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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


viernes, 4 de marzo de 2016

Super New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 8/9, 2016 ~ Divine Meetings & New Beginnings

Beloved Ones,

In a month ruled by the element Water and its mutable/Yin frequency, it could not be otherwise that the first Eclipse we are about to face on March 8/9th, will be also at 18º55 Pisces. A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth, fully covering the sun. As this is also a Super Moon, its impact on Earth will be even more powerful, and will be strongly felt during at least six month after the Eclipse occurs. This is just the beginning taking into account that we still have another intense Lunar Eclipse in Libra at the end of March! The New Moon/Solar Eclipse reinforces the portal opened by the Aquarius New Moon on February, illuminating our new path as we also keep expanding ourselves within new horizons.

During this month and its Piscean energies, it is a wonderful time to heal old wounds, as Pisces and even more with the asteroid Chiron, in this same sign, suggests us. A time to dwell in Oneness, which is what we, as ascending Souls, are constantly working on, oneness brings healing, integration and the awareness required to unify that which is fragmented by our limited minds and that causes imbalances in both, our inner being and outer lives. With Pisces we are reminded of the importance that acting as One has at all times in our earthly but at the same time ascending experience, enhancing our sense of community, as a remembrance that even if we are having an individualized life, we are All One and it is only by embodying this Truth that we can evolve and assist.

With Pisces, the last sign of  the zodiac, ruled by Neptune, we end an old Era of being immersed in human illusions, to begin a New Cycle of Light on a Higher Octave of Love based on integrity and authenticity. Pisces teaches us what Divine love and compassion truly means, during the Piscean Era, we learnt our "karmic" lessons by being fully aware of what is not working anymore in our selves and lives and realizing that it is only when we are informed and aware of what is occurring behind the illusory veils of our human reality that we can shift all the situations that are not aligned with who we truly are and move forward within our unique path.

It is with this Water sign that we learn to transcend all limitations and start remembering again all the cosmic knowledge we possess within, so now, in this New Era, we can proceed within the eternal evolutionary spiral, by being fully aware that we are all conscious creators - leaving behind what we no longer desire to experience in our New reality. As ascending Souls, we may have already left all this behind, but this Solar Eclipse will put an end, at the same time that  it will create, a new beginning for the souls that are now choosing to step as well into this New Era, and even if we may perceive from our "higher" perspective chaos in the collective at this time, we already know that chaos is only there to bring things into the proper order again and that our unique aim as conscious beings is to shine the Light that we are in Essence so it can be of assistance to others.

At the time of the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse, we will have Mercury already in Pisces since March 5 and also the Sun, Moon, Chiron and the South Node conjunct in Pisces. This union will trigger the Mutable T-square formed by Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter, which is retrograde, in Virgo, together with the North Node as well in this Water sign. It is indeed a magical and unique time, as we also have Neptune and Ceres in Pisces, while on the other hand, we also have Mars in Mutable Sagittarius. Mutability that invites us to create space, to to allow and become the shape instead of  the shaper and forcing things to happen. By having Chiron and the South Node, which represents our past, in Pisces, we have a cosmic gift to bring into light that which remains invisible to us - that should be brought into awareness to be healed - so we could embrace new beginnings by being whole and renewed.

Move within, breathe, the air that you breathe is pure consciousness that brings awareness and clarity as you keep inhaling it. Do not judge the self, accept all feelings, and if there is something - or someone - that you cannot yet see as being part of Source - practice forgiveness. Bring them into the Golden light of love and compassion, see them as being One with You and All, recognize the Divine Spark that dwells in them as well and live in the moment where past regrets have no place - as they are not existing Now. By consciously seeing the Light in others and  venturing out of our minds - forgiveness can take place. Only then can you see everything - and everyone - as it truly IS - equal lovelight beings/forms of consciousness within Creation and the pure, true feeling of love that was always within you, will arise again.

Restoring what our human being perceives as being broken can take a lifetime or a few minutes, it all depends on how hard we want to make the process of inner integration and healing. When we stop fighting with all the aspects of ourselves that our human being does not resonate with and see them all as loving parts of who we are, it is only then that we finally are able to dissolve the inner shadows of judgments and start bringing all these "lost" pieces into unification again.

On the other hand, the opposition between the Super New Moon to Jupiter and the North Node, and to Sagittarius in Saturn, invites us not be so fixed on creating structures as it used to be in the old, but instead, to flow more than forcing things to manifesting certain and premeditated way. It is a time not to become fixed on a certain outcome or being judgmental about what we have created until this moment, but a time to accept and embrace all that is taking place Now in our lives and start re-creating and re-programming our human minds with Higher Truths that we have been embodying and that we can utilize to move forward and release our linear sense of time - becoming more flexible in our lives.

Jupiter in Virgo is a wonderful time for us to cleanse our being of what is no longer aligned with our current path. It is all about purifying more old layers of ourselves and lives so we can create the space needed for new things and soul companions. As Jupiter also conjunct the north node, we will feel a strong inner call to expand ourselves in our sense of selfless service towards others and be in communion with others. The North Node represents the aspects of us that our souls planned to develop in this lifetime. It invites us to move within and ask ourselves in what can we be of service as it is what our soul truly desires to fulfil - in the end - during our earthly journey and in what ways we can create the next phase of our journey, that will be also aligned with our own soul desires and new goals.

As I wrote in my previous post, March is also a key point for our relationships, since this mutable frequency from Pisces is going to help us regenerate ourselves and the relationships that are still based on the old sense of separation and dependency, and start embracing/flowing with new souls that are meant to touch our lives at this time. With the Sun, the Solar Eclipse in Pisces as well as Mercury and Venus moving as well on March 12 into this Water sign, all forms of communication - telepathic and/or extrasensory, verbal and soul to soul (particularly between direct soul family members and illumined Twin Flames, as you feel, think, move and breathe as One in Higher Planes where separation does not exist ) - will easily flow, and it will be easier to connect with higher beings, ancient companions and other forms of existence, to retrieve important information that will assist us when we awake to our human reality.

We do not necessarily have to reunite with our direct soul family or Beloved Flames to have a relationship within the New that will help us grow and be in a state of bliss and harmony, there are a lot of reunions that will serve us to evolve before giving the step of reuniting with our Beloveds that should be honored and embraced as well, as without them we could not ascend into higher levels of awareness. Some relationships within this New Era can help us co-create wonderful things for our physical lives at the same time that we create the space for new and higher reunions to come into our life after fulfilling our mission with the one we maintain at the moment.

The Solar Eclipse will propitiate new encounters, if we are willing to welcome them into our lives, with  soul companions that resonate with our soul journey, which is an opportunity for us to enjoy an enlightened and balanced relationship based on soul resonance and deep telepathic communication between equal souls that as One are co-creating something that will not only assist each other to heal and evolve but All as well. Some of these souls may also come back from our past for different reasons, as always our own guidance and feelings will let us know whether we should let them go, as they have fulfilled a higher purpose within our unique soul path, or whether they have come back because we are aligned again at the moment and they come to offer us a new gift  for us to embrace. All that comes and that feels good at the moment, will always present us with something valuable if we are ready to see its miracle.

During the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, and also in the following months, as its effect will last for at least six months, it will be also a time to pay special attention to our dreams and visions as when we hold the pure intention to align ourselves with our souls and Higher aspects of who we truly are, we may find ourselves traveling between realities in order to regain new guidance and more revelations that will help us to give birht to new creations and life experiences. It is important to remain calm while we envision multiple choices and choose which one is the best option that we could manifest for our unique journey and to assist All at the same time.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces will be also about nurturing the areas of our lives concerning Pisces, such as intuition, arts and everything that empowers our feminine side and creative abilities. It is a time to release and embrace, to let go of more limitations that we impose to our own selves and start giving form to our new visions in the physical as the following months will set the perfect frequencies for us to do so! With this powerful Super New Moon in Pisces, we are also given the cosmic gift to eclipse/close an old chapter of our lives and start envisioning what we truly desire for our new journey by taking into account that we - as creators of our own life experience - are here  to master the art of manifesting that which is still in our mental Plane, as it is what we came here to begin with - to descend our True Essence into our physical vehicle and not just to live of mere dreams.

It is now a perfect moment to practice the art of bringing all these inner visions into the tangible as with mutable energies we can only expect change. And even though change is the only constant, we, as humans, tend to create the illusion of linear time, when in truth, we, as ascending souls, are forever moving within different timeliness, creating new outcomes and realities, which can only be done outside of our human time and space, and with the Solar Eclipse in Pisces it will be a magical time to navigate in other realms of existence and bring all this new guidance and visions into our current reality.

Remember that in our ascension journey of soul remembrance and conscious integration, we are constantly releasing the density of our old world at the same time that we integrate new and lighter frequencies. This can only be done if we first let go, from within to without, of everything that cannot coexist with this higher state of being, as there is nothing that can upgrade us or make our human and linear perception shift - but our own selves. It is all done from an inner place of co-creation with the Divine Intelligence that resides within - from a total place of surrender and alignment, which is also what these mutable energies invite us to do, before it can be materialized in our outer reality.

This is why at this time it is essential to surrender and transcend matter through Spirit - which is what Pisces does - to reach a higher state of being, so we can discern about our soul path while the series of Eclipses that will follow-up, burn off everything that is not aligned with the frequency that we have decided to hold, whilst we remain within our Higher heart.

It is all about choosing our own timeline and remain there with an open heart and a pure intention to stay focused on what it is that we truly desire to create - in the new reality that we have the conscious choice to reside in - no matter what other souls are choosing to experience, at this time. Our main purpose is to live from our hearts and welcome everything that the Divine offers us from a place of complete trust, surrender and acceptance, as we know that no matter how our human self will perceive things in the physical, all that may come into our life experience, will be nothing but blessings.

I wish you many miracles during this magical Pisces season and always, Beloveds!

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba

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