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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


jueves, 7 de enero de 2016

New Moon in Capricorn, January 9th, 2016 ~ Consciously recreating our physical reality

Beloved Family of Light,

We ended the Year with a very powerful and revealing Full Moon in Cancer that invited us to move within and honor our inner Light. Now, we begin this New Year with a fresh and earthly New Moon at 19 degrees Capricorn on January 9th, which represents the opposite polarity of the Cancer Full Moon but that gives us the proper balance we need to create the strong pillars that will sustain our physical word in this new cycle that we have just begun. We had time, and we are still immersed within a deep period of silence and inner retrospection, to envision the next steps of our journey and with this Capricorn New Moon we have a gift to give birth from within, to all the new visions that are growing in the depths of our being and that at Divine Timing, we will see manifested into our physical reality.

This is to me a New Moon to obtain more clarity and start creating from this inner place of discernment and wisdom our new lives, not to act deliberately until we do not have a clear insight of what we are going to bring into the light in the following months. It does not mean we are not creating, we tend to think that we only act when we create physical movement, but the truth is that we are constantly shifting and giving form to something new within ourselves, this period simply brings the opportunity for us to obtain the brightness required that will reveal us the authenticity and alignment of our true soul desires and what is still attached to our old human perception and hence should be dissolved.

Capricorn's essence reminds us to make things tangible instead of just relying on dreams and let our visions vanish in the air. Everything is first created in our inner realms, and this is what at this retrograde period, planets such as Mercury and Jupiter are reminding us at the moment, about the importance of consciously recreating our new path from within but without remaining there adrift if we desire to have a balance between our inner and outer reality. Capricorn gives us this equilibrium so we do not fall into the trap of illusions, procrastinating the birth of our new creations. It is essential to act as the alchemical magicians that we are in Essence and bring our wish to expand our desires into our physical word as well, as this is mainly what we decided to come here - to master the art of bringing into fruition that which is first originated into our mental plane.

This is also a very special New Moon because it is happening on a day 9, in a Universal month 9, and at 19 degrees of Capricorn, which reduced is a number 10/1! Endings and new beginnings are floating in the invisible realms, waiting for us to anchor them into our reality. The cosmos is clearly inviting us to evaluate, shift the remains of the old, end an old cycle and start manifesting something new and tangible that will nourish our physical being and lives. At the New Moon time, we have Venus the Planet of Love and Abundance, in Sagittarius, in harmony with Saturn, which is the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is assisting us to decide who are the companions that are truly aligned with us and our journey, and therefore should remain in our new life experience, or if certain reunions have already fulfilled their purpose and we should release old attachments and let them go with love and gratitude for the highest good of All. Remember that there is nothing and no one we could retain in truth and that the more we hold onto others, the more we are impeding all the new experiences and companions that will actually resonate with us and that will accompany us in our path with true bliss and free will.

At this time, we also have the energies of the Saturn/Neptune squares reigning in our Heavens. Saturn/Neptune square also shows us how to also master the art of bringing into form our dreams and soul desires and even more with Uranus challenging this new Moon, which invites us to confront our deepest shadows and go after our soul desires without limiting ourselves by holding old fears. It is time to go out of our inner realms and start applying all the knowledge we have discovered inside ourselves into all aspects of our lives. This is also One with the messages that Mercury in Capricorn give us at the moment. It is all about working with our inner creator to manifest all that is necessary for us to have an abundant and stable life in that sustain us into our dense world, instead of polarizing into the side of us which is non-physical.

Pluto, which is also in Capricorn, is harmonizing too with the New Moon and Sun. Pluto will give us the strength we need to make all the importance changes that are necessary for us to shift the aspect of us or in our current reality that are not aligned with our True Will. How do you use your power? Do you use it to transmute the ashes of the old into new opportunities, breaking free from old patterns of thought and creating new ones? Or are you still giving your power away to others allowing them to dictate your reality? These are some of the questions that Pluto invites us to ask ourselves at this time. On the other hand, Mercury retrograde, gives us the clarity and the time to discover the answers to all of our inner questions and to move inward to clearly feel what we desire to change because it is no longer in resonance with who we have become or if these changes are not coming from a total place of integrity and higher wisdom.

A day before the New Moon, Mercury retrograde will enter retrograde into the sign of Capricorn as well and Jupiter, which will also turn retrograde. Mercury into the the cardinal sign of Capricorn likes to organize and build with precision our new lives into our physical world. It is an invitation for us to examine from our mental Plane, if we have created the physical resources that we need to sustain ourselves or if we are still holding a frequency of lack within. We, as ascending Souls, know that it is not only about becoming One with the part of us who can envision other planes of existence and dimensions, but also about setting the proper equilibrium between these two states of being, as true mastery is only reached when we bridge our inner visions with the part of us which is physical - experiencing our dense realm and assisting by anchoring into our human reality our unique Light Spark.

Remember that Mercury is only retrograde from our human perspective, as it is just an illusion we have from earth, so we do not focused our intention into fearing external Forces that are there just as another form of consciousness experiencing their own path through Creation. We listen to their messages, and we understand what truly IS, and not what our Human mind wants us to believe. We take advantages of these Forces, and we create from within something that will benefit us and All, we do not deny the aspect of us who is human, we sustain it as well as our physical vehicles, but we distinguish what is real from other form of illusions. Ask yourself if you are manifesting, as the creator that You do are, all the resources necessary for you to experience this physical life as the abundant being that you came here to be, as it is what Mercury retrograde in Capricorn invites us to ask ourselves at this time.

We have been embodying higher levels of Truth, consequently, we do not fear Mercury retrograde, as we do not separate anymore, we unify, because we understand that it is a frequency reminding us to simply become the eternal observer and see what aspects of ourselves and life should be transformed, cleared or healed. We are grateful for these energies that assist us to receive more guidance about our new path and we welcome every single cycle within Creation, knowing that they are all pivotal to maintain the proper harmony within and without that we all require to live a balanced life.

On the other hand, the Planet of Expansion, Jupiter, retrograde at 23 degrees of Virgo from January 8th until May, reminds us that abundance, and all forms of love, comes when we expand ourselves from within first, leaving aside all that is blocking this endless flow of abundance and grace into our being and lives. Jupiter invites us to embody new aspects of our soul. Inner retrospection is essential to see without illusions and human attachments what we are not allowing into our lives just because we fear the unknown. Jupiter in Virgo, also make us evaluate in what can we be of service without forgetting our own selves, and it makes us wonder if we are assisting within Divine love and compassion, or if we are still interfering into other's paths, which belongs to the old or if we are finally realizing that only by shifting ourselves is that we can help All. It is a wonderful time to create purity within and manifest it as well into the outer. 

Growth, discernment in all aspects of our lives, specially in those related with the material side of our Plane, as well as into our relationships, are important to examine at this period. This is the first month of this Year, creating the proper space within in which we can navigate to become One with our Soul, envisioning what are the things that now should be shifted in order to create something that will help us more into our unique journey as well as others, is vital. Listen to the sound of Creation within You, embrace the voice within and be ready to keep releasing what is needed for you to bring into light what is pure and aligned with who you have become during this past Year.

This is a time to release the feelings that emerge from the hidden corners of our being. Honor the space within and do not judge whatever it is that have to come into the surface. Accept and embrace the wisdom that all these hidden emotions bring to you at this time of endings and new beginnings. Conclude old cycles and start creating from within new ones that are unknown to you yet, but that are aligned with who we truly are in the now and with what our soul is eager to manifest in this new phase. 

Trusting the Divine Force within us all, step into the unknown with confidence, knowing that whatever challenge comes to us in our new life experience, we also have the power to overcome it as well is pivotal. We are not here to deny what we feel but to embrace it with gratitude and a higher understanding that all of our challenges - opportunities - will serve us to discern what we really desire and what we do not. We are here to experience so many different state of being that we cannot do anything else than just flowing with our true changeable nature and the pure bliss of being alive at this intense but interesting and unique time within the realms of Creation. 

Know your role within the Divine's Plan, accept it and remember that it is You the one responsible for all that is taking place in your outer reality. Now, at this New Moon time, is a perfect moment to acknowledge your power as a creator and start giving birth to what your soul desires or to keep repeating old patterns, the choice is always yours to make. 

In love and light,
Natalia Alba 

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