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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


viernes, 15 de julio de 2016

Full Moon in Capricorn, July 19, 2016 ~ Weaving our own Path as New Earth Masters

Beloved Ones, 

As promised, this intense summer is revealing us the Truth about not only our life experiences and relationships but about our own selves and what we need to dissolve and integrate so we can descend and embody higher aspects of our Soul. It is essential that at this shifting time, we do not judge the process and surrender - trusting in a Higher Intelligence who is always working through us and adjusting everything for All in a perfect way, at Divine Time. 

The Full Moon at 27 degrees Capricorn on July 19, square to Uranus, the Planet of Rebellion, and oppose the Sun in Cancer. This Full Moon will be a key point for us to realize where we need to create more harmony between both worlds - our inner and tangible one, as well as the proper balance between the dedication we put into our work and into our own selves. You may be challenged by the Sun in loving Cancer, to shift your focus from your physical reality, to also direct your attention within, where all begins.

Capricorn's Full Moon together with Uranus and other planetary alignments at this Moon time, comes to help us break free from the past, from old structures and from the inner limitations that we tend to impose to ourselves, especially with the Saturn/Neptune squares also reigning in our heavens during all this year, and start creating freedom where we used to put barriers - bringing forth our deepest desires and intentions. However, we can only do that by moving inward and see in what places we are just seeing chaos and separation instead of putting love, healing and unity.

At the Full Moon time, we also have on one hand, Capricorn's Earth Yang essence, who reminds us to bring our inner visions into the physical with determination, instead of just relying on dreams and letting our goals vanish in the air. On the contrary, we have the Sun in loving Cancer. This Water intuitive sign with Yin essence, invites us to abide in the depths of our being to retrieve guidance and clarity before manifesting our desires. 

Cancer likes to express its heart and go after what he desires without controlling every single step, it does not follow logic but feelings, it nurtures, it loves and it honours the invisible. Capricorn prefers to manifest, it protects, it nourishes what is tangible and honours the visible realm. The masculine and the feminine are supposed to embrace each others as One, in an eternal and loving dance of unity and equality and so these two polarities that lie within us all; shall do. 

Both opposite energies from Cancer and Capricorn gives us equilibrium where inner conflict may reside so we do not fall again into the trap of illusions, procrastinating the birth of our new creations because of old fears and lack of trust but without following just the rational aspect of us that forces us to do what we think we should, instead of what we truly feel guided to create. Both Forces make us wonder if we are fulfilling our true soul purpose and what makes us feel alive, or if we are yet clinging to what our human self - and others - think we should be doing. 

It is a time to recreate our new path from within but without remaining there adrift and act as the alchemical magicians that we are in Essence, expanding our inner spark into the physical, which is mainly why we decided to come here - to master the art of bringing into fruition that which first originated into our mental plane. A perfect  time to ask yourself: Are you loving what you are doing and where you are? Are you putting your heart and soul into everything you do? Or are you still doing what your human self thinks is secure even though it does not fill your soul?

Opposite to this Capricorn's practical and realistic Moon, we also have Uranus's energy, inviting us to flow rather than going against the current and breaking our past bonds and reinventing ourselves - seeing with clarity the aspects of us that we are still not honouring and expressing, for our sense of duty. And while Capricorn wants us to control, build stability and be responsible, Uranus will remind us to adapt to change and not be rigid and fixed to a certain result and old ways of living that disallows us to act as we feel at every moment. It will be the catalyst for us to finally awake what our human self has hidden and express freely who we truly are and came here to offer.

We no longer have to force ourselves to do this or that, or use old words such as must, as we now choose to go with the flow of what our soul guides us to be and do at every moment, as it is by doing so that what we would be doing and what we are meant to is in perfect timing for us and All. Focusing too much on work and on creating the strong foundations of your new life is pivotal to sustain yourself but as important as building stability is to take care of your own self. Worrying about the "future" is a waste of energy as that it is only in the Now moment that we can build.

It is essential that at this time we move within and ask ourselves what are we still trying to control and remember that we cannot control others neither can we control the conditions, which is another human illusion, as we can only control and direct our own frequency towards what we desire and align it with our Highest purpose and Being, and this can only be done in this Now moment, as there is no other moment in truth, instead of jumping to past or future times that do not exist but in our human minds.

It is also a time for new soul awakenings. A lot of souls are coming out from their illusory cocoon and starting to walk away from the old to step into a whole new reality where they are free to do what they truly wish from their souls and not what they are programmed to do and be. This is in part due to the effect of Uranus, making a square to the Sun in Cancer  and the Moon in Capricorn at the Full Moon time, together with the recently activated Uranus/Pluto square and the Saturn/Neptune squares, which set the perfect frequency for us to emancipate ourselves from what is not real. We are also seeing evidence of this in the collective but our main aim is not to focus on this but to stay centred into our own Light - remembering that chaos is just the universe reshaping and restoring everything, in its right order. 

To help us balance the illusion of control and what we do naturally from our heart, without being forced, we have since July 12, Venus, The Planet of Abundance and Love, together with Mercury, The Planet of Communication on the next day in the sign of Leo. Both act as a reminder that all aspects of us are equal and are interconnected. Leo rules our ego, Venus our heart, and Mercury the mind, our aim is to merge all of them and express our feelings and soul gifts with integrity and love. There is no need to separate, as creativity comes from the union between all aspects of us as One. It is about directing our inner fire - soul and heart - to our mind and physical being, as it is only when we passionately share and be who we truly are that we enrich our experience and that of others. 

And as the Universe always puts at our hand all we need to heal and regenerate ourselves, at the Full Moon time we also have a wonderful Grand Water Trine between the Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces that will help us to dissolve more old aspects of our lower self. We are being bathed by two powerful purifying Forces - Water and Fire - Fire, especially with Mars now direct whose energy is even more mighty, represents our inner power, Water our emotional one. It is an invitation to observe what you do with the Source energy that is in You and that flows through you at all times. How do you direct your inner fire? Do you direct it to heal old wounds that lie dormant deep within your core? Do you utilize it to create abundance? Or do you direct it to fight against the conditions? 

We have a cosmic gift at this time to use our inner power to restore and to re-build again our own selves and reality. Chiron, the Cosmic Healer as I call it, is a perfect opportunity for us to reconnect with our inner child, bring back its strength and joy and use this invigorating and innocent energy to rejuvenate and purify ourselves.

To me, healing and regeneration is essential as we are constantly shifting, embracing higher aspects of our soul as we keep releasing more of our old self. Self-mastery only comes when we face our challenges - opportunities - with an open heart, and allow ourselves to experience, to feel every single emotion we are passing through, as it is only when we do this inner work - transcending our human judgment about our inner shadows - that we can finally integrate its precious knowledge, heal and remember Higher Truths again. 

During this last part of the Year regenerating ourselves is pivotal. We have the opportunity to finally dissolve the remains of the old in both, our physical body and in the non-physical ones, before 2017, which is going to be the Year in which Planet Earth is finally going to diverge from the 3D Earth as we are still coexisting with it in some way, to commune with our Higher Self/Soul - as expansion and the creative process always begin from within - and start preparing ourselves to envision and consciously choose the timeline in which we would like to navigate in; during the next phase of our ascension path. As independently of the new Octave in which Earth dwells now, we are all free to choose our own agenda and reality. Hence, do not let yourself be drawn by what you see in the collective, and remember that every time you choose a higher way of living you are helping All with your higher frequency to dissolve all the unlove and other 3D illusions. 

As we navigate through change, we will find many possibilities, many different outcomes. This is why, especially during August with Mercury retrograde, we will have a blessed period to prepare ourselves, to be in silence, in order to listen which one of these possible timelines our soul would like to pursue and experience. As humans we tend to search for satisfaction and what pleasures our physical being, it is in our nature, but we now know that it is only when we function as One with our Soul and Highest purpose that true bliss and love will be experienced. 

Capricorn's Moon challenge us to find this balance between what we truly would like to do and what we still forced ourselves to do because of our sense of duty. It helps us concentrate all this inner fiery energy we are feeling inside at this time and gives us courage and passion to fully direct it towards the new life experiences that we are meant to have and enjoy. 

This is a cosmic gift for you to master how you utilize this influx of energy, as we are here to learn to remember how to manage this powerful inner Force, who creates worlds. This is not for you to feel overburden, but for you to use it wisely, breaking free from all the limitations that impede you to be who you truly are and weave - as the New Earth Masters that you all are - your own precious and unique journey. 

I wish you all a blessed and loving Full Moon Beloveds!

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba 

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