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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


sábado, 27 de febrero de 2016

The Energies of March 2016 ~ Rising in Love

Beloved Family of Light,

Welcome to the magical realm of Pisces where everything you can envision from within and that you truly desire from your soul will emerge into the physical world in the form of infinite possibilities and miracles! Welcome to March, the month that finally opens a gateway for us to step into New Earth by being renewed and purified of all the old. It is now that everything is posible. It is at this unique moment - within Creation - that all the cosmic doors are wide open for us to choose our unique timeline and reality. It is our choice as free beings to decide whether to move forward - expanding ourselves within this New Cycle or to keep repeating the same old scenarios. As always, all choices are highly respected and equal. February was a preparatory month that helped us to purify ourselves from more layers of the old so we could enter into this new month, renewed, with the necessary clarity to continue giving form to new life experiences. 

March brings us a New Light after walking a long path during these first two months of the Year, navigating between worlds and transitioning from one frequency into a higher one that have finally led us now into the new state of being that we have consciously decided to embrace  and that will allow us to flow, surrender and bring into the surface all the inner visions we have received for the next steps of our journey. March is a magical month in which we will move from the freedom of Aquarian energies into the visionary  ones of Pisces until we begin a New Cycle/Astrological Year again with the Sun entering in the first sign of the zodiac Aries on March 20 together with the Equinox on this same day. As always, we ascend within an endless spiral of infinite wisdom and possibilities and all we can do is dance as One with the other Forces within Creation, that like us, are also evolving into higher levels of love and consciousness.

After these past months of conscious integration, we are now ready to see beyond our limited human eyes what lies behind the physical veils, embracing the unknown, balancing the Yang energies embodied during February with the Yin ones that during March we are going to integrate from Piscean energies. This is a month to create the perfect equilibrium between opposite polarities, a message that will be reinforced by the spring Equinox on March 20. If during February we freed ourselves from a mental Plane of all the old, during this new month of March, we are called to do the same from an emotional one with the element Water, healing inner wounds and allowing the power of Water to wash away the ashes of the old until the end of the month, in which with the Sun moving into the Fire sign of Aries, we will feel empower enough to transcend the depths of our being and emerge again into our earthly plane, setting the strong foundations that our dreams need to blossom in the tangible plane.

March holds a Universal frequency of 12 which reduced gives us a number 3. As you can see, everything within the Universe is perfectly coordinated to give us the same messages no matter where we look at. Number 12 brings us the message of surrendering to a Higher Will and let our inner visions come into the Surface at Divine Timing. Number 12 brings harmonizing energies which is also what at the end of the month we are going to be integrating with the Equinox. The frequency of March and its Piscean energies is all about flowing with All within Creation while we keep envisioning our dreams from this same inner place of clarity and wisdom. On the other hand, number 3 is the number of creativity, intuition and also the number of growth as it is the result of the union between two equals.  It is a reminder for us to create from our Higher hearts and share this creative creations with love and the pure bliss we feel when we are living from our soul and let ourselves be guided by the Divine.

Number 3 is the synthesis of two giving birth to something new that will assist All, and this is what we are called to do at this time and not only within ourselves but also within the reunions that we are co-creating with others. It is a time to begin creating this same third Force from within so  at the end of the month will blossom by itself into our visible world when the sun will move into Aries. The message from number 3  is the same for our relationships - finding first unification with all the aspects of ourselves before we can be ready to enter into an enlightened and co-creative relationship. Remember that in this New Cycle we do not do anything for others, neither they do anything for us, on the contrary, we both give forth as equals to something that will assist All from a place of integrity and authenticity. We no longer foment the old sense of separation or neediness as we now feel completely whole, healed and ready to start behaving as the Divine co-creators and lovelight beings that we in Essence are.

From a cosmic perspective, We begin the month by having the Sun together with Mercury, in the Water sign of Pisces. Mercury in Pisces will be exalted, communication will flow and we will feel deeply this creative and innovative wave that Mercury in Pisces brings. It would be a great time to listen to our intuitive side and stop other noises that may confuse us and impede us to fully receive all the guidance we need as well as to channel all the gifts that should be shared with the world. If we felt with the need to have more clarity in ourselves and lives with Mercury in Aquarius, now with Mercury direct in Pisces we are going to finally surrender to all inner conflicts and simply flow with our creative gifts.

In this same day, the Warrior Mars, will enter into Sagittarius. Mars embraces higher ideals and dreams and even if the potent energy from Mars can be challenging to balance, when it resides in optimistic and vivid Sagittarius, Mars will give us the strength and hope required for us to pursue our highest visions without being hopeless with the first obstacle we may find in our way, surrendering and flowing with what Is at the moment, as this is what the mutable energies from Sagittarius will help us to embody at this time. Remember that Sagittarius is an endless seeker no matter how many barriers it has to overcome in the way, hence it will not accept anything less than the Truth. Mars in Sagittarius is an opportunity for us to dive deep into the depths of our being with these intense Piscean energies and channel the powerful energy from Mars to see what lies behind our human illusion without any judgments, transmitting what is needed for us to come into the surface only with the truth and wisdom that we have regained in the inside and utilizing it to illuminate those dark corners that we were not able to see before due to our old human beliefs.

We are here to transcend our human boundaries as we embody higher levels of wisdom, to explore new horizons and go beyond human expectations, we are here to remember not to deny our true nature and power just because some challenges appear in our ascension journey, and this is what Mars in Sagittarius is going to remind us at a time when the most important thing is not just the final destination but the path that leads us to it. On march 6, Jupiter will quincunx Uranus, helping us to be flexible and hold a wider perspective of our path while we navigate through change, assisting us to see the whole picture and not just our limited view of reality from where we stand as humans.

On March 8th, exactly one month since we also had a New Moon in Aquarius that opened a doorway for the new waves that we are now internalizing to enter, we also have a wonderful Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 18º55 degrees Pisces. A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth, fully covering the sun. As this is also a Super Moon, its impact on Earth will be even more powerful, and will be strongly felt during at least six month after the Eclipse occurs, and this is just the beginning taking into account that we still have another intense Eclipse at the end of March! The Solar Eclipse will reinforce the portal opened by the Aquarius New Moon, illuminating that which seemed hidden from us, helping us to bring into the light that which should be dissolved at the same time that it will also assist us to expand ourselves within the timeline that we have chosen to follow on our unique soul evolutionary path at this time.

It will be also a time to pay special attention to our dreams and visions as when we hold the pure intention to align ourselves with our souls and Higher aspects of who we truly are , we may find ourselves traveling between realities in order to regain new guidance and more revelations that will help us into our new path, and it is important to remain calm while we envision multiple choices and choose which one is the best option that we could manifest for our unique journey and to assist All at the same time. This is why at this time is essential to surrender and transcend matter through Spirit which is what Pisces does to reach a higher state of being, so we can discern about our soul path while the series of Eclipses that will follow-up, burn off everything that is not aligned with the frequency that we have decided to hold, and as soon as we may feel chaos within ourselves - whilst everything regains its proper order again to manifest new things - the more we should remain within our higher hearts.

It is all about choosing our own timeline and remain there with a pure intention to stay focus on what it is that we truly desire to create, and in the new reality that we have the conscious choice to reside in, no matter what other souls are choosing to experience at this time. All serves within Creation, we just have to remain strong when confusion seem to govern in the collective while the Eclipses fulfill their function of dissolving more of the old, knowing that it is only a matter of Divine Timing to fully being separated from the old world we just left behind, as it is meant to occur that way for the ones who have made the choice to step into New Earth. Honor your own space at this time and keep being the love you truly are in order to affect All and help them within their unique process of ascension.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces will be also about nurturing the areas of our lives concerning Pisces, such as intuition, arts and everything that empowers our feminine side and creative abilities. It is a time to release and embrace, to let go of more limitations that we impose to our own selves and start giving form to our new visions in the physical. It is indeed a magical and unique time, as we will be ruled by mutable energies, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, Chiron and the South Node in Pisces, while on the other hand, we also have Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius and the North Node and Jupiter in Virgo.

With mutable energies we can only expect change. And even though if change is the only constant, we, as humans, tend to create the illusion of linear time, when in truth, we, as ascending souls, are forever moving within different timeliness, creating new outcomes and realities, which can only be done outside of our human time and space. Accepting change as a natural part of our eternal existence and True Essence is something pivotal for us to keep expanding ourselves within new experiences that help us to grow and transform what in this moment no longer serves us as a way for us to ascend within this higher octave that we have already reached.

In this New Era of conscious co-creation and Divine Love, we no longer fear the unknown that navigating between different and new dimensions, as the multidimensional beings that we are, can cause to us, as we trust in the Divine and we know that shifting from one reality to another does not mean to leave all and everyone behind, since we are timeless beings residing in all moments at the same time, enjoying all of our creations as well as the soul companions that have shared this journey with us. In this New Era, we know that it is all about creating a new momentum that will allow us to freely move to each moment that we may choose to experience without old human restrictions of what should be at every instant. We are free sovereign beings, we do not pretend anymore to be living in a fake reality, there is no need to, as we build our own one based on authenticity and our true soul desires.We flow with the unexpected, surrendering and let our Highest Will decide in which moment within Creation are we going to be of more assistance, we do not force, we flow and trust instead, as we know that the infinite flow of Divine Love is always leading us into the right place and with the perfect companions for us.

On March 12, Venus, the Planet of Abundance and Beauty, will also enter into Pisces. Venus in Pisces and even more together with the powerful energy of Neptune into the same sign, connects us with our inner creator, it helps us to give birth to our visions and expand ourselves into our heart desires and spirituality as this is a time for us to immerse ourselves into our inner senses, connecting to our souls, and listening to our own guidance and Divine inspirations more tan focusing on the outer. Venus is going to give us a perfect energy for our relationships as well, it is going to be a healing energy to dissolve everything that is not pure and authentic in our sacred reunions with others, leading us to an inner synthesis, establishing a deeper connection with all the aspects of who you are and loving each one of them as unique and equals without any judgments before we could love them too in another being.

It is pivotal that even if we are eager to manifest a new relationship, we first take into account that with so many Planets in Pisces, we may fall into the trap of idealizing our partner instead of seeing with clarity what Is, so it is of great importance that we move inward, so we do not to confuse passion - the impulse to be with someone else - and soul resonance, with authentic soul love and the pure desire to co-create with this new companion. By having the Wounded Healer Chiron also in Pisces will be a great time to heal old wounds and use forgiveness as a main tool for soul integration which is essential before fully embracing a new partnership.

On March 16, Jupiter will trine Pluto, the Planet of Power. It is a cosmic reminder of not only how powerful we are as Divine beings but about the importance of using this power in the Now moment. It is a gift for us to be totally present in the moment, where our power is, and it is only by using it now that we can shift our reality from within to without. It is not about focusing on future timelines or past ones what give us power, but about our capacity to release all sense of human time and enter into the vast space of eternity what gives us access to transform what no longer resonates with the higher reality that is in alignment with our Soul. Jupiter helps us expand our view of our limited world and Pluto reminds us about our power to move beyond time and space, as it is only by doing so and let go of all limited perception of human time that we can truly create  a new space where our soul can reside and envision higher aspects of the Truth and the next steps that are meant to be taken by us.

The last part of this month is going to be ruled by the Fire element, with the Sun entering into Aries on March 20th together with Mercury doing the same in the next day. On this same day, we also celebrate The Spring/Fall Equinox Gateway and the New Astrological Year. At this time of our ascension path, we have already mastered the art of moving within an endless spiral and accepting our cyclical nature as a part of our human existence. But now, we are also ready to take a step beyond simply holding the balance that this precious time offers us and move out of this cyclical Wheel in order to become timeless and spaceless beings. We no longer need to be attached to a certain circle, repeating the same old lessons or situations. we can come out of this closed scenario to obtain a higher perspective of our creations and regain the higher wisdom that will allow us to navigate within this New reality with a different perspective - using just our inner compass instead of our old human sense of time and space to navigate within it.

The Equinox’s Light brings harmony and balance between opposites and since we are integrating new waves that make us fall our of our natural state of harmony, this is vital to integrate for us at this time, specially during this Eclipse season, in which flowing and surrendering instead of trying to control our outer reality, which is something we cannot do to begin with, is our main aim. The cosmos, at this intense time of deep releasing and inner attunement, also gifts us on March 23rd, with a potent Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees of Libra, which is in perfect resonance with the 3 Universal frequency of this month of harmony, and union of equal forces to create a third one. Libra together with the Sun in Aries, and the Equinox Light, will offer us the equilibrium necessary for us to stabilize all the new frequencies we have been internalizing/activating from within since the Aquarius New Moon and even more with the Solar Eclipse whose effects as well as this Lunar Eclipse in Libra, will last until the following six months!

We end this powerful and magical month of March with Saturn retrograde, the Planet of Power retrograde. Saturn - as another form of consciousness within Creation - teaches us how to be responsable for our own creations and offers us its unique energies for us to direct them into our own self healing process, and on the contrary of what some may think, it is not to punish us for our lack of awareness in our past actions, but to make us more conscious of what should be shifted and transmuted so we no longer repeat the same old patterns that are not aligned with who we truly are and soul desires. By having Saturn retrograde, we are  given the gift of becoming the witness of our whole life experience - past and present - and take full responsibility of what we have manifested until this moment. Saturn in unison with the Lunar Eclipse will also help us to complete that which is unfinished and that needs to be ended so we can move forward by being free of old chains and set the strong pillars for your new life.

Saturn invites us as well to examine ourselves before going deeper into this new stage of our lives. Have we learnt and integrated the wisdom from our past challenges? Have we healed what seemed broken to our human being and restored it again by recognizing that we are always whole beings? Have we seen beyond our human illusion what truly Is and accepted it? Have we stepped out of the "karmic" wheel to finally embrace our inner creator and start manifesting outcomes aligned with our soul? This is a time to see everything from a wider perspective, not from a  linear one, as it is only when we move beyond what seems real for us as humans that we can realize if what we manifested was of assistance to All, or if we still have to break free from old chains and start seeing all the limitations that we impose to ourselves with the excuse that they are necessary structures for us to live in this world.

March is a unique and wonderful month to travel between realities and anchor the one that is more aligned with our soul. It is indeed a time to envision from within all the magic, all the visions that will become physical at Divine Timing. A time where we are called, especially at the end of the month, to set the new foundations that will sustain our new lives within this New Earth, a new frequency that we are all building with great love and integrity. It is a time to redefine your core beliefs and values about what is important and what is still part of your human illusion and should be dismissed, since ascending Souls, remember that we choose to respect all beings and forms of consciousness within Creation as equal, we need no outer commands since we have already opted to love and respect All.

Now, at this unique moment, is that we keep choosing to break free from all limited human structures that impede a major growth in our unique soul evolutionary path. We open our hearts and live from this same place of openness and integrity, welcoming the unknown and embracing everything and everyone that would like to co-create new life experiences with us, and yet we love and respect our own being  enough to set the proper boundaries for our own well-being and for us to co-create and be part of enlightened reunions with other soul companions as equals, without fomenting the old sense of attachment and/or possession.

In this New Era, we recognize and honor each others as sovereigns beings, we move, we give birth and we act as One, we do not depend on each others, but we rather complement each others with our unique and wondrous soul gifts, giving birth to a third and precious new vision within Divine Love, which is what March invites us to master. In New Earth, we have already freed ourselves from old karmic patterns, as we have already healed them through the power of love, forgiveness and a higher awareness.

We are now free from past illusions, free to love without limits that which is meant to only be loved instead of being judged. We choose to live in the moment, as it is only Now that we exist and that our power is, we embrace who we truly are, but we also honor our human experience as we clearly know that the Life Force that keeps our bodies alive comes from Spirit, remembering that this is why we came here to begin with - to consciously descend the spark of the Divine that we are into our earthly realm.

Remain always in the illuminating Presence of who you truly are Beloveds. I wish you all a magical March filled with many miracles, love and joy!

In love and Light always,
Natalia Alba

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