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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

Soul contracts: Dissolving Karmic Relationships

When Spirit gives birth to our Souls, they reunite within Divine Love to agree about the different experiences they would like to have once they are reincarnated on Earth, for some, this would be easy to believe, as Ascending Souls, it is part of our soul remembrance process, to begin acknowledging those higher truths that are encoded deep within our BEing, for others, it will be difficult to internalize, which is perfectly fine, as we all have our time to awake to our soul memories and we all pass through different lessons so our souls can finally awake our human being to what truly IS. When our Souls are agreeing in what ways we could assist each other’s on Earth, they do this within Divine Love, some people may think that this cannot be doing by causing pain, but from a higher level of Love and compassion, it is only by experiencing what is not love that we can remembrance again what Love truly feels like.

There are infinite ways that our souls decide to help each others, as they understand that in the end we are all One and that what our human consciousness see as evil, the Divine sees as life experiences full of joy and lessons to be learnt. But the most intense Divine reunions, are the ones who touch us in a deeper sense as are our closest relationships with our Soul mates family and friends and this is what a lot of souls who are starting to awake or ascend at the moment are experience right now, the dissolution of their soul contracts/karmic relationships, as they belong to the old and should be healed and released in order for them to evolve, which is what their souls are eager to experience next, and it is important to realize when this is occurring so we do not fall into the egoic trap of attachment instead of letting go and choose forgiveness above other lower feelings.

When our Souls made their agreements/contracts to come to earth, they did not judge, they simply thank each others, it is only when we came here and embrace this Human body that we literally forgot that the ones who are closest to us, no matter of what nature our relationships with them might be, are the ones that are offering us the most precious lessons, wrapped with challenges but also with the gift of having a higher understand of what truly is happening behind our Human veil. It is only by start remembering what we truly are and see other souls as Divine Companions that maybe one day we should say goodbye but that today they are helping us in our journey, that we can really free ourselves form old judgments and wounds and begin acknowledging the true gift behind our human experiences. It is only by embodying higher truths that we can see with clarity what other souls are doing for us and vice versa, only through the proper inner knowing that they are helping us to awake some dormant aspects of ourselves that we need to embrace for our own and personal evolutionary path that can only be done through our physical incarnation on earth, that we can keep ascending, dissolving karmic bounds and experiencing the Divine Love that we all are.

I am not saying this is easy to do, if I am writing it today it is because I have passed throuhg a lot of lessons that awoke my Soul, first probably to anger, but all of a sudden, Love was the only thing I could felt for those souls that by showing me what unlove is, made me also felt true and unconditional love, compassion and kindness and made of me who I AM today. If this happened, it was because I started to see not a person with a soul, but a soul within a physical body, I started to visualize them as Divine Lights who came to assist me on my journey, and once you start seeing life as it IS, then, all experiences become free of hurts, of pain and of other infinite illusions that our ego creates once we become this physical body and Human personality.

There are a lot of different relationships that fulfill a certain purpose in our lives and that help us to awake some parts of us which are in need of forgiveness as well, but the ones who really touch our souls in a more profound level and that truly make us wonder if we are choosing hate over love are the ones that we maintain with our Soul mates, call them as you prefer, these relationships are the ones who challenges us the most, because it is by experiencing them that we are able to feel the compassion and love for the Self that only the Lovelight BEings that we are can really sense after all the pain that we try to create.

When we feel that our current relationship are not resonating anymore with who we are, then it is not a reason to feel pain, instead it is one of joy for all we have learnt together in this journey until this Now moment, and let them go. It is when we start feeling this sense of separation and different in vibration that our soul are letting us know when it is time to say goodbye with love and until we shall meet again in this endless dance that this universe is and that will bring us together again if meant to be. I know this may sound hard, but when you see everything from a soul perspective, which I am not saying it is easy at the beginning, the only thing we truly know, is that we are never stuck or fixed with someone or something in our lives, because life as well as nature and the universe in itself is a constant cycle of embracing and letting go, giving and receiving, an eternal dance between welcoming and farewells, and that it is only our ego the one who is eager to control others, and what they feel for us, for the soul knows no boundaries when loving, for it knows only True Love and it knows that Love never vanishes and that it can only grow in Oneness, in authenticity, in the recognition that we are all made of the same light, in which we will meet as One someday, so there is nothing to regret, there is only more love to be given.

When our souls recognize others as a part of who we are and we maintain a close relationship, what our souls are doing is recognizing the one who is going to provides us with these valuable lessons that we need at the moment, this is what some people are referring to when they say they have met their soul mates and that they knew it instantly because of the recognition they felt. Our souls are wide awake, and they are the ones who make us choose what is best for us and our Soul Plan at every moment, when this purpose is fulfilled, it may be fulfilled in days, months, years or our entire life experience here eon earth, it is when the feeling or separation and non-recognition anymore start emerging, that we should be aware enough not to get attach with the other person, but to see it as sign that our purpose was successfully concluded, even if this is challenging, realize that this part of your soul agreement have been fulfilled and that now is time to embrace a new cycle of your life. When we choose not to let go, when we choose our ego instead of listening to our souls, when we choose to know more than the part of us who is eternal and possesses True and Divine Wisdom, then, we are creating drama, more pain and separation, when we are always One, no matter what our human perspective can imagine, and it is when we allow this to happen, that we start suffering for things that are not real.

Embrace, accept and honor who you truly are and have become, even if this is difficult for some people at the beginning, when we choose to take our power back, not to judge others in their unique path and forgive ourselves and others with love and compassion, is that we can start opening ourselves to what is new and should come next in our journey and that will give us exactly what we should be learning or would like to manifest next in our lives. For some, they even could reunite with new souls that will be what we label as Twin Flames reunions, to me, all reunions are Divine, and others could be experiencing for a while the blessing of their own presence as for some, loving themselves is more at this time, which is also a gift and necessary if we would like to have relationships based on integrity and authenticity in the New. So as you see, it all happen for a higher reason that we can imagine in the moment that we are experiencing it, and unless we unlink ourselves from our human view, we could not see the true blessings that our relationships enclose within and that are offering to us.

In the moment you start feeling that the purpose of your relationship have been accomplished is the moment that you have healed your karma so to say, as I do not believe in the exact meaning of it, but in the act of learning from each other’s and start healing the aspects of our selves that are in need of more love. So remember that the more you delay on forgiveness and of letting go, the more you will be suffering, in the moment you release and dissolve your karmic bonds and everything that you keep within that is hurting you and that is not aligned with your True Self and mission, you will be freeing yourself from what is causing you pain. Your Soul Mate reunion was meant to be for this exact purpose, it was meant to bring into the surface what should be healed, released and forgiven, so now you can walk your own path by being totally free of these old chains, embracing your true BEing and keep ascending into higher level of awareness, love and compassion with our own Self, and others. Remember that compassion start with the Self and  sometimes we give in excess, forgetting our own well being as well as beating ourselves up with things that simply we should not be controlling, as it is not our task, to control the conditions, the whys, the hows and the whens, as it is the universe task, and this can only happen when we first understand that loving our being should be our first aim and that it is only by honoring and respecting who we are and our choices that we can do the same with others.

If you are passing at the moment through different experiences of what seems to be separation from your closest ones, remember that in our human perspective it might be so, but separation does not exist, we are just letting go of an old companion and soul, who came in the first place to assist us and not to remain by our side forever, even if our ego prefers to see it that way, but it is never the way that our universe operates. When our souls decided to experience the different lessons that we are passing through in this physical realm, as there are infinite others realms of existence in which we could have also decided to master some aspects of the Self, our souls never thought about separation, but about union, about the unification that passing through these challenges we could embrace from a soul level.

Our Souls were thinking about recognizing each other’s even if wearing different masks, ones of pain, others of joy, it does not matter! What our Souls wanted us to learn is that we live in a universe of love, and that we can create different outcomes and illusions that show us what love is not, but that all this will only awake the pure feeling of Divine Love that make us remember once and again what we are made of, and this will be so until a world without end. We can fight it or we can flow with it, embrace it and thank others for their precious assistance, whatever it is that we choose, will be seen within Divine Love, never under the Human judgment that we sometimes posses.

No matter what you choose, choose to be who you truly are in this moment, as we are constantly shifting and evolving into different Beings, with the same Essence, but under different level of consciousness, no matter where you are Now, honor and trust your decisions, choose Love, love for the Self, love for others, forgiveness and compassion above all and for All, and it will make all the difference.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba

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