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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

Healing Parallel Selves vs. Soul Extensions in Other Dimensions

Beloved Ones,  

The nature of our existence, as you already know, is not only confined to a physical existence. As multidimensional beings, especially if your Higher Self is using parallel incarnations to accelerate your evolution, you will also deal not just with your current life, but also with other selves that are One with you, residing in other realms of existence and/or on Earth, at this time. These parallel selves, probably incarnating on what we call past or present reality, may be awake and conscious of their multidimensional nature, or may not, as sometimes of all these extensions just one or two are consicous of who they are and their role within Creation.

This is a very deep subject, but as I am often asked, sometimes (and I am sharing this just for the ascending souls, for the 3D human is not even aware of other selves) what you call past lives affecting you in this one due to what you are feeling from them whether in your dream state or when you are awake in the physical, is most of the time other aspects of your soul extension recreating a different life experience in other dimensions/Universes (within the range frequency of Planet Earth) and mostly on Planet Earth. It is not easy at all in the early stages of our ascension journey, if we are dealing with past lives, negative entities or other parallel selves.

As ascending souls, most of us do not have karma, which is one of the main reason why working with past lives does not work for some of us who have already done this inner work before. This is why entering into a state of silence with your soul and Higher Self/Guides, to retrieve the proper knowledge about your mission in this lifetime is pivotal when you are healing/dissolving something from your past or another aspect of you. 

Our soul extensions residing in higher dimensions or star civilizations are unlikely to be affecting us in a negative way as well, for they are more evolved than we are. So probably the main reason to feel/dream or even repeat old patterns, is due to the fact that we are helping our other selves to heal, which is why you may be influenced by negative habits, as suddenly taking drugs, lack of self-love bewteen many others, or actions that are not coming from your own soul's Will but from theirs - impeding your own soul evolution. 

Having said that, it is also vital that you begin to work with all your non-physical bodies, as you keep evolving, for this is the first thing we should do when we step into this path, and one of the reasons why some of the ascending beings are not able to see distinguish what is really occuring in their being because they have not done the basic inner work first. Although, we may not have karma to resolve, it does not mean we do not have in our aura, mental and emotional bodies as well as DNA, still some old memories, programs, implants, psychic debris in our central canal to clear, and many similar issues to heal or dissilve that we have to treat before we can regain more guidance. 

I have had the blessing to meet highly evolved souls who are not aware that what is affecting them at this phase of their lives are not their past lives, which they were untiringly trying to heal without success, but some of their paralell selves less evolved and hence, having a harder life experience. When this occurs, we are the soul extension chosen to help the other selves of us on Earth heal and evolve, which is challenging if we do not have embodied all the knowledge from your star chakra - the one who contains all the knowledge about our soul mission. 

Our other selves should not be confused with parallel soul extensions, for even if we are all One, these paralell soul extensions are residing in different planes of existence. One of them can be incarnated on another Planet or star civilization, and hence more evolved than we are, for they dwell in what we call our future time. We are just responsible for the ascension of our other selves incarnated on Earth. These other selves are not just connected to us but are One with our soul, as the soul group choose one extension - of the twelve other souls - who will bring ascension to all of them. 

As we ascend so do the other twelve souls whether incarnated or not. Hence, all that they/you experience is also experienced by them and vice-versa. It is essential that you understand and remember the importance of unity at this phase of our ascension path, for we no longer move, create and live just as an individualized aspect of Source but are also fully aware of these other selves, that may depend on us to evolve. We are not anymore moved by our egoic desires, for we have long ago surrendered to God's Will.  

The reason why we are being affected by our other selves and feeling negativity - if this is the case - receiving images and dreams or visions - of beings that we are not used to - but that feel as if they were familiar, is because our soul extension is more conscious than they are and we came here with the soul agreement to help them clear their karmic debts as well as to be the ones with the responsibility of assisting the other soul extensions of us on Earth to reach ascension. This involves a huge amount of integrity, discipline and honesty with ourselves to see where we still let our lower self interferes, for we are not alone - as our human self may think - and what we do or/and decide to be, affects other aspects of us and All.

When we are in this challening situation for our own ascension journey. and we are no longer able to deal with our own evolutionary process due to all the sensations and pain that we are transmuting from our parallel selves, we have to set strong boundaries with great love and respect to those selves that are impeding our own growth - taking responsibility for our own journey, as we know that the whole evolution of our soul group - 12 souls including ourselves - depend on us. 

This is done, as I said before, by having done the inner work of clearing our bodies of any negativity as well as by having built the rainbow bridge - a cord that goes from the micro individualized aspect of us to the macro, our soul and then Monad. If we have not even developed by daily meditation a strong connection with our soul and Monad as well as Higher Self, it is best to leave this step until we are prepared. 

Once we feel we are ready, we ask our Higher Self and Monad to lead us in this releasing process. Then, we being to talk to all these other selves of ourselves that are interfiering into our current lifetime and kindly ask them to respect our sacred space, for we are running our physical bodies down due to the amount of energy we have to transmute. 

Sometimes we search guidance instead of confirmation - outside ourselves - and as no one can know about our journey better than we do, we try to heal aspects of ourselves that are not in need of healing. This is why is so important that you know yourself before asking someone else for confirmation. Always do that which is in perfect resonance with your soul and its guidance. Do not think others know more or can see more than you about yourself. 

This is only a message for the souls who came here with a mission to assist. For the ones who are here to experience a 3D reality or simply - as some souls - to enjoy and know what it is to live within a physical realm as well as experiencing different relationships, they do not have to focus on holding a certain frequency at all times or in assisting, for their main aim is to experience what being human is, which is another equal and precious choice within Creation. But for the ones who have come here with a different mission, we should become aware that even if we are One and are helping another aspect of us, commanding our soul to respect our boundaries is vital for us to maintain a personal sovereignty and to keep evolving, without interference. 

You exist within many universes, the truth about who you are cannot be measured with a human understanding. Your have many paralell selves, splitted from your own soul, as well as other soul extensions that may be incarnated or not - twin flames, soul mates or direct soul family fulfilling other roles. It all depends on what the Monad chose as the best way to ascend for All.

Some of these other soul extensions are also dwelling in other dimensions as Pleiades, Sirius and so on, and be what you call your "Guide" or past life, which is You from this higher plane of existance, although we also can have cosmic guides who do not belong to our soul group as well as star origin. This is also what you are doing, guiding other aspects of you - from the level of consciousness that you possess now - that are less evolved here on Earth, which if what we often call parallel selves, different from soul extensions in other dimensions. 

The echoes of who they are may come and go as you keep evolving for yourself and All. Your lower self may confuse experiences and what occurs in your relationships with what is happening in a parallel life on Earth. This is what happens when we consciously are aware of our multidimensional existence. We can never know from our human perspective what is necessary to happen for All. To evolve is a task that only the God Self can orchestrate. Our mission is live in joy, focusing on our own self-healing process and role and serve from this same place of unity and neutrality.

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba

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