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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

Ascension update, November 23, 2016 ~ Star Beings in Co-creation with Humans

Beloved Starseed Souls,

In these last months of the year, we are fully immersed in the process of envisioning and moulding the New Reality that we are about to bring into form for the next phase of our journey. It is essential that in the middle of this conscious process, we take some time to move inward - as Mercury will remind us during December - and expand ourselves within our inner realms, bringing into the surface all the visions that our soul holds for us to manifest within our physical world from a place of wisdom and clarity.

Neptune, whose Essence lies within us all - direct again - is a cosmic gift for those of us who are deeply committed to integrate higher levels of consciousness for we are not afraid of the unknown, as we know that it is there where true expansion and freedom resides. the Planet of Dreams and Intuition will help us to navigate within the subconscious feelings that our human being is not yet aware of and face them instead of denying that we - as Humans - are afraid of feeling pain, of the unfamiliar, instead of realizing that the more we embrace our inner shadows, as an equal and precious aspect of who we are, the more that we will understand that fear is just another form of illusion as in truth all helps us to remember the True nature of our being, which is always one of unconditional love to ourselves and All.

As you well know, at the moment, humanity finds itself transforming from Human beings that used to dwell in trepidation and limitation to new compassionate and loving ones. The process of evolving from one state of being to a Higher one is not easy. It takes discipline, strength and the need to take full responsibility for every feeling, word and action that we send out without judging the self, just with the kindness to treat ourselves as we would treat the child that is learning how to walk and who falls from time to time.

In our Human journey of soul integration and conscious co-creation, we are never alone or lost in our Soul quest and ascension path. We are being assisted by other Star civilizations - apart from our main Fountain of Wisdom from our Higher Self/Guides and Soul Family - that have also passed through this process of conscious evolution into a benevolent race. Many of you have asked me to share about it and my experience, others already know as your human self is finally ready to receive a different and Higher form of communication. All we need comes at Divine Time. Our soul is always ready as it knows no boundaries, but most of the time we have to prepare our human self - and its limited perception - to welcome a different form of communication than the one we used to know. 

The ones who have a direct connection to those Star races - that are helping us to remember our true cosmic heritage as Divine beings through self-observation and lack of judgment - know that these beings never try to manipulate or teach us how to behave or act. On the contrary, if this is what you are receiving, it is not coming from a Higher Source or Beings but from negative ones trying to control you. Our Star companions see us as equals, perfect Divine and cosmic beings with enough inner wisdom to pass through this transition with strength and compassion as we keep traversing the threshold into a Higher Octave in which we are already immersed within an endless process of soul remembrance.  

Our Star Companions, as I call them, are in co-creation with us, from a wider place where they can see clearer than we as humans can. They are the observers, the helpers never the judges. Some of us agreed before incarnating to do this task on Earth in unison. They are not superior than we are as in Essence we are all equals. They are One with us for our human self perceives we are divided but in truth we are an individual aspect - multi-dimensional beings of a Higher One, experiencing different forms of lives, consciousness and realms from different places, within the Universe. 

Our Star Family assists us at every moment to empower ourselves and bring illumination not to our soul, who is enlightened and wide open already, but to our human being who is the one evolving. They help us remember that all we need is within. They are not there to save us, they are not there because they know more or because they are Gods and Goddesses and we are not. This is delusional and it is due to this that we are often taken as fools. They see us as Master Beings transiting on Earth but the questions is: Do you? 

Do you embrace your experience as human with gratitude and with the joy that you held when you incarnated in this plane? Or do you still live under the illusion that you are powerless and that you need to be saved? This is a wonderful Planet, we do not need to escape reality or miss what some call Home, which to me, is always within. We simply need to create our own Heaven in this beautiful place that nurtures and loves us.

There are many of you who are working behind the social media scenes to assist the Planet, others share through whatever ways that resonate more with us what we receive for All. It does not matter that you are seen or not, what matter is the intention, the frequency that is behind what you feel, say and do what will help bringing awareness to All. 

Some of you have asked me in what ways our Star Companions can help us? Well, from my humble experience, as I can only share about what I experience on my own journey, our brothers and sisters from Pleiades, to give an example - as there are many other beings involved in helping us to pass through this transition - help us to remember unconditional love and equality, for we are accustomed to label and separate everything with our deep sense of judgment and limitation. Andromeda, which is in parallel consciousness to our own Galaxy, helps us to adapt to change, in the middle of all the chaos that our human self may perceive, as we keep transforming our physical bodies - as well as reality. 

Other Star Companions - such as Sirius - are very connected to Cetacean Consciousness and help us in doing our inner work when dealing with releasing old "karmic" patterns that we are still repeating, as these old behaviours are still encoded within our DNA - due to our ancient heritage and genetic modification. You are always free to call upon these beings, not to save you, but to help you to release - through forgiveness and the power of living in the Now and fearlessness - everything that is challenging for you. For each of you, there will be different Star Being - assisting you with what you need to embrace, heal and/or unify. 

Beloved Ascending Companions, move within, quiet the noise of your human mind, and remember in the depths of your soul who you truly are. You are never mastering your soul for it possesses all the cosmic wisdom required from the beginning of time. You are here by free and conscious choice, not just to assist others, but first to help yourself remember - from a dense body - your True Essence and Star Lineage. You were never less than, you are equal, and a powerful Divine Being as well as the other Star beings that you idealize.

You are a Master of New Earth, planting new seeds to a better and New Cycle that we are already building. You came as such, not as a hopeless human that needs to be rescued by outer Forces and beings. It is essential that we leave all illusions aside and begin to take responsibility for our unique soul purpose and begin to assist from a sovereign state of being instead of a disempowered one - knowing that we are indeed the pioneers of this intense but precious transition that we are leading the best we can, with love, integrity, authenticity and the immense joy to be living in this wonderful time within Creation, in co-creation with All. 

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba 

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