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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


domingo, 2 de agosto de 2015

The Energies of August 2015

We ended the month of July by having a very powerful Blue Moon  at 7 degrees of Aquarius which together with the sun in emotional Cancer and a lot of Planets retrograde, such as Neptune, Chiron, Saturn, Pluto, Venus and Uranus, offered us an opportunity to get rid of the old in all aspects of our lives to transform ourselves and lives so we can reborn again by being purified of everything that is not in perfect alignment and resonance with who we are and our current path and begin this new phase with the awareness enough of what we wish to create and manifest next into our unique journey. Venus retrograde at 0’46 Virgo on July 25 passed to the sign of Leo in the same day we had a very powerful Blue Moon on July 31, another cosmic message for us to move inward and find what is no longer working in our lives with respect to our sense of abundance and in the relationships we maintain with others, remember that in this higher reality that we are consciously manifesting, acting with integrity and authenticity is the main and most important thing to give birth to healthy reunions. 

The Sun in the sign of Cancer during July, assisted us to go beyond our egoic feelings, by moving into the depths of our soul and find what should be embraced and at the same time released. Cancer reminded us that Home is wherever we go and that finding Home in others, no longer works for the ones that have already embraced this feeling of being at Home no matter where we go or with whom. Challenges were presented for us to dissolve and transmute old beliefs and way to live, not for us to see troubles in our lives. The choice to transform them, as the magicians that we all are, is always ours. August brings fiery energies with Leo, and we have the gift now to master all we have integrated during July into our tangible Plane. Leo gives us the strenght and inner fire we need to release and alchemize what is not working, but also the joy and excitment that a new and wonderful path brings.

In this month of August, trascending the human roles that we impose to ourselves and move beyond them by finding first inner alignment, and then new souls that resonates with us and where we are is what we are transitioning into at this time. In July, we freed ourselves from everything and everyone that were not a match to us and our journey, and during this new month of August, we are going to move from our emotional Plane to a more physical one, that is to say, we are going to manifest and give form with the ardent energy that Leo, and other Planets in this same sign, brings to what should remain in our new lives, as this is what will serve to our highest purpose. Fire energy will help us to sweep away what we do not desire to keep experiencing and set the foundations in our physical lives with the required strenght to break throuhg old human roles and attachments and create the stability we need for this new phase  that we about to start. It is a huge challenge to get rid of certain people and situations that are not aligned with our soul and that are just impeding our growth and evolution, but it is only by trascending this human sense of separation and dependency by seeing everythign from a soul perspective that we can truly realize that we are all here dancing at the rhythm of a different song and that at some point, we will have new partners to be dancing with.

During July, we have been immersed (and we still continue to be during this new month of August) in a process of integration, in which releasing from both, a celullar and inner perspective, all which is stagnant and does not serve our path, was our main aim. Some of us have been in a process of inner realization of what should stay, as it brings us joy and is authentic with our new frequency and who is not anymore going to co-create with us in the path ahead that we are creating at every now moment. All should be blessed, as every single one of these souls have helped us to complete another important phase, in which their presence was vital, but it is now time to finally remove the past and move on, remember that as we ascend, leaving behind other things, is a constant part of our ascension journey.

We start this month of August by having Saturn, the Cosmic Teacher, direct again at 28 degrees Scorpio. This Water sign, rules death but also transformation and the embodiment of the proper healing required to transmute what is not in our highest good anymore for our selves and start regenerating our phsyical bodies as well as we do with our feelings, remember that ascension is also a physical process in which releasing from a celullar point of view is a combined process with that of our inner one. So with Saturn direct we can discern about what is truly genuine and true in our lives and  what is still a repepetitive old pattern from our past that we have to release in order to be able to embrace our new lives without fearing the unknown. Saturn is associated with number 7 - mastering the sevens chakras and bringing into form what we create from within first, as well as the number that August represents in numerology! It is a message of brining into the surface a higher form of wisdom by inner retrospection and transmutation of what no longer serves us so we can create the magic and the outcomes that are in resonance with our Higher Self and purpose.

Old patterns always arise when we resufe to let them go, they can appear in the form of certain people, situations that we do not even search or create, or in other ways, but the Universe in its immense wisdom will always make us choose what we prefer and what we have to dissolve by sending us what we need and not what our human self wants. It is a blessing to see  what we do not resonate with instead of a problem, so even if at this time, some of you can have some abundace, relationships challenges, or other situations in your life that are not as you wish they were, it is all for you to realize what you truly desire from your soul and release what you do not.

On August 7th we have Mercury moving into its Home sign Virgo, together with a very important cosmic event, Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, moving from Leo to Virgo on August 11th. Mercury gives us clarity of thought in Virgo and the precision required to choose how we relate to others and how we express our personal truth and feelings. Jupiter, expands everthing it touches, what we decide to make of it is always our choice, so we have a time to expand our capacity to be of service to others and to find within a higher meaning to our purpose as well as extend our knowledge into new horizons.

The fiery energies that we are going to feel during August come from having the sun, mars and a very powerful New Moon at 21 degrees of Leo on Agust 14th. Now, it is a time to manifest all the inner revelations that we had during July by moving within and embracing our deepest feelings, so we can start creating with this mighty Leo energy our new beginnings by having clarity about what we desire from our souls that should stay in our lives and what should be removed, as it is making us repeat the same old patterns that we no longer wish to manifest. This New Moon gives us the inner power to move forward and break free from all the burdens that limit us, offering the strenght we need to let go of what our human self is still attaches to, but that is not what our True purpose and being need anymore to continue with our endless ascension journey. We are conscious creators/Masters of what we wish to create into our lives, and challenges are for us to discern about the things and people we truly like to maintain in our lives or not, nothing comes to us by chance or as a curse, we all represent a perfect role in human form, all is sent to us as a gift to dissolve the past, which does not exist to begin with, and regain the clarity about what we truly desire to give birth from now on.

On August 22, the sun will enter into Virgo at the same time that Venus will raise as a Morning Star, beginning a new cycle in the archetype of Leo, giving us the message of stepping into this higher form of existing with Her. Our main challenge is to combine both energies, the fiery one coming from Leo and the earthly energies of Virgo, into the creation of something that serves All not only the self as Leo would do, so we master our sense of individualized self with the truth that we are One consciousness assisting each other's in this physical Plane. 

With Venus in Leo we are called to take the challenge of directing all this inner fire into the proper transmutation of old patterns and use it to be of service: Will you choose to channel your inner strenght to serve All? Will you use your personal power to overcome all past challenges and start anew? Will you reclaim your sovereignty as the Divine/cosmic being that you are? Or will you direct this potent energy into anger and sadness? It is always your decision to make the best of this vehement energy and remember that no outcome will be "good" or "bad" but simply what we need at this time in our life experience to keep remembering more aspects of the Truth as well as the next steps that we desire to take in our journey. 

We end August with a magical Full Moon at 6 degrees Pisces that will conjucnt with Neptune. This is one of the most important Gateway apart from the first week of August, because we are now ready to transmute through the power of Water all that we have left behind into something greater, pure and new that serves the self and All. A time to dream, a time to pass from fiery leo energy to the magic of Pisces, a wonderful moment to start fresh and rejuvenate ourselves. We can rest assure that Piscean Waters come to give us inner peace and the quietness that our physical being and soul so deserve after the intensity of Leo. This Water sign is the last one of the zodiac, ending a cycle and also a phase of our lives. 

Together with the fact that this is a Full Moon, which are all about completion, the message is to put an end into a whole cycle, renew ourselves from this past phase that we have left behind and start a new one without looking back. It is always our human being the one that likes to possess things and people never our souls. Our souls know that we came here to embrace and let go and that it is only by this constant dance that we can keep expanding ourselves into new horizons and envion new creations. So no matter what you have to release, do it with love and gratitude, there is always a major role within the Divine Plan for everything that happens to us and for everyone that arrives and later on have to part. The difference is to say our goodbyes (which are never real as this is another human illusion) with love and gratitude, knowing that everything that occurs to us is always for the highest good of All, or we can also choose to keep repeating the same old role of victimization and attachment. Every choice is perfect and every feeling should be embraced, never denied, as whatever we are experiencing is what we should at this perfect Now.

I wish you all a blessed New Cycle filled with infinite abundance and miracles!

In love and light,

Natalia Alba 

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