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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

sábado, 3 de junio de 2023

Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 3, 2023 - Loving Expansion

Beloved Ones,

Today we celebrate the beginning of the 6/6 harmonic portal with a very loving Full Moon at 13 degrees Sagittarius. A moon whose energies are assisting in building this new harmonic passage and that is linked to Jupiter, Sagittarius's ruler, which moved into Taurus, a few days ago. A planetary encounter that brings this expansive, and loving harmonizing energy that we all need to prepare for the next wave, and for our planetary mission, for those who are now immersed in this task. 

A time to move inward, scan our bodies, see where we are in our personal journey, and what we have to bring into balance, so we can obtain more clarity and direction to continue with our unique mission. 

This passage is for us to reconnect with our passion, joy, and authentic soul's desires, allowing the Highest Expression of us to manifest, in our earthly plane, where we can expand, and serve as Divine's emissaries, doing our unique role within Creation to bring assistance to All. 

Sagittarius helps us move from sorrow to joy, for this shall be our natural state of being if we chose to always flow with what Is, letting go of egoic control and expectations. Sagittarius teaches us the importance of living and enjoying the moment, rather than feeding old or future timelines, as all we desire to manifest, comes precisely when we are focused on the Now moment, using the present energy to build and be aligned. 

Sagittarius invites us to be conscious of the importance that enjoying the journey has, more than getting to the “final destination”, being grateful for all the "lessons" learned in the path itself, and knowing that in truth, there is never a final purpose or destination, for we are forever evolving and becoming anew, within the infinite realms of Creation.

Jupiter is conjunct with the North Node, which is a macro representation of what is taking place in our planet, the transition into a new dimensional space, as this is about the trajectory that the collective, our planet, is taking, at this time. We are moving into a more loving timeline, and Jupiter helps in this expansion by allowing us to open our minds, release false programs and habits, step into a harmonic state of being, for as it is within, it is without, and holding this same peace and love within, as this is what determines our future planetary trajectory.

We have two other wonderful aspects inviting us to move in a new direction. On one hand, we have the Moon trine to Mars in Leo, helping us align with the passion and determination to continue building our desired reality, and on the other, we have Mercury, Gemini's ruler, conjunct Uranus, which propitiates the change, first in our minds, and secondly, in our lives, for as we think and believe, it will be, necessary for us to initiate the changes we wish, in our physical reality.

The energies of this passage are all about helping us to align our lower and higher selves, acting as one, from a unified and harmonic space, where we could finally give birth to outcomes that are aligned with our Highest Will, and that will serve to the future Earth's trajectory.

This is a time for personal recalibration, for those who need to harmonize their bodies, before embarking into new adventures and personal tasks, and lastly, for planetary restoration, descending the harmonic frequencies that are helping us anchor the New Earth's crystalline unified Grids, as well as many other important tasks, as the removal of lower energies, war memories, and many other issues that are impeding the anchoring of the new earth's energies in specific places.

Earth needs our assistance to be able to continue its new trajectory, for it is in our hands to restore all man's damage through eons. Damage that not only involves the poisoning of its Waters, but the many nuclear experiments, between many other non-benevolent acts, that have created genetic mutations in many species, and have made the land uninhabitable for years. 

It is by first knowing ourselves and healing all we need to that we can begin this planetary task, for it is by healing and restoring ourselves and our bodies, that we can descend our mission, and be prepared to connect with the Earth's Consciousness, starting our mission of assistance with our planet. 

As conscious beings, who have chosen to ascend, it is our responsibility to feel, think and act, as One with our Planet, at every single moment, for we assist by acting consciously, and lovingly so we can create a better earth for All to begin a more harmonic way of living.

May you be always authentic, compassionate, and loving with All, Beloveds.

Have a harmonious passage!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

lunes, 29 de mayo de 2023

Planetary Gridwork Update

Beloved Ones,

During this harmonic phase of our ascension journey, many of us are going to be immersed in a phase of planetary restoration and clearing. The energies from the 6/6 portal, will assist us in the planetary gridwork that we are accomplishing, at this time, and that requires all of our energy and devotion. Energies that represent the opening and stabilization that many of the Earth's portals, pillars,  and fabrics are having at this time. 

The 6/6 passage is one of profound harmony and peace, one that we can align with to send and anchor more love, for there are many who are willing to receive. As Earth's anchors, gridworkers, stabilizers, and many other roles within Creation, our main task is to seed love in the way we can, which begins by healing ourselves first, rehabilitating our DNA to bring back our original essence, and true potential, so we can expand in our global mission.

This will be a time when looking after our bodies and personal energy field, is of utmost importance, or we could not be able to bear the complexity of all the work that is now required of us, as planetary workers.

There are, as I previously shared, important advancements made in the non-physical field or energetic grids to continue restoring the 3D-manipulated Earth's gates, grids, and fabrics. At this time, Guides asked me to share a specific location - Iraq - for all who wish to send love, as independently of our personal and global mission, we all can, in our unique way, send love to help in the current planetary mission of restoration that is taking place.

Iraq is one of the key locations at this time, together with South Africa, and Egypt, for us to focus, send love, or work in further ways if this is your personal mission. As I always say, we need to know ourselves, and our unique purpose, and accept the role that God gave to us, for when we try to be something else, we are not assisting with our precious energy. Honoring our unique essence and abilities is honoring God's Source, this is why it is so important to get to know ourselves, and our unique mission.

Iraq is being cleared and healed of all the war memories, since March, as this is an ongoing process. There is a massive clearing of 3D mental slavery programs, war memories, and many other issues taking place in the land, and energetic space, that impede the fifth-dimensional crystalline unity consciousness to being properly anchored, as well as the natural evolution of humanity, and the many species that too reside in it. 

Non-benevolent tactics that have been going on for many years in this country and that still continue, but that is beginning to be restored now. Guides share the importance of restoring this Earth's portal, as one of the most important ones holding the masculine principle, for humanity has lived immersed for eons now in a patriarchal society, distorting the masculine essence, and hence, repressing the feminine, and it is pivotal to being transmuting, clearing and healing this old pattern.

It is time now for All to unite as One, focusing on all the Earth's new openings that are taking place, despite all the chaos that we too may see, for we live in a world of polarities, which is what gives us the opportunity to experiment this realm, for we shall understand the purpose of both.

We, as souls who have chosen to only serve God's Source, are here not to judge, but to love, respect, harmonize, heal, clear, and restore, for all of our efforts, energy, life force, and intention shall not be in what others are doing, but in what we can do to serve All, within Divine love, discernment, and compassion, through neutral witnessing.

Thank you for your precious assistance, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba