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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

Super Full Moon in Pisces ~ August 29th, 2015

We have a magical and very powerful Full Moon at 6 degrees of Pisces on the 29th of August. We will strongly feel this Piscean Moon as it is a Super Moon, meaning that is closest to earth, allowing us to see and feel its powerful light more intensively than usual as well as all the revelations that it unveils to us. As we also have the sun in Virgo, the Virgin Maiden, who represents purity and the part of us who nurtures and serves others from the heart, the rise of the Divine Feminine within us is flowing and ready to shine its creative and nourishing fire in everything that it touches. Together with the Dreamer, Pisces, who is also one of the most humanitarian signs of all the zodiac and one of the most intutive ones, we have the perfect combination to give form to all of our inner visions in our physical world and to use our soul gifts to be of selfless service to others as both signs invite us to do.

The Moon ocurring at 6 degrees of Pisces is another cosmic message of creating the proper equilibrium and unity we need to manifest our highest desires. It is a challenge for us since we as humans, tend to polarize instead of seeing everything as One and necessary to fulfill our human experience. Number 6 represents balance, harmony, love and the reconciliation of opposites poles which is our main aim at this new phase of our ascension path, to merge opposites poles/energies through inner alchemy and give birth to a third force that contains the main Essence of those opposite polarities. At the Full Moon time, we have the sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, on the opposite side, we have the Moon who conjunct with Neptune, one of the rulers of Pisces, and together with Jupiter, both oppositions will square Saturn, the Cosmic Teacher, in Scorpio. We have the perfect opportunity to combine the earthly energy of Virgo which is practical and likes to make our dreams tangible, with the sensitive and dreamer energy of the water sign of Pisces, who likes to create worlds in the invisible realms but needs to bring them into fruition and learn how to create strong foundations for our dreams to become real and palpable. Mastering the art of creating a balance bewteen the part of us who is intutive, invisible and etheric with the dense aspect of ourselves that give form to our inner world is our higher purpose during this Full Moon. 

Pisces is the last sign of  the zodiac, with Pisces we end an old Era of human illusion and begin a New one based on integrity and authenticity. Pisces taught us what Divine love and compassion truly means and we learnt our "karmic" lessons by being fully aware of what is not working anymore in our selves and lives and realizing that it is only when we are informed and aware of what is occuring behind the illusory veils that we can shift all the situations that are not aligned with who we truly are and move forward. Pisces helped us to trascend all limitations and start rememering again our soul wisdom and all the cosmic knowledge we possess within so we can proceed by being fully aware of  what truly IS and what we no longer desire to experience in our new reality.

Now is the time to close an old chapter of our lives and start envisioning from within what we truly desire for our new journey by taking into account that we - as creators of our own life experience - are here  to master the art of manifesting that which is still in our mental Plane as it is what we came here to begin with - to descend our True Essence into our physical vehicle. Pisces invites us to navigate in deep waters together with Neptune, feeding our illusions and dreams, and it is precisely because of it that we can fall into the trap of being delusional and lose our true purpose, this is why is so important to set a bridge between our visions and our physical reality. Virgo is going to act as a balance for us to harmonize both energies and find the proper equilibrium required to reconcile our inner world with our outer one in order to create that which our soul is eager to manifest at the same time that we are of service to others, which is in the end, our unique and true soul purpose on earth.

At the Full Moon time, we not only have Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, but also Mercury who is the ruler sign of Virgo, in Libra. Both energies are inviting us to make tangible what is still formless in our inner realm. With Mercury in Libra, a sign that brings balance in all the aspects of ourselves that are not unified, offers us the opportunity to evaluate our relationships as well as to express our feelings with love and gentleness instead of being impulsive and acting from a place of not integeity with ourselves and others. It is a great blessing to equilibrate what makes us fall into old patterns, repeating the same old behaviours in our relationships. Mercury will enter into its pre-shadow phase before moving retrograde on September 17 on August 28th, and again past situations can come back into our lives, but as you already know, this is just to remind us that we have loved all the souls who assisted us in different and unique ways in our path, appreciated all the challenges, and left behind what no longer can coexist with who we have become now.

Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, is still retrograde in fiery Leo until September 6 and it also conjunct with the Warrior Mars during the Full Moon. Creativity, the power to express who we are and our soul talents can be breathed in the air with this powerful combination, it is a time for inspiration and expansion within our new path. Venus is indeed assisting us to discover the parts of us that we should bring into union and see everything from a higher place of Divine wisdom and love instead of focusing our attention into what is no longer working. Mastering abundance, which is another form of love and it can only comes from within, is also one of our main aims at this new Venusian cycle. realizing that we can only attract and manifest that which we already are, both, in our relationships and in our finances, is what we are learning at this intense time of Venus retrograde. While our ego tries to make us see that we are not enough and that everything we may need comes with hard work and always from the outside, our soul is reminding us that we are our main fountain of abundance and love and that it is only by feeling what we truly are and the pure influx of infinite richness that we can truly give birth and bring into our dense world all that is within and ready to come into our lives.

This is one of the most important Gateways until the Eclipes that we will face in September. The first Solar Eclipse will be on September 13 at 20 degrees Virgo, illuminating new beginnings for us, particularly in the house where the Solar Eclipse occurs on your chart, is where you will find new gifts and opportunities to begin something new and prosperous. The second Eclipse will take place at 4 degrees of Aries on the 27th of August. Lunar Eclipses literally "eclipse" an aspect/s of our selves or lives that need to be dissolved. So we will be dancing again with these different but necessary energies that will help us to keep integrating and welcoming the unknown at the same time that we could also let go of the past. As ascending souls, we already know that life is a constant process of embracing and letting go and it is only when we flow with this endless dance that we can manifest the outcomes that are aligned with our soul and find the perfect balance and harmony within. 

We could also feel more sensitive than usual due to not only this Full Moon in Pisces but also to the latest wave that we have been receiving from our central sun in form of solar flares and the cosmic energies integrated during the intense 888 Lions  Gateway. Altogether will make us feel probably tired, with the need to rest and be still for a while, so we can internalize all these intense energies. Honor every feeling, every sensation you may have at this time and take care of your physical body as the sacred vehicle that you have here on earth and that needs to be nurtured as well as you do the same with other aspects and parts of yourself. Remember that only we can decide how we feel and react about these outer energies and if we always listen to our bodies and souls and do what is best for us at every moment, we will not feel with the old need of creating drama or tolerate it anymore, on the contrary, we will accept what IS as a natural process of our soul and physical evolution, embracing whatever it is that should come to where we are now and enjoying this new phase of our ascension journey with faith and trust that we are indeed where we need to.

I have been receiving for a few days the message from my Guides to connect with the Cetacean consciousness, which is essential for us at this transitional times to forgive, be compassionate beings and act from a place of integrity and unity in every single moment. As you already know, Cetacean consciousness, although coexisting with us in our dense world, is living in a paralell reality of complete surrender into the Now moment and Divine Love. These wonderful beings are serving a higher purpose in our Planet, as they purify and cleanse what we in our limited minds cannot even realize and are a wonderful example for us of how to live fully in the moment without jumping into past/future times that do not even exist but in our human perception of our reality. We can connect with this higher form of existence to help us with our process of inner alchemy into cleaning more layers of the ego and purification of the old as well as to forgive ourselves and others so we can finally move forward without any regrets, attachments and feelings of victimhood.

It is a time to transmute through the power of Water all that we have left behind into something greater, pure and new that serves the self and All as Virgo also reminds us. A time to dream, a time to pass from fiery leo energy to the magic of Pisces and the practicality and harmony of Virgo, a wonderful moment to start fresh and rejuvenate ourselves. We can rest assure that Piscean Waters come to give us inner peace and the quietness that our physical being and soul deserve after the intensity of the energies we have been facing lately, we are now preparing ourselves for when September comes so we can have the strength to deal with this great and powerful new energetic month! 

This Piscean Full Moon gives us the cosmic message of completion but also of new beginnings that are around the corner if we allow them to manifest into our experience. The reminder of this Moon is to put an end into a cycle, renew ourselves from this past phase that we have left behind and start a new one without looking back. So no matter what you have to release, do it with love and gratitude, there is always a major role within the Divine Plan for everything that happens to us and for everyone that arrives and later on have to part of our unique soul journey. 

We are here to love, to remember and to bring into union what we still see as separated, the rest is yet to be discovered as we keep expanding yourselves within the spiral of life, the rest is yet to be created and delighted. Do not be attached to what is not yours to being with, let it all go and embrace what you are not able to envision yet with trust in the Divine that knows best. 

In love and light,

Natalia Alba 

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