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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

The Energies of March 2017 ~ Remembering the Symphony of the Higher Realms of Illumination

Beloved Ones, 

In a Year where, the element Fire reigns our Heavens, we welcome one of the most magical months of the Year, a month ruled by the element Water and its mutable/Yin frequency. A phase, in which, we are still accompanied by the frequencies from the Eclipses, whose effects will last for at least six months and which will cause a tremendous releasing impact, on the collective. A month in which we are stepping into a new - higher - version of ourselves, whilst simultaneously stripping away what no longer serves our God Self Will. At this intense phase we find ourselves embracing a Higher Octave of Divine Love, higher understanding of our unique soul role on Earth and a feeling of unity - that we have decided to hold, as our new way of BEing. 

This is a month that will mark a key point in our Planet, for the collective is experiencing a cosmic awakening, while we are bathed in Piscean energies, that assist them/us to release their/our 3D programmed personality, at the same time that we consciously embrace a higher version of ourselves. For the ascending souls, this is going to be a very important and intense phase, for we are beginning to remember the symphony of the Higher Realms of Illumination, as we keep descending more light from our I AM Presence and resonate closer - in frequency - to our True Essence and Stellar Companions.

This is a busy month in our Heavens, for we are going to envision what is happening - within - in the macro alignments that are coming and that will help us in accelerating, our releasing process. Personally, I feel this month - and I was told this by my Unified Self (Monad) - is acting as a huge portal, in which, we are finally deciding - by our pure intention - to serve only the Law of One and be in service to All. For we are leaving behind the Piscean Era of limitation and self-sacrifice by our conscious choice of dissolving  our 3D programmed mind and beginning to build the seeds - the strong foundations - of what is going to be our new lives.

This is a month of deep transformation. A phase in which we are deeply immersed in the Piscean realm of a higher vision, navigating through different dimensions, until we obtain the clarity of what should be dissolved and what is worth pursuing. As a confirmation of the resurrection, and the subsequent rise that we are experiencing - from within - is the 13 universal frequency that this new month of March holds. 13 is the number of transformation and renascence, which is represented by the death card in tarot, the period between worlds, in which, we are still giving birth to something new but it is not - yet - the proper time to bring it into the light, exactly the inner/outer process that we are also experiencing since the Eclipses begun and that culminated with the Equinox. 

After ending a transitioning phase, we pass to anchor these inner changes into the physical, which is also the same message that number 4 (number 13 reduced) gives us at this time and that the following months will confirm - establishing strong foundations in our earthly lives, and remembering that not only can we live off mere dreams that reside in our ethereal plane, but that we are also here to master the art of bringing them into physical matter.

Numbers 13 and 4, represent the Yin - feminine - and Yang - masculine - polarities in perfect unity and balance, which is the phase we are achieving at this season of the Year, especially with the coming of the Equinox. Both numbers. are a perfect reminder - for us - that there is not a lineal and fixed point, in which things and life experiences terminate to start again, but an always in motion endless transformational spiral, where new beginnings and ends are linked and happening at once. Our main aim is to bring what we create from within into a tangible existence - mastering alchemy and the process of conscious creation, to finally delight the physicality of our inner visions, in the external. 

From a physical perspective, many of you may be experiencing changes in your physical vehicles, as you keep releasing and transmuting all the density into your True Crystalline Essence. This is a long process, but we all know that we came here to purify, reconnect our lost DNA strands, and master our bodies in the physical. There will be certain sensations in your spine, as it is one of the first places where we begin to feel change taking place, as well as the total reconfiguration of certain bones within your skull and in your osseous system in general, between many others, for we are all unique and there are certain parts of our bodies that need more releasing than others. 

Make no mistake. The individualized aspect of Source - incarnated on Earth - that you are, is here by conscious choice, knowing, whether it remembers it or not, of the many challenges this journey will bring. Nothing is by chance in your reality. There is no randomness - in the situations or beings that touch your life - for everything is perfectly orchestrated by You, when you reside  in a soul plane - in a space of total awareness and Unity With All. 

Therefore, it is when you are in pain, whether physical or internal, that you are experiencing this natural process of transforming your body into pure crystalline essence, which is our natural state of being. Remember, you chose to be here at this intense moment within Creation. It was your intention to experience this physical shift, knowing that to begin with you counted with the strength and Divine guidance required - to overcome anything that may come to challenge the powerful and sovereign being that you are. 

From a cosmic perspective, We begin the month by having the Sun together with Neptune, Chiron and Mercury, in the Water sign of Pisces and the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus. Mercury in Pisces will be exalted, communication with our inner/higher realms will flow, and we will feel deeply this creative and innovative wave that Mercury, together with the rest of the Planets in this same sign, brings. It is going to be a great time to cultivate our Divine connection and stop other noises that may confuse and impede us to fully receive all the guidance - we need  - as well as to channel all the gifts that should be shared with the world. 

On the other hand, the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus reinforces the changes that are occurring at the moment in the Planet, especially in the collective and their inner desire for personal freedom, which even though it can seem chaotic, is in truth a total reorganization of the old into a new form of existing. Jupiter expands what Uranus rebels against, breaking free from what is impeding its natural flow and desire to embark into new horizons, even if they are unfamiliar. For it knows that the unknown will be eventually known, until we shift again and embrace a new reality, for this is the way it is, and will be, until a world without end - a constant embrace of new beginnings, that although unfamiliar for our lower self, are remembered by our soul and its natural need to dwell in the familiarity of what is Divine in Essence. 

On March 4, the Planet of Love and Abundance, will turn retrograde in the sign of Aries until April 15th. As you already know, my view on retrograde Planets clearly differ from others who see this as something tumultuous, coming from the outside that plays with us and decides whether we experience luck and love or not. To me, there is nothing ever retrograde within Creation, for the only thing that exists and has ever existed, is an infinite expansion within new layers of this eternal spiral in which we are all navigating. 

When our limited view from the Planet, perceives Venus, or any other Planet, as being retrograde, we are invited to move inward to envision what aspects of us we are not bringing into unity. As Venus is dwelling in fiery Aries, it is a message for us to wait, until we regain a higher view of what is in need to be transformed, before using our inner creative force and passionate desire in our tangible plane.

Venus represents the micro aspect of us which has to do with our sense of abundance and love, toward ourselves and All. I am still surprised that some astrologers, tell us that while Venus is retrograde give and receive love is going to be hard. I say this with great love and respect to all who dedicate themselves to share from their hearts. But Venus from my humble view, is also ascending within this Divine Spiral of Creation. Venus represents love and abundance, what we do with this force - that is also residing within us - is our personal choice.

Venus as well as any other Planet, will not cause any harm to us, its essence simply Is, it is ourselves the ones who make interpretetions, giving our power to these macro Forces that are communing with us in this evolutionary journey to keep discovering our True Essence. Venus is always in love, always in abundance, the question is: Are you? Are you still expecting others or outer resources to fulfill your basic human needs? Are you waiting from the outside someone or something to fill your empty spaces due to your lack of self-love? 

As Venus dwells is Aries, it also asks us to see if we are social just for the mere joy of sharing our love and exchanging our life expriences, with others, or if we are still socializing just because we are afraid of being alone and want others to pay us the attention that we do not give ourselves. Self-awareness is where all begins, for it is when we observe ourselves and find the inner walls that we create to impede our own well-being, that we also find the strength to shift what we separate within.

To set a balance between moving inward and acting, we have the mighty frequency of the Warrior, Mars, moving out of Aries and entering into earthly Taurus on March 9. As we are moving into the manifestation of our inner creations, so are the Planets, in an eternal dance of oneness with us. Mars represents our inner strength. It is the energy we possess within, that comes directly from the Divine and our Central Sun, that gives us the vigour to act with passion and joy. We can channel this potent influx of energy into the creation of that which is going to serve our human journey in the physical - new projects directed to help us grow and expand in our new life experiences as well as others, and beginning to build the new foundations for the seeds that soon, in May, we are about to plant. 

While we dive deep within one of the most ethereal signs of all the signs, on March 12, we have a Full Moon at 22 of Virgo. Virgo, especially at this Piscean time, reminds us that we are here to shine the spark that we are into the physical, it is not just about building in the ethereal without giving it form, remembering that our task is to descend all the inner worlds we give birth from within into our lives and not just remaining in the air, living off mere illusions and dreams. 

This Moon will bring soothing energies within the turmoil of the Eclipses, especially because Chiron, the Cosmic Healer, as I call it, is highly involved in this Moon. So this is a Moon to soothe, nurture and above all to purify ourselves - and bodies - of all the energies that they are integrating and of all the things that are at the same time as letting go, are constantly embracing. Remember you are what you put in your thoughts and body. Do you feed it with love, light and care? Or do you still use it as a way of satisfying your lower desires, without caring about the consequences? It is a good time to honor our human vehicle, for it is allowing us to experience a physical realm, with all the senses. 

Virgos like to preserve their practical and rational sense of life, which gives them the necessary steadiness to face life as it is. The Full Moon in Virgo also offers us, a sense of duty, a reminder of our unique mission on earth, and while Pisces invites us to look within and know that we all belong to the same Source of Divine Love, Virgo, instead, wants us to remember that even if we all are One within Creation, we came here with an individual and unique mission to develop, and that it is our responsibility to accomplish and that also needs our conscious attention. 

The last part of this month is going to be ruled by the Fire element, with the Sun entering into Aries on March 20th together with Venus and Mercury already in this same sign, since March 13. On this same day, we also celebrate The Spring/Fall Equinox Gateway and the New Astrological Year. These fiery energies will culminate on March 27, with a wonderful New Moon at 7 degrees of Aries. 

With Pisces we come out of the wheel of karma by being purified of the old and by having learnt our lessons. With Aries we begin to master our human self in a physical realm - initiating ourselves within this endless evolutionary spiral. We may feel violent coming out of our protective, soothing and intuitive cocoon of Pisces into our tangible plane at this time. But remember, we are here to bring all these inner visions, everything we have been mastering within, into our earthly realm. This is the way that the cosmic has to confirm that it is time to use this new phase that we are about to welcome, with joy and gratitude, for all of our inner creations will begin to flourish.

We are still immersed within a huge cosmic portal even before the first Eclipse of February. And we are going to continue journeying in it after the Equinox of March. This is a time to go beyond our human sense of polarity, for we have already been working a long time in polarity integration - moving from external conditions into a state of being that transcends time and space.

The Aries New Moon on March 27, activates all the beginnings that are taking place from inside and that will not be complete if we do not anchor them in our lives - the catalyst that allows the unknown to enter into our lives with complete faith in the Divine, instead of getting attached to a certain result. This New Moon will also help us to retrieve confidence in our path and the strength to act towards our soul visions. 

This Moon rekindles the fire in us to initiate all the necessary changes to remake our physical reality as well as to evaluate from a broader perspective the relationships we maintain in this new phase of our lives. It is essential to allow ourselves to be in the moment, and feel the bliss and love of this fiery potent influx and direct it to co-create with the souls that accompany us at this time, enjoying the gift of their presence and all they have to offer, instead of losing the purity of the moment just because we tend to be constantly seeking for the "one" we think is meant to walk on this path with us, as this is always the one who makes us activate and embody new aspects of ourselves. 

The Universe always illuminates the way for us. We just have to know where to look between all the shadows our human self tends to project and free ourselves from old burdens while we are in the process of planting new seeds. Trusting that we are always being supported and loved beyond measure by this loving Universe, and that all our soul desires will flourish and expand at Divine timing for All.

We end the month, with Jupiter square to Pluto on March 30,  and with Mercury entering Taurus on March 31. With the Winged Messenger in Taurus, we move from our mental plane to our earthly one. Mercury, whose ruler is Venus, in Taurus, asks us to deepen into our self love issues as well as values. Are we loving, honoring and respecting ourselves? Or are we still creating separation within and blaming outer conditions and lack of abundance from the outcomes that we unconsciously create? Everything from what sustains ourselves, gives us pleasure, to what we share and give from our hearts, should be observe at this time, for we cannot give or expect to receive, if we first do not be our own caretakers and givers - treating ourselves with unconditional love, respect and compassion. 

On the other hand, Jupiter square Pluto, expands Plutonian energy, giving us the power to regenerate everything that should be destroyed and transformed through personal power. Transformation is not the same as change, for change implies attracting new things/people from the same frequency we possess. On the opposite, transformation, means to shift our own inner frequency to be able to embody a higher aspect of ourselves, to be able to attract new situations and people with a totally different frequency than the one we used to hold - involving life experiences and soul encounters not seen or experienced before. 

This is where we are at the moment - burning old bridges that still connect us with the frequency we held before, as we emerge from our cocoon into beautiful butterflies. This is where the collective find themselves as well, for all this chaos is nothing but what they are feeling within, the soul desire to release an old frequency and break free from all forms of human illusion, and begin to descend the Truth of their existence and purpose here from their own I AM Presence. 

This loving and magical month is one of the most intense ones, but at the same time it is the threshold we have to cross to begin our conscious walk on this New Cycle, in which, nothing remains the same, for the more we ascend, the more that change becomes our ally, only having our inner compass to navigate through our reality.

March is a time to dwell in Oneness - as Pisces reminds us - ending an old Era of being immersed in human illusion, to begin a New Cycle of Light on a Higher Octave of Love based on authenticity and a Higher connection with our Unified Self and other planes of existence. Pisces taught us what Divine Love and compassion truly meant, while we learnt our "karmic" lessons. 

Now, we are finally ready to cross the veils of human illusion that once served our purpose to remember and begin to listen the whispers of the Higher Realms of Illumination, from the depths of our being, calling us back Home, as we keep remembering our true Divine legacy and purpose, which is always of self-recognition in All things/beings within Creation. 

As we keep releasing more layers of the old and as we keep merging with the Higher aspects of our True Essence, remember to remain always in the Illuminating Presence of Your Soul, beloveds. 

I wish you all a Magical March filled with many miracles, love and joy!

P.S. The title of this post, as well as some information I share on it, was given to me by the Arcturians - wondrous beings with whom I have the Divine gift to work with at the moment - when I woke up few days ago. They shared the title represents the essence of what this month brings, and what some of the ascending souls are beginning to experience, by conscious choice. For we are aligning ourselves with the Higher Realms and its Divine Wisdom, for we have been working in healing, and in raising our frequency for a long time, and we are ready to step into a new way of BEing.

This is a key phase for those who are ready to descend more information from their Unified Selves, Star companions and Guides. Just remember, that we are in co-creation with these beings, they assist us to remember, they do not do anything for us. For we are already masters of our own human journey, remembering that our main Fountain of Wisdom remains always within. 

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba 

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