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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


viernes, 3 de junio de 2016

New Moon in Gemini, June 4/5th, 2016 ~ Unveiling Illusions to Reveal True Love

Beloved Ones,

The mutable and changeable frequency of not only this New Moon at 15 degrees Gemini, but of all this Year, is being strongly felt for all of us! We are peeling more layers of our old self, until we empty ourselves of the remains of the past, until the purity of our True and Higher Self Essence comes into the surface again to guide us in our new path. To do so, we have been deeply challenged to abandon what was familiar, forced to leave the delusions that felt so reliable at some point - as the more we embody higher levels of consciousness, the more we realize that what we used to believe as true was indeed another false human misconception. 

It is being a Year, in which, we have been invited to complete an old chapter of our life experience, adapt to change and flow with it as our natural state of being - burning old bridges that still unite us with our past and start following the steps that will lead us where we are meant to be in this new phase of our life, a path that this New Moon in Gemini will illuminate for us - bringing joy and creativity among the turmoil of these intense energies in which, we are immersed lately.

The Essence of Gemini also reminds us of the importance, specially at this time with all this retrograde energy, that turning all communication inward has. Expressing our truth and feelings is essential, but only when what we say, have been pondered in the depths of our being, in deep communion with our soul and is coming from a place of love, compassion and integriry.

Gemini, the Twins, the Yin and the Yang, embrace each others in a balanced and rhythmical dance of love and Oneness. Gemini being an air and mutable sign, is mental, intellectual and practical, but at the same time likes to play and socialize, so it is essential to take advantage of this influx and Gemini's vitality as we keep crossing the veil of mirages, uncovering higher aspects of the Truth, and start discovering where true love resides instead of mere idealizing premises of our ego, remember that to truly feel pure and Divine Love, first, we should be willing to leave behind all that is a misrepresentation of what we built in our minds and that is not coming of an authentic soul space of Divine Wisdom and authenticity.

At the New Moon time, we have, on one hand, the Sun, the Moon and Venus in Gemini. We desire to love and feel loved too, as we are passionate about sharing our journey with others. A fervor that the Warrior Mars opposing the Moon will be willing to offer us. But On the other side, we have the grand square between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. They push us to be realistic and liberate ourselves form delusional feelings, they want us to see behind the physical scenarios, looking closer to what truly Is, and remind us what we are already feeling within and that sometimes our human self denies to recognize - to be open to discern about all of our life situations and relationships, and embrace a higher vision of what is actually happening, as it by seeing the whole that we can dismiss what is just another false creation of our human being that keeps us chained to a fake reality. 

We are indeed merging opposite Forces, as we are feeling the love, the passion of the New path ahead of us and all the wonders that awaits us, while we are also feeling the pain of letting go, of uncovering what is still hidden and accepting the situations of our life experience that are not real. Be loved is only appreciated and welcome when it is genuine and it is coming from a total place of integrity and unity. Otherwise, we are just feeding the old sense of co-dependency and attachment just because we are afraid to be in solitude with our own selves - facing our own shadows and voids.

During this revealing period, we will feel with the need to express our deepest feelings, specially with Gemini and Mercury direct moving into this same sign as well, but remember, we are still travelling between different possibilities and dimensions to discern what is real and what is illusory to finally embrace the Truth about our own selves and relationships. It is a time to be the love that we are under all circumstances - even if we do not posses yet all the guidance to see the whole situation, than stepping into the threshold impulsively . 

Rather, it is a time to go inward and communicate with our Higher Self/Guides Team to envision our true feelings and thoughts than acting without the proper clarity. Communication starts always within ourselves, be observant of how you talk to your precious being, as it will make all the difference in how you create your reality and relate to others as well. 

We will be still receiving endless revelations as we continue to approach to the next Full Moon in Sagittarius, which close the gateway that the previous one opened. Both Moons acting as a passage for us to navigate into the depths of our being, remembering what is coming from a place of true alignment with our soul and what is coming from our human desires to force and conduit things in our own way instead of allowing a Higher Intelligence to guide us.

Old wounds can emerge within ourselves,  as we proceed with the dissolution of old past memories, but this is only an inner message from our soul that a deep transformation is taking place, as well as the awareness and subsequent healing to move forward and leave behind all attachments. In the collective, we may perceive chaos, as old structures are constantly falling down, specially with the coming of the second Saturn/Neptune square. We can never see the whole picture from our human perspective, but we can be aware enough to realize that at the same time that some choose to enslave themselves, even more beings are stepping into a higher way of living. Our main aim to assist All is to remain focused on our own role within Creation, we are not here to save anyone of their own choices but to shine bright where we are meant to.

Remember that no matter what we may perceive in the collective, our reality is created by us, we are the ones with the power to decide what frequency we are choosing to activate and which timeline are we deciding to walk in. We alter timelines as we shift in consciousness, sometimes we have to experience many to finally reach a conclusion, but it is all done by conscious intention - no one else or outer force is moving us to different outcomes like puppets, we are at all times creating what we are physically experiencing.

Becoming detached of some old aspects of our human personality is not easy, as the ego likes to remain where it feels safe and embracing new and higher aspects of our True Self is not familiar, therefore it feels unknown and painful. In these moments of lack of clarity, is when aligning with our soul will lead us to remember that what is ahead of us also contains infinite blessings, which is what this New Moon in joyful Gemini will try to show us if we are willing and open enough to listen.

Mercury direct again into this same sign on June 12 , makes communication and everything that is awaiting within to be born, freely flow. As we are still in deep communion with our soul/Higher Self, and the message for us at this time is to give birth to our desires after the intense energies that invited us to move within and simply ponder about the authenticity of our inner visions and creations - expanding ourselves into new horizons knowing now that our path is being at all times illuminated by the Highest Truth. We just have to choose to embrace it and follow it within Divine trust.

This is a Moon that sets the perfect frequency for us to anchor all we have been creating from within into our lives, as we are now ready after becoming the observer of all that was not aligned with our path, to begin again by being renewed and by having regained the wisdom we need to bring forth the outcomes that are truly coming from our true soul desires and not from our human delusional view of things have to be. Change always begins within, we do not have to be constantly manifesting in our outer reality, for we know that as soon as we create this change inside ourselves, our physical reality will adapt and shift as we do so too.

We are in fact traversing a huge threshold, in which, we will envision what our life experience has been until this moment, and what is also being created now, if we are brave to go beyond what is blinding us and step into this new and wondrous path that the Divine has perfectly orchestrated for us. The choice to remain in old ways or create new ones is ours, there is no judgement within this loving and wise universe, just different experiences to be felt and shared. 

It is important to remain the observer and stay centered into our Higher Heart as we walk through the midst of all these delusions that are floating in the air as we cross by, do not let your own past creations fool you as you reach the next phase of your journey. You are not this person anymore, as you are becoming anew at ever single moment. Release the old aspects of the self that you are still holding onto with gratitude, and embrace with who you have become Now. 

Just be still, just remember while you are immersed in the futility of what is not real but that feels comfortable and familiar for your human self, the True purpose of your existence, which is always one of joy and endless soul expansion within this abundant Universe that gives you free will to be a deliberate creator.

I wish you all a joyful and miraculous Gemini New Moon Beloveds!

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba 

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