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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 20 de julio de 2015

Moving into a higher octave of love: Venus retrograde & New synodic cycle

Venus, the Planet of Love and Abudance will turn retrograde at 046 Virgo on July 25, and throughout this summer we also have other Planets in retrograde mode, such as Neptune, Chiron, Saturn and Uranus that will help us to move inward so we can be able to heal and transform our lives from an inner perspective as well as release everything that no longer serves our highest purpose. It is important that we understand that we are One with the Forces of the Universe and like Venus, life in itself revolves around cycles, and so do we. This is why it is vital for us to tune into the wisdom of these different stages and flow with them to obtain a major understanding of when is time to stop and regain a better perspectie of where we are heading in our unique path, as it is only by evaluating our own self that we can transmute and purify ourselves and start acting upon our soul desires - creating the next phase of our journey from a place of inner clarity and integrity.

When the Goddess of Beauty moves retrograde (remember that no Planet can actually move backwards in their orbits around the sun, it is just an illusion we have from Earth) we are presented with the opportunity to realize if we truly value and love ourselves or if we are still not honoring the precious beings of the Divine that we all are. It is a time to work on our self-love issues before initiating new relationships that could simply mirror our lack of self worth/esteem and respect for the self. During this period is a wonderful time to ask ourselves: Do we need validation from the outside to act upon our desires? or do we stand firm in our values and beliefs unhesitatingly? As I always say, all Planet that turns retrograde is not a curse but a gift to our soul growth, since we can discover the aspects of us that we do not really know yet or have not unified. 

Venus will assist us not to separate ourselves from others or our relationships, but to value ourselves above all before sharing our lives with others, and recognize that as Divine beings we are always worthy of the great love that we already are and deserve. It is only our human being the one that tries to create the feeling that we are not enough or as good as others. We are always loved, appreciated and whole within Creation and there is nothing from the outside or anyone else that can really complete what the Divine already created unified within its pure love and light Essence. 

Venus turns retrograde about 40-43 days every 18 months. We have 5 Venus cycles (a Venus cycle is around 584 days) and it takes Venus  8 years to reach home again, in its journey, Venus creates a perfect pentagram, which is the symbol of the Goddess, representing our feminine side, the aspect of us that we are retrieving and that will help us to finally left an old Era of male dominance and step into a new one based on compassion and expansion into a higher frequency of being. On August 22, we will enter into a new Venus synodic cycle at 19 degrees Leo, which happens when a Planet turns retrograde and when these two Planets (Earth-Venus) align in their orbits. The Earth-Venus synodic cycle simply means the encounter between two Planets, this is when Venus rises as a Morning Star, starting Her synodic cycle. Venus is our Twin Planet, it mirrors us and it also possesses similar characteristics with Earth, it is a key Planet to our Ascension since Venus assists us to evolve through the power of Love, by helping us to remember that it is when we awake, cultivate and balance our feminine side with our masculine one that we can nurture, create and give birth to a new Era of love, compassion and authenticity - leaving behind the tendency we had to polarize by remaining in our masculine side and destroy instead of nourishing ourselves, others and life in itself. 

In this New cycle of Venus, the Divine feminine Essence from the ancient Lemuria is coming back again. The Divine Love that we all are, the part of us who is pure and nourishes everything within Creation is awakening, specially in the collective, who are going to start feeling this feminine and Motherly energy more than the ones who have been walking on this ascension path for a while. It time to start moving from a masculine Era into a Feminine and more balanced one, into a unified perspective of who we truly are. With Venus retrograde we start a new phase, in which asking ourselves about the relationships we maintain with our own selves, others and also about the relation we posess with our core values, beliefs, money and everything related with how we create, manifest and experience abundance in our human Plane is going to be the key to move forward in this new stage. If you still find hard to manifest abundance, ask yourself what is still blocking this infinite flow into your life, as the real cause lies always within you, and ask your inner being why are you restraining yourself from experiencing all the blessings that the Divine desires you to enjoy. It is a great gift for us to release our old human sense of guilt, lack of self-worth as well as others limited beliefs and feelings that are impeding us to remain in our natural state of bliss and delight all the wonderful things and experiences that we have for sure in our earthly lives.

By having Venus retrograde in Virgo and at the same time making a conjuction with the triple star Regulus, a star belonging to the Leo constelation, that is also in the sing of Virgo after having along stay in Leo, we have a great opportunity to move our attention from centering ourselves into our human and egoic needs into selfless service to others with this fixed star in Virgo. It is said that Regulus brings energies of destruction and chaos, but from what I feel, this is just another old perception of the Truth that lies behind our human view of how things are in our reality. Regulus is just an energy, as we all are, and it is our choice to use it to disperse what no longer serves us (ego) into something greater and aligned with who we truly are (Higher Self/purpose) and integrate our masculine and feminine polarities without judgment or force. All can be done with love, as long as we do not go into extremes and old beliefs that cannot coexist  with the new frequency we have decided to hold. All can be shifted and dissolved when we finally are open to receive the proper information and inner awareness to see what truly IS.

It is important to validate where we are at the moment and the feelings that we still have to let go of so we can give birth to new ones, but the most important when August comes is to release an old cycle of our life by blessing it with love and gratitude, remember that no matter how many challenges we may have experienced, they always served us to be more consicous and informed of our true soul desires and also of the Truth behind our human illusion, so at this time, it is important to evaluate ourselves and close an old chapter at the same time that we create the proper energy to embrace a new one. This new cycle can only be created from within, as what we create in the inside is what will manifest in our tangible lives, this is why is so important to move inward and ponder about the things and situations we should shift before acting and keep manifesting outcomes that could not be aligned with our soul.

On August 22, Venus will raise as a Morning Star, beginning a new cycle in the archetype of Leo. We pass from having Venus retrograde in Virgo, a sign that invites us to ask ourselves how can we be of service to others, to Leo, a sign that centers all the attention into the self, and by having Venus retrograde in this fiery sign, we are called to look at our ego and examine if our decisions are based on our egoic feelings or if we make our choices from a higher place of love and soul alignment. This is another opportunity for us to put aside our egoic self and use this inner strenght that Leo gives us to simply move inward and shift everything that is not what we truly desire to experience in this new phase of our ascension path. 

Venus in Leo will be our main theme for the next few months. Will you choose to channel your inner strenght to serve All? Will you use your personal power to overcome all past challenges and start anew? Will you reclaim your sovereignty as the Divine/cosmic being that you are? Or will you direct this potent energy into anger and sadness? It is always your decision to make the best of this mighty energy and remember that no outcome will be "good" or "bad" but simply what we need at this time in our life experience to keep remembering more aspects of the Truth as well as the next steps that we desire to take in our journey. 

Choose wisely, the time to raise above limitation and old beliefs is Now, this moment, we can only transform ourselves and lives when we are fully living in the Now. We can only improve our conditions and change them as well as as our old percetion, in this moment, therefore choose according to what you know and where you are at this time, but carefully select only that which is going to assist you to move forward instead of repeating the same old patterns that will lead you to where you used to be and the same old situations that you wish to avoid. Use your inner fire to burn everything that cannot coexist with the new You, as you renew yourself at every single moment, choose love and the power of healing that it possesses, choose to be who you truly are and shine the star that you carry within. Honor your Truth and illuminate others in their path, do not hide who you are, use your Divine spark to be a Light and assist, you just have to go within and remember that in the end we all come here to heal, to be the love that we are and to remembrance once more our True Essence and mission within the Divine Plan. 

The Divine journey that Venus makes until reaching its starting point is written in the sky with sacred geometry, forming a perfect gateway for the proper energies to penetrate into our Planet, assisting us to ascend as She does the same. As this new Venus cycle begins, it is our decision to make the conscious choice of embracing and anchoring these higher frequencies within our being and physical lives and enroll ourselves in this new path of infinite expansion and growth, as it is always a consicous choice to keep evolving and step into the unkwon with faith and trust in the Divine. As we keep ascending within this eternal spiral, we will realize that we are no longer the same, since we are constantly shifting and being activated if it is our true desire, and we will regain our cosmic heritage and our pure intention of becoming the Masters that we already are of our own lives, with the inner realization of the fact that we have left behind not only and old phase of our life, but a whole world that used to enslave us and that due to our consicous choice of integration and soul remembrance we have finally left behind.

It is a New Dawn for us, for the ones who have been on this ascension path and that are ready now to expand themseves into new horizons, and for those who are pluging into this journey at the moment. It is a new phase filled with the high crystalline frequency we need to create our new lives. And it is our decision to determine if we are ready to move forward, or if we still have some inner issues to resolve before embracing a completely new road. Venus retrorgrade will give us first the opportunity to look within and find what is not yet unified and that is impeding us to give this step into our New lives. 

I hope that you all feel the heat of this New Venusian Light deep within your being, and I wish you all a new cycle filled with infinite abundance, love and joy, which is what you all already are in Essence, you just have to let it out and shine it.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba

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