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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

The energies of September 2015

September is one of the busiest energetic month of all this Year! Everything we have been integrating/anchoring during this summer was a preparation for what is about to come in this new month. Some believe major changes are going to take place in our Planet, and thanks to these changes is that they will be able to leave behind the 3D matrix and enter into a higher vibrational existence. Others simply have already stepped into a New Era of love and integrity and are no longer part of this old reality. 

No matter where you are in your ascension journey, the truth is that no outer change can come if we first do not do so from within. We all create our own reality, therefore we should be concerned not only with how the collective is evolving or how others are choosing to experience their unique path, but with how can we hold the proper frequency that we would like to see reflected in our physical world, as when we shift internally, we affect All. September is a powerful energetic month, it comes filled with new waves to integrate and with more opportunities to open and keep expanding our hearts more into higher levels of love due to the Light Portal of the Equinox at the end of the month. The choice to engage ourselves into this endless ascension spiral and embrace a higher consciousness is always ours.

We ended August with a powerful Full Moon in Pisces that served us to finally conclude an old cycle and purify ourselves form our past, releasing what was still stagnant in our hearts and cells and that impeded us to be in our natural state of bliss which is our True Essence. We begin September by having Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance turning direct in leo on September 6 and in conjunction with Mars which is going to make us go even deeper into our Divine Reunions as well as to open ourselves more so we can begin to attract the partners that are aligned with our true essence and soul mission. 

During Venus retrograde you had the time to evaluate what resonate with you and what is not serving a higher purpose anymore. Did you take the time to unify and love all the aspects of yourself as equals? Did you revise in what areas you should create more abundance? Did you forgive with gratitude and compassion those partners who have helped you on your soul journey? Did you finally claim your sovereignty as the wondrous Divine being that you are? If so, you are ready now to cross the veils of illusions, to walk among the new path you have created with so much love and hope and start stepping into a higher way of experieincing your realtionships as well as your sense of abundance as in the end, all comes from the Love that we already are and that we feel for our own selves and others. 

If you are still working on self-love issues the sun still in Virgo will help you to bring into the surface the Goddess in You and direct all the love and service towards the self as this is where you should begin with before giving the step to assist All. It is only when we recognize the inner spark of the Divine wtihin and love it as it Is that we can see it in others, this is why some people do not attract yet the perfect relationship/job or other things they desire, becuase  they still do not see who they truly are, therefore it cannot come to you yet.

Venus retrograde has been a blessing for those who was oscillating bewteen two worlds - the egoic perception of our limited reality and the higher reality of love and abundance that is our true state of being - showing them in which parts of their lives they needed to trust and create more balance. Now, you are able to clearly see beyond the egoic illusion that you do are a deserving being, appreciating all the lessons and being in a constant state of gratitude, as now you comprehend that everything that has happened to you was due to a lack of a higher understanding and that all can be dissolve with the power of love and the proper understanding. 

As you keep walking on this path of self-mastery, you discover more aspects of the Truth and as you do so, you walk in integrity and with the authenticity that living with an open and pure heart gives to those who have consicoulsy chosen this path. Venus now will show you how you can create new relationships by recognizing and BEing the love that you are, you will be able to also draw that which is yours by Divine right - abundance, love and all that is in perfect resonance with your soul frequency and that you should experience at this time.

On september 13th a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo will illuminate our new beginnings, those we have been giving birth in other planes of existence during all this time and that we cannot see yet with our human eyes, but that are as real as we want to see our physical world. Those inner visions are now ready to come into the surface with this wonderful Solar Eclipse in Virgo, who also reminds us about the importance of our true purpose, which is to serve All not just the Self. 

The New Moon Solar Eclipse will function as a bridge for us to anchor the right balance we need to keep manifesting our soul desires as well as to stablish the strong foundations that are essential for our tangible world. Remember that we are always dancing between worlds, zigging and zagging between endings and new beginnings, as the cord that unite both is thinner than we may think, and all endings are beginnings and vice versa. We are the ones who give meanings and form to what is new or old, it is all depends on the state of consciousness in which we decide to focus. 

During this month we are going to be feeling the push of these two Eclipses fiercely as the period between eclipses is a very important one, it is a time in which we could feel as being physically exhausted and a bit confused after this intense wave of light, as we are planting new seeds at the same time that we are letting go of everything that used to be familiar for us, relationships, jobs and everything that formed part of our old lives. 

Resting and balancing is the key at this moment in which we are releasing at the same time that we are embracing what is new, freeing ourselves of what no longer serves us, accepting the unknown with faith in the Divine and knowing that what we are experiencing at this moment is what we need for our Soul growth and expansion into new and higher levels of awareness is what will give us the strength we need not to collapse and experience the suffering that we feel when we do not accept that things as well as our state of being is constantly shifting as a natural law within the universe.

On September 17th we have three major cosmic events. On one hand, we have Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, opposing Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Intuition for all the month! On the other, we have Mercury, the Winged Messenger, turning retrograde on this same day and lastly Saturn, the Cosmic Teacher entering into the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter in opposition with Neptune will challenge us to seek the Truth behind the illusory world we are living in. Jupiter wants expansion, freedom and positiviy, Neptune on the contrary, likes to dive deep within our subconscious, into the part of us who loves to dream and navigate the depths of our inner realms, without realizing that getting lost in there will finally end up by confusing us about what is real and what is not. We can merge both Forces to immerse ourselves into the wisdom of our being without falling into the delusional trap of Neptune, bringing all this knolwedge and inner revelations into the surface and expanding ourselves into new horizons with Jupiter.

Moreover, Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra until October 9 offers us the opportunity to become the witness of our own life experience and examine the relationships that we maintain with others. Are we communicating from a place of total integrity and freedom? Or are we still in need of obtaining validation from others? It is essential that before judging ourselves or the situation that we are dealing with, we take the time to visualize and observe our own behavior in our relationships, as it is always about ourselves, never about others. 

Mercury retrograde can actually bring back some of the old situations and relationships that we thought concluded, but this is always a gift for us to truly assess the emotions and thoughts that are still hidden within our core and that should be released and healed in order to embrace the next phase of our journey by being renewed and purified of the old. Libra will assist us to balance those feelings of hesitation and focus on what is real and authentic, creating the realtionships that are serving our highest purpose instead  of the ones that foment separation.

Old relationships can also return at this time because now you are ready to co-create with them something new that you were not able to do before. You will know it by the way you feel, our souls are all the time speaking to us through our feelings, and if you embrace stillness and move within, you will be able to clearly connect with the eternal wisdom that lies within you and realize if they are coming back for you to embrace a new path of conscious co-creation with them or if instead you should bless and release them and start anew. Nothing comes to us by chance, as you already know, everything is perfectly orchestrated within the Creator's Plan, all is working as it should for all of us, even if our human perspective cannot see it all the time, and if we simply move aside and let the Divine act, we will find that all is guided, connected and make perfect sense for what we need at this Now moment.

When we quit the human need to control the conditions, the situations and our relationships with others, the miracle of transformation occurs because we have allowed Infinite Intelligence to act through us at Divine Time and with the perfect tools that dissolve all conflicts and illusions. Leaving aside our need to govern everything that happens in our reality, as we can never do so, is essential to hold a state of complete surrender that will allow us to embody the wisdom and gifts of all our life experiences and relationships with others. 

Be grateful for every encounter that you have had and will have with another soul, do not take anything personally, see everything from a soul perspective of Divine love and compassion, as they are teaching you what you are not able to realize for your own self yet, or on the contrary, all that you have already achieved until now within your unique evolutionary soul path.

Lastly, Saturn leaves Scorpio to enter into the sign of sagittarius, which is going to teach us the importance that being realistic has in our journey when dealing with our True beliefs and soul purpose Are we being true to ourselves? are we expressing our Truth? or are we still letting others dictate/control our reality? Saturn shows us how to break free from all this old chains and old forms of slavery and start claiming our place in the world. 

It is time to master the aspect of ourselves that has to do with how authentic we are in everything we do or if we are still acting without integrity - acting as we think and feel - remember that in order to embrace true knowledge which is what Sagittarius invites us to do, first we should master the art of being our own selves no matter in what circumstances or with whom. We are eternal seekers on this evolutionary path and to regain true wisdom and keep ascending, being true to our path and selves is essential to assist others in their personal path.

On September 23rd we will have the sun entering in the sign of Libra, and the Equinox on this same day. Both events are One as both are sending us the same message of unification and balance regained throuhg the proper process of inner alchemy and self-mastery that we have been working in for a while. The Equinox passage will bring unification of both, our dark and light aspects, and we will remember again that it is due to both Forces that we are whole and that it is only our human self the one who creates division and false judgements as for the Divine All is One and equal.

The harmonization of our lives can only be done when we create it from within and this is something that no one or outer event/energies can do for us. When we move into one extreme, polarizing it, we experience imbalances and this is why we suffer, as our inner being is reminging us that this is not real and our natural state of being. On the contrary, when we move between these two poles, finding a middle point, is where we find true balance, and it is then that we stop judging that which our human self fragments and start building a sense of union and deeper connection to All things within Creation, regaining inner peace and stablishing the right pillars in our lives that will help us to maintain the necessary equilibrium not to fall into the old patterns.

At the end of the month, on September 25, we have Pluto, The Planet of Power, moving direct again in Capricorn. While this transformative Planet was retrograde we were feeling as if chaos was taking charge of our feelings. What really was happening was that the powerful regenerative force of Pluto was assisting us to release and transmute all the inner conflicts and doubts that were impeding a major growth in our soul path. Now that pluto is direct again, we have the benefit of what this inner metamorphosis brought to us - a deeper meaning of what we truly desire to create in our lives and the gift of seeing these inner visions manifested in our physical world. 

When Pluto is retrograde we shifted from within, now that is direct, we see those inner changes in our tangible reality, realizing that what our human self saw as being chaotic, was indeed a blessing in disguise that led us to where we are now. As always, it is only when we become One with our souls and envision everything that is happening in our life experience from this same eternal and wise place of love and compassion that we can understand what is truly happening in our lives and not what our human minds think is occuring with their limited perspective.

We finish this intense month with the second Eclipse that will take place at 4 degrees of Aries on the 27th of September that the Warrior Mars in Virgo will empower. Lunar Eclipses literally "eclipse" an aspect/s of our selves or lives that need to be dissolved and this will be especially felt in the collective and new awakening souls that have consciously decided to be a part of the ascension process, as they will "eclipse" not only an old phase of their lives but an old and limited world to step into a higher frequency of Divine love and integrity. 

For the souls who have already cross the veil of illusion, the Lunar Eclipse will also help us to keep integrating and welcoming the unknown at the same time that we empty ourselves and release the past. As ascending souls, we already know that life is a constant process of embracing and letting go and it is only when we flow with this endless dance that we can manifest the outcomes that are aligned with our original plan and find the perfect balance within. 

September brings us the opporutnity to finally embrace our dark and light aspects and start acting as the whole and unified beings that we all are. It is time to step out of all conditionted patterns that our human self tries to impose us and begin to see the wondrous reality that we still have ahead of us and that our souls are building with infinite threads that are invisible to the human eye, waiting for us to claim our sovereignty, so we can move bewteen worlds as the lovelight beings that we are instead of the frightened and hopeless beings that the old reality wanted us to become. We have trascended all limited views of what we are not, now it is time to act accordingly and be the wayshowers of all we can do when we embrace our True nature within Divine Love and authenticity. 

May you all celebrate the wondrous beings that you are with the joy of knowing all the beauty and love that you leave behind wherever you go, in all the souls you touch. Walk as the Light that you are, healing and illuminating as you pass by. Knowing who You are and always remembering the magnificence and importance of your Presence here.

Have a loving and miraculous September ascending souls!

In love and light,
Natalia Alba

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