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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 6 de febrero de 2017

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo, February 10/11th ~ Embracing the Mystic within

Beloved Ones,

We are about to enter a very intense phase of the year. This is when we prepare ourselves to eclipse what our human self still fights to maintain but that no longer serves a purpose in our new path, embracing our inner master and descending all of our inner creations into the physical. On February 10/11th, we are going to have a very especial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees of Leo, which will show us in the Heavens, the macro configuration - Mystic rectangle - of the inner shift that we are experiencing by destroying old worlds, and creating the new realities that we have consciously decided to manifest, which will blossom with the Piscean Solar Eclipse at the end of the month.

This Eclipse will be a very powerful one, for Leo pushes us to burn the remnants of the old and begin to build a stable and prosperous life by being purified from both an inner and a cellular level. The Full Moon will bring out the mystic within - the wise one, who sees beyond what seems to be and acts from a place of unity with All That Is. We are invited to cease looking outside, waiting for external Gods/Goddesses to save us, for we are not mere victims lost within Creation, but the ones who consciously created it to begin with. And begin to descend all our Divine power and inner visions into the physical, not just to empower ourselves and lives but as Aquarius reminds us, to also assist All. 

The sacred geometry that the cosmos will show us during the Eclipse, made by what is known as the Mystic rectangle formed by two oppositions, with two sextiles and two trines forming a rectangle, is in truth a Portal, a cosmic call from other realities, for us to tuned into these light waves, and retrieve more wisdom as well as to release from our physical vehicles the old programmes that are still encoded deep within our body cells. 

There is not just a single day or period, in which we receive assistance from the entire Universe to help us evolve. There is not such a thing as one-day portal; opening for us to upgrade our physical vehicles and bringing inner change and waiting until another portal opens. What is different about this gateway, is that certain portals are only opened when the time is right, for the entire Universe does not revolve only around us, and it is when the right coordinates align that these portals can be opened and their light codes begin to flow to us from the Universe until it shifts again. 

This is why it is important that we take advantage of the Eclipse Force and do our inner work, focusing on what is happening within, instead of just looking outside - to see what it will bring. This is a time to embrace the revelations that this cosmic door offers us. It is our choice to take it as a Divine gift, for us to remember, or to keep choosing a path of self-sacrifice and dis-empowerment. 

At the Eclipse time, we have opposite forces in the heavens. On one hand, we have the Moon in Leo, who is all about self-empowerment and nurturing the individualized aspect of Creation that we are. Leo is a very courageous sign, who loves himself and behaves as the empowered and sovereign being that He is, for He never forgets his true potential and Divine heritage. Leos stand firm in their own beliefs, honoring, and loving the self  and their truth above All. As Leo also rules the heart, it is an opportunity for us to move beyond our limited sense of the self into our Higher heart, where we will find the feeling of unity with All. 

On the opposite, we have Aquarius, opposing the Moon in Leo. Aquarians are humanitarians, who are in service not just to the self but to humanity. Our inner power and strength can be directed to assist All at the same time that we can still preserve the aspect of us which is free and unique, experiencing an individualized aspect of Source within Creation. So our challenge is to transcend the egoic human self to find Oneness without losing our power and capacity to discern.

We also have a Grand trine formed by the Moon in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius and the mystic rectangle formed by two oppositions - Jupiter and Uranus - and the one between the Sun and the Moon. Two sextiles: the Moon sextile Jupiter and the Sun sextile Uranus. And finally two trines involving four planets: the Sun who trines Jupiter and the Moon who trines Uranus. Sacred geometry offering us infinite blessings that remind us of what we can also create from within, if we unite as One as these different Forces do.

The oppositions may cause friction, and inner "chaos" which is precisely what needs to occur for us to liberate ourselves of the barriers we have self-imposed. Leo's fire will help us burn everything that should be transmuted and created from this same inner state of passion - and creativity - the new life experiences that are now aligned with who we have become, until this moment. 

It is said, that the mystic rectangle is a very favourable configuration that brings harmony, balance and good fortune. But we already know that nothing from the outside can bring us anything, unless we create this same balance, love, and abundance within. For the outer is just a representation of what we truly are within. To me, this is more about allowing ourselves to move beyond our human plane and being able to connect ourselves with the higher realms of existence who open this portal to commune with us at this specific time, within Creation. 

To help us discern if we are feeding our fear of lack or our inner Creator, as well as to set the proper balance in ourselves and physical lives, we have since February 5th, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, retrograde in Libra. As I always say, to me there is nothing ever retrograde within Creation, and I have chosen not to feed old illusions about retrograde periods, for in my reality they do not affect me in a negative way, if I do not choose to create it. Jupiter  is a reminder for us that abundance, and all forms of love, comes when we expand ourselves from within first, leaving aside all that is blocking this endless flow of abundance and grace into our being and lives. 

Jupiter invites us to embody higher aspects of our soul, for retrospection is essential to see - without the impediment of illusion and human attachments - all that we are disallowing in our lives simply because we fear the unknown. Jupiter in Libra, will assist us in bringing harmony and equilibrium into our lives, while the transitional season of the Eclipse continues. 

Until this moment, we have been nurtured by the soothing energies of December and January, to prepare us for the intense Eclipse season. Now, we are being invited by fiery Leo and the Planets moving forward - except for Jupiter - to heal by the proper inner transmutation of what is no longer aligned, and by bringing into the surface our inner creator, always passionate to enter into new horizons without fears, just with surrender and with the complete trust that we are always heading in the right direction, experiencing different scenarios, with the difference, that now we are conscious that we are the one who creates them all. 

These intense cosmic events are a clear outer representation that we are moving into our physical realm, for it is here that we reside and where we can enjoy what we can only envision within. The oppositions show us where we contract ourselves, where we should release the tension that impedes the flow and our natural state of bliss. It is harder to keep fighting what is natural to us than to simply be in this joyful and loving state. But our human being likes to remain the same, repeating the same old familiar scenarios, from where all suffering comes.

It is a time now to be free of the illusions of lack, unlove and impossibility and begin to acknowledge the wonders - instead of the pains - that we tend to create. All these cosmic events, especially the Mystic rectangle, are just showing us what we need to shift in ourselves, relationships and in our relation with what abundance means to us, and to transform all this illusion of lack to a greater personal freedom that allows us to manifest who we are and all the blessings that we miss, for fear of our own power.

Within this loving and wise Universe, nothing ever goes unseen. All is known. This Eclipse opens a doorway to other worlds, that like us, are One with us and are eager to make conscious contact within Divine love and integrity. There is nothing that we cannot do or know, for nothing is ever hidden or lost from us. There is only an authentic, pure intention, of deprogramming ourselves of all of the old and to open ourselves to new and higher ways of living and BEing or to remain in fear and receive only that which is aligned with it - a disempowering state of being where nothing is manifested but our fears and doubts.

We are given the gift to dive deep within our being - to bring out the Inner Guru that we tend to search for in the "wrong" places and in the "wrong" people and begin to descend in the tangible - the love, abundance, and joy that some await to find in outer Forces or beings. 

Your are the one you are waiting for. You are your Saviour, Lover and Wise Master. The only thing impeding you to manifest your true Essence, is your fear of facing your own power and embracing who you have been - since the very beginning of Creation - a Divine Magician capable of manifesting everything that can be thought of and has ever existed. 

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba 

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