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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017

Venus Retrograde in Aries, March 4th - April 15th ~ Descending our Love-Light Essence into our Human Self

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. ~ Buddha

Beloved Ones, 

As we begin to navigate within a Higher Octave of love and compassion. Venus, the macro aspect of us that represents love and abundance, which is also ascending wihtin this eternal spiral of Creation, is retrograde in Aries from March 4th until April 15th, as a reminder that before fulfilling our desires in our relationships as well as living abundantly in our physical world, first, we have to embrace ourselves in an unconditional and loving way. For we are never going to be given that which we do not give to ourselves. 

Venus will help us slow down for a while, which is of great assistance, as Venus is in Aries, a very active and impulsive sign, helping us to integrate the natural caretakers and true givers that we are, in essence. As you already know, my view on retrograde Planets clearly differs from others who see this as something tumultuous, coming from the outside that plays with us and decides whether we experience luck and love or not. To me, there is nothing ever retrograde within Creation, for the only thing that exists and has ever existed, is an infinite expansion within new layers of this eternal spiral in which we all dwell. 

This is a cosmic gift for us to deepen in how we truly love ourselves and others. For the concept humans have on what true love is, varies a lot from what Divine Love truly is. What "love" represents for humans, most of the time, means attachment as well as the fear that being “alone” causes us. The same happens with the way we love ourselves. Do we only love ourselves when we are recognized and loved by others? Or do we love and accept ourselves under any circumstances? Do we only love others when they behave according to our expectations? Do we still try to change others instead of accepting them just as they are? 

This is a phase, in which, looking at what how we see love is essential. For loving ourselves and others within purity and integrity begins by having a true feeling of what Divine love is and not of the egoic concept we have created about what love has to be in our earthly reality, which, most of the time, is just another form of slavery.

When we find ourselves in this lower state of being, it is mainly because we have been allowing, for so long, the false egoic perceptions that we still keep feeling within, to take control of our being and life experience. When this occurs, self-judgment is unnecessary, for only awareness and compassion toward ourselves will dissolve these low patterns. This is also one of the reasons why working on our lower chakras, where all our basic fears and attachments reside, is essential to live as conscious beings. 

It is also vital to work on our feminine essence, for when we our feminine side is distorted, we are not able to nurture ourselves - motivated only by our lower desires - which leads us not just to unlove, but to addictions and many other things that cause the infection of our light body. When I refer to addictions, I mean all addictions, not just the typical ones such as alcohol and cannabis, etc... but also being addicted to a person, trying to control/manipulate others, for all are different but all are addictions that in truth represents the need we have to escape the reality that we have created and that is not fulfilling our highest desires, but our lower ones. 

Venus being retrograde from our human limited perspective together with the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, whose energies will accompany us for at least six months,  will be also a very important phase for our relationships, as it is sending us a clear message for us to end an old cycle in our relationships, that we may have been repeating for a while without being fully conscious. This is a very important period, for we are being pushed to literally dissolve what our lower self still tries to force and maintain in our lives, just because it is known. 

There are moments in our life experience, where we give the power to our lower self, allowing it to tell us what should stay in our lives and what should be left aside. If we are not fully present as the observers of what our negative ego tries to manipulate us from letting it all go, we may fall into the trap of constantly repeating the same old patterns and be enclosed in the same circle without even realizing it.

It is then that we begin to think that everything is still the same and that we are only are repeating the same old patterns in our past relationships, just with different faces. When this happens, is when we have to disengage ourselves from our present situation/relationship and become the witness of what we are creating. For sometimes we are so focused on our human role that we tend to forget the most important one - our soul one - which is the main reason why we chose this existence. 

If we commune with our soul, Venus will show us the aspects of us that we are not yet loving and embracing, which are often reflected in the way others treat ourselves in our relationships. Are past lovers coming back into your life experience? Are you manifesting the same relationships with the same situations that you are so eager to leave behind? If so, be grateful for being conscious of what you have decided to experience once and again until you finally discovered that it was you, from the very beginning, the one who has been sabotaging yourself by creating the same old scenarios, which again, helped you to become aware and leave them behind.

Our soul contracts, even if they seem as something negative from our human perspective, are the ones that truly help us to awake to what Divine and therefore unconditional love is. When we begin to walk on this path, by staying within our conscious choice to serve only the Law of One, expressing our conscious intention to be only of service to All, we are beginning to fulfil our soul contract - even if it seems that all of them are coming at the same time and that we do not have the strength to see beyond these encounters the gift they hold for us.

It is pivotal that instead of just denying and trying to go as far as we can from these relationships, we begin to accept them and become conscious of what they bring to us. For it is when we finally heal these old patterns and begin to love what they showed us, that we finally fulfil our soul contract and are ready to embrace enlightened relationships within Divine love.

This not only goes for our relationships with others but with the one we have with own selves. Are we putting all of our focus on others that we have forgotten to honor and respect the self? Are we giving more than we are receiving? Or are we so focused on the self and our mission that we have forgotten to relate with others? This is also one of the main things that happens to some ascending souls who have decided to heal themselves of their old karmic patterns and negative egoic beliefs and begin to step into their own sovereignty.

Sometimes, it is by our soul choice that we have decided to come here and just embrace our mission as New Earth anchors and frequency holders in this transition, that we concentrate on our main missions rather than focusing on personal relationships. At other times, we become so eager on healing ourselves and on loving ourselves that we forget that this is not a journey for being isolated, hence, we leave behind all the blessings the Universe perfectly orchestrated for us of meeting new people, just because we are too centred in ourselves that we do not see others, which is again another form of separation.

This is the message that Venus is reminding us at this time. For the cosmos, by sending us their light codes, help us activate these soul remembrances within, and it is now a wonderful time, especially by having Chiron, the Sun and Neptune together with the South Node in intuitive Pisces, to finally put an end to the self sabotaging and destructive patterns that we have unconsciously created for ourselves and that impede us to welcome the infinite blessing that our soul has for us. For we may not be conscious of it yet, but our soul is constantly creating in the invisible realms the encounters, the situations and the challenges - opportunities - that will assist us to grow and embrace a higher state of Being.

Venus as well as any other Planet, will not cause any harm to us, its essence simply Is, it is ourselves the ones who make interpretations, giving our power to these macro Forces that are communing with us in this evolutionary journey to keep discovering our True Essence. Venus is always in love, always in abundance, the question is: Are you? Are you still expecting others or outer resources to fulfill your basic human needs? Are you waiting from the outside someone or something to fill your empty spaces due to your lack of self-love? Or are you finally embodying your sovereignty above any other form of human illusion? 

The abundance that we see manifested into our physical plane, occurs within our relationships. For abundance is another form of love and if we first do not love and respect the self as well as what the Divine is doing through us, we cannot create it in our tangible plane. There are a lot of precious beings out there who still ask themselves why they are here and what is their purpose within Creation, without knowing/remembering that simply by Being - they are doing all they have to do and that their mere presence is very much appreciated and loved.

If you want to manifest abundance but you still doubt your gifts, and that what you do is enough, then you do not fully accept and love yourself, and not just yourself but what the Creator sees in You and brings into the light through You. When we begin to realize our own self-limited thought patterns, is when we should begin to work on self-talk, as sometimes we talk to ourselves in a non-loving way. Bring the love and compassion - that we give to others - and reflect this, externally.

Do you still think you have nothing to offer to others, when you know deep within your being, that you are unique with precious blessings to give? Do you still live in fear, afraid of not having enough, in a Universe with no beginning or end, which is infinite in love, abundance and anything you could ever imagine? Are you still wanting to create something but you keep remaining in a place of familiarity, procrastinating until outer forces come to rescue you? If you recognize some of these patterns, then you know that what you do not have is because you are not creating it from within first. As the master of your own life experience, it is you who has to take control and allow your soul to govern your life, instead of your lower self.

If we only could remember - something not easy as long as we keep living under a physical body - the vision that other cosmic beings have on our retrograde view here on Earth, we will cease to keep fomenting this sense of separation between the macro cosmos and our micro one and begin to walk as One without the need to blame outer forces for what we create from within. 

There are those who say that while Venus is retrograded, we should not enter into new relationships or bring our inner creations into the light. From my personal experience, it is Now the only time that exists and it is in this moment that we should bring all the love, all the abundance and all the new visions we hold within, into our physical realm. For everything is perfect as it Is now. We do not have to wait until Venus turns direct again, for it was never retrograde in the beginning. 

We do not have to fear Venus, for all the negative manifestations that we are so afraid to experience, come from this inner state of being and not from outer cosmic Forces. It is in this moment that we have, again, the opportunity, the gift, of releasing all the limited beliefs that we impose on ourselves and begin to expand ourselves into new horizons of an infinite abundance, love and the joy we feel when we align with what is our natural sate of being instead of our human primal fears. 

The choice to awake to what truly IS, the decision to set the intention to be who you came here to be - a sovereign being capable of creating new worlds - is always yours to make. 

In love, in light and in abundance always, and so are YOU! 

Be blessed by the always loving embrace of your soul light, beloveds.

Natalia Alba 

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