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Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2016

2017 Energy Forecast: The Year of Earth Bifurcation & Higher Connection

Beloved Ones,

At this pivotal time within Creation, a New Earth is already being born. We not only are about to welcome a New human Year but also a New Cycle, as the number 1 frequency from this year 2017 reminds us, in which, we all in some way or another, will feel the impact and subsequent change that bifurcating from the old 3D matrix has upon all of us. 2016 has been a year of completion, constant soul integration and therefore, purification of the lower layers of the self - releasing old 3D controlled behaviours/implants and old programs, especially for the souls that are starting to awake at this time.

We begin this year with no major aspects and with very soothing energies in January from Mercury still retrograde until January 8 and with a peaceful and loving Full Moon in Cancer on January 12 - softly preparing us for the intensity of this transitional period. Although, this is not a prediction of the Year 2017, for I do not make predictions as in my reality everything is constantly shifting as we do so too from within, and predictions are limited in the sense that we restrict what is going to happen without being able to envision all that exists behind the physical scenes. This is the guidance I have received and what is already happening Now within ourselves and what we - from our human perspective - can already see from the vibrational state of being that we have chosen.

On this year 2017, our mission during this transition into a higher Ocatve, as conscious beings in service to All, and as the New Earth consciousness Seeds of this New Cycle that we came here to be, is not to focus on what seems to be - or in the collective - chaos, but to do our part by simply remaining in a higher state of BEing at all times. We are not here to convince or teach anyone, for everyone has their own wise Source within, we are here to reconstruct, to help Gaia and All to heal just with our mere Presence. We are not more special than, neither are we here knowing more than others, this is another form of spiritual ego and fragmentation. We do not interfere in other's choices, for this is not what conscious souls do, as we will be violating other's free will and impeding them to remember by themselves. We simply have already passed what others are experiencing now, others, have directly descended from Higher Realms to assist here. The important thing is the intention and love we put into what we do and share - not the origin of our existence.

Indeed, 2017 will be the Year in which Earth will finally bifurcate from the old 3D one. This should be understood properly, for there are a lot of people that due to false propaganda or lack of information, believe that for this to occur a lot of people have to die and/or even remove themselves in order to step into New Earth and be reborn as new beings. It is true that a lot of souls can decide to exit the Planet at this time due to soul agreements or to prompt awakenings that they are not able to face. But this is not a one day/year process and there is more than the human senses can perceive about a soul choice.

There are infinite reasons for a soul or soul group to leave the Planet, but the main one according to the guidance I receive, is not in order to purify Gaia at all, as our Planet is already existing in a future timeline and there is no need to force anyone to leave, but because certain souls have fulfilled their own soul agendas. Some had already mastered their personal lessons in here so there is no need to continue as this is the main purpose of a soul - to release all karmic debts as well as to learn and remember our True Essence as Divine LoveLight beings. So when this main lesson is fulfill, there is no need for the soul to keep experiencing an earthly plane, this need is only experienced by our lower human self, who is attached to what is familiar. 

Our focus should not be in others but into our own soul mission and inner work, for the more we think we know, the less we could understand within this physical and limited body, the multidimensionality and different choices that others do as it goes further than what we may think, for these soul choices are also interconnected with other souls from different realms and so on, and the whole puzzle can never be envisioned from our human perspective.

When we use the Term New Earth or Era, we are referring to the frequency we have consciously decided to embrace, and when we embody and live accordingly to this frequency, changes begin to occur in our physical plane as a confirmation that we are no longer experiencing a "lower" reality, but it does not literally mean everyone who has chosen another reality will exit the Planet. Remember Beloveds, the 3D and lower Earth dimensions, will remain there as an imprint for the ones who have chosen to remain experiencing the 3D matrix as well as for all the energetic collective infusion that have been made since the very beginning to this timeline, hence, it will remain as another choice.

When we cease participating within the old 3D Earth illusions, we find only people who resonate with the same frequency we hold, we no longer need or should experience disempowered egoic relationships for we have already healed/fulfilled our soul "karmic" agreements and we have also integrated its precious lessons. As we keep constantly doing the inner work of disengaging ourselves from more of the old during this year 2017, we will find that old scenarios, situations and patterns we tended to repeat, are also gone, for we are now free from delusions, fully committed to build and expand within the New. It is not an easy task to adapt ourselves to this New vibration as well as to begin creating a loving and compassionate reality for All.

As the old 3D body collapses, and as we move during this New Year 2017 into a new timeline, more souls will begin to awake to the Truth and we will see how these souls, even close people to us, could experience depression and disappointment as they become aware that they were living controlled in a fake world. Pain is our best teacher, essential to embrace and accept as it holds wisdom and soul remembrance. When our human self is ready and our soul decides to awake the human in us, the inner/physical change is huge, and everything from one day to another begins to change, from this "chaos" in that the true US emerges and begins to share the unique Divine gift with All.

During Earth bifurcation, many people, especially the ones who are beginning to awake, will experience a very intense purification process as well as alterations in their nervous system. During this cleansing phase, they can be constantly repeating old patterns in order to band together with the New Earth timelines until they finally release their old memories imprinted in their minds and retrieve all their lost soul fragments - becoming sovereign free beings fully conscious of their own choices.

This is not karmic at this point, nor does it mean that they are not evolving. This happens until the human aspect of us realizes why we keep repeating these same old behaviours and become conscious of what is the lesson to be learnt behind our actions - taking full responsibility of everything that happens into our reality instead of the egoic mechanism of blaming other people and/or circumstances.

In this New Year of 2017, we are also going to be assisted into this rejuvenation phase with two powerful Eclipses followed by another two ones at the end of the Year. The first one taking place in February, in the sign of Leo. A fiery sign that invites us to burn everything that is not coming from a pure Source of Love and Clarity, as always fire can purify, sweeping away the ashes of the old, or destroy. Fire simply is, it is in our hands the use we make of this mighty Force. In this same month, we will also be blessed with another Eclipse in the healing and intuitive sign of Pisces, to soothe ourselves in the midst of this intense transition and to help us regain strength while we abide in the depths of our being, regaining higher levels of wisdom.

We will also be helped to free ourselves from our limited cocoon, especially for the new souls that are awakening, with a liberating Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius in the month of August. Every cosmic alignment or event in this New Year is helping us in this huge transition in which we have been immersed for years now, to finally leave our remaining connection to the old 3D and begin an unknown but wonderful journey in this New Cycle.

For the ascending souls who have been walking on this soul evolutionary path for a long time now, we are already feeling the inner shift of living already in a different timeline. We do not engage in lower scenarios anymore. for we do not waste our energy into what we know is pointless and that will not serve our human experience anymore. We do not put our intention into the creation of lower realities for we have already experienced and learnt from old past experiences what this is all about. We have chosen now to become the observers, and the more that we embody our Christed Spark, the more that we see other choices, even the ones we sometimes choose and that later on we decide to shift, with unconditional love, compassion and gratitude for all we have learnt and for all we have achieved and loved, as in the end, loving, BEing and remembering is what truly matters.

At a deeper level, for the ones who are already in deep communion with their soul, doing the constant work of soul integration and embodiment of more Light descended from our I AM Presence, this will be also the Year of connection with other Star civilizations and/or cosmic Guides. Some of us have already been doing so for a while, others have of course been doing so even before we were born, and others will begin to experience this Higher form of contact as they keep evolving. It all depends on where you are in your unique path and the vibrational state you hold, as Earth keeps embodying its 5D body, totally disengaging from its old 3D one during this Year, the more that we will be able to contact with Higher Realms within this frequency range that is now more available to our New reality.

When I talk about contact, I am not stating that other beings residing in different realms of existence are coming to save us for what we can do on our own, neither I am saying that they come here to interfere, for we know free will and our soul plan is highly respected by the Forces of the Universe and the Higher Realms of Illumination. When I talk about contacting with other cosmic beings/Guides/civilizations, which has been happening already for a while for some of us, I am not saying these beings have to physically come here and directly speak to us (except we have a soul agreement to have these experiences). I am referring to developing telepathic communication as a new way of communication, as these cosmic beings mainly communicate in this way, for they dwell in mental Planes with different bodies and in different forms of consciousness, as well.

This Year will be decisive for the hidden Truth to be finally exposed step by step as this is not a one day process. For those who are ready to receive, more of the ET encounters and other forms of communication that have been for a long time concealed, will finally see the light. Each one should discern what is real from what is another form of manipulation from the dark forces and the governments, for each one of you have already have the Truth within. As I always say, other cosmic beings, come here to assist and to co-create with us by helping us remember our True origin and power as Divine beings with love and valuable lessons, never by forcing us or exercising control over us.

Our cosmic brothers and sisters, are our companions, some have already walked the path we are walking in their own civilizations before, others, descend directly from Source, it depends on our frequency the ones we are ready to contact with. They do not come here to be idealised, they come here to help us awaken our soul memories and to remind us that we in truth are One. We are here as an extension of Source, under the illusion of duality, separation and inferiority, but we are One being splitting into multiple bodies and universes experiencing what feeling separated means. Our soul already remembers, our soul is always connected and able to communicate with All, we just need to master our human being to allow without fearing the unknown what is already natural for us as stellar seeds in which change is a part of our natural state of being.

You are your own Universe, connected to All within Creation. All these beings/Guides that some so desperately search are already within, most of them are future selves of us guiding us in our earthly journey, others are other selves of us who are experiencing different and Higher Realms, from when they Guide us. They are not superior, they just remember more than we do from where we are now. They cannot save you, as we are not hopeless beings and victims who need to be saved. They cannot control you, for they respect our free will and love us without measure, neither other outer Forces can, as only You, from where you are, can consciously decide where you are going to. You choose the frequency you hold and hence the beings you attract. You choose what new layer of your DNA you are ready to embody and the timeline you would like to dwell in next. No one is judging you or your passing through this Earth but yourself.

Be conscious of the use you make of your precious energy at this intense time and always. Know your soul role and the many gifts you are here to offer, for when you are fully committed in service, the whole Universe supports you as you are acting within Divine love to All. Remember who you are when challenges and dark forces come to test you, for we know they are real too, and the more we shine the more they keep trying to create confusion and illusions within us. Feel the heat of the Divine Love that you too are running through every single part of your human body and being, and know that you were placed here by conscious soul choice in a specific and perfect place within this Universe to be able to help All with your soul frequency and mere Presence.

Know that you can never imagine or truly feel the gratitude and love that this Universe holds for your decision to be here at this pivotal time, whether you are already ascending or are about to choose to do so, this is not just for the Starseed Souls or Ascending Ones, this is for All that with a loving and open heart are here to embody compassion and unconditional love. Remember this Truth when your human self makes you feel weak, unable to face challenges. They are there as opportunities for us to keep seeing what is real and what is here to remind you the powerful being of the Divine that you truly are, able to shift any circumstance and situation that you have created yourself to begin with.

I love You always, no matter what you choose, for I always remember who You are and your conscious choice to be here at this time in assistance. I thank You All for being brave to be here at this time shining the beautiful Light that you are and I honor the unique role that you are playing within Creation that helps and impacts not just in this Planet but that also echoes in every corner of the entire Universe.

I wish you All a miraculous 2017 and beginning of this New Cycle, Beloveds!

In love and Light ∞
Natalia Alba

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