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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017

New Moon in Aries, March 27/28, 2017 ~ Shamanic Rebirth

Beloved Ones,

As we are always revolving within this eternal human wheel of ascension and descension, we now pass from the deep waters of Pisces - mastering our past challenges and releasing old karmic imprints - to initiate ourselves again in this endless evolutionary soul journey, with the Sun in Aries since March 20, and with the first lunation after Spring, a fresh New Moon at 7 degrees of Fiery Aries, that will propitiate the blossoming of our inner creations and visions with the strength and wisdom regained in the deepness of our being while we navigated in Pisces.

We are experiencing what I call a shamanic rebirth, which occurs when we dive deeply into our inner realms, dissolving all sense of separation that continues fragmenting ourselves from All - embracing and accepting our shadows as well as our light. We have experienced the "death of our lower self" and resurrected into our True Self, standing tall now in our truth and power. Now we are ready to step into a path of soul integration, transformation and endless expansion by recognizing, honoring and embracing our shadow self as an equal part of who we are, in the dualistic reality that we have decided to experience.

As we are immersed in a very fiery year, with masculine energy. To help us maintain the proper balance, we also have the South Node with Neptune and Chiron still in Pisces, so we do not forget about all we shall feel - unified within our feminine and masculine essences - before materialising in the physical. For it is the feminine who creates from within, nurturing her inner creations with unconditional love, whilst the masculine, which is the frequency that is now reigning in this second part of the year, reminds us of the importance that bringing things into the tangible has, for we are here mastering an earthly realm. Both roles are different, but equal - and necessary - to create balance and strong outcomes. 

The degree in which this New Moon falls - 7 - is another confirmation of the many initiations that we have passed before being able to descend our true essence into our human being and tangible realm. For mystic number 7 is the one that represents the spiritual awakening that occurs when we finally master the human, and begin to walk on a new path of soul remembrance and integration. I feel this New Moon in fiery Aries, is going to be a very relevant one for the collective, for there are more souls who are finally embracing their Divine spark and beginning to diverge from their old path to walk on a different vibrational one. 

It is a time to rebirth from the ashes of the old into the purity of our true being. Even though Aries seems to be a very fiery and potent frequency, if wisely directed and channelled, it can also be a fountain of great purification and rejuvenation. For seven are as well the Planets that we have in Fire at this time, and this will also help us to be reborn and begin to work with our physical plane as well as we have done with the ethereal, while Pisces reigned our Heavens. 

The New Moon will also conjunct with Venus, which is retrograde in Aries. This is an omen for our soul reunions, for I do not follow anymore the old vision of retrograde Planets,  since as you already know, the retrograde movement of a Planet is the apparent backward displacement of its orbit, and we already know that this is  a visual illusion from our human perspective, as in truth, no Planet can move backwards. 

In my reality, this is a blessed cosmic encounter that will affect how we use our inner force - lovelight essence. Venus represents love, while Aries represents individuality. We have a period to ask ourselves if we are feeling worth it as beings or if we are still living under the illusion that we are less than or simply not loving and respecting ourselves, therefore, being unable to co-create equals and integrated relationships.

Do you love and nurture yourself? Or do you use your inner force and power to focus on others, getting attached to them, draining your own energy, instead of honoring yourself first, for we are a reflection of this same love we see in others? Are you using your relationships as a way of escaping the reality that you still do not love and accept yourself? Are you finding security in the love of others instead of feeling it first within yourself? 

This is a time to ask ourselves if we are in denial, refusing to be alone, and therefore maintaining forced relationships that we are not meant to bring into our lives when we do not find time for ourselves or if we are ready to let go and begin to experience new relationships based on equality and integrity. If you are hungry for affection, be affectionate with yourself so you can send this same vibration out. For only those who feel whole and in joy with all of who they are, are able to manifest an enlightened relationship where they can truly give from a space of love and not from an empty egoic state of being.

At a cosmic level, we have a cardinal T-square governing this Aries Moon, involving Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn and on March 30, Jupiter will also square Pluto. This is the main message from this New Moon, taking action in our tangible plane, understanding that we came here not to dwell in the ethereal but to use our inner power and act as the magicians that we are by bringing things from our mental plane into our physical one. 

It is now the time to shift all the situations that are no longer moving in the direction of our Soul Will, and even more by having Mars in Taurus, who reminds us to be persistent and direct our inner fire/force into the creation of strong foundations in the physical, and begin to reorientate the trajectory that our desires are taking, for there is a time within Creation for everything and the time to act and ground our inner visions has finally come.

We also have what others may consider a "minor" aspect, but as you already know, for me there is nothing minor within Creation, for All affects us in some way. The Aries New Moon will conjunct with the white fixed star Algenib, a star situated on the Winged Horse's wing of Pegasus Constellation - opening a cosmic portal for those who are ready to connect with other civilisations within and outside our frequency band. This gateway together with Saturn in Sagittarius at the galactic centre, will reveal the Truth about anything we should know at this time and that has been hidden from our human self, for it remains in the familiarity of our human illusions, for fear to know something that could make us feel attacked. 

The frequency of this star is also a fiery and connective one, as it is very aligned with Mars and Mercury's nature, the ruler of Aries. The Winged Horse constellation as well as its three main stars, are a cosmic fountain of inner power, especially in overcoming challenges, for this is what the winged horse represents for me, the spirit of the inner warrior that we all have within, who triumphs above all obstacles that we find in our human journey. 

The three main stars within the Pegasus constellation form a triangle which connects to the star Alpheratz, belonging to the Andromeda galaxy. This is a cosmic portal for those who see beyond the old mythological perspective as well as an astrological view of what these stars represent. We can align with the influx from this portal - establishing contact with our star companions, in a loving exchange of wisdom and cosmic embrace. 

To me, these stars do not indicate violence, as it is often told, for this is the meaning we give them from an old limited human perspective based on mythology, which I do love, but it is again our human need to extrapolate our sense of polarity, something only experienced on our Planet. Stars are simply creations from the same God Source that created us, within a different form. 

This fixed star, as I was told by my Unified Self and guided to share, recently, represents purity as its Winged Horse appearance reminds us, and a higher way of cosmic communication. It is not just a star shining for us to admire it, but a portal that connects our Milky Way Galaxy to Andromeda, bringing us the gift and opportunity to communicate and exchange wisdom with our star companions.  

We have been dwelling for a time in ethereal Pisces and its Yin frequency. Now, with this New Moon, it is time for us to bring this remembrance of unity consciousness from Pisces into the reality that we are also an individualized aspect of the Divine, which is what the individuality of Aries reminds us, and act not with self-preservation as Aries tends to do, but with the previous knowledge brought from Pisces - that we are all One no matter in how many extensions we are incarnated. 

We are not confined, neither limited beings, even if we are now experiencing a limited  version of who we truly are. We came here with the power of a thousand suns to create worlds in what we call a physical reality, which is as Divine as any other non-physical one within Creation. We only restrict ourselves when we use this inner creative force to create inner chaos instead of endless expansion, within new and unknown horizons. 

It is time now to begin using this inner fire to manifest those inner worlds that we are only delighting in the ethereal, for as humans, we tend to fear the magnificence of our inner light-power instead of using it within Divine Love to project those invisible realities in our earthly plane. This New Moon is the cosmic reminder for us that it is time to master the masculine, the one who manifests, who protects and who honours what is tangible, in essence. 

Give yourself the pleasure to enjoy all you have envisioned from within these earlier months, give yourself permission to be the powerful and at the same time humble, creator that you came here to remember. 

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba 

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