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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


martes, 22 de diciembre de 2015

Full Moon in Cancer, December 25th, 2015 ~ Celebrating our Inner Light

Beloved Family of Love, 

At this transitional month, the cosmos, on December 25, assists us with a nurturing and loving Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer. It could not be a better day for a Moon in this sensitive and intuitive sign, as Cancer is very familiar and in this emotional day it is essential to embody these energies as most of us celebrate the Christos within and not just the material aspect of what we create in the physical but the Essence behind it that makes everything flourish in our earthly realm. With this Full Moon, we not only conclude  another Year of acceleration of our Ascension path and Self-mastery, but we also leave behind an old Cycle where our material/masculine side used to dominate our Plane, and we now are ready to embrace, by releasing all old programs, a New Era of Light that no longer choose to keep feeding the old world that does not longer coexist with our New One of Divine Love and conscious co-creation. 

The Cancer Full Moon is going to be all about nourishing ourselves and others as well as a wonderful cosmic gift to heal ourselves through our emotions. Cancer represents the female principle of creation, the feminine aspect of us that gives birth, heals and nurtures everything it touches. So for those experiencing some challenges in their path, this will be a very powerful energy to do the inner work required to dissolve what is not aligned with our Soul. Healing those aspects of us that are in need of our light and love is essential to keep evolving and moving into the direction of what we desire with a pure and fresh energy instead of carrying within ourselves some energy from the past that will block our way to our natural state of bliss and joy as well as to manifest the outcomes that are One with All. This Full Moon is about going within and listen to our feelings so we can know what we truly wish to create in our lives and to envision our new desires. 

At the Full Moon time, we have the sun in Capricorn; representing the masculine principle that takes responsibility for our tangible world, and that has a very strong sense of duty and hard work; on the opposite, we have the Moon in Cancer, which represents the feminine principle - a natural caretaker, healer and the one who is responsible for giving birth -  and one of the most intuitive signs of all the zodiac who lives in the realms of emotions and a higher form of love. The cosmic message is to combine our sense of duty and attachment to our material world, with the need to stop for a while in order to be still and listen to the intuition of our soul and the part of us which is in perfect unison with our inner and Divine Wisdom so we can obtain the revelations we need before acting impulsively. Finding equilibrium between our minds and heart, between our masculine and feminine sides is always the key to find harmony and restore the balance after a long period of integration. 

We have another beautiful cosmic reunions in the heavens at this time creating magic, new soul encounters and free flow in our communications with others with a lovely trine between Mercucy and Jupiter together with a sextile between Venus, which is also making a sextile with Jupiter, and Mercury. They help us to open our hearts and communicate towards the self and others within Divine love, honor and respect. Our words carry the essence of our deepest feelings, they can be a powerful healing tool, if our pure intention is to do so, so we should use them wisely. We are invited to be lovable and empathize with others without judgments, as always, by treating ourselves with unconditional love and with the integrity and authenticity that we should always have with All beings within Creation. On the other hand, we have A Grand Trine between the Moon, Neptune, which is in Pisces, and the asteroid Juno, which is in Scorpio. We are always protected and loved beyond the limits of our human realm. We are being taken cared by Infinite Forces of Light that our Human being cannot yet behold, and this is the main message that this magic and loving Trine brings at a time when peace, rest and inner retrospection is essential. 

In this same day, we also have a powerful movement in our skies, Uranus, the Planet of transformation, will move direct again. When Uranus was retrograde, the change takes place inward, revising what should be shifted in order to move ahead with our unique path. Now that Uranus is direct again, we release this energy and manifest those inner changes in the outer when the right time comes for us. Uranus is an unstoppable energy that used wisely can lead us to true change and transformation. These changes are specially important at a time when only by shifting and unifying ourselves is that we can help others. It is not about trying to change the conditions or the outer circumstances or moving our attention in the material, but about doing it with our own selves to begin with. 

Uranus turns direct at the end of the Year, assisting us to flow with change and the natural cycles of Creation, no matter how resistance our human seems to be, and using this transformational energy to make the changes we have envision that are essential for our path, which is pivotal in a time when we are about to start a New Cycle, which from my own revelations has already begun with Venus this summer, and start building the strong foundations and the required detours that will lead us to the perfect place and outcomes for us in this new phase of our ascension journey.

This visionary Full Moon not only will show us many new insights, but also old shadows could emerge from the depths of our being,  coming into the surface and make us see what we have still hidden deep within our core and that needs to be healed and released. The message is to embrace our most profound emotions and aligned with our Soul to be able to become the witness of all of our feelings without any judgments, just with the proper discernment to be honest with ourselves and dissolve the old aspects of us that have fulfilled their mission and that now we should let go of so we can descend new aspects of our Higher Self and anchor it in the physical.  

When we become the observant of what is taking place in our life experience, there is no possible suffering from this Higher Place of Divine Wisdom and no-judgment, and only are we able to envision things as they truly are, knowing, by soul remembrance, the Human roles we agreed to play at certain time and letting go if the time has come to do so of old companions that have their unique soul path, and allow new experiences and souls to touch our new lives. Remembering that we are the creators of our physical manifestations and therefore responsible of all of our creations, essential not to blame the conditions, and that inner recognition can only be made from an inner place of love and a Higher understanding, instead of focusing in the outside, and restore, and nourish our souls as well as our physical being, letting go at every single moment of everything that is disempowering us, of that which is not real and pure for us any longer and that is impeding us to embody higher aspects of the Truth.

For some of  you, as Ascending Souls, this is a season of joy and Divine remembrance of the Christos Light within, but it is also a time to turn all communication and action inward, because even if we also enjoy this wonderful season, we choose not to focus ourselves in the outer world and its material side, but to navigate within our inner realms in order to clearly see what Is and what is not aligned with our True principles to co-create in the New Terra what is going to be for the highest good of All.

Remember to embrace the Essence of the Christos within and radiate it at this precious time and always Beloved Ones. We all have this same spark of the Divine, we all can reach this mastery level of embodying compassion and be our own Masters and healers. It is not anymore within this New Earth about looking and idolize others, that have done so much for us All! But to honor Them by remembering the main message that all these wondrous beings and Masters really left us - to look within and shine our own and unique Christed Essence - instead of following that which is just another form of human control/illusion.

I honor you All and the unique role you play within Creation. And I could never express how much grateful I AM for all the love and kindness in all this Year 2015 and its gifts. I wish you All a blessed Full Moon and CHRISTmas time filled with many miracles, love and joy!

In love and light,
Natalia Alba 

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