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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

The Energies of May 2015

We are finally entering into the most nurturing month of the Year! May, as a continuation of the energies of April, is also a month to manifest and bring into fruition our goals and deepest desires. During this month, our dreams blossom as well as nature does, and we feel how we expand into new horizons made with the dreams we have been nourishing from the inside all this time. We emerge from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies, taking flight to our next destination, and seeing in our visible world all that we gave birth in the invisible during the first part of the Year.

In this new month, we move from fiery Aries to the earthly realm of Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, and our second initiation into a deeper knowledge of how to manifest our desires from an energetic Plane into our dense one. Taurus teaches us our next lesson within the wheel of life, which is to master ourselves into the endless art of bringing things from our inner world into our human one. With Taurus, a sign that likes to see the rewards of all His efforts, we are invited to pay more attention into our earthly matters, as they are the materialization of that which is within and what sustains us in our lives, remember that material things are also a part of our lives, and instead of sabotaging ourselves by thinking they are not “good” or spiritual, we should embrace them as a part of our life and human experience. This Earth sign, ruled by Venus, The Planet of Beauty, Abundance and Pleasure, offers us the gift to create our Heaven on Earth, connecting with nature, honoring our physical realm and realizing that the true purpose of our soul is the embodiment and materialization of our Divine Essence into our physical world. Enjoying our lives in the physical as our souls planned before incarnating, which is the true purpose behind all human existence.

May is a month to ground ourselves as well as our dreams into our lives. The cosmic message is to establish strong foundations in our physical world for us to enjoy the beautiful blessings that this life offers us too. May is a 13 universal number and reduced it is a 4th one. This gives us a clear message of the need to ground our goals into our new lives, as the number four represents the four pillars that make our lives stable, abundant and balanced, so we can enjoy the physical pleasures and gifts of our lives. It is a wonderful time to ask ourselves if we have created steady and prosperous lives, or if we are still in need of making some transformations in order to create the lives that will give us a better life experience. Our intention should be focused on not polarize, as we tend to do so by labeling material things as being good or bad, but by simply embracing them as One, obtaining the best of both sides.

During April, Aries gave us the gift of freeing our inner fire through the proper self-empowerment required for us to channel its energy into the materialization of our inner visions into our lives. May offers us a perfect opportunity to create our dreams into our tangible Plane, bringing the necessary stability to manifest prosperous lives. It is a month to celebrate the light within that also shines without, bringing us all the beauty and expansion of our creations. We only have to open our arms to all the beauty and soul remembrance - revelations and other miracles that are coming into our life experience.

We begin this month with a very powerful and emotional Full Moon at 13 degrees Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, a Planet that is all about regeneration, transformation and rebirth. Its energy may be subtle but very powerful, so we can channel all this force into the proper healing that we need by regenerating ourselves from past wounds - that are still impeding us to move forward, and rebirthing into the LoveLight beings that we all are. Scorpio rules our subconscious mind, so it will bring into the surface all that is hidden into the depths of our being, and that should be healed and released so we can end a cycle, embracing and unifying all aspects of the self, and initiate a new one of soul expansion and bliss for all the beautiful creations that we have also achieved. The moon will oppose the sun, making a square with Jupiter, the Planet that rules a higher form of knowledge but also the Planet of expansion. We have two opposite forces, as it is Jupiter in Leo, expanding this potent Full Moon energy, and Scorpio, a Water sign that goes deeper into our subconscious. The best move is to unite and merge both forces, so we can acknowledge what is still in need of being integrated and what should be accepted for us to progress.

On May 7 Venus, the Planet of Abundance, Pleasure and Love will enter into the sign of Cancer. Venus in Cancer is creative, nurturing and likes to nourish not only our relationships with our loved ones, but also the first and most important of them all, the one we maintain with our own selves. Remember that love starts by loving the person that we are and that it is only by embracing all aspects of ourselves, accepting them and loving who we are that we can attract the perfect mate for us at this moment. It is also a wonderful time with Venus in Cancer to nourish our inner child, to heal old wounds that have been impeding us to fully love ourselves - issues related with abandonment, loss and all that has to deal with our core wounds. Those inner hurts are essential to heal before sharing our lives with a partner and having authentic and integrated relationships. So look within, be honest with yourself and realize if you have to dedicate more time to healing and releasing, and conduct all the love you feel inside yourself and that You are, towards your own Self first, remembering how precious you are within Creation.

On May 11th, Mars enters in Gemini. This Air sign is all about communication, how we communicate our feelings to others, and how we relate to others. Do we have to clear our ego before expressing our deepest feelings? So they come from a place of love and compassion and not from a selfish place. Or do we try to express ourselves with respect and integrity? It is essential to use words not as a weapon, but as a loving way to make clear our position and true desires, standing firm in what we wish from our souls. So the warrior energy of Mars meeting this air and communicative sing, gives us a wonderful opportunity to balance both sides, discovering if we are sharing our truth and in what ways are we doing so, and also if we should enjoy more our physical lives, putting more joy and enthusiasm in what we do.

The New Moon on May 18 at 26 degrees of Taurus, will give us the perfect energies to ground our new beginnings and see them manifested into our lives. The new moon in Taurus will act as an anchor to secure our desires into the physical. This Moon sets the proper energies for us to keep expanding and materializing all of our earthly needs. Are we satisfied with the results of our inner creations in the physical? Are we allowing infinite abundance and new possibilities into our life experience? Or do we need to keep mastering ourselves more to obtain the outcomes that are aligned with who we are? As always, the universe provides us with endless sings, for us to realize where we are, as well as with limitless abundance and the awareness to perceive if we are allowing it or not into our lives.

In this same day, Mercury, the Winged Messenger, will turn retrograde at 13 degrees Gemini until June 11th.  Mercury rules Gemini, so being retrograde in this Air sign, is a reminder of the importance that inner contemplation and communication sometimes have at some point in or journey. As inner reflection and the communication that we first have with ourselves, it is often most important than the one we have with others, as it is only when we speak to ourselves with love and authenticity that we can also do the same with others. So Mercury in Gemini is a wonderful gift for us to move inward and stop the noise of our minds for a while, after all these intense times that we just faced with Eclipses and the Equinox between other cosmic events. It is great opportunity to evaluate from a mental Plane what it is that we would like to shift in our inner/outer world, as Mercury invites us to become the observer of our own life experience, so we can create and alter from a higher and energetic Plane what no longer resonates with where we are now, and start transforming all that no longer is aligned with our highest Will with that which truly is One with It.

On May 21, the sun enters Gemini. We pass from the earthly sing Taurus to an Air one. It is now time to focus our attention and intention into our mental Plane (and even more with Mercury retrograde) until we reach the perfect balance and wisdom that we need in all Planes. If we learnt how to manifest in our earthly world with Taurus, enjoying the simple pleasures of our lives, now, the Twins, will make us cultivate reason and everything related with our intellectual side. It is also a good time to study and to expand our knowledge into new directions that could benefit our inner growth and give us new ideas for the next steps of our journey.

Gemini will also assist us to express our hearts and feelings, by communicating with freedom, and discernment. It will help us to realize if we tend to focus more into one end or the other, so we can find a middle position. Remember that balance between our spiritual /intellectual and material sides should be unified and harmonized for us not to polarize and nourish just one side, but the whole. The important thing to do is to equilibrate the part of us which is logical with our intuitive one, all is necessary and all helps us apprehend and elucidate what it IS from what is not align with who we are and our soul desires anymore.

May is a month to blossom, to prosper and to make everything brighter. A month to go with the flow and embrace more of what is coming into our lives with an open heart, without fearing anything. May finally brings us the Light - the clarity we need to see all that we should transform into pureness, integrity and love. It is a month in which we are going to enjoy our inner creations in the physical, as well as the joy of knowing that at Divine Time, everything that we should experience manifest into our lives, and that we just have to honor every single opportunity, challenge and blessing that come to us with the joy and the gratitude of knowing that all that occurs into our life experience is always for the highest good of All.

I wish you all a May filled with joy, miracles and abundance!

In love and light,

Natalia Alba 

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