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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

Full Moon in Cancer, January 12, 2017 - Following your Inner Compass to Navigate through Reality

Beloved Ones,

We begin this New Cycle with a revealing and nurturing Full Moon at 22 degrees of Cancer on January 12. It is at this key period, after the noise of this past season and before creating our next Now moments of this New Year, that we are blessed with the gift of this loving Full Moon for us to move inward to reconnect with our inner being and retrieve the sense of what is real and what is yet a fake scenario that our lower self builds to distract us from accepting our reality as it truly IS. For our human self likes to create infinite veils to cover the truth, as it does not like unknown horizons neither does it likes the pain that leaving the familiar may cause.

A Moon that also invites us to heal and soothe ourselves before taking action in the physical as the 22 - 4 reduced - numbers remind us. Numbers that invite us to unify and bring into our tangible plane not only our soul visions but first the strong pillars that will support them as they grow and expand into our physical reality. A time to descend from our I AM Presence the life we have created in the Higher Realms into our Physical Plane, for this is where we truly experience life and are able to put into practice all we have learnt about moulding and creating within New Earth. 

At the Full Moon time, we have the Sun in Capricorn in opposition to the Moon; representing the masculine principle that takes responsibility and brings into fruition our inner creations into our tangible world. On the opposite, we have the Moon in Cancer, which represents the feminine within us all, the tender womb from where all things originates - a natural caretaker, healer and the one who is responsible for giving birth - one of the most intuitive signs of all the zodiac who lives in the realms of emotions and a higher form of love. 

The cosmic message is to combine our sense of duty and attachment to our material world, with the need to stop for a while in order to be still and listen to the intuition of our soul and the part of us which is in perfect unison with our inner and Divine Wisdom so we can obtain the revelations we need before acting impulsively. Finding equilibrium between our minds and heart, as well as between our masculine and feminine sides, which is always the key to finding harmony and restoring the balance after a long period of integration. 

The Cancer Full Moon will oppose the Sun and Pluto and also square Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion in Libra, and Uranus, the Planet of Change in Aries - forming a Grand Cardinal Corss in the Heavens. Jupiter in opposition with Uranus is a major transit that we are going to face during most of this year 2017. This can feel, especially for the collective, as a strong inner push to liberate ourselves from the remnants of the old and being the inner change that will conduit to the New earth timelines that are already created for the ones who are consciously choosing to navigate within them. 

Change can be felt as chaotic when we only perceive it from our lower self or as a Divine gift, if we decide to become the observer and envision the guidance that will make us see with clarity all that should be dissolved in our current reality as well as in the collective, for us to move into the new path we are so eager to travel, then it will be a huge blessings. Some, will choose to rebel against the old matrix system by creating what you see as more chaos, others, should choose to do this by moving inward and shine their own spark brighter. Our mission is to do what we choose with our intention to assist All, not to judge other choices. 

When we become the witness of what is occurring in our life experience, there is no possible suffering from this Higher Place of Divine Love and no-judgment, as we are able to envision things as they truly are instead of what our minds create of what is actually taking place. We suddenly become aware, by soul remembrance, of all the Human roles we agreed to play at this time - letting  go of what disempowers us and allowing new experiences and souls to touch our new lives. 

This transit between Jupiter and Uranus will also bring expansion into our creative gifts, especially for the ones who have already anchored a higher way of living and are ready to experience the delights of all the inner work we have been doing during not only this past year but even before, diving deep into all the blessings that having crossed the veils of illusions hold for us. 

Cancer is also a sign that guides us to the hidden corners of our being that our lower self is not ready yet to face and heal those past wounds that we still hold within without being embraced just because they are too painful for us to accept. To assist us to heal these hidden feelings, we have the Warrior Mars and the Cosmic Healer Chiron in a trine with the Cancer Full Moon, bringing a powerful influx of healing that we could direct to communicate with our inner child and bring into the surface those issues that are still impeding us to embrace all aspects of who we are and forgive the memories - not always real - in which our lower self still recreates itself not to take responsibility for our own life experiences and creations.  

Among all this Cardinal energy from Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer that invite us to descend our visions into the physical and take action, we also have other healing energies that help us in our inner healing process at this intense time. We have the Full Moon in Cancer together with Chiron, as well as Neptune, Venus and Mars, in Pisces, a wonderful time to be sensible and take time to balance our feminine side, for most of the time we polarize, allowing our lower self to masculinize our life experience instead of creating harmony and a mutual state of co-creating between both. 

At times, we tend to give more than we allow to receive - distorting our feminine side, for the Goddess we all have within is a sovereign being that will not allow anything or anyone from the external to disempower or disrespect who she is, on the contrary, she will walk away from what lowers her existence with unconditional love and blessings to All, for she knows everything, even what we consider to be "negative", belongs to the same Source of Love and Light that helps us evolve in the physical.

It is a Moon that invites us to dwell in Oneness, which is what we, as ascending souls, are constantly working on. Unity from both within and in our outer lives which brings healing, integration and the awareness required to unify that which is fragmented by our limited minds and that causes imbalances in our human existence, that at the same time, has an impact in All as well. 

When we finally conquer and understand our inner shadows as well as our light, moving from a state of fragmentation and human illusion into a state of wholeness and unity consciousness, is that we are able to transition into a higher state of being and new way of living. Wherever you are is perfect, as this benevolent Universe is always offering you infinite soul encounters and different experiences for you to remember your True path, which is always one of soul integration and constant expansion. Wherever you are, is always leading you to where you should be next, do not compare yourself to others, for you - as well as your journey - is unique and precious.

This loving Full Moon in Cancer is inviting us to give up all inner fights and surrender to a Higher Intelligence - mastering the art of creating the perfect harmony and balance within so we can navigate through our physical reality as well as relationships. For it is when we finally leave our old perspective of how things should be behind, that everything in our human existence begins to manifest in its natural form, just as our life experiences are meant to occur and not as we want them to be.

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba 

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