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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


sábado, 30 de julio de 2016

The Energies of August 2016 & The Lion's Gate

Beloved Ones, 

The intensity of summer is being beyond what we could possibly imagine! As we approach the Lion's Gate, and towards the month of September, this fiery frequency will continue to increase - as we also have the coming of the Eclipses, having one this month and ending in September. We have a cosmic blessing to keep dissolving more old layers of our human self and its illusory bubble, and to embody higher level of consciousness as we keep activating our Light Body and descending/grounding its Wisdom and purity within our being and physical vehicles. 

This revealing summer is also showing us so much Truth about all the aspects of us and situations that are still in need of more balance and unity! During this intense month of August, we may feel how everything and everyone that no longer can coexist with our new frequency, will move away from our path, as the more we embody our LoveLight Essence, the more we evolve within this endless spiral, the more we realize that letting go is essential for us as ascending souls, to remain in a state of harmony and refinement, and those who are not ready to be in a state of constant change, liberation and acceptance of what Is at every moment, will follow their own journey. As we already know that in our ascension journey, we will always be having many soul encounters that will enrich our evolutionary path no matter how they choose to do so.

Prepare for contact with the Higher Realms/Guides and Star companions. Some of us already communicate in our unique way with our Star Family, others will start receiving visions, speaking telepathically, or clearly seeing them as previously agreed. We are all different, all forms of communications are equal, some of you will physically see, others will receive messages by inner knowing/soul remembrance, all is True if it resonates for you, as the Truth will always feel clarifying, respectful, simple and above all, will never interfere in our unique path. Embrace who you are and your unique role, as the more you choose to embody your True Essence, the more you will start allowing yourself contact with other beings who are also ascending as we do. 

This will be especially occurring during the Lion's Gate, where a cosmic passage will once again that will also connect with certain sacred places on Earth, giving us the gift to embody new star codes as well as communicate with those who are assisting us from other Realms within Creation. Stay open without judging anything you experience, your human mind will interfere, discern and feel instead of thinking, be ready to share what you receive and allow your being to align with who you truly are and with the cosmic knowledge that is being poured into you at all times - for you to become the Cosmic sovereign being that you decided to be. The Lions Gate comes to confirm us, to help us remember, we are all powerful beings with all we need within, it is time to rise as Gods/Goddesses Sovereigns and stop relying on outer forces.

The vehement frequency of this new month, will literary hit our human self to help us see in what places are we not choosing to be the New Earth Masters that we are becoming - creating separation and the illusion of lack and what should be synthesized within and in our physical life experiences. This can come in the form of a challenge but as always, these are just Divine gifts for us to keep detaching ourselves from what should remain in the old and embrace what we truly desire to manifest in our new reality.

In numerology, this month is also a Universal 8 number. We have the same message of creativity and boundless resources. The energies coming from the infinite magic 888 numbers gives us the courage to give birth to our inner worlds and anchor them in the physical. It is a time in which these energies will show us what we need to unify and release, as lack is also created by the human illusion that there is not enough and it will be an opportunity for us to be aware of where we create plenitude and where absence of it.  It is all what you create at every moment in your own reality, not what you consider that happens to you, but what you make and how you react about what occurs, this is why is so important to observe your own self and everything that happens, so you can discern and choose what path to follow.

In a month ruled by Leo, number 8, is also represented by the fiery tarot card of strength –a woman holds between her hands the jaws of a Lion (sun) – is it physical strength or the inner one that can only come through the power of love, wisdom and balance? This is the perfect representation for the Wise Goddess of Love embracing fiery Leo, calming his wildness with her loving essence. The message to me, is that all can be done through the power of love, all can be shifted and dissolved when our human self finally surrenders to a Higher Power that is  within All things and beings, and let it lead the way. 

At a cosmic level, we begin this energetic month with Uranus retrograde, who propiciates sudden and unexpected changes, Mars entering on August 2, into another fire sign, Sagittarius, together with a wonderful New Moon at 10 degrees of Leo, followed a few days later by the Lion's 888 Gate within an 8 Universal month!  The message of opening our hearts to create and allow abundance, and anything that will nourish our soul from a pure space of love and higher awareness is loud and clear. 

August, brings fire, it can destroy but it also regenerates and transforms all the ashes of the old into something new, pure and stronger if we choose to consume the lower aspects of ourselves and be reborn again as the sovereigns beings of our life experience  that we are. This period is a gift for us to use Leo's magnetism, strength and courage to dispel old worlds and everything that disempowers us, and create new ones, rising above what no longer serves us and standing tall in our soul path and truth. 

The Warrior Mars in the persistent Truth-seeker Sagittarius, since August 2, is also a perfect confirmation with this ardent frequency from Leo that will help us embrace the creators we are and use it to readjust our reality as we keep shifting and choosing the timeline we would like to experience. Mars in Sagittarius will also inspire us to expand ourselves into new horizons as we keep diving deep within the New and its gifts.

These abundant and expansive energies, especially from the Lion's Gate, will trigger everyone one of us in different ways, depending on what we should master/remember - activating different aspects within us that have been dormant and that need to come into the surface for us to consciously bring them into unity. These new waves of cosmic consciousness, should be embodied and activated from within, doing the necessary inner work instead of expecting it from the outside, remember that we all have encoded deep within our soul and DNA all the cosmic knowledge we need, as we are all One with it, and that the entire Universe treats us as Masters, not as weak beings who need something from the outside to come and save us. This is your conscious choice to embody this loving and abundant frequency and co-create with it from within, to manifest that which is going to assist you in your new reality. 

The New Moon at 10 degrees of Leo on August 2nd, is a time to manifest new beginnings by having clarity about what we desire from our souls. With so many Planets in Fire sings, and Leo who rules the Heart, we are invited to remember that creativity is not just about creating new things in the physical, but about connecting with our inner Creator and manifesting our own reality. 

The Leo Moon invites you to reflect and ask yourself: Am I enjoying the creation of all my life experiences? Or am I letting and allowing outer circumstances govern my own reality? You are a Creator, you have the inner fire to birth a whole new magic reality, use it wisely to become anew at every moment, to co-create that which your soul is yearning for. This New Moon gives us the courage to move forward and break free from all the burdens that limit us, offering the strength we need to let go of what our human self is still attached to, but that is not what our True purpose and being needs anymore to continue with our endless ascension journey. 

It is all a constant process of purification and be in deep communion with our soul/Unified Self to clearly envision what reality we would like to experience and which one we should dismiss. It cannot be easy if we remain fixed to the idea of time and space, but it can be liberating, if we realize our linear human world is just an illusion, and start moving freely within different worlds, bringing into form the one that best resonates with where we are.

On August 5th, Venus, our Twin Planet of abundance and Love, will move into earthly Virgo. Venus In Virgo is also all about sharing and expressing the love that we are within our human plane, so it will help us open our hearts and bring this Divine Love into ourselves and physical world. Venus in Virgo is very practical, increases our sense of community and service to others and makes us wonder if we are truly allowing the infinite influx of Divine Love to come into our lives and use it to assist just by BEing who we are, or if we are in some way holding it back by our human sense of separation/lack and attachment. 

We are called upon now to put more attention into what also bring us abundance and makes our lives stable in the physical. There is no separation, we are sovereigns beings - who deserve to experience what we truly are - abundant beings having a magic experience in a physical realm, and that can only occur when we first believe who we are and start remembering that abundance comes when we truly hold this same frequency inside and not when we expect it to come from the outside. 

During the Lion's Gateway, on August 8th, our Planet will align with the Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, giving us the opportunity to connect with the Cosmic Heart and other Star companions - awakening within ourselves cosmic memories that are yet unremembered by our human self. Leo's energy will also function as a catalyst for us to anchor these cosmic energies of love, harmony and infinite abundance into our physical vehicles and bring into our human form our True and Divine Essence, remember that ascension is the descension of our Divine Presence into our physical body/plane and during these days we will have the gift to anchor this lovelight frequency into everything we desire to create.

On August 13th, Saturn turns direct. Saturn - the Cosmic Teacher - direct again at 9 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn is associated with number 7 - mastering the sevens chakras and releasing old layers from them before we can truly start descending the Higher ones, and bringing into form what we create from the inside. Saturn also rules structures and asks us to be disciplined, as true mastery is reached through inner work, contemplation and determination. 

On the other hand, we have Sagittarius, a fire sign who is also in a constant quest for Truth without hesitating. Both can seem too practical, but when we look deeper, we realize  that they also show us that wisdom and truth can also be found when we liberate ourselves and break free from old structures. So we can be challenged not to be so rigid and linear but to flow and start our quest from within, as it is when we are in perfect unison with All that we truly find all is meant to be in our path. 

Old patterns always arise when we refuse to let them go, they can appear in the form of certain people, situations or in infinite other ways, the Universe in its immense wisdom always sends us what we need and not what our human self wants for our soul evolution. It is a blessing to see what we do not resonate - instead of a judging it - so even if at this time, some of you can have some abundance, relationship challenges, or other situations in your life that are not as you wish they were, it is all for you to realize what you truly desire from your soul and release what you do not and as the master  that you do are, start bringing into form a whole new reality that will be aligned with your soul path.

And if this month was not intense enough, on August 18, we will have a Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Aquarius! This is going to be the first of the three Eclipses that we will face later in September, and even though it is will not totally cover the Sun its impact will be as well greatly felt! This powerful Full Moon will push us to become conscious of  our current reality, realizing if we are ready to break an old cycle and bring forth a new one, or if we are still clinging to what is familiar and is not what our soul truly desires to experience.

It is a Full Moon to conclude, to become anew and to start creating with the fiery energy from this month from a renewed place a new way of living. The eclipse will trigger within us everything we have been working on throughout the summer, especially as it occurs in the fixed sign of Aquarius. Are we finally free of what used to enslave us? Have we embraced what this period reveals to us? Have we utilised it to burn old bridges that connect us with our past? Or are we still attached to an old reality, manifesting the same limited old situations and that impede you to fully be in your power and manifest what you truly desire?

On August 22nd, the Sun will enter into Virgo. When the Sun shines a Light into Virgo, we are call now to ground ourselves and direct our creative power into our earthly Plane. As an Earth sign, Virgo reminds us we are here to manifest our true desires which at the same time, will always be of assistance to All. It invites us to remember that the purity we hold within can also be reflected into everything we do in our dense realm. As even if this sign can seem practical, its main essence is all about remembering we are here to combine what we create from the inside with what others may need in the physical, for we are here to synthesize and unify both polarities, both planes, the physical and the ethereal, not just to reside in one or the other, but to bring all this inner visions into our tangible realm, as it is only by doing that, that we can truly master ourselves as creators of the physical.

Finally, after having transformed our inner world and physical lives, we will find some peace and period to rest and integrate with Mercury turning retrograde at the end of the month on August 30. To consciously recreate our reality, to envision in what can we can be of service, especially now that Mercury is in Virgo, we should always stop all action and move within in order to clearly see what we are bringing into form and reshape from this wise space what is not longer align. Mercury, as I always say, is never retrograde, it is just an illusion we have from Earth, so it is our choice to foment this old illusion or to understand what this perception from our Planet truly means and use it to infuse our inner visions from a place of clarity and higher wisdom instead of fearing this introspective period.

We are moving beyond the illusory trap of our human limited view and the retrograde illusion, as the entire Cosmos is an outer representation of all the inner aspects that makes us whole, always showing us infinite love and support. There is nothing retrograde within this vast and wise Universe but our human minds. The only thing that exists is a constant state of expansion and co-creation with All things/Beings - offering us the gift to move within and remember what truly Is.

Most of the time, it is when we retire from the physical world, that we are able to accomplish the most for our ascension process, as we are taking the time and energy to activate what only we can do from within. It is essential to rest and take proper care of our physical bodies at a time when they are being recalibrated - by these cosmic forces - to help us to evolve. Listen to your body, rest when required, physical action is not all, most of the times all is originated in your inner realms. Honour your unique process and listen to what you are guided to do - at every single moment.

Do not let your human self dictate how to live, as it resides in the illusion that acting all the time is how things should be, when abiding into the depths of our soul makes all the difference to leap into this new phase of our journey by being renewed and with a clear sense of purpose about where - and with whom -  we  will co-create next. 

I wish you all a wonderful August filled with infinite abundance, joy and miracles Beloveds!

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba 

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