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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

sábado, 29 de octubre de 2016

The Energies of November 2016

Beloved Ones,

We end October and begin this month of November with a very intense New Moon in the deep waters of Scorpio on October 30. Scorpio navigates through our inner realms, opening doorways to all the hidden feelings/aspects of ourselves that we need to bring into the light and embrace with a Higher understanding - instead of utilising our lower mind's judgemental perspective. It is a magical, intuitive and passionate New Moon, especially with the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio as well. A time for new soul encounters, and a time to also move inward and receive new revelations as we also take the time to do the necessary self-healing and purification before entering into a new phase. 

On the opposite, we have at the New Moon time, a square between Uranus to Mars and Mars to Pluto. This will be strongly feel in the collective as it will propitiate massive awakenings. For the ascending souls, all this challenging aspects at a time when we are also approaching to the end of the year - also within a 9 universal year cycle - means to totally leave behind the remnants of the old, as even if it is not always easy to be continuously stepping into the unknown, we have to remember that in the midst of all the challenges and chaos, which is just our human perception of how the Universe transforms and makes everything anew, new realities, new life experiences are being born, and all of them will be exactly what we need to experience for our soul integration journey.

Scorpio brings the unconscious into the light for us to dissolve the illusions that we still hold within. So at this time, we may find certain old patterns emerging again for us to fully synthesize what our human self still denies to embrace, as equal. During this month, Scorpion energies will assist us to rebirth into a whole new cycle of conscious co-creation and expansiveness, but for this to occur we first should confront our shadows - as a part of who we are as humans - as the more we deny our shadow self and hidden aspects that we may not resonate with, the more we will be repeating the same old situations until we no longer judge the aspects of ourselves that we consider inferior or simply not worth looking at. 

As New Earth Seeds, our main aim is not to judge and fragment but to honor every aspect, every situation and encounter, as every single thing and soul is showing us that we need to remember Oneness, compassion and the Truth that we All are united by the same Divine spark beyond our human illusion of separation and individuality.

November also holds a frequency of synergy, co-operation and integration. In numerology, is a universal number 2, a number that represents two opposite polarities - or different essences - merging as One, which is what we are going to experience during this intense Scorpion month. The feminine and harmonious vibration of number 2 is well represented in the tarot by the High priestess, sitting between the light and the darkness - represented by the two pillars of Solomon’s temple - as a passage to other realities and Higher knowledge. 

The High Priestess - even if she seems to remain static -  is at every single moment walking between different worlds in perfect balance - as the Solar cross in her chest reminds us - creating new realities within Divine Love and conscious co-creation, for she has already integrated the shadow and the light within her and embraces both as equal - without judgements, without disavowing - for she loves All the aspects that lie within Herself, as she remembers that All is Divine in nature. As the wise Goddess that she is, who holds within all the soul/cosmic knowledge she needs, she knows that when she needs direction it is only by looking within that she can see the Truth about a situation, which is what we are being invited to do at this time of rebirth and purification. 

At a cosmic level, we begin November with Mars entering into Aquarius on November 9. The Warrior Mars will be in Aquarius until December 19. Fiery Mars in Capricorn was all about acting and building in the physical, but it was all self-oriented more than working in unison with All. With Mars now in Aquarius, we have the opportunity to direct this fierceness to be of assistance to everyone instead of just focusing on the self. Remember, our human self creates the illusion of separation, but when we act, every single thing we do or say counts and affects All, for we are always united within this endless web of love and light that created us. With Mars in  in Aquarius, we have a gift to act for the highest good of All, acting consciously, remembering that what we create serves and touches All.

On November 11, Venus, the Planet of Abundance and Love, will enter into the earthly Sign of Capricorn. This month could not be a better time to create abundance, which is simply a frequency we hold within, another form of love, so we can set strong foundations into our lives with Venus transitioning this sign. It is also a time of healing and self-retrospection with scorpion energies, to balance both and begin to expand into new relationships, manifesting not just physical abundance but also new soul companions that will walk with us as we keep discovering new horizons. As always, it is Law that we should embrace just to release afterwards, so others can come in and offer us new wonderful life experiences and the opportunity to co-create with them as well.

The Full Moon at 22 degrees Taurus on November 14, which is going to be the second of the three Super Moons, is an abundant one that will help us to connect ourselves with the feminine energy of Mother Earth - the one that nurtures and sustains us in our earthly Plane - helping us to give birth to our inner desires. Taurus gives us the opportunity to fully anchor all that we have been integrating lately and our heart's desires in our lives and everything that we would like to achieve into a more tangible way, remembering in this Scorpion time that it is all about anchoring and manifesting our inner creations into our Human reality - as the Masters of this dense Plane that we are becoming - and with Taurus we are going to feel grounded and with the strength that will allow us to bring into fruition all of our inner creations and goals.

On November 19, Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Intuition - the one who transcends what is tangible and has form to dive deep into our subconscious and what is yet to be discovered within our inner realms - moves direct again into the Water sign of Pisces. As everything within this Universe, Neptune in its own quest through this evolutionary spiral, also has two sides. In its dark one, Neptune prefers to live under veils of illusion than dealing with reality -  falling even into any kind of addictions to cover Truth. In its light side, Neptune brings faith, compassion and it helps us enhance our intuition and connection to our Higher Self and Realms.

When Neptune was retrograde we had the time to visit those unconscious realms, overcome old paradigms and delusional human thinking. Now that is direct again, we are prepared to expand ourselves within this Divine Knowledge we found within our soul instead of losing ourselves in old illusions that impeded us to consciously create from a place of clarity. 

The asteroid and cosmic Healer Chiron, will also turn direct in Pisces next month, this will be another cosmic gift for us to keep healing old wounds - especially in our relationships - and become aware of the feelings that are still causing us suffering and that should be released so we can move forward and start anew without resentment from the past and for those who we left behind. Every soul encounter - whether we label it as good or bad - teaches us something. There is no good or bad, just Divine Souls helping each others to remember again their True nature as we ascend through this endless evolutionary spiral.

Both cosmic Forces invite us to become our own healers. In this path of self-mastery and soul integration, we will always encounter many challenges on our evolutionary path, but we are already aware of the importance that becoming our own healers and masters has, as it is only through the realization that we are Divine in Essence and that we can use this Force to create a higher state of being and outcomes - assisting others to realize their own spark of the Divine as well instead of relying just in other people or  external things. It is not by doing it for them, but by showing them how to make it that they will empower themselves and become the sovereigns being of their own life that they really are. 

Finally, we end November, by having the Sun in Sagittarius on November 22, together with Mercury also in this sign since November 12 and a wonderful and fresh New Moon at 7 degrees of Sagittarius as well! We pass from going deeper into all matters and bringing into the surface what was hidden, to manifest new opportunities in our lives with the gentle energy of Sagittarius who tends to also seek beyond the surface but at the same time enjoys its quest and making things tangible. With Mercury in Sagittarius, it is a wonderful time to put all the visions we hold within into the physical, as we came here to enjoy an earthly realm - not to live in delusion about our true purpose, while we walk in this realm.

Sagittarius likes to explore new horizons and as its ruler is Jupiter, it also helps us to expand ourselves even more in our own search with joy and the security that new blessings will come along the way. Sagittarians are the Truth-seekers of the zodiac, they wander for more wisdom and answers to their inner questions, they do not hesitate if the road gets hard as they know that finding the Truth will be worth it. Sagittarius are persevering in what they truly desire, and they enjoy the journey more than getting to their “final destination” as they are grateful for all the lessons learnt in their path and know that it is in the journey in itself where true wisdom resides.

Sagittarian energies will finally give us the necessary rest that we need after this intense and revealing summer. This New Moon will be a perfect one to nurture the part of us which is in pure bliss just for the mere gift of life in itself, reconnecting with our inner child and channel this lighthearted energy into our being and all aspects of our  physical lives. 

November - with its transformative energy - reminds us the importance of creating inner synthesis before we can see it reflected in the outer, in both ourselves and into our relationships. Scorpio invites us to go deeper into the depths of our being and dismiss all that is no longer aligned with the New realities that our soul truly desires to manifest for us into the new cycle that we are about to enter. As always, nothing can come from the outside, it is all transformed and/or dissolved from within and only we can do so, no external Forces, or anyone else but the inner Master that lies within.

At a time of inner contemplation, when our human self may perceive that "nothing" is happening, remember Beloveds, new worlds are being constantly born and transformed in invisible realms for the human eye. YOU create Universes from within, which is the cosmic message of this month with its Scorpion energies reigning at the moment. You are never governed by outside random consequences, you are a Divine Creator, a New Earth Seed constantly remembering, rediscovering your True Nature and potential. This month and also December will offer us the soothing energies we need to restore ourselves as we keep enjoying the exquisiteness of the new words that we are building. 

I wish you All a blessed November filled with much love, joy and abundance as we keep navigating through this completion phase! 

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba 

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