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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


sábado, 15 de junio de 2019

Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17th, 2019 ~ A Gift of Cosmic Love

The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed. 

Jiddu Krishnamurti 

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

We are about to welcome one of the most powerful Moons of this year, before the coming of the Eclipses next month, whose energies are already deeply felt. A Moon that aligns with the Galactic Center and that Jupiter enhances - helping us to connect more with its essence of hope, trust and faith. The Full Moon at 25 degrees of Sagittarius synchronizes with two important comic events: Jupiter square Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune. This will give us the gift of embracing the infinite possibilities that are always there for us to create the reality that is in perfect resonance with our Soul Will.

During this Full Moon the ones who have done the inner work of leaving behind what impeded them to see the Truth of who they are and their purpose here, will be able to descend more Wisdom from their God Self, for one of the many gifts from this Moon is the opportunity to retrieve what was lost while we dwell in human illusions, searching outside what always resided within. 

This is not a time to look back, bringing the ashes of the old into our current state of being and hence, spoiling the frequency that we presently hold. This is a time, as Saturn sextile Neptune reminds us, for hope, trust and determination as Mercury conjunct Mars will remind us, as it will assist us in directing all of our inner power in building something productive. Hope is one of the things that is easily left aside, for a humans, especially when we are experiencing challenges, we believe it to be impossible to hold faith and hope, while everything that surrounds us is crumbling.

This is precisely when we most need to have faith, when everything is falling apart. It is then that we need to understand that old things are vanishing while new seeds are beginning to grow. Our focus is pivotal when we are leaving behind old aspects of the self and our human life. We can choose to focus on what is being created or in what we are releasing. Where you decide to focus will determine the essence of the new seeds that are being born. Therefore, choose wisely where you desire to put your intention and energy.

The frequency of hope helps us do what in normal conditions we could not accomplish. It gives us courage, energizes our body and offers us the opportunity to clear ourselves, especially our mental body, which is essential if we desire to co-create a balance and joyful reality. There is a lot we have to learn, as humans, regarding the effects of having hope in our physical bodies. As physical beings we tend to see hope as useless when we are in very challenging situations, not understanding that this is precisely what saves us from falling into lower vibrations.

If we desire to work with hope, the cosmic events from this Full Moon together with our cosmic family the Arcturians, will help us achieve this state of being, for Arcturians are helping humanity in regaining hope, faith and in retrieving our natural ability as healers, as it is in our Divine Essence, and as it is meant to be reclaimed, when we work on DNA reconnection. 

As we also have Jupiter square Neptune, we have the opportunity to use this frequency for many purposes. If we are working on trusting and surrendering to our Soul Will, then we have the opportunity to cultivate patience and trust that a Higher Intelligence knows what is happening in our human experience and knows what is doing. For as humans, we often try to control, and manipulate, what we cannot even see from our human standpoint. 

If what you desire is to expand into your soul mission, descending more aspects of it, and using this new knowledge to be of assistance, then, this frequency from this cosmic encounter, will help you to bring from your Unified Self all you need to, to be of service in a broader way. As the Essence of Neptune is also a very profound one, for it deeply touches the depths of our human self, making conscious what is buried by our egoic self, it is a good time to work with human delusions and magical thinking, something that if we have a tendency to it or if we are beginning on this journey, can occur, and actually it is good that it occurs, for it is by experiencing the many human delusions we have that we finally remember the Truth, again.

This Moon passage is going to be a blessed time for us to work on compassion, being of service, in our unique way, and a wonderful opportunity to cultivate generosity, harmony and balance. This phase is very important, as when the eclipses come, many will be shaken again and it will be vital to remain in our heart center, as we witness the many changes that may come with the embodiment of these new energies.

Wound Healing

On a deeper perspective, the Full Moon will also occur very near some stars from the constellation Ophiuchus. As you know I prefer to feel the energies myself and receive from my Unified Self the Essence of the Planets, stars etc. that are co-creating with us. I do not follow traditional astrology to interpret them, as sometimes it is based on human interpretations - mythology etc - which is quite beautiful. However, it does not help us to truly feel the real frequency behind these stellar energies.

This is why I always say to take only what resonates with where you are and your own path. Ophiuchus's Essence if well directed can help us tremendously to heal old wounds. If what we desire is to work with old wounding issues that are still impeding us to be in total harmony and flow, then we have at the Full Moon time, the opportunity to work with the power of Fire from Sagittarius or choose the element Water of Ophiuchus. Both clear us, help us release, and while one - Sagittarius - can seem more potent that the other, do not underestimate the power of Water to carry away what no longer serves us.

Ophiuchus will help many who are also working with self-unification. This is something that as ascending souls we all are working with, at the moment, for this is the opportunity that this dual universe offers us. Ophiuchus gives us the gift to work with purification, which is at the same time what Sagittarius gives us as well, but in a different way. If we desire to incinerate the old and resurrect into the crystalline light beings that we are, then Ophiuchus is the perfect frequency that we could align with to do so. In any case, both Essences are here to help us in similar purposes, our choice depends on whether we choose one element or the other to experience the healing we wish to bring into our physical bodies. 

Ophiuchus is also a wonderful ally if we desire to work with past traumas, DNA reconnection, genetic clearing and if we have done so, it is then a pure frequency for us to connect with it and begin to retrieve our memories from parallel dimensions, for as you know, all is happening Now, and we dwell in many timeliness that at the same time affect us, as we also affect our parallel selves. 

For those who are beginning to awake, the Ophiuchus influence will help them with their Kundalini rising as well as with the proper management of their first chakra, which is pivotal once we begin to awake. As Ophiuchus is also related to our masculine essence, it is an opportunity for those who are working on manifestation as well as polarity integration and have their masculine essence imbalance, to embody this frequency and work with inner synthesis, as Ophiuchus is the unifier that helps us bring together that which our 3D nature separates. 

Beloved Ones, we are indeed immersed in a profound shift, as many of us are already feeling and prepare ourselves for the coming of the Eclipses. It is a time for change, and when change hits us, the best course of action, as all the planetary alignments at this Moon time remind us, is to be flexible, flow, surrender and trust that even though we have free will and create our own reality, there are Forces, with which we agreed before coming into this physical plane, that are assisting us to follow the path we so carefully chosen for us to experience. 

Our task is not to question ourselves or these Forces all the time, especially if something does not happen according to our egoic desires. Our task is to trust that whatever happens, these Forces know what shall be for the Highest Good of All, and our main aim is to accept what we have no control upon. 

This Moon gives us the opportunity to align with the cosmic love that we, in Essence, are. This is a Moon to have faith, to honor ourselves and personal journey, remembering that it was this same Cosmic Love that brought us here, in an attempt to assist a Planet which is already transitioning into a state of deep fragmentation into unity consciousness. 

This Moon is a gift for us to cultivate hope and generosity. It is in our nature to be generous, to have hope and trust in a Higher Power. We do not have to possess material things to be generous; we can simply be kind, offer a smile and be who we are to be of service. 

We are Love. We are already the miracle that we so hope from the outside to come and save us. We are the creative Spark that creates our reality. We are all we have ever desired or hope for. We just have to look within rather than being continuously searching in the wrong places and people, and find, again, the way back to ourselves, where all we desire truly dwells.

I wish you a blessed and magical Moon, Beloved Ones. 

Remain, always, in the Illumined Presence of your Soul, where hope, faith and trust abide and where you will always find your way back Home.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

martes, 28 de mayo de 2019

The Energies of June 2019 ~ Opening Cycles

The end is the beginning of all things, suppressed and hidden, awaiting to be released through the rhythm of pain and pleasure.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

The energies that we welcome this new energetic month of June are ones meant to help us opening new cycles. To do so, the necessary inner alchemy and clearing shall take place, so we can fully embody a new frequency free of old energy. To help us achieve this peaceful state of being, during June, the opportunity to work with duality, while we traverse the threshold that leads us to our new destination, is of great assistance for those who are precisely immersed into the endless work of polarity synthesis, as one of the main gifts from Gemini is to dissolve human fixations, creating unity where we previously felt separation.

As a confirmation of the current energies and what many of us are experiencing, at the moment, this month's essence is  represented by a 9 - 18 reduced - universal number. There are many who have indeed seen their soul creations manifested already in the physical, and therefore they have completed a creational process. While others may be still under the conscious process of creation - molding from within what is yet to be born. 

Independently of where we are in our journey, this is a phase for closing old chapters, for expanding within new territories, even though all seems unfamiliar for us, and to be brave enough to navigate between the many shadows or unknown energies that we will encounter, as we travel between the old and the new, for both are intertwined, being challenging sometimes for us to discern if we are at the beginning of a new path, or ending it. 

If during May the focus was not just on manifesting in the physical or preparing ourselves to do so, for physical manifestation is not the ultimate goal for the ones who has consciously chosen this path, but in the proper healing - roots healing, cellular healing etc - required  for us to be able to aligned with the path that our soul has planned for us. May was indeed a great catalyst for healing as well as for accepting Truth in any form it came to us. 

Now, we welcome June, a month that gives us the blessing to move forward not just by creating the desired outcomes we wish but by unifying ourselves with the non-physical frequency that we desire to anchor within, and hence, in our tangible plane. This is not about creating the desired house, relationship, place to live etc. but about aligning with the state of being that will take us closer to our True Essence, Origin, and hence, Wisdom. 

As I always say, everything is related and connected to the physical, for this is where we dwell and where we came here to remember the master within. However, not all that gives us satisfaction or a greater knowledge is a physical manifestation. There are many things, as simply the embodiment of a new level of consciousness, or the healing that takes place when we have done the necessary inner work, that can cause  us deep bliss - leading us to be in the state of  being that we desire to be, which does not necessarily has to be always related to obtaining gains or other physical manifestations. 

The period between releasing an old timeline, and hence, way of being, and stepping into a new dimension, can be very challenging, for until we are totally anchored within the new desired reality, we unconsciously tend to feed the old reality, by repeating old habits, by having, again, lack of self-love or confidence etc. This is why this period of discernment, communing with our God Self and listening to our inner compass to navigate through our new, and often unfamiliar reality, has come, at this time, to help us regain clarity and strength, as we rejuvenate to adjust to the new frequency embodied. 

As humans, we understand the opening of a new cycle as entering into a new phase of our human lives. In truth, the opening of a new cycle comes when we have mastered/remembered more of who we are and finally integrated more Light/Wisdom, independently of what we are creating, in our earthly plane, or not. 

When our soul prepares us to open a new cycle, call it as you are guided, it has nothing to do with the creation of a new house, place to live, relationship etc. This is something that is taking place in the micro, but the total recreation of who we are. At this stage, some may feel as if nothing is really working out for them. 

Others, will feel totally in resonance with their soul creations. While, others could think they are stuck in their current reality, for nothing "new" is really happening. What is truly occurring or not, as humans, we can never know, for what we consider lack of action can be sometimes what moves mountains and vice versa. Our task is not to judge but to accept, embrace and trust. 

This is why it is so important to surrender and be at peace with what our God Self has  orchestrated for us, in the physical, for we do not have the whole perspective of how things are going to happen for us/All, and it is best to simply trust that we are being protected and taken to our next destination rather than creating drama out of the lack of knowledge we have, as humans.

Alchemical marriage & clearing

I understand by the title above many will think of the union between two souls. However, for this to take place, first, there is a more profound union that has to occur for us to embrace an equal soul and the human agreement that comes with it. The essence of this month is for us to create union where our human egoic self tends to create separation due to the natural human fear that is embedded deep within our core.

This union even goes further than the merging of our feminine and masculine essences, for this union is one that goes beyond our limited sense of human polarities - searching unification in not just working on opposite essences synthesis, and dark and light aspects etc. but in the proper alignment that has to occur between our human and Divine selves. 

However, polarity integration and the merging of our human and Divine selves, is not the only work to be done when we are working with unification, for there are many things to clear, before we can truly step into the work of creating inner synthesis. Some of the main distortions to be cleared before unifying polarities and our earthly and Divine selves are:
  • Implants: of all kind - holographic, karmic, archontic ones etc.
  • Third chakra issues, as Gemini rules our solar plexus chakra. This is why it is so important to work with self-love and empowerment before doing any healing work. 
  • Negative agenda programs
  • Genetic mutations
  • Hybridization programs 
  • Mind manipulation
  • Addictions through programs such as sexual ones etc.
  • Primordial fears - first chakra implants.
  • Selfish programs
  • Soul fragmentation
During this season, as Gemini rules everything that is made of two equal parts in our body, as it is our shoulders, hands, arms, and lungs, many could feel the natural sensations that come when our body is still holding energy of separation within these or any other member. If you have no medical condition, for this is the most important thing to discern, before doing our inner work, then, it is possible that by experiencing certain physical pains, any part of your body is taking you to the core of what remains hidden and shall be liberated.

As always, this information is what I receive from my Unified Self and Guides, for All. Take only what resonates with your own guidance and discern only for yourself, for no one can know better than you about your own body and unique soul plan. 

Orion Assistance 

June brings us many gifts, if we are open to receive and leave aside the fixed image we have of ourselves and how reality has to be for us. When we do so, often, we receive more blessings than what we initially expected, because we have left all fixations of how our human lives has to be or not. This is one of these times, where being open to communication will make all the difference to experience a more connected life to the Illumined Realms as well as to align with the state of being that we desire to hold.

The connection with Orion begins with the New Moon at 12 degrees of Gemini on June 3, although as you know this connection is not  just happening at a certain cosmic event, for many of us have it within ourselves, at all times. This is simply a micro confirmation of what is happening outside of our planetary system. As you know all is deeply connected and there are, always, many signs, if we know where to look, of what is truly happening behind our physical realm. 

The fact that Orion is assisting Planet Earth as well as many awake and ascended humans, is nothing new. As many of you know, Orion is helping many of us whether by soul agreement, resonance or simply because they are part of our soul direct family, to move from polarity to unity consciousness.

There are may sources channeling Orion beings at this time. There are also many who believe Orion civilization are "evil" beings, simply because of something they have read and hence, believed, rather than focusing on their own guidance, which is pivotal to discern about all this outer information. 

All I share comes, always, from my own Unified Self's guidance, as due to my personal journey I have chose not to watch or read anything that could remain in my mind, as it simply will remain there, impeding me to know if what I receive is something that was there due to something I have read or if I have truly received this information.

In your case, you will know what works best for you, my humble advice, is to read and watch, for as long as it resonates it will improve your own knowledge, but after you at least have some initial information on your own, for we all have our own guidance, and when it comes to these things, which are less physical or are harder to demonstrate, we could be easily manipulated or confused. This is very important, for the connections we try to make with other beings, could lead us to the many negative agendas that pretend to act as Light.

Having said that, I personally love the assistance of Orion, for these beings on the contrary of what many believe, are enlightened ones who have already passed through a deep state of polarity, eons ago, until they finally regained unity. At the moment, they are helping those who like them, in their past, experienced polarization and wars.

Orion wars are well known, for there were a fraction who felt, as many other civilizations experienced too, under the dark forces agenda. However, not all beings remained there and in the end they are helping humans to heal from our deep sense of separation, and hence, fear. As they experienced by first hand what polarity feels like, they are now there for us, for we are passing exactly what they first experienced. 

Orion's frequency and assistance is always there for us to tune into to. However, at this time, and especially during the New Moon in Gemini, for it aligns with some stars from Orion, which increases this stellar influx, will serve us to work with many things that may be still impeding us our growth and conscious ascension.

The assistance that Orion, can provide us, between many others, is mainly related to the removal of implants and other alien negative machinery that keeps fomenting separation in humans, for they are specialists in that treatments. The will help you etherically, whether you may be conscious of it or not, to remove the implants that still impede you to move forward and integrate new level of consciousness, so you can liberate from more of the old matrix's impositions .

Besides, Orion beings also work with humans who are etheric surgeons, removing many distortions that we could not on our own. Instead they will implant healing codes that will help you to heal, release and remember, who you truly are, again. These etheric surgeons who work with Orion, are humans who have descended, in the majority of the cases, from Orion, who have been instructed to do so, as a part of their unique purpose of helping humanity to free from mind slavery.

If this is your case and you clearly know, first by own guidance, that you could have implants or any other distortion(s) that you would like to work with Orion, they will help you in ways that we may not be understood, but that are as effective as the ones that we can comprehend with our human minds. 

We have a Light Universe waiting for us to decide in what party we desire to play our roles. Once we awake and begin to remember, the entire Universe celebrates, and it is our personal choice to choose with whom we desire to align forces and being to grow or decay. Whatever we choose, we will be respected and supported. What we can never judge or doubt is the tremendous assistance that we receive, in whatever side we desire to follow. 

Planetary alignments

As a confirmation of the very beginning to the very end, of the completion of a cycle, June holds a universal frequency of 9 - 18 reduced. Number 9 invites us to let go of everything that is not serving our higher purpose, until we empty ourselves, until we create the inner space to allow this New Frequency to invade our entire being. As I always say, we are forever ending/beginning anew within this eternal cosmic spiral. For we never end, on the contrary, we are just beginning to discover the many realms that exist within Creation and its Infinite Wisdom. 

Number 9, in perfect synchronization with what we are experiencing now, is represented in the Tarot by the Hermit, which is giving us the message to be wise, move inward and like the Hermit, focus on our inner Light - Truth -  to walk among the shadows until we reach the new shore, using only our inner Light as the only compass to navigate through our current reality, for we need nothing more to be able to discern which way is aligned with our True Self and which one does not serve any longer. And even if the path of solitude is not always easy, it is essential to listen to our inner Divine Guidance, before giving birth to this new reality, in which, we have already a higher aspect of us dwelling in it. 

Astrologically, this is a month to heal duality, for we have the loving frequency of Gemini, reminding us the importance of experiencing our individuality but without forgetting our sense of unity with All. In a month where synthesis is so important at the same time that many of us step into a new cycle of our evolutionary journey, we begin this month with a New Moon at 12 degrees of Gemini in June 3, to set the proper frequency that will accompany during all the month. 

This Moon is not going to be just about supporting us in our inner work of merging polarities but in self-empowerment in all ways, especially in communication, in both the one toward ourselves and in the one we have with others, for the second one will depend on how we treat ourselves. This is a Moon that will also help us to learn to use our words. Words are thoughts which at the same time are feelings, they are powerful beyond measure, for they create reality and their impact can heal or destroy. 

How do you use the power of language? Do you use it to empower, inspire and love others or do you use it to manipulate, invent, control and try to be on top of anything and everyone? This will reveal more about you than about others. Remember that this is not about others, when we focus on healing, it is about ourselves not about what we think that everyone else does or not to us.

For those who have already done this work, this Moon will also be a great fountain of joy, love and conscious communication, as it conjunct star Aldebaran, whose essence, if properly embodied, could serve us to expand on the physical, becoming more abundant and creative. As always, Gemini simply holds both essences and it is our task to embody the one that is going to serve us in a greater way for the healing purpose that we are guided.

On June 4, Mercury will enter into loving Cancer. This is where together with the Gemini Moon, we will have the opportunity for self-observation - discerning if we are speaking to ourselves and others kindly or if we continue to be abusive and employ force. This will also help us to go deeper into our feelings and intuition, knowing ourselves best and processing all we feel and how we are going to say all we feel aloud.

On June 8, we have Venus entering into Gemini. This energy will help us being more open and receptive to joy, abundance, love and simply the pure bliss that being alive, experiencing this unique human adventure, has for us. It does not matter if we have to heal, wait for the right moment to act, or simply are in another phase of our path. Joy is essential and it is the state of being we should all have, if it was not for the manipulation experience since we are born that put us constantly into fear mode. 

We do not have to have the desired relationship, house, job or anything else to be in joy, if I share this it is because I have experienced this myself. We simply have to allow this flow into ourselves, for this is Divine Energy through us, and it will simply do its job of helping us remember our true essence and manifest what is best for us.

On June 16, we have another square between Jupiter and Neptune. When these two Forces collide, and it is not the first time, for there are three exact squares, we can be challenged beyond measure, especially at this time when we are opening a new path in our evolutionary journey. This is precisely where faith is most needed and when the distillation of human illusions shall be done, for us to be fully grounded, holding trust and making space for the new to be anchored. With this encounter, there is no time for procrastinating what we know it is already happening, but for us to act in total resonance with our Soul's Will - doing what it guides us to achieve. 

On the next day, we will have a wonderful Full Moon at 25 degrees of Sagittarius. This is going to be a very healing Moon that will help us understand the importance of the journey that we are creating, which is not about our final destination, for there is no ending in this evolutionary path, but about the journey in itself and all we are healing, learning/remembering and above all, giving.

On June 18, Saturn will sextile Neptune. This cosmic encounter is about helping us make our soul desires, goals and projects real, rather than simply feeding them in our minds. It is important that we understand that all transformation begins within and that all of our dreams come from what our soul desires. However, all of them are there for us to bring them into fruition, where they can be enjoyed and expanded. This is about creating structure and strong foundations, for our visions to grow and prosper. 

This is about understanding that this path is not about instant gratification, which is what our ego searches, but about creating long-term visions for our human lives, ones that are not just based on what we wish but on what will bring more assistance to our journey and that of all. When we consciously walk on this path, one realizes that all the determination, strength, and trust that we need, come as we give the first step, and as we surrender to a Higher Will.

On June 21, we have three important cosmic events: Neptune retrograde, the Sun entering in loving Cancer together with the Summer Solstice for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice for those residing in the Southern one. As you know I no longer choose to limit myself with retrograde phases, so I leave it to you to make of Neptune retrograde, what you are guided. 

To me, Neptune's Essence is always going to be there in the same way, for us to tune into it, when we are guided to commune with our soul, expand into our feelings and intuitive visions and work with our higher senses, independently of the illusion we have of it being retrograde or not. However, I understand a collective illusion has been created, and hence, has made all this real, having its effect as well, for those who still foment this belief. This is why everyone should act according to what they have created for themselves  and unique path. For in mine, retrograde phases are no longer relevant or cause any impact, especially a negative one. 

On the other hand, the Solstice influx can cause a huge impact in physical vehicles, as it is helping us in purifying more layers of our old self, as we continue to embrace a new or higher form of existence. This is going to be a very important passage for stabilizers, for we are already preparing ourselves by resting so we can regain strength, before the Solstice comes and we will spend our days in solitude, bringing balance in both ourselves and hence, in the Earth's Fabrics. 

On June 24, we have Jupiter quincunx True Node. This is about expanding our humanitarian abilities, seeding love and assistance where required. For others, especially if they are beginning on this ascension path, it will be more about the conscious expansion into their soul purpose, something that comes gradually, when we are ready, and our soul considers, not when we desire. 

If the moment has come for you, it will be a magical and revealing time for you to know more about your true essence and soul mission, although this is always one of giving unconditionally love to All, more than the egoic desire and obsession to see what else you can be and do, in a material way. This is not about doing more or being more but about expanding in consciousness and hence, in love and kindness. 

We end the month with Mercury, on June 26, entering into Fiery Leo. This is a push for us to express ourselves with confident, courage, although kindness, and being passionate in all we think and do, for fierceness does not necessarily mean a violent energy, but a pure focus on what we truly wish from our soul - concentrated thought directed toward the creation of that which enriches our soul, and hence, the human experience of All. 

June is a perfect month for us to bring inner alchemy in everything that is still fragmented, unloved and hence judged, within ourselves, for all we tend to judge in the outer is a representation of what is still separated and misunderstood within. In all of us there are many worlds, opposite polarities, and many other opposite essences we still have no name for. But within we also have the remembrance of our true nature, which is always one of unification with All That Is and have ever existed.

In our dual universe, where there is love there is unlove, and hence fear. However, outside of our earthly confines, there is only Love, not the illusion we have created to remember/experience who we truly are. This is not a physical location, separated from us, this is not a far away space where we have no access, this immense Love Source is forever within and we have access to It, at every single moment of our precious human existence, we just have to work on ourselves to remember from where we truly come from, which is a space of Oneness.

We all can remember, we all can feel again the infinite Love-Unity that is All That Is for all of us. We  just have to have the Will, for as it is said, where there is a will, there is, always, a way. However, when there is no will, nothing can truly change, is it not? 

I wish you all a blessed, healing and revealing June, Beloved Ones!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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