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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


jueves, 8 de enero de 2015

Releasing and Restoring Relationships during our Awakening/Ascension Process

When the Soul awakes and ascends

As Ascending Souls, we know that when our Souls are wide awake and our vibration start raising into a higher vibrational state of BEing and level of awareness, we start feeling that is quite hard to coexist with those that hold a lower or simply different vibration that the one we possess at this Now moment, as at every moment we can always choose to hold a different one as we all shift and change as we evolve and as our Soul desires change. So when the moment comes and our Souls as planned, decide to awake, the path of Ascension into self-mastery, unconditional Love and compassion towards the Self and others is not easy at all. The path is full of challenges and even more with our closest ones, but also full of bright lessons that enrich the soul and infinite other blessings all along our journey, if we simply embrace and appreciate where we are Now and make the best of it.

Being awake simply means to remembrance what our Soul knows from ancient times, as old souls, it was our own choice before incarnating on Earth and by remembering the Divine wisdom within, what we are choosing once and again is to honor who we truly are as well as the Fountain of Love and Light from where we all come. When we willfully chose to embrace our Soul remembrances and the souls  codes activate within ourselves, we start feeling that the old life we used to have and the old thoughts of patterns does not resonates anymore with who we have become now. This is due to the fact that once we remember the Truth of our Divine Essence of love and light and all the bliss that lies behind this memory, we are not attached anymore to our old reality of anger and other feelings that made us feel in discomfort with who we really are.

Raising our vibration is the best we can do for our own selves and others, even if our ego does not perceive it to be that way at the very beginning. When this occurs, we are not longer in perfect resonance with who we used to be neither with the people that are closer to us at the moment, they can be our partners, children, friends and anyone else who is living with us or simply sharing our life experience on earth at this time. When this happens, we, as ascending souls, tend to feel guilty, and we often blame ourselves because we think we have changed as this is what others usually tells us, that we are not the same person that we used to be, so our first instinct is to think that we are doing something wrong as we no longer resonate with our loved ones. Having Self-love and confidence in the Divine is pivotal at this point; as if we truly want to give to others first we should value and honor we who are. When we understand that it is only by awakening and raising our vibration that we can truly give pure love to others we no longer need to blame ourselves but embrace our challenges even with the people that we love the most with the courage and the Divine strength that we all possess within and that can overcome any obstacle.

It is perfectly normal to differ with our partners or loved ones when we have such a different in vibration, which simply means having a higher level of awareness than they hold at the moment. I use the word “higher” and “lower” because our human language do not allow me to use any better words, but it does not mean that we are superior or inferior, in the Divine´s Plan we all are equal, One and the same. But when this energetic separation start happening the question of how can we still being close with our loved ones without having this feeling of discomfort always arise within ourselves. There are infinite reasons why this is happening and why we are passing through the challenges that we are experiencing at the moment but the main one is: because we need to be where we are so we can learn what unconditional love is and this can only be done through the Soul contracts that we maintain with our loved ones, our ego, the part of us which is Human, does not allow us to fully understand this, but from a Soul perspective, it is very clear that we decided to came here to assist each other’s through the different experiences that we are now passing through, we may not remember that, but it is only by understanding and learning through these challenges with our family, friends and partners that we can overcome our fears of loss as we never lose anything or everyone and to unite what is separating us with our partners.

When we are near someone that does not fully share our beliefs and that does not comprehend us at all, and I am sharing this because it has happened and it is actually happen in my life with my loved ones as well, the only thing we can do is start opening our hearts to everything that has to come at this time, we may suffer, but soon we will recognize that this just come from our ego, which is not bad at all, it simply is not what IS and we should never judge, as it will take us far away from the Truth. When we start opening our hearts to pure and Divine Love, we know that there is nothing that could ever stand between who we are now and our loved ones if it has to be this way, because our unconditional love will dissolve everything that will try to break us.

Embracing and understanding our Soul contracts

Soul contracts are serving our highest purpose on Earth, those closest to us who do not understand us at all, are there for all of our life experience here, for just some time or a moment, to awake a part of us which is still dormant and that is not in alignment with the Divine within us. We should bless everything that touches our lives, we should know they are doing what they do, not because they know less or because they are trying to make us suffer, but because some of them are simply helping us to evolve by showing us what is not love, what should be healed and released, and when this happen, we can choose to understand this part of our Soul contracts and show and be more love, or we can thank them for these lessons and move forward if we truly feel we have learnt our lessons and our reunion is no longer serving our highest purpose.

Each Soul´s Plan is unique, special and unrepeatable. We should never judge, we never know the Divine nature of what is behind all that. We should always feel. It is by listening to the voice within ourselves; it is by simply BEing and stay open to what truly IS that we can remember why we are sharing a life with people that simply does not understand/resonate with us anymore. Our Souls will let us know. We just have to realize when is the moment to let go without pain, with gratitude and when is the moment to embrace instead of letting go. If we still feel that our reunion is not longer resonating with us but at the same time we are reticent to let this person go, then, we are acting based on our egoic feeling of separation and attachment, so we should find a place within where we can remember and know that there is no separation, as we all One, instead, there are different lessons who are already learnt, Karma which is already released and new paths that should be taken in order to evolve with different people if this is our personal case.

Some Ascending Souls, came with contracts like that simply because they have to assist their partners to awake and ascend, and they do so together, other Souls are not meant to be when this happens and even if our ego will try to fool us, we will know when is time to bless them and simply start a new life, as this is essential if we truly want to cultivate and evolve within our own Soul plan. Other Souls, do not know it at all, and they think that they do not deserve their partners or simply they feel sad because what once united them today separates them. This is a blessing, embrace it and make the best of it, but how? By forgiving, yourself and others, those souls are not aware that sometimes before incarnating, the ones who decided to assist them once being in this physical earth were their partners, the ones who seem not to be awake now are the ones assisting us. It happens that most of the times our loved ones decided to help us to move forward in this physical Plane and they chose not to awake as it is by doing so that they are really helping us in our process of awakening and ascension, they already are awake, even if they chose not to show it in this lifetime, they simply do not need to.

What seem an injustice from our Human perspective, is simply a blessing for us to keep growing and embracing higher level of awareness and what can seem to be a different in vibration is simply a higher form of Divine Love incarnated, giving us this gift and opportunity to learn more in this lifetime, to us, to the Ascending Souls. But how can we truly know what exactly is our situation? Only by being totally honest with ourselves is that we can realize if we need to learn, forgive, love and remaining with our partners and loved ones or if we bless them and thank them for all the lessons we have learnt and move forward, and if it happens, we will feel it, and then, there is nothing to feel bad about, only gratitude to be given. It was meant to be and only our own guidance system, could let us know what it is that we should do in our unique and personal life situation.

When we feel from our souls that we want to embrace the relationship that we have, then, as advanced Souls, we are the ones who possess a higher awareness, so we are the ones responsible for our own vibration and for what we do to maintain ourselves in this same loving and nurturing place. When we commit ourselves to stay in a Divine Reunion or partnership, and we know that we more aware, not that we are better than, simply more conscious, when challenges comes, we should also take responsibility for it and start putting love in all kinds of situations, we are not going to be understood, we do not have to control others or make others understand ourselves, we simply have to respect and bless where we are and others are at the same time that we if guided to do so, coexist in the best way we can find.

Methods to heal and release lower vibrations

Healing, releasing and other therapies that resonates with our unique vibration and choice are necessary for the Ascending Souls who have chosen to remain with Souls that are not sharing the same level of coconsciousness that we possess at the moment. We always should bear in mind that lowering our vibration will not help, neither ourselves nor others and that it is only by constant healing and purification that we can let go of the discordant vibration that it is created when two different vibration collides and that we should released before it can cause more discomfort between us and our partners or simply with the people we love.

I personally, wear always a clear crystal quartz and I also work every day with other different ones to assist me in my journey with the different in vibration that I find with others, as in my case it dissolve negativity and protect me, it is good to help me maintain a high vibration, but in your case it might be any other crystal or any other thing, do that which is best for you, listen to your feelings and know that within Creation, we are always protected. Calling upon Archangels, visualization help a lot as well; when we visualize a sacred white/golden circle or any other color that you feel that will protect and help you to create healthy boundaries, we are sending the intention that you are open to give and receive but also ready to take care of yourself and dissolve all that will try to enter into your auric field that will not benefit you. Remember that you are the creator of our own experience and the responsible one for it and no one else not even if you love them with all your heart, so when you set the intention to do that by visualizing it, you are maintain the strength that you need at the same time that you are creating the loving space that you need to assist the yourself and others. Everything that you consider that will maintain you in a state of alignment with Source and that will help you to have the strength to cope with anything you have to face in your relationship will help not only the Self but others involves in the situation.

I also take a salt water treatment almost every day almost every day, to remove the negative energy that is stuck in my subtle bodies, which consist of dipping your feet in salt water and wait for at least 15-20 minutes, we can even see how later on, the water has become almost black, this is because of the negativity that the chakras that are in our feet are eager to give away. Purification is essential for us to keep shining our lights at the same time that we maintain our union with our partners in a peaceful and loving way. Those are simple tools but that in a more general way can help us to clean and release what our energetic bodies and own selves do not need.

There are infinite methods and therapies to cope with our difference in vibration with our Beloved Ones, but the best one is always listening to our soul and be honest with what we truly feel and desire from our hearts. Do you truly feel form your soul that you should remain in that relationship? Or do you feel that it is time to move forward? Whatever it is that you choose, know that it will be what should be for both of you and no matter what will happen know that this was your soul election as well as the Divine Will before having this life experience and at the Divine Timing, you will clearly see that there were never a situation, person, or choice in your life that haven’t brought you to this wonderful and always perfect Now moment.

In love and Light,
Natalia Alba

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