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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


lunes, 29 de agosto de 2016

The Energies of September 2016

Beloved Ones, 

At this intense phase of our journey, as ascending souls, we find ourselves traversing a cosmic threshold, in which, being in deep communion with our soul is essential to clearly envision and decide what personal timeline we are going to manifest during the next year. September, and the remaining months of the year, are going to be decisive in dissolving old layers of our lower self (3D programmed and acquired personality), in stopping repetition of old cycles - that are not aligned with who we have become and prepared for in 2017 -  the Year in which Planet Earth is finally going to bifurcate from the 3D Earth.

This is why - at this transitional time - we continue to choose a higher way of living as it is only by BEing and staying centred within our illuminated Presence that we can assist those who are choosing a lower frequency, as well as those who are finally crossing the veils of illusion, to finally step into a New Era of love and conscious living. 

This new month comes with the confirmation from the very beginning to the very end, of the completion of an old cycle, whilst we shape a new path free of old patterns and limited beliefs. As a reminder, September holds a universal frequency of 9. Number 9 invites us to let go of everything that is not serving our higher purpose, until we empty ourselves, until we create the inner space to allow the New to enter. 

This number, as well as the powerful frequencies from this month, is offering us the opportunity to enter into the next phase and year, which is going to be a Year number 10, reduced to 1, by being renewed, as next year is going to be about putting into practice all we have learnt during this year of self-mastery, although it never ends, it has helped you to remember our ability to manifest - as Divine creators - within this new reality that we were so eager to manifest.

As the Universe always acts in perfect synchrornisation with All ~ Number 9 is also represented in the Tarot by the Hermit, which together with Mercury retrograde, is launching the message to be wise, move inward and like the Hermit, focus on our inner light - Truth -  and even if the path of solitude is not always easy, it is essential to listen to our inner Divine spark before giving birth to this new cycle in which we are about to enter. 

Have you look within to realise what is no longer serving your path? Have you transmuted all the pain into the love that you are? Letting go is not easy, as our human egoic self desires to remain in the familiar, and it is only through neutrality and compassion towards ourselves that we can liberate all this old programmation and embrace all that is meant to touch our lives.

At a cosmic level, we begin this month with a powerful New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse  at 9 degrees Virgo. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers only the centre on the Sun, leaving the edges of the sun visible, and forming what is called a "ring of fire". Solar Eclipses are about new beginnings, but when we see behind these definitions and feel the Forces that surround us and that co-create with us, we understand that we are between eclipses - destroying old worlds as we keep deciding which ones we are going to pursue that will be truly aligned with our soul path. 

During the Solar Eclipse, we will have a T-square between Mars and Saturn and a few days later, on September 10th, the third square between Saturn and Neptune. These powerful squares are helping you to remember that even if you may be eager to see new beginnings and manifestations, it is not a time now to act, as Mercury retrograde also reminds us, but to back away and instead of jumping ahead, stay totally present in the moment, as here is where peace resides, where you exist, and it is only in this moment that you are free and able to create the next one as you wish.

When we embrace the moment, we no longer have the need to maintain old frequencies, situations and experiences, as we understand that they are just illusions occurring in our human minds. Hence, we allow healing to take place, and remember that in healing ourselves - the invisible threads that connect us with All within Creation make them heal as well.

At this time between Eclipses, different forces collide within, oscillating between different worlds with opposite frequencies, and navigating between different timelines from what is actually happening. So it is very important that we remain conscious at every moment of what we are creating/attracting into our life experience and of which one we are putting our intention into, as the frequencies that we are receiving at this time are going to accompany us during the rest of the Year and during this phase, in which, dimensions and alternative realities are not yet infused with enough intention to be manifested, it is pivotal that we take the time to consciously create the one that will benefit All, before stepping into the unknown by our impulsive human tendency.

On september 9th, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, finally shifts into the sign of Libra. Jupiter into Libra, which is all about balance, invites us to create harmony within as well as in our relationships. Libra is the sixth sign of the zodiac, number six is all about balance and love and how we relate to others. If we begin the zodiac with Aries, which is all about focusing on the self, as we keep progressing throuhg the next signs, we find out that at the end - with Pisces - they all lead us to experience unification from the self to All. 

Jupiter in Libra invites us to ask ourselves: Am I having conscious interactions/relationships based on authenticity and equality? Or am I still attached to someone or  something due to my fear of loss and solitude, repeating the same old circumstances that create dependency? This is a gift for you to know if you truly love yourself and are ready to maintain conscious and enlightened relationships or if you still have some more inner work to do towards yourself and how you relate to others.

On September 10th, we will face the third Saturn/Neptune square. This cosmic alignment has been reigning our heavens since 2015, pushing us to break free from old structures and helping us to make tangible our soul visions, but above all, this liberating frequency is assisting all the new souls that are awakening and choosing to step now into a path of soul integration and unity - liberating themselves from the matrix to start walking a conscious path. 

However, the message from this cosmic alignment is not just one of dissolution and breaking free from old patterns, but also one of making tangible what we can only envision within the depths of our soul, as we are here as masters of the physical and hence, it is not just about ascending but about descending what is in the invisible into our earthly plane. 

A second Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees of Pisces on September 16 will assist us to keep releasing as we transcend more old delusional experiences and anchor the ones who are One with our Highest Will. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, when we reach this stage, it is because we have mastered and unified the lower self with our Higher one, and even if we still are living as an individualised aspect of who we truly are, we feel connected to All as we have regained the soul memories that were once buried deep within ourselves and now we are ready to let it all go, conclude with an old illusory cycle of unlove and slavery, remembering and behaving again as we truly are in Essence - lovelight beings that creates within Divine Love and that benefit All. 

Mercury will finally turn direct on September 22nd. As you know, there is nothing ever retrograde, this is just an illusion from Earth, there is nothing ever in slow motion within this  light and fast Universe, there are just moments to be lived from within and moments to emerge again in a new form, with a new direction to follow. When we had the Winged Messenger retrograde, we were invited to move within and obtain more clarity so we could be fully aware of what we are giving form to, from the inside. We communed with the Higher aspect of ourselves, realising were we contracted instead of allowing expansion, and now that Mercury is direct again from our perspective, we are ready to rise again by being renewed and by holding a wider perspective of our life experience.

On September 23rd we have the Sun entering into the sign of Libra, together with the Equinox. Both events are One as both are sending us the same message of unification and balance regained throuhg the proper process of inner alchemy that we have been working for a while. The Equinox passage will bring unification of both our dark and light aspects, and we will remember again that it is due to both Forces that we are whole and that it is only our human self who creates division and false judgements. As for the Divine All is One and equal. 

It is essential as we keep bifurcating from the 3D Earth, to master the art of not polarising as where we are going there is no good or bad, just things and beings as they are. The Equinox wave will be strongly felt as we also have Sol very active, helping us to keep purifying ourselves from more of the old, whilst remembering that the harmonisation of our lives can only be done when we create from within and this is something that no one or outer event/energies can do for us. 

Another important cosmic event at the end of the month, is Pluto, the Planet of Power, moving direct on September 26. While Pluto was retrograde, specially with Mercury as well, we saw the Truth while we dwelt in the depths of our soul, we took responsibility for our own creations - shifting, transforming and regenerating from within all that no longer resonated with who we are now becoming. Now that Pluto is direct again, we direct  all this power and knowledge to transform all the old into our physical lives as well. Pluto gives us the gift to be the shapehifters of our lives. It is constantly re-creating reality as we are also doing so from within even if we possess a sense of stillness. It is an opportunity for us to keep destroying old worlds and start bringing into form new ones based on freedom and the bliss that following our true soul desires bring. 

Finally, we end the month with a generous and soothing New Moon at 8 degrees of Libra, a blessing for our relationships and even more together with Jupiter in Libra as well, as our interactions with others help us uncover important aspects of the self that we could not be aware of by walking "alone" on this journey. Libra's Full Moon will help us become less self-centred, seeing the Whole, specially into our relationships, where we are going to be challenged to ask ourselves what are we retaining into our life experience for fear, and what are we letting go of with love and gratitude - beginning to receive the new companions that are meant to share this path with us at this time.

September brings the cosmic gift for us to move beyond all sense of linearity - across time, across space - navigating between timelines to enter into the vast tide of this conscious Universe, to finally complete an old cycle and start behaving as the co-creators that we in Essence are, and to dive deep into a multiple Universe of infinite possibilities.

All the manifestations we wish to see, are already here, they are all within, and this is what this month reminds us of - to visit the depths of our being, if we truly desire to clearly see what Is and start anchoring these inner visions into our physical realm. The whole Universe is helping us to bring forth our inner creations, for we are loved and appreciated without measure. We just have to choose to step into this new and unknown path with complete surrender and faith that all is - and will always be - working in our favor.

I wish you all a wonderful September filled with infinite abundance, joy and love. Abundant blessings that you already are and that lie always within.

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba 

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