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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

Full Moon in Virgo ~ Only through purity and love shall we be reborn

Beloved Ones,

We have a purifying and magical Full Moon at 3° 34' Virgo that opposes the Sun in Pisces on February 22nd. The Full Moon in Virgo acts as a liaison between the New Moon in Aquarius that we just had, which encouraged us to let it all go and free ourselves from the old, and the first Eclipse on March 8th in the sign of Pisces, that will help us to set the strong foundations required for us to anchor our new visions in the physical. This is why is so important that at the moment we continue to let go of the past and empty ourselves in order to welcome whatever it is that is meant to touch our lives in this New Cycle, embracing the unknown and remembering that it is not just about satisfying our unique soul desires but about accepting the Highest Will for All.

It is also vital that we take the time to purify ourselves from both, a mental and emotional plane, of all the old and practice the art of consciously allowing - Yin - in our being and lives instead of forcing situations, new encounters or simply physical manifestations that are not meant to occur at the moment, as now it is more a time to allow and become the shaper than acting impulsively. This Full Moon in Virgo brings us the gift to realize if we are in our natural state of receptivity or if we are yet trying to manipulate and control - excess of Yang - the outcomes that only the Universe in its infinite intelligence can orchestrate in a perfect way for All.

At the moment, we might feel as if were living in a constant dance between embracing and letting go, rushing into the unknown without having a clear vision of where we are going, but this is happening because as the Sun is in Pisces opposing the Moon in Earthly Virgo, we may sense as if different Forces within ourselves are creating chaos, the truth is that they are just dismissing what no longer serves us,  and unifying themselves to birth the new, which is what really causes the illusory perception of chaos, however, behind the scenes, these Forces are just reordering everything from the inside out. The essence of Pisces invites us to see beyond our human reality and step into the vast ocean of our inner worlds, becoming One with the aspect of us who is able to transcend the mundane and discover new realities that even if unseen to our human eyes, are as real as the dense world that we are physically experiencing. This is a wonderful inner journey as long as we do not forget the earthly aspect of us that also needs of our attention and care.

This is precisely why with these intense Piscean energies, Virgo, on the other hand, invites us to ground ourselves as well as our soul purpose on our tangible reality. Virgo reminds us that we are here to shine the spark that we are into the physical, it is not just about building in the ethereal without giving it form, remember that our task is to descend all the inner worlds we give birth from within into our lives and not just remaining in the air, living of mere illusions and dreams. This is our challenge at the moment, to cultivate the art of letting go at the same time that we purify ourselves from the remains of the old and let the new come into our life experience.

The earthly sign of Virgo ruled by Mercury is associated with the Virgin archetype, which is by no means related with celibate, on the contrary, it has to do with the Divine feminine archetype of wisdom, purity and wholeness who nurtures and loves everything it touches. Virgo likes to serve humanity which is what gives them joy and purpose, the pure and loving sense of taking care of others that Virgo already possesses without forgetting the self and the practical aspect of life, will be emphasized during this Full Moon, giving us an equilibrium while we have all these Planets in Dreamy Pisces that could make us fall into the trap of just contemplating what we wish but not fully anchoring it in the physical.

Virgos like to preserve their practical and rational sense of life, what gives them the necessary steadiness to confront life as it is. The Full Moon in Virgo offers us, a sense of duty, a reminder of our unique mission on earth, and while Pisces invites us to look within and know that we all belong to the same Source of Divine Love, Virgo, instead, wants us to remember that even if we all are One within Creation, we came here with an individual and unique mission to develop, and that it is our responsibility to accomplish and that also needs of our conscious intention. Virgo is the one who reminds us that we are here to descend and embody the Essence of who we truly are in nature and anchor our soul desires into our dense realm, as always, balance between opposite Forces is pivotal to live a grounded and at the same time magic and visionary life.

At the Full Moon time we will have this dance between opposites also reflected in other Planets, as we have Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, also in the sign of Virgo and in conjunction with the north node. Jupiter in Virgo is a wonderful time for us to cleanse our being of what is no longer aligned with our current path, it is all about purifying more old layers of ourselves and lives so we can create the space needed to new things and soul companions. As Jupiter also conjunct the north node, we will feel also a strong message of expanding ourselves in our sense of selfless service towards others. The north node represents the aspects of us that our souls planned to develop in this lifetime, it invites us to move within and ask ourselves in what can we be of service as it is what our soul truly desires to fulfill in the end during our earthly journey.

It is a perfect moment with Pisces and Virgo energies to unify our spiritual and earthly sides, as sometimes we tend to focus more on one pole, fomenting separation and hence the illusion of one being better than the other as it is only through merging both that we can reach a perfect state of being. On one hand, we have Virgo, who helps us to ground ourselves aside from our dreams into our physical Plane, while the Sun, together with Neptune and Chiron in Dreamy Pisces, give us the opportunity to make an inner journey, without losing ourselves into the depths of our subconscious, just to bring into the surface what should be released, putting and end to all the situations that are not serving our highest purpose and burn the bridges that led us to the past, so we can no longer come back to a place that does not exist anymore and that enslave us.

The key is to find harmony from within to without; Pisces tends to live only about His dreams, envisioning desires not manifested yet, but Virgo who likes to fulfill His duties with efficiency and selfless service, will give us the balance, strength and stability that we also need to bring those dreams into fruition. This together with the fact that Neptune is also in Pisces opposing the Moon in Virgo, can make us fall into old delusional behaviours while we navigate between different realities until reaching the shore. This can be challenging, especially in our relationships, as we could tend to idealize what it is only true in our dreams and not in our real world, but it is also an oportunity to create synthesis between opposites and obtain more clarity about our authentic feelings and soul desires.

Neptune brings us closer to our true nature and helps us dive deep into our inner visions and desires, but we can also fall into the illusory trap of believing that the ethereal world is all that exists, when there is more beyond the invisible world that we also came here to discover, and this is where Virgo sheds its light, helping us to realize that all these dreams and inner creations are nothing if we do not make them tangible. The same can happen in our Divine reunions, we may feel attached to old companions as we let them go, but this is just our human need to remain attached to someone in order to feel safe, fomenting the old sense of not being whole. When we trust in the Divine, which is always guiding us towards our true destination and the souls that are meant to be with us in our current path, we do not fear the unknown neither what we are leaving behind, because we know that where we are going will be always a place where we could be in a our natural state of bliss.

Occasionally, it is not even about leaving behind others companions, as true partners never leave our soul path, but about continuing with our own process of purification to reach the proper frequency that will unite us again in a soul level, as most of the times, what causes physical separation is nothing more than the difference in frequency, and as soon as we re-pattern our vibration and align ourselves with our true path and Essence, we will reunite again with our authentic soul companions.

Another important cosmic event is Jupiter again opposing the Wounded Healer Chiron on February 23. As we have Jupiter until May retrograde, this will be another gift for us to expand ourselves into our self-healing process of dissolving more old layers of our human ego and above all, for us to embody more aspects of our soul and continue to discover new aspects of our soul mission. For the ones who are starting to open themselves to a new way of living and that are little by little stepping into this ascension path of conscious co-creation, they will also find a unique time to expand themselves on their unique soul quest and will receive more insights about their true soul path and desires. Jupiter retrograde will teach us that before giving a step into the physical and bringing things into form, it is essential that we do so from within first, as expansion and creation always begins in that wise inner place that is always One with our Soul and that knows best what are the manifestations that will benefit All.

The cosmic message of this Full Moon in Virgo is to descend all the inner magic and visions that we can only remembrance when we when navigate between our inner realms into our physical Plane. Both Forces, from Pisces and Virgo, are essential to our existence, both equals, fulfilling a unique role within ourselves and visible reality. It our task to act as a conduit for these Forces to merge and manifest as One into our human world. It is as the magicians and masters of alchemy that we are in essence that we can create what can only be envisioned first from the inside as it is what in truth our soul planned when it took human form.

Our existence is not only based on the dreams we build in the air, in the unseen world, but about our capacity and magnificence to make all of our soul gifts and talents tangible what makes us unique creatures within Creation and one of the main reasons why we challenged ourselves to become physical beings. Honor your Divine Essence but do not forget to honor as well the aspect of you who is equally Divine and that is experiencing a human existence. Transmute what no longer serves the self, even if you have to burn some bridges that still connect you to past versions of you, but as you keep transcending more illusions and leaving behind old worlds, remember, that in the end, aside from all the challenges we pass, it is only through this process of inner alchemy, purity and love that we shall be reborn.

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba

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