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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

sábado, 15 de enero de 2022

Full Moon in Cancer, January 17th, 2022 - Emotional Release

Beloved Ones,

As we are kindly introduced in this harmonic New Year, we have many opportunities for us to continue releasing what no longer serves us. This first month is key for us to work on the dissolution of old patterns-timeliness, and in the emotional wounds that we still carry within us. This is a month for us to evaluate, commune with our soul, so we know what we desire to create next and retrieve the strength to do so. We welcome now a very powerful healing Full Moon at 27 degrees Cancer, an essence that comes to show us the power of conscious release and reconstruction, for it is only when we let go that we can embrace again.

As the Moon opposes Pluto, this essence is going to be strongly felt by those who are very sensitive since very early. There may be releasing tears, even though you may not find a conscious reason. There may be a pain, an unresolved one, that is crying out to be released. There may be days in which some old memories come back to you, as they are asking you to embrace them and let them go, and many other emotions that need to be dissolved.

Tears are meant to allow the body to release any unexpressed or hidden emotion that has been living deep within our bodies for a lot of time, and that the body now needs to clear. If we do not release it, then this certain emotion, depending on the type of wound or trauma experienced, begins a process of crystallization, becoming part of our bodies, in a non-natural way, and hence, it is was causes the process of diseases and mental/emotional imbalances. 

Cancer is the Mother - one of the most intuitive signs of all the zodiac who lives in the realms of emotions and a higher form of love - represents the female principle of creation, the feminine aspect of us that gives birth, heals, and nurtures everything it touches. Remember that is Cancer, together with Pluto and other energies which offer us the opportunity to work with all that we need to clear, not the Moon itself, as it is an artificial satellite, as I always say. So, for those experiencing some challenges in their path, regarding self-love, nourishment issues and/or in their relationships, this will be very powerful energy to do the inner work required to dissolve what is not aligned with our Soul true desires and relationships. 

What is important is that we connect with our soul and heart to know if there is something that we need to bring to the surface, as sometimes, as humans, we are not aware of everything that we experience, as we live in many dimensions, in many worlds, and everything touches us in some way or another. This is why it is important to ask our Guides team for assistance, as they see, from their non-physical perspective, what is taking place within us and what we need to heal and restore ourselves.

Inner work is pivotal when we are not just experiencing a catharsis but profound emotional healing. Without inner work, there is nothing our Guides can do for us, as we need to be the ones transforming feelings, releasing programs, and other mental patterns that no one can do for us. Sometimes we will need thirty days of conscious release and clearing, others ninety, and others it will be what our Guides and God Self consider best for us.

What is important is that we are open to feeling every emotion, everything that we need to, as an equal and valid experience that we do not need to deny, due to its pain, but to embrace, trying to help our human being to understand how to heal the pain rather than hiding it. 

The next day we have Uranus direct together with True Node entering Taurus too, to help us step out, gradually, of our inner retrospection mode that Venus during this month invited us to do. This is a time to reconsider the changes that we may feel guided to do and that we did not, as we were waiting patiently until we obtain more guidance for our new journey. 

As you know Uranus's frequency is one of change. This is not the change that comes naturally or that comes to solve your problems. This is the change that comes to turn your whole world upside down - transforming yourself and how your view reality, whether it is pleasant or not. This is the frequency that transforms everything it touches, from within to without.

It is a push to keep reflecting, especially by having as well on this same day the North Node retrograde as well, in Taurus too. Both invite us to move forward, step by step, with patience, kindness, and gentleness towards ourselves, for it is vital to meditate upon the things we wish to birth, before acting impulsively. 

We have a wonderful passage for us to work on what is still fragmented inside ourselves. It can be our sense of home, as there are many who does not yet feel at home within themselves, on earth, and even with their familiar ones. This denotes a lack of alignment and acceptance of us being humans in this present incarnation. Above all, this comes from not recognizing and accepting the Divine within us, and what it has chosen to create through us. Whatever we go, as universal cosmic beings, will be Home, for everywhere is Home, as it is within ourselves.

A Moon that is surrounded by many energies to help us work as well on our emotions, clearing them, working on our emotional body, as this is as important as the physical one. Taking the time to embrace how we feel, and even though may not be always pleasant to feel all that we feel, embracing them all, as they are teaching us who we are, where we are in our evolutionary journey, what needs to be addressed as we have not yet done so, and healed.

A time for those who need to bring back their lost soul fragments by working on soul retrieval, as this is one of the main reasons why many do not feel at home, feel emotional, depressed, and even empty inside, as I often hear in sessions, for we have not yet forgiven, healed and called back the aspects of our souls that are still in pain.

When we are feeling vulnerable in whatever possible way we feel it, for each and every one of us will be different, it is important to embrace, without any fear, all of our feelings, for this is precisely what vulnerability is - to accept all of our feelings as equals, without any fear of expressing them, with respect. It is important to begin using our vulnerability to connect more with our Illumined Self and Truth and be of service, for we now are able to empathize more and more with others who are under a lot of fear.

Breaking our heart barriers, being emotional, in a healthy way, and showing our feelings is a sign of personal power, for we know that even though we may feel hurt at times, we embrace it anyway, conducting it all in a constructive way rather than hiding our feelings, and hence, using our vulnerability destructively. All is energy in nature, and it is up to us to interpret and conduit our feelings wisely instead of reacting egoically all the time. 

Our power and strength lie precisely in walking defenseless and exposed to all feelings, knowing that nothing and no one can truly hurt us when we possess a higher vision of what being human truly means. When we go with an open heart, we are not weak, on the contrary, we are growing in love, for we are now strong enough to embrace everything that touches us, and it is precisely in this embrace that we help others to feel loved and appreciated.

Have a loving, and healing Moon, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite love and healing blessings,

Natalia Alba 

sábado, 1 de enero de 2022

The Energies of January 2022 ~ Embracing Our Creatress Essence

 Beloved Ones,

Happy New Harmonic Year 2022!

We initiate a new harmonic cycle of profound love and peace. A phase, in which we will realize that time in truth, does not exist. A fact that in our new reality, is going to be more evident, as we transcend the old concepts of time/space and other human illusions, to finally step into a more illumined timeline. 

We begin January, by having Venus, the aspect of us that represents beauty, love, compassion, and creativity retrograde, and therefore it marks what this first month is going to be for us - a time of profound communion with ourselves, as it is pivotal to reconnect with who we have become, and hence, new values, for as we shift, so do our beliefs, and begin to discern what we really wish to create next. 

Creating shall be done from an inner space of total alignment with our feminine precious essence, from the sacred womb, for the Creatress within us is the one who is in perfect communion with our Soul, knowing what to create, how, and when. Our mission is to surrender and to balance both our feminine and masculine essences, so both can co-create from a harmonic unified space.

January gives us the opportunity for us to witness the state of our being, inner creations, sense of abundance, and prepare ourselves for this new year, an empty canvas, as Guides shared in co-creations, for the ones who have regained sovereignty and hence, personal empowerment, to paint it as they wish. 

As its universal seven frequency reminds us, January is a month for us to embrace ourselves, in deep communion and commitment, both, with our soul and physical body, so we can descend the wisdom required for us to create the next steps of our journey.

It is only in the silence of our God Illumined Self that we can listen to the Truths that our human being cannot, in the noise it creates. It is only through conscious presence and meditation that we can know what we really desire, as sometimes we are too programmed with desires that are not ours to experience. This is precisely what we need, from time to time, to sit with ourselves, to know what has changed within us, and what we truthfully desire now.

On January 2nd, we have a wonderful New Moon at 12 Capricorn. Capricorn's essence reminds us and helps us be structured, organized, and determined to go after our dreams and projects. If we take the proper time to listen to our guidance and follow the necessary steps towards building what we wish, with precaution, rather than impulsiveness, but with determination and personal power, we will finally see the outcomes that we wish, and that are finally aligned with who we have become, for as ascending souls, we are shifting, at every single moment, even if the illusion of change perpetuates.

This Moon is the perfect one to bring to the surface our resourcefulness and ambitions from a space of total respect and unconditional love to All, remembering that everything we create shall not just be for our good, but for the highest good of All within Creation.

Plant your seed, water, love it, and wait patiently until it blossoms in the physical, for everything has its time, and the time for seeding from within, has arrived. 

On this same day, we have Mercury, entering into the sign of Aquarius. This is a soothing and great frequency after the intensity of the Eclipses, for us to work on bringing mental releasement as well as liberation into our mental bodies. This is going to help us immensely if we are working to free ourselves from human illusions, old beliefs, and anything we are trying to let go of. 

This essence brings mental flexibility, for us to flow and be open to new truths, for there is always, a higher truth, as we continue to evolve, a new level of it that we are now ready to appreciate and embody. Indeed a very important energy that if used wisely, could help us work on self-sovereignty at all levels.

The next day, on January 3, we have Jupiter square True Node. The Planet of Expansion in co-creation with the North Node, which is our present and future, what we are creating, and the outcomes that will emanate from our now creations, is going to support our inner creative process. This is a time for us to focus on building what our soul envisions in the depths of our being, in the non-physical, taking it further into the tangible. A reminder of the importance that being totally focused on the present, has, for we cannot create if we are focused on times that no longer exist - past - within our present timeline. 

On January 14, The Planet of Communication, Mercury, will turn retrograde, for the ones who believe in slow phases. Personally, and as I always share, it is all that we believe, what will manifest in our reality. If we foment the collective belief that everything will go slow for us, then it will occur, but not due to Mercury retrograde, but to our own beliefs, for as always, we are powerful creators. 

It is time for us to look within and use our own soul oracle and micro-personal cycles to navigate throughout our own reality, as the rest are mere human illusions that need to be distilled to be able to embrace our sovereignty and continue evolving and expanding within new horizons.

On this same day, we have another asteroid turning direct: Ceres. The essence of this asteroid is the one of the universal mother, a nurturer, caretaker, and unconditional love. It represents all these feminine archetypes, helping us to commune with our sacred sexuality and feminine essence, which together with Venus is going to be of great assistance for the ones working on polarity balancing, and feminine healing-clearing.

It is a month in which all the planetary forces remind us of the importance that taking care of ourselves has, as within all the distractions of our daily lives, we may fall into old patterns such as self-saying, not taking proper care of our bodies, and needs, and be more focused on others, on the outside than in ourselves first, for we cannot give from an empty vessel. 

To foment this feminine, familiar, nurturing essence, on January 17, we have a wonderful and loving Full Moon in Cancer. This is an opportunity to evaluate our sense of home. Do we feel at home on earth? Do we feel at home within ourselves? As often there are many who reject their bodies, using addictions, negative thoughts, and many other ways to punish what they deny. It is pivotal to understand that everywhere we may go is Home, for it is always within, and as long as we hold this feeling inside, we will always be familiar with everything within Creation.

In the middle of January, on the 18, to help us step out, gradually, of our inner retrospection mode, we have Uranus - direct again - in Taurus. This is a time to reconsider the changes that we may feel guided to do and that we did not, as we were waiting patiently until we obtain more guidance for our new journey. 

As you know Uranus's frequency is one of change. This is not the change that comes naturally or that comes to solve your problems. This is the change that comes to turn your whole world upside down - transforming yourself and how your view reality, whether it is pleasant or not. This is the frequency that transforms everything it touches, from within to without.

It is a push to keep reflecting, especially by having the next day the North Node retrograde as well, entering in Taurus too. Both invite us to move forward, step by step, with patience, kindness, and gentleness towards ourselves, for it is vital to meditate upon the things we wish to birth, before acting impulsively. 

On January 20, the Sun will enter into Aquarius. When the Sun shines its light in Aquarius, a fixed and Air sign, it is a message for us to free ourselves from mental restrictions that impede us to fully flow with All and start cultivating the aspect of us who assists from a pure place of love and selfless service to others. 

You can be conscious of the part of you which is an individualized aspect of Source, at the same time that you can also become One with Humanity, and help the collective by being your unique expression of the Divine - sharing your own soul gifts and shining your unique frequency wherever you feel guided to share your own Light Essence. 

Mars in Capricorn from January 24, together with Mercury entering into the same sign on the next day, will give us the perfect boost that we need to begin moving in the direction of what we wish to achieve, during the next months. Mars in Capricorn gives us the energy, resilience, and determination required to pursue our goals. 

On the other hand, Mercury in the same sign gives us the mental clarity and strength for us to be able to cope with all we need to create and organize, as sometimes we may have the physical energy, but if we do not possess the same mental and emotional balance, we could not manifest outcomes that are aligned and stable, in our physical reality. 

We end the month by having Venus direct on January 29. Venus gave us the opportunity to evaluate ourselves, our sense of abundance, and our relationships. Now, we hold more clarity, and personal power, being able to continue our unique path, knowing better know what we wish and how we can manifest it.

A time to descend from the ethereal, from the depths of our soul, where we nurtured ourselves, and regained higher guidance, into the tangible, where we dwell, create, and can enjoy our soul's creations. 

This is a month to embrace our Creatress Essence, remembering the power of the feminine, without forgetting the importance of its alignment with the masculine. A month to work with our womb, our cosmic creative center, and a month to embody higher levels of love. 

We now enter into this New Cycle purified, more unified, and ready to create a totally new adventure filled with joy, abundance, and above all, unconditional love for us and All, for we are in All as well as All is in us.

I AM Goddess

I AM Creatress 

I AM Love, Harmony, and Power,

And so are YOU.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba