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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

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jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

The acceptance of pain as a way of inner transformation

Beloved Ones,

As ascending Souls, some of us are quite familiar with pain, as it is only by having experienced, accepted and transcended it as a part of our human nature, that we can truly know ourselves and dissolve it with the proper awareness and compassion required, remembering that pain should not be denied but understood as a part of who we are, otherwise, we could not heal that which we reject to accept. Our natural state of being is one of joy and love but it does not mean we cannot choose to experience any other state that in the end brings us awareness and a higher understanding of why we are suffering. Pain transforms the self and if we accept it, instead of fighting it, we will finally be able to leave behind old attachments, which is one of the main reasons of why we are in a state of pain, and finally move forward within our unique journey of self-mastery and soul expansion. 

By moving inward and be honest with ourselves is that we can find the clarity and wisdom we need to know why we are suffering without blaming the outside world or what others do to us. Within us resides the light to illuminate those dark corners that our human being does not want to look at, as light is information, with light comes awareness and with it the dissolution of our inner shadows, those that when embraced make us feel as if we were under a never-ending pain, but that when being accepted let us finally retrieve our true state of being, which is always one of Divine bliss for the mere delight of our existence and a deeper recognition that pain is just another human state that our soul agreed to experience when we incarnate on this Planet and not something we should judge or refuse to sense.

When we integrate higher levels of consciousness and truths, if this is our conscious choice, it is natural to feel pain because our human self  is not allowing us to fully flow and let go of all the past chains that enslaved us. It is then that we should become fully present and stay center into our hearts to let our Higher Self guides us during this process, knowing that it shall pass, and that the only thing we can do is to accept how we feel and honor what pain is showing us. Pain emerges when we are still attached to people or things that are never ours to begin with, pain is also the revelation that we were not living our true soul desires and purpose and this is the way our soul has to advise us.

Pain acts as a messenger and we should be thankful and listen to its guidance instead of thinking that there is something wrong with us. Pain has different disguises but all pain comes from the same place of not being One with our soul and true Essence. As our soul knows that our constant state of being is one of change and letting go, and unlike our human being who thinks that possesses all things, and therefore it is afraid to lose, it never suffers, because it always enjoys the Now without judging it. We cannot avoid pain, because we cannot deny our human nature, saying that this is just a mere illusion. We can distract and cover what we feel with other things that entertain our human self from feeling suffering, but in the depths of our being, we will always know that what we are feeling is nothing but a false escape to something that can never be ignored, just embraced with true compassion and a higher understanding.

To look pain in the eye takes an incredible amount of inner work, strength and awareness, but the most important is our willingness to separate ourselves from our human being and its limited view, and become the witness - the eternal observer - of that which we are experience. When we see ourselves form the outside, we clearly see that whatever it is that we are sensing is only the fragmentation that our physical being makes of that which was unified in the beginning. By allowing ourselves to feel pain, we are recognizing our inner shadows, embracing them as another aspect that coexist with the light that we are and accepting that as the creators and masters of our own life experience, we are the only ones that can really become the healers of those wounds that are just hidden in the depths of our being and that at some point due to our human judgments and old beliefs, we left unloved and now are in need to be appreciated for what they are - another equal aspect within Creation.

At this time, some of you may be evolving into a new path of total acceptance and lack of pain, others, may be starting to embrace it the best you can so you can dissolve those old beliefs and start honoring and accepting all the fragments that make you whole with the same equality that you accept the part of you which is Light. It does not matter where you are in your unique soul path, all the paths will lead you to unification, all of you that have consciously decided to step into this journey of conscious integration and embodiment of higher levels of love and compassion, are ascending, even if you are in pain, it is assisting you to release, transmute and reach the next level of awareness that will take you to the next phase of your evolutionary path.

Pain is exquisite when you observe it from a higher place, because it is then that you identify it as a sign from your soul that you are not doing all that you are capable of doing to regain your natural state of harmony. It is a message that you are not allowing the healer within you to come into the surface and do its task. Pain is there as a reminder of the Divine power that is always One with you and that remembers you that no one else, no eternal circumstance or being, can take you out of where you are but your own self. Others can assist you, but they can never take it away from you unless you consciously decide to embrace it and accept whatever message it brings you.

Pain is not "good" or "bad", pain just Is. Our human self gives it a meaning, but is nothing more than an indicator that we are not listening to something that our soul is trying to tell us from a long time. We ask for signs, we ask for guidance, we want to know if we are heading into the direction of our soul desires, but when our inner being warns us by feeling pain, then, we do not wish to listen. Our soul sends signs through different messengers, it never ceases to advise us, our soul is patience, but we not always listen to its wisdom and the symptoms become stronger, and it is then that we call it suffering, when in truth is nothing but the total absence of presence and attention to our own needs and deepest feelings.

Syntonizing with our Soul and Higher Self will let us know, even if our human self is not willing to accept it, what are the corners of our being that we have not visit yet and that we need to illuminate and embraced in order to accept the pain and stop it from shadowing ourselves. By becoming the witness of our own feelings, we are recognizing that there is a Higher Force within that can heal ourselves if we focus our intention into the solution and not the pain in itself, by denying it, we repel the Higher aspect of us who knows best, impeding it to assist us in our way to transcend our pain and hence overcoming it with Divine Love and compassion. 

Every choice leads us towards the fact that we are separating what Source created as One. Every time we deny our true nature as humans, we experience more suffering, and every time we accept what we are and do our inner work to solve and overcome what we are feeling, we evolve into a higher state of being that is not afraid of experiencing any feeling, as it knows how it feels like to be in joy and to be in pain. The difference is always to be brave and aware enouhg to confront our own inner shadows or to be afraid enough as to cover them with illusions.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba

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