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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

The energies of February 2016

Beloved Family of Love,

We ended the first month of this New Year with a very powerful Full Moon in fiery Leo, whose energies invited us to burnt everything that no longer served us, so we can conclude with an old chapter of our lives and step into a new phase with an open heart and by not only focusing our intention into what will serve for us and our unique path but for All, as we are finally transcending the old sense of separation and moving into unity consciousness - embodying higher levels of Divine Love and soul remembrance, and being fully we aware of the fact that it is only when we act as One that we can truly assist others. 

Since the Leo Full Moon until the New Moon on February 8th at 19 degrees Aquarius, we will be walking between worlds, since we are still leaving the depths of our inner realms, in which we have remained for some time, evaluating our own selves and life experiences to regain more clarity about the new creations we desire to anchor in the physical, and also our relationships and the soul companions that have already fulfilled their mission with us and that with great love and gratitude we are now ready to release in order to welcome new Divine reunions that are now aligned with who we have become. 

We are indeed giving form to a new path that even if still unknown, counts with our pure and renewed energy so we can keep expanding ourselves into new horizons, by having the total conviction that we are always being guided towards our true soul path and desires by invisible Light Forces that maybe are unseen to us, but that we can clearly feel if we know where to look, which is always within, and that are always leading us towards the perfect place, souls and situations for us to evolve and for us to share the love that we in Essence are.

February holds an 11 frequency, a Master powerful vibration that illuminates our being and path with all the knowledge and revelations we need to evolve within our unique soul journey. The frequency of the Master number 11 reminds us of the importance that our true mission has in this unique moment within Creation - being the New Earth Seeds consciousness to help in this transition into a New Era of Light and higher levels of Love. The essence of this number and its message is also connected to the energy of this 9 Universal Year that to me is the Year of Wisdom and Completion and hence new beginnings as they are always linked to one another, so the frequency of the number 11 is going to shine a light into the aspects of ourselves that should be disolved as well as in our lives, with the proper knowledge we have been regaining during all this years, and that is going to serve us now to discern and observe those aspects of us that are in need of more healing and attention so we can move forward with more clarity and by being secure of what truly serves our path.

This Master number also brings us the message of the importance that being our own masters and healers have in this New Era. It is pivotal that we choose to remember that we are our main fountain of wisdom, and even if others can show us the path and assist us into our journey, as we could not live isolated and we need of each other’s, we are the only ones that can truly walk on this path by own experience and by honoring every single moment, situation and challenge that we are offered to evolve on this physical Plane.

We no longer need to seek outside in external places, people, or forces what we already know is within ourselves and that it is only when we decide to move inward that we can unify and descend all this wisdom into our being and physical plane without fomenting the old sense of separation that made us believe in external fountains of answers and healing. It is a good month to evaluate where we focus our intention and start envisioning our new creations, as the first two months are giving us the perfect frequency for us to establish the strong foundations required for the rest of the Year. It is a good moment, as we keep navigating between two worlds, to hold a clear vision of what we desire to leave behind and about the new path we are giving birth, so when the Eclipse season begins on March, we will be ready to embody these intense energies to expand ourselves into our inner senses and creativity.

At a cosmic level, we begin this new energetic month of February by having Mercury direct again at 15 degrees Capricorn together with a fresh and liberal New Moon at 19 degrees of Aquarius on February 8. Aquarian energies will accompany us until February 19, when the sun will enter into the sign of Pisces. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and it is precisely the combination of these two Planets which makes of Aquarius the perfect visionary and thinker that He is. Uranus likes to break free from burdens and all restrictive patterns, while Saturn is responsible and likes to do things properly with the wisdom that only experience can give us. So a perfect equilibrium is being offered to us with these two powerful and at the same time different Forces together. It is the moment to use the fixed but at the same time liquid and therefore fluent energy of Aquarius, to dismiss what is still limiting us, as even if Aquarius is a fixed sign, it is also represented by the Water Bearer, as a sign of its fluid nature, and start changing the patterns that we unconsciously repeat by new ones, so we can cease repeating old situations and same outcomes and start living new experiences that will at the same time make us manifest new situations, people and all we need to sustain ourselves in our human realm.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 8, together with the sun in this same Air sign, will square to Mars in Scorpio, the cosmic message for us is to break free from old chains that are just mere human illusions preventing us to freely flow with who we truly are and our soul desires. When we act from a place of total surrender and freedom is that we can manifest the outcomes that are aligned with our True Will, on the contrary, when we still are attached to old things/people, we keep activating this energy of lack that will bring us the same results we are so eager to shift and transcend. With Aquarian energies, we have another cosmic gift for us to start alienating ourselves with who we have become, remember that we no longer put our attention in the external or in what others may say or do, we simply act as lovelight pillars, knowing that this was our main aim when we from a soul plane consciously decided to incarnate on this Plane.

We came here to liberate ourselves from old thoughts patterns, some of us were born within the old matrix, living in separation, but we also came here to transcend all this and remembering again who we are so our own remembrance could assist others to remember who they are and the unique place they also occupy within Creation. At this time, more souls will choose to step into this new path, and we should help them to remember that even if challenging, they are never alone or hopeless and that breaking free from all human illusions is not only worth it but pivotal at this transitional cycle and we can only do so by being the light that we are, we no longer have to interfere to assist, we simply have to BE and with Aquarius we have a cosmic gift to keep expanding, envisioning and manifesting higher ideas that will serve to All.

On the other hand, we have the Winged Messenger, Mercury, in Capricorn until February 13, in which it will enter into Aquarius as well together with Venus that will do the same a few days later on February 16! Mercury retrograde in Capricorn invited us to evaluate our earthly creations and sense of abundance, as well as to take some time to move inward and to examine what aspects of ourselves were not aligned with our natural state of abundance and love in which we are supposed to live. Now that Mercury is direct again in the Air sign of Aquarius, it will provide us with new and wonderful insights that we could use to improve our new projects in the physical and/or simply keep sharing our soul gifts from a total place of clarity and freedom into a new and totally different way, as we are constantly shifting and so is the way we express ourselves and what we do. Mercury will also assist us in creating a better communication towards the self and others. This is an opportunity to dissolve more old patterns of thoughts and see with clarity what it is that we truly are not realizing and that is impeding us a major growth because we are still too attached to what no longer is serving our new life.

On February 16, we also have Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, moving from Capricorn to Aquarius. While Venus was in Capricorn, it reminded us to create stability in our earthly lives and relationships, as it is essential to establish strong pillars for our relationships in the New, so they can flourish and last as  they are based on authencity, integrity and equality, unlike they used to be in the old. With Venus in Aquarius, we are going to feel free, free to love, free to go into the direction of our true feelings without judging ourselves if we have to leave behind old companions or situations. And we are also going to pass from taking life so seriously to also enjoy life in a more relaxed and joyful way, remember that our true natural state of being is one of pure bliss for the mere joy of being alive at this wonderful time, we need no outer person or experience to activate this feeling that is who we truly are in Essence

On February 19, we will enter into the deep realm of Pisces, as the sun will move into this Water sign, and when the sun shines its light into Pisces, we are called to see beyond our human reality and enter into the vast ocean of our inner worlds, as Piscean energies will led us to connect with other realities that will show us our true multidimensional nature as well as revealing new insights that are pivotal for us at this time. Remember the importance that taking into account our multidimensional nature has, as we already know that it is not only our basic chakras and what we can only perceive with our human eyes all that exists, but also the other subtle parts and aspects of who we are that also required our attention and that make us whole and that are also as important as the physical being that we can physically see.

One of the lessons that Pisces offers us is the ultimate transcendence of all the old human beliefs that we used to hold within, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore the one who has already discovered all the aspect of himself as well as integrated all the challenges/lessons required to embody a higher level of awareness that will make Him see the Truth instead of the old illusion in which He was immersed. Now that we have seen what is beyond our human senses and crossed the illusory veils, we are ready to embrace a new existence of authenticity, integrity Divine Love and compassion.

Now that we are free of old chains, and aware of who we truly are and our role within Creation, we can finally move towards our true destination and soul path without hesitation, expressing our soul gifts and expanding ourselves into new magical experiences and higher levels of creativity, which is what the sun in Pisces will invite us to do during a month and even more by having the first Eclipse in this Water sign as well, which will be a magical time for us to receive new guidance and inner visions, remember that with Pisces we are being invited to navigate  in new worlds and dimension and we never know what we may discover if we are brave enough to embark ourselves in this journey.

Almost at the end of the month, we have a magical Full Moon at 3° 34' Virgo that opposes the sun in Pisces. The gift that is presented to us is to heal all past wounds that are impeding us a major self-growth as well as moving forward within our evolutionary path. It is a perfect moment with Pisces and Virgo dancing together in these humanitarian and compassionate signs, to balance our spiritual and earthly side. Virgo helps us to ground ourselves aside from our dreams into our physical Plane, while the sun, together with Neptune and Chiron in Dreamy Pisces, gives us the opportunity to keep releasing, to end with all the situations and people that are not serving our highest purpose anymore and burn the bridges that led us to the past, so we can no longer come back to a place that does not exist anymore and that enslave us. The key is to find harmony within and without; Pisces tends to live only about His dreams, envisioning desires not manifested yet, but Virgo who likes to fulfill His duties with efficiency and selfless service, will give us the balance, strength and stability that we also need to bring those dreams into fruition.

Another important cosmic event at the end of the month on February 23 will be Jupiter opposing the Wounded Healer Chiron. As we have Jupiter until May retrograde, this will be an opportunity for us to expand ourselves into our self-healing process of dissolving more old layers of our human ego and above all, this will be a gift for us to embody more aspects of our soul and continue to discover new aspects of our soul mission. As we keep expanding our knowledge and re-discovering Higher aspects of the Truth, we may also find new challenges, as we will be invited to question the beliefs that we have been holding until this moment. Remember that the path to achieve a higher understanding of how things truly are, instead of how they have been taught to us, can be quite challenging, as we may be disappointed with what we may find along the way, but when we go free of expectations and surrender to what Is, we will find pure bliss in our quest and in the answers we are going to receive, as no matter what we will find, will always resonate with our soul and unique journey.

For others that are starting to open themselves to a new way of living and that are little by little stepping into this ascension path of conscious co-creation, they will also find a unique time to expand themselves on their unique soul quest and will receive more insights about their true soul path and desires. Jupiter will teach us that before giving a step into the physical and bringing things into form, it is essential that we do so from within first, as expansion and creation always begins in that wise inner place that is always One with our Soul and that knows best what are the manifestations that will benefit All.

February is a calm month that prepares us for the series of Eclipses and its potent energies that will come later on during this Year. The first one, will be a New Moon total Solar eclipse, on March 8th at 18 degrees of Pisces, and will open a doorway to the intense new frequencies that will accompany us for at least 6 months and that we will start feeling even weeks before the Eclipses take place. We are indeed transitioning into a new place filled with all the new beginnings we have been giving form in the invisible realms, we are heading into a place of higher wisdom, in which, mastering the art of creation and how we are in service to others is vital. 

Eclipses, as well as other forms of consciousness, are the outer manifestation of our own micro cycles and while they represent culmination and new beginnings, we should remember that we are also doing so from within at the same time. We All are working together as we no longer support the old belief that they dictate or control our physical experiences, as we know that we are the ones that create our own reality in the physical and the rest are other forms of consciousness having their own and unique experience as well within Creation.

Remember beloveds, we are all cosmic beings, no matter the first extension/origin where our soul decided to become physical, as above all, we all belong to the same Unified Light Field that created us within Divine Love. We are all in Essence sovereign lovelight beings within Creation, equally loved and deeply appreciated by All That Is. This is why it is essential that while we are navigating between realms before reaching the shore and our new path as we are at every single moment becoming anew, we remember that what truly is important is what we are now and what we do with where we are now as the past cannot create the next momento, only the Now can do so.

It does not matter where we have been before, as this place no longer exists. The only thing that truly counts is where we are standing at this moment and the pure intention that we hold, the rest, is within our soul memories and it will always remain there for us to access this cosmic wisdom and share it with All. The truth is, that only when we recognize ourselves as belonging beings on this Planet – cosmic seeds of New Earth - that have finally bring remembrance and a higher level of love and authenticity into this human Plane, is that we can reach unity within and without, and assist all forms of consciousness and beings within Creation.

Many blessings to All for a new month filled with many miracles, love, abundance and joy!

In Love and Light,

Natalia Alba 

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