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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016

Ascension Update, November 22, 2016 ~ Light Bearers vs. Dark Forces

Beloved Ones, 

We are ending a month, whose transformative energy, has been a bridge for us to step into new horizons as we cease to repeat old patterns. It has been indeed a releasing passage towards our New Journey. This month has reminded us the importance of creating inner synthesis before we can see it reflected in our earthly lives and relationships, as the more unity we create within, the more that we will see it in everything that surrounds us. Scorpion energies invited us to go deeper into the depths of our being and dismiss all that is no longer aligned with the New Realities that our soul truly desires to manifest for us into the New Cycle that we are about to enter.

Now that we have the the Sun in Sagittarius, together with Mercury in this sign since November 12 and a lovely New Moon at 7 degrees of Sagittarius on November 29 as well, we pass from going deeper into all matters, bringing into the surface what was hidden to integrate all this knowledge that we received through soul communion and begin to heal and regenerate ourselves. The New Moon in Sagittarius will also square to Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, Dreams and Intuition, direct again in Pisces, bringing us many insights about our unique soul path and about all that should be dissolved from within as well as in the physical. 

We may have felt that what used to be known to us, or what we thought was real, is vanishing as we consciously choose to ascend, but this is just opening new avenues for us to welcome new relationships and life experiences that are aligned with our Highest path and Will. All that is not in our lives is not there for us to feel pain but for us to be grateful, as it was not going to assist us in our path anymore. Pay attention to your dreams, not all is just what we can perceive with our physical eyes, most of the times, we receive precious guidance through our dreams, as there is where we can become observers and retrieve higher wisdom for our own journey and All. 

As I always say, every Planet, Star or cosmic alignment, are a macro/outer representation of what is happening within ourselves. Neptune invites us to activate and manifest in the physical the aspect of us that is compassionate and loving in Essence. Neptune can be challenging, if we fall into the trap of living in the ethereal, feeding ourselves just from illusions that uncover the Truth, but it can also be a huge Fountain of inspiration and renovation, if we direct its healing frequency to dissolve more old shadows and embrace a Higher way of living.

Neptune as well as other cosmic alignments, indeed have a strong influence in the collective and what is occurring at the moment, as many of you who have Planetary roles such as Stabilizers, New Earth Anchors or Gridworkers, and many others, will deeply feel, as the strong pulse between the dark and Light forces still continues to be evident. The ones who want to control us - as they are choosing to live under this illusion - and those of us who are doing a lot of work in both the astral and in our earthly plane to help in the bifurcation that our Planet is actually immersed in and that will continue until 2017, know what is happening behind the human veils and the battle that some souls still continue to re-create. It all depends on the role you chose as human, some may resonate with this and others may not, as we all have different roles on the Planet and we cannot be aware of all that is taking place, if this is not our main soul mission. 

It is a very important moment for the souls that are awakening now, as they will have to consciously choose to serve or to foment the human illusion of separation - following fallen forces - or following the Illuminated One from their Soul. As always, we live in a world of polarity, where there are no judgments, simply different choices to make. I do not deny them and pretend they are not real, as the more conscious we are of these fallen forces and their 3D tactics to program our minds and to literally control human bodies, the more that we could discern and observe about what is really True and One with All, and what is still being manipulated by these hidden dark forces/beings. Everyone has free will in this Planet to choose, humans judge, the Divine within us simply observe and experience through each and every one of us what we desire at every moment.

As I know many of you are sensitive to this subject, I am not going deeper on this at the moment, but remember Beloveds, fear is just a lack of information, when we are well informed and listen to our soul guidance, we do not fear, we simply observe and discern about what is authentic and what is being manipulated. I was deeply guided to share, as I know most of you have been experiencing these attacks from both humans and non-physical entities. Well, as Starseed Souls, who are doing soul integration and who are assisting others, we are clear targets for those who - under the false mask of being spiritual beings - try to bring us down and stop us doing our work. We simply observe - as we remember that no one or outer thing can truly affect us or create our reality. 

The most asked question to me by those who are experiencing this is: How do we recognize the ones who are coming from the Light of Oneness from the ones who have chosen to experience the dark side? How can we differentiate when someone is simply offering us to remember love and compassion or giving us a lesson, from a person whose soul has been possessed by a negative entity? This is something for us to discern and only follow our Soul guidance of course, but it is very clear when someone has incarnated without embodying the majority of their soul - dead eyes, delusional behaviour, lack of energy, drugs use between others - they are conduits for the dark forces to dwell in their bodies, there are infinite ways but they will always choose to attack a lightworker, for these beings are here to impede the true work that the rest of us are constantly doing, from within our earthly Realm.

We have lived many lifetimes, in many far away places, that we can humanly recall. As ascending souls, we know about "karma" as we have cleared it  out before we could step into this journey, so we now should be compassionate to those that simply are walking the path we have walked before. "Karma" is just a lack of consciousness, the Divine never punish anyone who act "wrong", this is human judgement. It is our own soul who decides to experience the same until we learn how it feels like. Most of the times, as Karma is one of the mutable Laws, can be erased when we forgive ourselves and others and embody a higher level of consciousness. 

If we are ascending at this precious time within Creation, it is because we have passed through many initiations within many different bodies. Our human self may not remember, and sometimes we have to experience what we are not in order to remember again, but our soul hold within all the ancient memories and all the Divine knowledge for us to detect when we are being manipulated by someone who have chosen to experience a different polarity - or simply a path of separation - instead of one of unity. Lies have many detours, many faces, aspects, the Truth is always One. It may come slowly for it always follow a perfectly orchestrated path to help All but it always, always shines. 

As New Earth Masters, we do not react from an egoic place when we are attacked, we send compassion to those beings, because for being where we are now, we also have to experienced and embraced our dark side. We know about pain for we have walked between lower worlds a long time ago, so we are the ones that have to be an example not allow our ego to defend anything, as their attacks have nothing to do with us and what we are here to do. This does not mean we do not stand tall in our power, we are in our right to remain in the path we have chosen and no one can define what we are and do. But, instead of reacting and taking things personally, we simply do not allow them to be in our life experience - as we are sovereign beings with the power to invite something into our lives or dismiss it. It is all where we put our focus.

During these intense last months of the year, especially on the 11/11, many Star portals from different civilizations have been transmitting us infinite cosmic support - apart from the one of our Higher Self/Guides/Light Beings - for us to continue assisting in our unique way. For every attack we may perceive, there is infinitely more support than our human limited perception can ever imagine. Our mission is to control the lower self to never feed these negative forces and keep spreading our message and truth whenever we are guided to do so. 

Those of you who truly have contact with our Star Companions, know that it is not about physically see them, although of course it is sometimes a part of our soul contracts, but it more about a telepathic connection, a higher one from our souls with these beings. Remember beloveds, idolizing them or "waiting" for them to come and save us, is delusional. These Star Beings, and those who channel them or work with them know, always empower us to believe in ourselves, always help us to remember what we deep within our soul know. They are working in unison with us, they are also cosmic beings as we are, there is no superiority within Creation, simply a higher way of existing. This is why we are being assisted, not because we are hopeless human beings, but because as One, we can really help shift a Planet that has been ruled by unlove and war. 

At a time of inner contemplation, and even more as we step into December, our human self may perceive that a lot of chaos is happening. Remember Beloveds, new worlds are being constantly born and transformed in invisible realms that our human self calls "chaos". There will be always in this dense plane two polarities, both of them are real, both of them have a purpose within Creation whether we resonate with it or not, and within this eternal "battle" our main aim is to simply choose with what force we wish to align. 

YOU, and only You, create your reality from within, in Truth no outer being or force can affect you without your attention and permission. You are never governed by outside random consequences, you are a Divine Creator, a New Earth Seed constantly remembering, rediscovering your True Nature and potential. This month and also December will offer us the soothing energies we need to restore ourselves as we keep enjoying the exquisiteness of the new words that we are building. 

As Starseeds Souls, our main aim is not to judge and fragment, labelling people as good or bad, but to honor every aspect, every situation and encounter, as every single thing and soul is showing us that we need to remember Oneness, compassion and the Truth that we All are united by the same Divine spark beyond our human illusion of separation and individuality.

I leave you a declaration of intention that I do to serve only the Law of One, if of course, this is your personal choice:

As a sovereign being of my human life experience,  and as I conscious creator of my reality, I now declare my pure intention to only serve the Forces of Light and love of the Universe. As a free being fully aware of my choices, I now choose to only work for the Law of One - in deep commitment with my Higher Self/Guides and the Star companions who agreed to assist me on my human journey.

It is now that I consciously choose to embody Higher Essences of my Soul and become fully aware of all that shall be revealed to me at this very moment, from my Higher Self and the Divine Realms of Illumination. I ask that any fallen being or human who is possessed by a negative entity, will be revealed to me within Divine Love and Clarity and be immediately remove from my Auric field. 

I__(your name)__ do not allow any entity, form of thought or consciousness that is not coming from a LoveLight Source to try to control me by implants, programmed thoughts or any other method of mental or physical manipulation. And so be it!

I__(your name)_ AM now free, open and ready to accept all the wisdom and guidance that will show me the Truth about me and others so I can become aware of what is not coming from a place of authenticity and integrity - if it is for the greatest good of All involved. 

It is through infinite gratitude that I now receive, with great humility, a clear transmission of  everything that my Soul desires to reveal to me at this moment. 

I AM Love, I AM a Light Bearer incarnated into a physical body in service to All within Creation and as such, I AM always One with this - unconditional - loving Source within me and All.

I AM a pure conduit for the Divine Light to manifest through me, now and always, and so it is! 

In love, love and service always,

Natalia Alba 

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