel the essence of this eclipse. Leo is all about self-empowerment and nurturing the individualized aspect of Creation that we are. Leo is a very courageous sign, who loves himself and behaves as the empowered and sovereign being that He is, remembering his true potential and Divine heritage. Leos stand firm in their own beliefs, honoring who they are and truth above All. As Leo also rules the heart, it is an opportunity for us to move beyond our limited sense of the self to find unity with All. 

This is going to be an eclipse for us to empower ourselves and use this Leo energy to choose to begin sharing who we are or if we are already doing so, to expand into new ways of being and doing things. Even for many who have been in this evolutionary path for a while, things are changing, for even though we live outside of the matrix, we also have our fixed ways of doing things, of being and of even sharing, and for many this is a phase to surrender, hold unconditional trust and begin to do things in new ways, even though it can seem scary for the human self.

For this eclipse I have received specific numbers and crystals who will assist us, to align with this fierce and healing essence. As I always say, this is just for our human self to feel aligned by creating a pure and comfortable enviroment for this activation, for as you know, the truth is that we are the only ones who can really anchor this shift by holding a pure intention of our soul desires.

It is not usual that I receive numbers or further guidance to share for All, as we are all unique, and I tend to receive it for myself and own expansion/healing process. However, this time my Unified Self shared certain numbers and crystals for the ones who are guided to align with this Eclipse's and resonate with what I received.

The numbers I have received, which are linked to the crystal grid I will share above, are: 358. At the beginning I did not really know what was this about, until I descended all the rest of the guidance about this passage. Number 3 is related to the heart and the creativity, intuition and Higher Love that resides in it, which is what we can choose to embody, as the embodiment of Divine Love is a never-ending inner work. 

On the other hand, number 5, which represents the male principle, is related to change, for once we receive this creative influx, the subsequent shift follow, if we truly desire. As usual, when I receive certain specific numbers, directions etc. all is connected, for as you know Leo precisely rules the fifth house, one that is related to love, romance, passion, and children. So for those who need to work on the embodiment of some of these essences, this is also a good frequency to work with.

Last number: 8, is the one connected to the infinite love of the cosmic heart as well as to our physical realm - bringing abundance, and the perfect frequency we need to bring our soul desires and visions in our human plane, where we reside and where we can only enjoy our creations and dreams. 

What I have received is a vision of a grid in form of spiral, with specific crystals: one Tetrahedron crystal (clear quart one, if possible) in the center of the spiral. Another variant to place in the center is a vogel crystal or a merkaba one, which represents unity between our inner polarities, for we are creating from a unified space.

Three rose quartzs, surrounding the Tetrahedron, or chosen crystal, in the form of a triangle, if you do not have rose quartz it can also be ruby, pink calcite, and any other one that most resonate with you. Five black spinel crystals, and from here we continue creating the grid giving it the form of a spiral. And if you do not have spinel crystals you can also use cat's eye, tiger's eye, or any similar one. Lastly, eight jaspers (green ones) crystals or you can also use mica, opal, coral, citrine and any other one that you are more guided to work with.

These crystals hold, as I received, the essences of the numbers above as well as the proper frequencies to bring creativity, love, protection and a deeper connection to earth so we can anchor and bring this change into fruition. This was meant to be a general frequency for All. However, feel free to connect and sense the essences from these crystals, for like I said, you may feel more connected to other ones which will help you more in your specific purpose/s. As always, follow your own guidance. 

As I shared, these crystals shall have the form of a spiral and then they can be surrounded by clear quartz crystals to amplify and anchor the frequencies received. Then, set your intention, send it to the grid, sit with it and begin to connect to your Unified Self, Guides Team and Cosmic Heart to receive the healing/revelations and or activations that are meant to be for you at this time.

You can also mix the crystals and interlaced them with small ones, if you desire. Your soul will guide you towards the perfect grid creation for you and your unique purpose. Remember to make your declaration of protection before beginning with your grid, clear your physical and non-physical bodies, as well as sacred space and crystals, asking them to co-create with you (I find the word program a bit harsh) - honoring them as they honor your soul desires.

This is just, like I shared, something we sometimes do to bring illumination, comfort and a sense of peace and higher connection to our human self. We do not need outer tools, even though, or at least for me, it is nice to co-create with crystals, to set our pure intention to align with the cosmos or any other frequency within it, and hence within ourselves too. 

This will also serve for the human self to create an atmosphere of connection and purity before we can quiet our minds so we can enter into the vastness power of visualization and hence imagination, for what we imagine, we create. On my website, If you are guided, I have several declarations of intention to anchor change as well as to protect yourself, if this is the first time you are doing so. However, as I always say, the best one that most resonates will be the one you create for yourself and unique purpose. 

Another way for you to bring change in a specific way, is going to your natal chart and see in what house this eclipse resides, you will have the opportunity to use this Fiery and transformative frequency, as a catalyst for what you wish to shift. For example, if you are Pisces, as I am, this eclipse will reside in your six house, the house related to our physical healthy or well-being. 

Then, you could concentrate, especially at this time, when our physical bodies are experiencing so much change, in what your body needs, is there any toxin that you need to release? Maybe a new diet that you are considering and that will benefit your body or any healing tool you can use to bring balance into yourself. Anything regarding this area will benefit from the eclipse energies.

As conscious co-creators, you will sense in what way these energies feel for you and in what way can you anchor them, for you to trigger the change you desire to bring into yourself and life experience. There are infinite possibilities and you have all of them within. Yours is the choice to decide which one you will give birth. 

Using the eclipse for healing purposes

As you know one benefit from the many frequencies we receive is the opportunity for us to deepen into the healing that we, from an inner perspective, or our bodies, need at this time of our ascension path. For many this eclipse could promote the healing required for them to act as balanced and whole beings. 

Independently of what we all are working at the moment, for we are all unique, and we all have our unique imbalances or simply inner work to do, there are many physical sensations that if not already this eclipse could show us, as an opportunity for us to dissolve these blockages, so we can align with the eclipse by being purified and holding more strength.

Some of the many things we can work at this time, using the healing frequencies from this eclipse are:
  • Healing parasitic relationships
  • Heart-mind healing/balance
  • Multidimensional Healing
  • DNA re-calibration
  • Polarity integration
  • Healing miasmatic ties (these ones are self-created ties that must be dissolved after ending any type of relationship). 
As Leo rules our heart, and spine mainly, for many who are yet not expressing their feelings, for fear of what others may think or say or simply because they do not wish to hurt anyone, this can be a reason for them to have physical sensations, in their throat and/or heart area, as an indicator of what they need to release. 

Others, who are also beginning to step into this journey, wanting to create their own jobs, but that do not hold yet the proper guidance to know what exactly they desire to bring forth, this could also trigger many symptoms, as a reminder of where their physical blockages remain, so they can heal them, never as a punishment, but as a way to disband what is impeding them to obtain more clarity about their new path. 

Physical sensations, and as I always say, they are so only if we are sure there is no medical condition behind them, are there not as a curse or punishment for having chosen this path, but as a way of showing us where we should bring harmony, healing or simply releasement. Ascension, as any other path that involves growth, is not a path free of challenges, for without these opportunities there is never a chance for us to evolve.

On another hand, this eclipse will also serve for those who are working on bringing masculine balance to themselves. As ascending souls the common work on polarity integration is something that I often see when I co-create with others ascending souls, for this is something that we all must master, so we can be able to graduate from this dense plane and fully anchor ourselves within a new dimensional space.

Our masculine essence is very connected to Leo, which has masculine and hence fixed essence. This is also connected to the Sun, the one who is the main Fountain of healing for many souls connected with it. The masculine is the one that manifests in the physical, and that protects the creation that the feminine first nurtures from within.

If we have it unbalanced then we could not be able to manifest stable and desired outcomes in the physical. This is why is so important to work on the healing and harmonization of both inner essences or polarities. With this eclipse, we will have the gift to also work on the aspect of us who is empowered, sovereign and who is strong enough to overcome any challenges.

This is also a cosmic gift for those who have excess of masculine essence, for when it occurs we tend to show the distorted version of the empowered masculine such as violence, whether verbal or physical, egoic behaviours, excess of power etc. This is what happens when there is an aspect of us that is more nourished than the other, making us fall into egoic traps and limited beliefs, which is something that this eclipse will also help us deal with, due to the square Mercury makes to Uranus, helping us deal with not only limited beliefs but with impulsiveness and communicative issues in general.

Finally, for the ones who have done their inner work and feel they are ready to simply co-create with these galactic frequencies in bringing new healing modalities. This is a great Fountain of Wisdom regarding healing and as you know there are many cosmic companions willing to teach us many ancient healing tools to assist the ones who are healers, or simply others techniques that we already know but need to remember, for as you know once we become human, it is all about working on bringing all this ancient memories into our physical self. 

Beloved Ones, 

At this precious moment of our ascension journey, we have the gift to further activate our hearts, which is done by first forgiving both ourselves and others. This is the first step towards self-liberation and the creation of the change we desire to bring into ourselves, and physical lives. When there is no love for All, there cannot be a higher connection, as we are so eager to have with the Forces of Light that will only aligned with that which is pure and unconditional, in essence.

There is no excuse, or fake cover to lie to these Forces, for we are deeply felt by this Wise Universe and where there is unlove, ego and lower energies, these Forces are immediately repel, by our own selves. In the moment we decide to open our hearts to all - what we think damages us, to what empowers us and to what we love - is the moment we begin to open the walls we built based on egoic interpretations. In that moment is when our connection to All That Is and has ever existed,  begins, not because it was forbidden in this human plane, but because we did not recognize this equal and unconditional love for All.

This Eclipse is not the only gift for us to connect with this Cosmic Fountain of Love. We all have infinite opportunities in our daily busy lives to take a moment, live it, and abide in this One Consciousness, to feel what being humble and equal feels like. Where there is no polarities and where there is nothing that can ever be hidden to us, for in this moment we have left behind all definitions of who we are, all limited beliefs and all the veils that cover the Truth of our true nature, as Divine Beings.

Are you willing to take this Now moment to remember your uniqueness and shine it? Are you ready to leave all it takes for you to align with this One Consciousness? Are you ready to share your creative essences with All? Or will you continue to create the unnecessary excuses for you not to align with the Source of who you truly are? As always, the choice to begin walking a free and sovereign path of unconditional love is yours. Whatever you decide,  and on the contrary of what your fears may be telling you, there is no outer force judging you, for Love is All That Is. 

In love, light and in loving co-creation,

Natalia Alba 

domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2018

The Energies of January 2019 ~ Consciousness Expansion & Physical Adaptations

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.
Lao Tzu

Beloved Light Emissaries,

It is with great joy, love and blessings to All that I write the energies of this new energetic month of January. A month whose liberating frequency will begin to activate the profound shift that is going to take place, during the rest of this Year 2019. This year is about anchoring the inner change experienced within in the physical, and the subsequent freedom that comes with it. Freeing ourselves at a soul, mental, emotional and physical level, for we cannot evolve, if we continue to empower what makes us weak and what drains ourselves, whether in form of old wounds and/or any other imbalance or traumatic seal that we still carry within ourselves. 

At this time, and during the rest of this year, the collective is going to experience a profound expansion in consciousness. A transformation that comes when one is ready to receive more Light - Wisdom - from the God Self and begins a journey of conscious inner work with clearing the ego, body and mind of any old energy/beliefs and begins to see reality in a non-linear way, realizing that all was a mental and manipulated construction from the matrix.

As a revelation of precisely what the rest of the year holds, January has a 13 - 4 reduced - universal frequency. Number 13 as you know is the number of transformation, the one that indicates, in the physical, the inner shift that we have consciously created, as we continue embodying a new level of consciousness - ending with what used to disempower and enslave us. 

On the other hand, number 4 is the natural act of making tangible what we have transformed within - creating the strong pillars required for our soul creations to stand firm and expand in the physical. Making things tangible, putting our focus on our earthly plane, during this Year 2019, is also going to be corroborated by the first Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn on January 5 - the seed of what we will be nourishing the rest of the year.

As this is going to be a year for us to nurture our earthly realm, the same will occur with our physical bodies, as they are passing through a mutation that is already strongly felt, especially due to the many sensations that come with the natural transformation of releasing density and embrace our true crystalline essence. 

As starseed souls and New Earth Seeds, it is part of our mission to be of assistance, in our unique way. However, it is also part of our personal mission, to master a physical plane and body, for we did not come here just to be of service but to learn/remember our own lessons and experience how it is to evolve, within a physical body. This is why it is so important to direct our attention to the physical plane that sustains us, as well as our bodies - creating a balance for us not fall into delusions, as we continue to ascend. 

Physical Adaptations

At this time and during the rest of this year, our bodies are going to experience the deep transformation that we have been preparing ourselves for, as a result of all the Light that we have integrated, and hence, the conscious expansion that many are beginning to experience. As you know one of the many physical consequences of the change that our bodies are experiencing is the many sensations that come while our bodies continue releasing dense matter and embracing its original crystalline one. 

This is a process that will last more than we can truly understand for the transcendence of density or physical/genetic mutation, is not a one-day process, but a conscious and long one. Due to this transition, we are going to experience the natural sensations that come with it, even though we are all unique and will experience our unique physical symptoms. 

There are general physical sensations that I was guided to share, in case it can help you in your path. As always, please follow your own guidance. First of all, it is pivotal to check that it is not a physical condition or something that we are in need to treat, in a medical or different way, for many people in their delusional or magical thinking, take themselves to the limit, when they could have been easily treated.

As you know each part of our physical bodies is connected to a certain emotion, embodying and digesting them, as if they were too physical food. When we consciously work with what we need to release, we will observe how certain parts of our bodies react, as we continue to dissolve what no longer serves (past wounds, traumas, old energy etc). 

For those who are releasing old energy, they will have t work with an specific part of their bodies, as it has been my case for a long time, with self-protection, for reasons such as past traumatic experiences in which one was not protected or simply left unattended etc. These emotions will be kept by our bodies in form of weight - especially hips - and/or in other cases in an abrupt reaction to everything that surrounds us (reactions to food, plants etc.) as a form of protection. 

For others who have already done their main inner work, it will be simply a natural transformation of their bodies as they lose density. This is why it is so important to observe the self and distinguish between what is a physical condition/pain/disease from what comes from a natural transformation or conscious release. Only you can obtain clarity as you witness your body and create a perfect balance between mind and heart, without any delusive thinking, discerning if what you need is medical advice or simply to work in a different level with your body.

There are many physical sensations, for the word symptoms involves disease, that comes from the shift our bodies are experiencing, at the moment. Some of them are:
  • Hormonal changes
  • Digestive issues
  • Immune system changes - during this process and until our immune system adjusts again to our new frequency, we could experiences what seems to be a cold or release in a similar way.
  • Pineal gland tingle
  • Joints pain
  • Bone-ache
  • Teeth issues
There are many more physical sensations I have not experienced myself or was told at this time, such as loss hair, headaches etc. To my humble opinion, especially regarding loss hair,  which I am often asked about, make sure this is not about something you need to include in your diet, vitamins, proteins, B12, especially if you are a vegan, for there are many who continue believing this is about ascension when in truth it is all about a lack of certain minerals or other required substances our bodies need to live, what is causing them these issues. 

It is all about keeping a balance, which sometimes is very hard for if we are not conscious of our own delusional thinking, it is not easy to solve the physical issues that trouble us. 

Collective consicousness breakthrough & and the Law of non-interferance

As ascending souls, one aspect of our mission is to raise our consciousness by first experiencing a deep transformation that will liberate ourselves from the human illusions acquired, since we chose to come to this earthly plane. As ascension pioneers we understand the process of inner alchemy and mental conversion, for we were the first ones that had to experience this process - assisting in the planetary ascension that has finally occurred. 

This same inner process that many of us experienced years ago, is the one that the collective is now undergoing, for they are suffering a deep awakening that is allowing them to begin liberate themselves from the matrix. This is a slow process, for nothing stable can be built, if first does not possess the proper foundations. However, in society, even though there are still a lot of manipulation and confrontation, something we see as chaotic. We are also seeing the evidence of many structures that are beginning to crumble, as a result of the shift that is happening in the collective consciousness.

For us, as mere witnesses of this process, our main task is not to interfere in the evolution that many of the Earth Seeds are having, but to honor it as mere observers. We can only assist by taking care of our frequency, we cannot save the world. What we can do, and we have done so already, is to create a deep impact that will affect the whole, but it is not our task to force or want to change anything or anyone, for assistance is only so when we cease our egoic desire of wanting to interfere in everything.

When we decide to remain in the Illumined Essence of our Soul, we are helping. When we decide not to ignore but to allow, as the compassionate beings that we are, others to experience their own journey to regain the knowledge they need to remember who they are, we are assisting. On the opposite, when we try to "teach" others what we know or what we think is the truth, when they are not ready yet or have come to us to ask for our help, we are interfering in their unique and precious process.

We do not have to understand where others are. We do not have to resonate with what they are experiencing. We just have to see their human experiences as sacred, respecting them as we also wanted to be respected, when we began to shift our belief system and heal our mental and emotional bodies of all the delusions and manipulations, exercised on us. 

We all have sometimes the feeling that we could do something to help our neighbour, our familiar ones, friends etc. However, we will not be exactly assisting them to awake but to impede them to realize their truth by themselves. Every time you feel the desire to intervene into someone's else evolutionary journey, ask yourself: If God does not interfere, loving and respecting All, by allowing them to have free will, who am I to do so?

As starseed souls, we know, for we remember what we consciously came here to do, that even though we came to live in a free will plane, there are Universal Laws, for All within Creation, that we shall fulfill even though we are dwelling in a free dimension. As conscious beings it is our mission to respect the law of non-interference honoring where others are in their ascension path, although it hurts us to see the challenging process that they must experience to  evolve. 

When we begin to remember that this is a universe of unconditional love and compassion, what our ego seems as being evil or negative begins to change, for we know that all experiences are helping us regain consciousness, even though sometimes we have to retrieve this knowledge in the hard way. 

Planetary Alignments 

We begin this New Year 2019 with a wonderful reminder of the importance that our focus on our physical plane will have during all the rest of the year, for it is there where we can enjoy our soul creations and where we can master what has been previously descended from the non-physical planes. This is going to be a very powerful month, with two eclipses and many other important cosmic events, where releasing, cleansing or simply transforming, ourselves and human lives, will be a constant. It all depends where you are, in your evolutionary journey.

This month is the foundation to what we will continue to create during the rest of the year, whether it is a more peaceful state of being, a new job, house, relationship or anything that could bring us more joy and love into our lives. This is a month whose energies bring deep change, and it is up to us to discern in what ways we can bring this shift into an aspect of ourselves or lives that need to be adjusted to our new frequency. 

Like I shared, at the beginning, January is a 13 - 4 reduced - Universal month. 13 is the number of transformation and renascence, represented by the death card in tarot, the period between worlds, in which, we are still giving birth to something new but it is not - yet - brought into the light. After ending a transitioning phase, we pass to anchor these inner changes into the physical, which is the same message that number 4 (number 13 reduced) gives us at this time and that the following months will confirm.

Numbers 13 and 4, represent the Yin - feminine - and Yang - masculine - polarities in perfect unity and balance, which is something that as ascending souls will continue achieving during all this year. Another reminder of the need we all have of synthesizing opposites. We are, especially the collective, experiencing a mental transformation, and physical change, as the number 13 reminds us. 

At a cosmic level, we begin this New Year and Month of January, with a powerful New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn together with Mercury entering as well into this same sign, the previous day. This is the first eclipse in Capricorn of this year, which is going to align with the Star Vega, a star within the Lyra constellation, and from where our Forefathers began to seed life within our Milky Way Galaxy.

As this is an eclipse occurring between Saturn and Pluto, many will claim it to be a challenging one. As I always say, this is human interpretation, there is nothing within the Universe created to curse us or bless us. All has is unique essence in motion and it is up to us to align with it to truly feel what this means, and if guided, direct it to heal, activate or build,  it all depends on what we are working with, at the moment.

To me, this is a wonderful Eclipse, and even more with it sextile Neptune, to begin working on our creative projects, for the creative and earthly frequencies that surrounds us already from this New Year 2019, are a gift for the ones who want to create a more abundant and harmonious life, in the physical. 

The next day, on January 6, Uranus will turn direct, again. As you know Uranus's frequency is one of change. This is not the change that comes naturally or that comes to solve your problems. This is the change that comes to turn your whole world upside down - transforming yourself and how your view reality, whether it is pleasant or not. This is the frequency that transforms everything it touches, from within to without. On January 9, this opportunity to bring change into our lives will be emphasized by Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus, which is a gift, for those who are willing to expand on the change they have birthed. 

If you desire to create change in a certain area of your life or simply to learn how to adapt to change, initiate it in your life so you can direct this force in the construction of something stronger which is now aligned with who you have become. This change may not be comfortable for your egoic self, for it likes the familiar and what is known. However, for you to cross the veils of illusions, for you to expand into new horizons, and connect with this energy of change, first you need to burn the old that bridges to the New. 

For those who are immersed within an inner shift, experiencing a deep transition into their human lives, working on dissolving their mental delusions, and passing through a challenging time. On January 13, we have a cosmic alignment to help us work on having faith, for Jupiter will square Neptune. Having faith is important not when all is doing perfectly fine, according to our egoic desires, but when things are not working out as we wish. 

This is when having trust in ourselves, in the plan we orchestrated for ourselves in a soul plane, in the Divine and in the Universe, is most important. For this is when we fully trust that even though things may seem out of order, they are being reorganized, to align, again, with our new frequency and with the life we truly desire to experience. 

On January 19, we have another rare encounter in our Heavens that will help us bring healing: Uranus semi-sextile Chiron. This is the catalyst for us to work on healing ourselves, earthly lives and in learning new healing modalities, which is something that many of us, as starseed souls, came to change, for the old ones are obsolete and are no longer in resonance with our new bodies and frequency.

For those who though had healed all, this cosmic event could trigger new aspects of themselves they are meant to heal - realizing that in truth, when we live in a human body, the work of self-healing is never-ending. The more we embrace new levels of consciousness, the more that we will need to consciously work on the releasement of old layers of the self. This is why humility and self-observation is so important when we are on this journey, for we are never done, on the contrary, just beginning. 

On January 20, the Sun will enter into Aquarius. When the Sun shines its light in Aquarius, a fixed and Air sign, it is a message for us to free ourselves from mental restrictions that impede us to fully flow with All and start cultivating the aspect of us who assists from a pure place of love and selfless service to others. You can be conscious of the part of you which is an individualized aspect of Source, at the same time that you can also become One with Humanity, and help the collective by being your unique expression of the Divine - sharing your own soul gifts and shining your unique frequency wherever you feel guided to share your own Light Essence. 

The next day, on January 21, we have another Eclipse that will give us the strength require to work with our tangible realm: a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 00°51 Leo. This Eclipse will also square Uranus, confirming the transformation taking place, at the moment in our Planet as well as in many people who are beginning to shift their consciousness from a limited to a free one. This Eclipse will indeed confirm the planetary cleansing that it is taking place, helping those who are willing to work on their emotional and mental planes, to release an old way of being, and hence, human life. 

This is an Eclipse for us to be patient rather than impulsive, for we have the strong transformative impulse of Uranus, and the Moon with the courage and fierceness of Leo, wanting to destroy the old and make everything new. We have to be cautious not to fall into egoic traps, there is no rush and change is better anchored, when we first do it with love, patient and from a space of clarity.

This Eclipse is not for us to create changes out of nowhere, based on the urge of the moment. This is a change that comes when we truly feel we have fulfilled a part of our mission and we are ready to expand and create new situations, life experiences and relationships that are going to serve our new purpose. As conscious beings we no longer based our manifestations on egoic desires, for we are now aligned with our Highest Will, and this only manifests that which is going to serve All.

Remember Beloveds, change does not have to come in an expected way. It does not have to be physical. A situation that was challenging for us may shift, if we have also done the inner work. A relationship can be released with love and gratitude, leaving behind anger or any attachments feelings. Or some may experience an emotional breakthrough, in which they may not feel comfortable, but this is what will bring the adjustment required for them to dissolve old wounds that were impeding them to embrace inner peace and true bliss.

On January 24, we have Mercury, entering into the sign of Aquarius. This is a soothing and great frequency after the intensity of the Eclipses, for us to work on bringing mental releasement as well as liberation. This is going to help us immensely, if we are working to free ourselves from human illusions old beliefs and anything we are trying to let go. This essence brings mental flexibility, for us to flow and be open to new truths, for there is always, a higher truth, as we continue to evolve, a new level of it that we are now ready to appreciate and embody. Indeed a very important energy that if used wisely, could help us work on self-sovereignty at all levels.

We end the first month, and one of the most powerful and intense ones of all this New Year 2019, with Saturn sextile Neptune on January 31. We end the month as we began it, with the reminder of making our soul desires tangible, and not live of just mere dreams. For Saturn, the so-called The Taskmaster Planet, will make sure that we descend all of our dreams, projects and desires, something that Neptune will help us doing, in the physical, where everything is meant to be descended, enjoyed and experienced. 

Be open to change in all its forms. Change is a state of being that we create, when we shift our frequency, embody a new one, and hence, transform the physical, to be in alignment with who we are becoming. It is precisely from this inner space of clarity and wisdom that we decide how our physical life is going to be. Never the other way around. 

This month brings us the opportunity to create, by working on inner alchemy, all the miracles that many expect from outer sources or people. No one can truly bring any change whether positive or not in your life but yourself. In the moment we understand this, we become our own masters, healers and sovereigns - only "searching" loving co-creation and confirmation more than direction or pointless predictions. 

This is an Era to remember and honor not our egoic self and all we think we know, but the Divine acting, living, breathing through us. For this was never about us to being with, but about an Illumined Aspect of us desiring to experience an earthly realm to be of assistance and rediscover itself, again. 

When we discover that one is the absolute creator of our own human experience, there could not be a more joyful moment within our human lives, for we have discover the Savior, the Wise Guru, and the solution to all that troubles us, within - realizing that we have now all we need to create or destroy, release, unify or to begin anew. All that we have ever searched, desired and asked for, in our hand. This is the gift that God gave us All, before coming here, and this is the one that shall be discovered and use in service to All.

I wish you an empowered, transformative and blessed January, Beloveds!

May you create nothing but infinite joy, abundance and miracles for this New Year 2019, and for always. 

In love, light and in conscious co-creation,

Natalia Alba