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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

Full Moon/ Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra, March 23, 2016 ~ Transcending Illusions through Higher Truths

Beloved Ones,

March is being the most intense season of all this Year; acting as a catalyst for us to start integrating change as the only constant within our being as well as to learn how to navigate through it into our physical reality. A lot of souls that were oscillating between two worlds, are now consciously choosing to step into this ascension path by dissolving more old human illusions and becoming their own masters and gurus. This is mainly due to the liberating frequency  from the Eclipses together with the mutable energies from this month, and the ones that are going to accompany us during this Year with the Saturn/Neptune squares, which are going to be very helpful to these new souls that are ready to cross the veils of illusion, awakening to what is authentic and becoming conscious co-creators of their own life experiences, as well as for those of us who are already walking on this ascension path to keep embodying Higher Truths and expanding within new horizons.

To me, this is a key month, in which the Eclipses are just the culmination of all these cosmic energies working in unison for us to integrate its main essence - the transcendence of old structures, to create new ones by fomenting unity instead of separation. The Universal Forces of this month, invite us to master the art of flowing from a spaceless and timeless position, where we could see from a non-phyiscal perspective the whole, not just little fragments of it, and from this wiser dimension, start creating and/or dissolving what is necessary for our own being and new life experiences - surrendering to a Higher Intelligence and being opened to continuing with our unique process of soul integration/descension. Remember, the more we open our hearts, the more we will be able to see the Truth that shall rise above all human forms of illusions and set us free.

On March 20th, by keeping all the wisdom retrieved while we remained in Piscean Waters - we are all One Family, even if we are experiencing an individualized aspect of Source - we pass now from the depths of our being, back to the self with the Sun in Aries, together with Uranus and Mercury doing the same the next day. On this same day, we also celebrate the Spring/Fall Equinox and the New Astrological Year. The Equinox’s Light brings harmony, balance between opposites Forces, and not just in the outer, but also within our inner polarities - Yin, Yang - and the subsequent resurrection that it brings to us. If we have been working on allowing, nurturing and giving birth from the inside, now, we are being invited to descend and anchor all these visions into our earthly realm, and unify both inner Forces that make us whole and balanced.

The Equinox's  waves are also going to assist us to be fully centered into our higher hearts while we rejuvenate our bodies of all these intense energies and regain a new sense of direction. The frequency of Aries, the initiator, the first and most independent sign of the zodiac, gives us at this time the fire energy and strength required to manifest and go after our soul desires - helping us  to be grounded at the same time that we also remain centered into our feelings in order to clearly realize what it is that we are creating from a soul plane and what is still coming from our mental one, and hence, is not aligned with our true path and All.

On March 23rd, we have a very powerful Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees of Libra, opposing the Sun in Aries. It is no coincidence at all that the Full Moon is also in perfect resonance with the 3 Universal frequency of this month of harmony, and union of equal forces to create a third one, as this is the main message from this Full Moon in Libra as well.  Penumbral Lunar Eclipses happen when the Moon moves through the light, outer part of the Earth's shadow. They send us the message of complexion, of ending a phase of our lives to initiate a new one. This is not a beginning neither is just an end. This is what we make of it all. Endings and new beginnings are one, as they are intertwined within an endless spiral which knows no beginnings or ends, just of a different frequency, and it will depend on what we need to manifest within our own micro cycles, whether we choose to dissolve or to create.

It is our task and only ours, to ask ourselves what do we choose to eclipse from our lives at this time of our evolutionary soul path and what do we choose to maintain, as it is co-creating something beneficial and authentic for us all and not just something delusional that serves the self. To help us on this, we count with the assistance of Saturn, the Planet of Power, challenging Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, in Pisces, at the Full Moon Time. This is a cosmic gift that invites us to ask ourselves what do we truly desire to create in our relationships and what are we keeping for fear or simply because we have become attached to it but that is no longer real.

It is important to step back and observe what is behind the scenarios that our mind creates, as sometimes, it is not just about others reflecting who we are and after learning the lessons let each others go, as for the ascending souls, the true that resides behind our reunions with others goes deeper than that. As it is about seeing the whole picture, the purpose of our encounters with others, and what these soul companions teach us about our own selves what truly matters. Most of the times, it is not just about releasing the relationships that do not serve a purpose anymore in our lives, but about understanding that in a human form we not always can reunite with all the souls that are One with us in Essence, so we simply attract them as we keep experiencing and expanding with the different aspects of who we truly are. 

This is why, sometimes old companions tend to come back into our lives, because we have acitvated this aspect/essence of ourselves again and we reunite to work in these same issues until we fully consider that it is time to move on by having regained this knowledge. It does not have to be karmic,  we  simply may choose to experience some aspects of ourselves that we have not mastered yet or that we were not ready to fully embody until this moment, Therefore, taking some time to balance and discern about our feelings is pivotal at this time, so we can take decisions from a place of Truth and unity with our soul. On this same day, March 23, Jupiter in Virgo, in a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, which is also in a T-square to Neptune in Pisces, will help us to expand ourselves within our feelings until we will clearly know what it is that we would like to create and maintain in our lives or release and break free from its burden.

The message from the Equinox together with the Full Moon is also one of looking within and find out who we truly are, our true identity - Aries - which on the contrary, can only be discovered in the relationships we maintain with others - Libra - as they help us uncover important aspects of the self that we could not be aware of by walking "alone" on this journey. As to do so, is vital to focus on the self, the Libra Full Moon  will help us not to become too much self-centered that we lose sight of the Whole, specially into our relationships, where we are going to be challenged to ask ourselves what are we retaining into our life experience for fear, and what are we letting go off with love and gratitude and begin to receive the new companions that are meant to share this path with us at this time.

The Lunar Eclipse will also raise our physic abilities; we may have important dreams and visions- receiving important revelations, with vital information about our soul mission or other things that are important at the moment for our growth and inner journey here on Earth. If we tuned to our inner Light and let things flow in its own order, we will feel the magic that this Eclipse provides to all of us as it will uncover many aspects of us and lives that were dormant. What is for sure, is that the Eclipse will affect some part of our lives more tan others, so if you want to know where it is going to affect you most, take a look at your natal chart to know in which house the Eclipse will take place, and in that area is precisely where you will be feel most affected by it.

At this transitional time between Eclipses, it is very important that we remain conscious at every moment of what we are creating/attracting into our life experience and of what are we putting our intention into, as the frequencies that we are receiving at this time are going to accompany us during the rest of the Year and during this phase, between Eclipses, in which, dimensions and alternative realities are not yet infused with enough intention to be manifested, is pivotal that we take the time to consciously create the one that will benefit All, before stepping into the unknown by our impulsive human tendency.

It is also a period in which, our physical vehicles, remember that ascension is a physical process as well, are also experiencing a major input of light, whose frequencies trigger the physical parts of our bodies that are not aligned with this high vibration, hence, it needs to be dissolved and freed of old "karmic" patterns, beliefs of any blockages that are impeding us to fully flow and liberate ourselves from past wounds. As you already know, our body cells also keep old memories, and as long as we keep them active, the longer we will impede the descension of these new frequencies that are assisting us, together with our inner alchemy work, to evolve and ascend.

Allowing our physical bodies to rest, so they can assimilate all the New Light - Divine Wisdom - that we are receiving at this time, as well as to give all internal struggles aside and trust, is essential to continue with our unique integration process. Just Honor what your soul, in invisible but wiser ways, have chosen to experience at this point in your unique evolutionary path. Value what you are feeling and know that all is leading you into a new way of BEing, doing, creating and manifesting that are totally new to you and that requires of your total focus and commitment instead of perceiving things from your human limited perspective.

Another major cosmic event at the Full Moon time is the Warrior Mars in Sagittarius, which sextile the Moon and trine the Sun. Mars embraces higher ideals and dreams and even if the potent energy from Mars can be challenging to balance, when it resides in optimistic and vivid Sagittarius and even more with this liberating Lunar Eclipse, Mars will give us the strength and hope required for us to pursue our highest visions without being hopeless with the first obstacle we may find in our way, surrendering and flowing with what Is at the moment, as this is what the mutable energies from Sagittarius will help us to embody at this time.

Remember that Sagittarius is an endless seeker, no matter how many challenges it has to overcome in the way, hence it will not accept anything less than the Truth. Mars in Sagittarius is an opportunity for us to see what lies behind our human illusions in our soul path as well, as sometimes even "spiritual" beliefs can limit us if they are half -truths, and let go of all these limitations that impede us to be who we truly are and share our soul gifts in our unique way.

Mars in Sagittarius at this Full Moon time is an important frequency, as it reminds us as well that we are here to transcend our human boundaries, explore new horizons and go beyond human expectations. We are here to remember not to deny our true nature and power just because some challenges appear in our ascension journey, and this is what Mars in Sagittarius is going to remind us at a time where the most important is not just the final destination but the path that leads us to it. On march 6, Jupiter will quincunx Uranus, helping us to be flexible and hold a wider perspective of our path while we navigate through change, assisting us to see the whole picture and not just our limited view of reality from where we stand as humans.

A few days before the Lunar Eclipse occurs, on March 25, we have another important cosmic event, Saturn, the Planet of Power, turning retrograde. Saturn - as another form of consciousness within Creation - teaches us how to be responsable for our own creations and offers us its unique energies to direct them into our own self healing process, and on the contrary of what some may think, it is not to punish us for our lack of awareness in our past actions, but to make us more conscious of what should be shifted and transmuted so we no longer repeat the same old patterns that are not aligned with who we truly are and soul desires. By having Saturn retrograde, we are  given the gift of becoming the witness of our whole life experiences, and take full responsibility of what we have manifested until this moment. Saturn in unison with the Lunar Eclipse will also help us to complete that which is unfinished and that needs to be ended so we can move forward by being free of old chains and set the strong pillars for your new life.

Saturn invites us as well to examine ourselves before going deeper into this new stage of our lives. Have we learnt and integrated the wisdom from our past challenges? Have we healed what seemed broken to our human being and restored it again by recognizing that we are always whole  and powerful beings? Have we seen beyond our human illusion what truly Is and accepted it? Have we stepped out of of the "karmic" wheel to finally embrace our inner creator and start manifesting outcomes aligned with our soul? As always, all the answers can only be found within, as only we can choose and decide when it is time to shift what does not resonate with where we are and with we have become.

The Eclipses bring Light in massive waves - awareness to see the Truth, where there were only illusions. This is a time to see everything from a wider perspective, not from a  linear one, as it is only when we move beyond what seems real for us as humans that we can realize if what we manifested was of assistance to All, or if we still have to break free from old chains and start seeing all the limitations that we impose to ourselves with the excuse that they are necessary structures for us to live in this world.

It is not about how many time it will take us to expose more old layers in our soul path, to find our soul mission or a life partner, this is not a race. Our souls move within eternity that knows no human boundaries nor does it know about resistant, but about our incessant desire to reveal what is authentic and evolve within this ascension path, even though we may find numerous challenges that arise in our way to this higher quest. 

I wish you all a blessed and magical Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Beloveds!
May you always remain in the wisdom and luminosity of your authentic Self, being brave enough to live with an open heart - in times of challenges and in times of peace - without any judgments. So you can allow and embrace all the miracles that this loving Universe always have for you.

The following is a declaration of intention to see only the Truth in all of our life experiences and relationships. Do it when guided and when you feel there is more you need to see from a certain situation or aspect of your own self. I was guided to create for All for this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, with great love and humility. Use your own words, as always say, you are your own masters and healers, this is just in case it can assist you in your journey.

As a sovereign being of my human life experience, I now declare my pure intention to receive the Truth - and only the Truth from my Higher Self and the Divine - in all the situations of my current path, that I need to see within Divine clarity.

I have dissolved all human veils of illusion - that impeded me - to be aware of what truly IS in my own being and life circumstance.

I have released old attachments, all the past vows that were completed in my relationships and everything that was not aligned with my soul, and hence, with the Divine Will.

It is now that I consciously choose to embody Higher aspects of the Truth and become fully aware of all that shall be revealed to me at this very moment, from my Higher Self and the Divine Realms of Illumination.

I__(your name)_ AM now free, open and ready to accept all the wisdom and guidance for all my relationships here on Earth and its purpose - if it is for the greatest good of All involved.

It is through infinite gratitude that I now command to receive, with great humility and within Divine Love, a clear vision of Truth in all my human life experiences and enlightened relationships.

I AM a LoveLight being of the Divine - giving form to a Human body - and as such, I AM always One with this - unconditional - loving Source within me.

I AM a pure conduit for the Divine Truth to manifest now and always, and so be it!

In love and light,
Natalia Alba

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