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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

Transcending 3D duality & Reclaiming Personal Sovereignty

Beloved Ones, 

As conscious beings who are acting as the pioneers of this New Cycle, it is our soul desire and mission to assist in this planetary transition, but for this to occur, it is essential to cleared our 3D personality, remembering that we are working as One, which is often forgotten by our human self, accustomed to live under the illusion of separation and individuality. For we cannot be wayshowers when we still remain in duality. As we keep evolving throuhg this endless spiral, it is our personal reponsibility to dissolve old beliefs as well as egoic mechanism defends of blaming others instead of taking full responsibility for who we are and what we do.

If we look where we are within this New Era, outside of our human limited view of time, space and dates, this is a very Uranian Year. For even if some of us are already mastering some aspects of the lower self, the collective is still embracing transition and with it, the “chaotic rebellion” that we feel when we begin to awake/remember who we are and what we came here to do. 

It is not a time to look outside ourselves, especially for the ones who are stepping into this journey, but to begin honouring the self, accepting our shadows as well as our light within, and knowing that the only "problem" always come from the lower self or our 3D self, who creates all that causes us pain and keep us in a lower state of being. This does not mean we are putting all responsibility in something external to us, for we are One as well with our human self who should not be denied but integrated and controlled.  

When our human self awakens to the Truth of our existence and begins to glimpse the mystery and wisdom of this vast Universe, humility occurs, for we are not better than others or have more knowledge, but simply have decided to navigate through a different timeline -choosing to awake at the perfect time for All within Creation and put our unique seed of love within this transition. It is precisely at this intense phase, that a lot is happening outside ourselves, some we label the world events as “bad” or “good”, but our focus should again be in what we are and what we do, at every single moment. For focusing on others or global events only keeps fomenting separation and distract ourselves from doing our inner work and mission.

This is not a journey to judge the self, for we are always going to be an extension of Source learning and expanding into Higher horizons and hence, we will act with the level of consciousness that we possess at the moment, being and doing that which we are able to envision from where we are in our evolutionary journey. This is a time to ask ourselves about what we do and why we do it instead of constantly telling ourselves that others do not understand us or simply do not know as much as we do, for we can never know the roles other souls are here to fulfil and even if we consider them still “asleep” they can be disguised as highly evolved souls assisting us to ascend by the precious lessons they offer us.

During this Year, especially the souls who are determined to walk on this endless ascension path, have an opportunity to rebel themselves, not within the system, for this is not how we use our power, neither with others, for we will be denying not just our power but also our responsibility for what we choose to be and do, but with our own selves. Move within and ask yourself - without judgement - if you practice what you tell others to do - behind the physical scenes where you are not seen - or if you are just allowing your 3D takes charge of you.

Transcending duality is not easy for this is who we are as humans and it takes a while to dissolve what we have been programmed to do and repeat over and over since we incarnated into a human body (apart from the implants and other forms of manipulation used along the human existence). Dissolving the lower layers of the ego is a constant proccess of working with our non-physical bodies as well, as to be able to master the ego, first we should also heal what resides in our mental and emotional bodies. This is why is so important that instead of being impulsive and giving away our power, we commune with our soul and as the observer of our physical experience, discern about our journey and what should be healed and rewritten.

A very common trait to set an example is people who say they are “spirituals” when in Truth, we all come from Spirit, judging others who are in a different path, and putting their focus outside themselves, blaming others for what is happening in their lives, for the lack they see in their reality, denying they were the ones creating it to begin with as well as for the unloved they see instead of the relationships desired - when they do not even love and respect the self and act with integrity. This is we become the observer and see how the ego plays its defend mechanisms. 

Sometimes what we consider as being "spiritual" may just be another form of ego. Do you always act with love and lack of judgement or only when it is convenient? Do you respect the choices of others? Or do you love them until they no longer choose to participate in what you want them to? Nothing should be taken personally, for we are not judging but trying to clear old aspects of the lower self that can emerge as we keep evolving.

This writing is not coming from my lower self, and this has nothing to do with anyone, as each one should look within to recognize with love if some of these 3D traits are still present and should be dissolved. This is coming from my Unified Self as all I share, who never judges, for there is no thing/being to be judged but to be embraced, accepted and loved by the unique gift of remembrance that they bring.

In this journey, we are constantly doing our inner work, observing how the human in us behaves or perceives other people and situations and then when having a unified view of what us truly taking place, is when we act from this wiser place. Being honest saves us from becoming one with our spiritual ego instead of with the Higher Source of love and neutrality that we are in truth. Ask yourself if you still see others that are not where you are yet with inferiority and judgments instead of neutrality and compassion. See where you still separate yourself from others, and above all, where you are eluding your responsibility.

As Saturn, the Taskmaster, will remind us during this Aquarius New Moon gateway and always, as we also have the Essence of it within, taking responsibility for our own journey and actions instead of blaming them, is essential. For there is nothing to fix or control but to transform with a higher understanding and the right correction in our acts having learnt from these past actions, what is what really causes a shift in both within and into our physical lives. Taking responsibility is not putting our power in what others have done to us or external situations. It is going into an inner space of neutrality, discerning whatever is occurring in our lives that should be dissolved by first recognizing what was our part in what was/is happening. 

Once we have the whole view, we take full conscience of our own acts, not with judgments or repulsion to our lower self, for this is not separated from us, but with Divine love and compassion and with the gratitude that this new experience has brought to us. When we feel in pain, we can never transmute it by blaming others, as we will be in delusion again. Instead, embracing our emotions independently of their nature, and integrating the pain as our best teacher is what will help us move to on with grace, blessing others. 

In blessing others and situations, which is not the same as tolerating them, one should always take charge of one's own experience and be empowered. All is done from a place of total acceptance of what occurred in our relationships. When we bless others from a place of egoic superiority, believing that others are just unconscious beings walking on the Earth that have “by chance” touched our lives for unknown reasons, we are not only separating but denying the perfection of the Divine Plan and failing to take full responsibility for our actions.

Acknowledging our acts does not mean recognizing - as well - other actions, for they also have to take responsibility for what they create and try to understand why they behave with unlove and lack of awareness. In this life, no matter if we are on this ascension path or not - but especially those who give and share with kindness from their hearts - we are going to be robbed, lied to, defamed and many other things, and again, all these - even if challenging - are helping us tremendously. The ego will use its defense mechanisms as it feels it has to defend itself from an external attack. The Higher Self, will simply become the observer, remembering that true power resides in acting always with integrity and love to all instead of reacting impulsively. 

When I share on certain deeper situations that may seem personal but that again serves to All in needing to receive what I learnt, it is always from my experience as an evolved soul residing in a human body who also needs to remember, for I can only share that which I have experienced before and integrated, otherwise I could not know how it feels, if I do not live it myself. Sometimes we attract these souls due to our soul agreements with them, our inner being always knows. Others, we need to be the ones who show others how to act with integrity - acting as we feel and think. But whatever it is the reason behind our human encounters, there is nothing happening by chance within creation.

Recently in my journey, I have been challenged to keep dissolving more of the 3D self and see eveything with compassion instead of judgement: to give without receiving, to put it nicely, for I am not here to judge the souls who have helped me to unify what I still fragmented but to simply share the experience and how the ego behaves when it is deeply hurt. When we buy something we were guided to add into our life experience, and we do not only not obtain anything in return but that the other part simply ignores us and goes away without giving back our exchange, the lower self begins to judge, separates and becomes upset, for it cannot see behind the veils - the precious gift within this experience.

To me, it was challenging but also something that helped me to master certain aspects of myself that told me that when we kindly give our loving abundance, we have to receive something in exchange in a certain way, which is what should occur if the other part is an integrated being. But what happens if it does not? Then, the human ego begins to attack for it feels vulnerable, making us believe that we have lost something. When we are focused on what is going “wrong” or in what others have "done" to us, we cannot see the solution. We can only see the false perception of our ego blaming others for acting without integrity, which is perfectly fine, for we are here as free beings choosing at every moment to act from our hearts of from our lower self. 

If we act with integrity at all times, then we do not have to take responsibility for the actions of others. Our inner work is to control the ego, stay in total silence and communion with our soul and discern what we do with what has been "done" to us. In my case, I feel now appreciation and compassion for this being who claims love and light all the time whilst acting without authenticity behind the public scenes and it is perfectly fine, this is not a criticism to anyone, but a precious reminder for me of  trusting completely in the Universe, for there is nothing that you give that do not come back to you.

When we are so concerned with a situation, we are not seeing and allowing the blessings the Universe is pouring at all times of our existence for us, for we are only seeing that which our human self wants us to see. this that I was not able to see it. When we focus on something we want back, it does not matter if it is money or not, for everything is a form of love, we are not allowing other and probably better things to come to our life experience, and again no one is restricting this influx of abundance - and well being - but ourselves. It is important to know where to look and to not use our human eyes to see but our soul to envision and to know. 

Become your soul, descend from your Beloved I AM Presence all the guidance you need at this time to discern and remember when your human self creates illusions and false perceptionsof what is truly occurring. For there is nothing such as lack within this Universe but our unconscious decision most of the time to disallow this abundant state of being and influx. 

When we put all of our precious energy and intention not into what someone has done to us or in a certain situation that we cannot control, but in becoming one with our soul and Higher Self to be empowered again, is that we can finally shift what is not aligned. We are not victims, neither can others take anything at all from us, this is another ilusion we tend to create, and that we think is real due to the fact that we keep fomenting it, rejecting inmediately the many gifts that are already there for us. 

Reclaiming personal sovereignty has nothing to do with separating ourselves from others and denying what is happening, but to remain in a empowered state of being and living from this same place instead of following the ego and have a low existence. It has to do with stand tall into our truth and never judging but discerning from a Higher space of wisdom and compassion to All how we are going to transform or let go of this situation and/or person.  

The human wants to fix, to react or to act, and sometimes we will have to, for being compassionate beings does not mean to tolerate all, but to be fully present,which is from where true power and sovereignty comes from, which is not the same as being passive but with the pesonal choice of not responding, simply BEing, for this is the only frequency that can dissolve from a neutral place what is not coming from an authentic source. 

No one can create your reality or make you feel in a certain way, it is you the one who determine what you allow to enter into your sacred field or not. No one is either less or more than you are, no matter how ascended you believe you are. For this is spiritual ego, which to me is often masked and taken for an evolved being. This should be brought to the surface and integrated instead of denying. We are all precious beings, taking different choices, navigating within different dimensions, that are not always aligned with the one we have chosen for ourselves. 

There are not mistakes, just decisions taken from an unconscious place, for when we are fully aware of our past acts, we simply do not choose to repeat them again. All helps us to remember and become sovereign beings in charge of our life experience. All serves within Creation a purpose that even if sometimes unknown to our human being, is essential to the evolutionary process of All of us as One BEing.

At every moment of our existence in this physical realm, we have the opportunity to choose whether we want to live from the ego or from a higher place of Divine love and neutrality. At every moment, we become a new person, with the gift to remake, which is not the same as fix antyhing what we do not resonate with, acting as the empowered sovereing beings that we are. Beings that truly feel One with All and that choose to observe from a loving place before taking action. For we now remember who we are, and therefore, we have the responsibility to BEhave as such. 

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba

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