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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

sábado, 15 de abril de 2017

Ascension Update, April 15, 2017 ~ Spiritualizing the Human Self

“The world was made for the body, the body was made for the soul, and the soul was made for God. When that discovery is made and the soul is restored in a disfigured culture, we find the greatest treasure of all–and it is nearer to us than we realize.” Ravi Zacharias

Beloved Ones, 

It is with great love that the cosmos, in this month, is showering us with one of the most intense light waves of the Year. In truth, the new wave has already been strongly felt by those, who are consciously choosing to integrate this new wave, deep within their being and body, allowing this Light to remove all that is not aligned with our True God Self. For it is only when we begin to free ourselves from all false beliefs, the lower self and other impostors, that our true path and being, is shown to us.

The body purification, the restoration of our energetic balance and the constant process of soul integration that we are experiencing, at the moment, even if the past Full Moon - in Libra - brought some stabilisation, is taking some of us to the extent of not being able to function at the same level as we used to - having hard physical sensations, where our body resists letting go, as well as liberating from our human self all the wastes from our 3D personality/implants and many other forms of illusion. 

We are, at the moment, Descending more Light from our God Christed Self, experiencing a sacred marriage between all the aspects of who we are - spiritualizing our human self, the one who judges, separates and unloves all that is not recognized as being One with the Divine. To spiritualize and master the lower self, we do not have to go to far away places, search outside or ask for redemption, for we know that the further we move away, the less we will find the answers and the true healing required. 

When we spiritualize the lower self, we fall into many challenges, we find our own shadows in every single corner of the world, for it is only by confrontation and ending fear of negative polarity, that we will begin to resurrect into the true sovereign beings that we, in Essence, are. Spiritualizing the body takes constant observation of the human self, constant devotion, communion with our soul as the eternal witness and intention to dedicate ourselves to serve the Law of One, who dwells in unity and love with All. 

To master the human, we must remember that we are Divine sovereign beings, inhabiting a human body. To begin the process of physical ascension, one must first love neutrally and for that to occur, we must clear all the imposed implants and human beliefs that covered our true Essence and feeling of deep connection to All. Do you practice compassion, being centred in your Higher Heart, at all times, and working in co-creation with All? Or are you still holding separation, judgments and unlove towards yourself, and hence, All?

April, especially with its many "retrograde" Planets, shows us where we still hold karmic beliefs and behaviours that impede us in continuing with our inner work of soul liberation and integration. At this time, many of us are experiencing deep challenges, especially regarding our physical bodies and inner profound implants -  that are offering us the opportunity to liberate ourselves from an Old Era of constraint and unlove that we experienced during the Piscean Era. This is also one of the main reasons, in which we are profoundly immersed in a passage of releasing karmic patterns, still active within our physical bodies, before we resurrect again in the True God Sovereign Being that we All are, in Essence. 

Venus, to set an example. by being in "slow motion" showed us where we deny, what we do not love within ourselves yet, what we separate, and therefore, manifest as lacking in our physical experience, for all abundance is another form of love, and  when there is not great love for ourselves, it could not be shown in what we see as separated, for that is just another extension of ourselves, in the physical. 

Saturn, the Lord of Time and Responsibility, has come to test our strength, in our ascension path, reminding us that we are limited by our human sense of time and space, and that it is within this human realm that we can now clear the old and build strong foundations within the New - beginning to ascend in the physical, which can only be done when we finally take responsibility for all of our actions as well as past and present selves.

Mercury  dwells in our mental plane, giving the time for us to clear all the human limited beliefs that dis-empower us and prevent a higher human experience. Pluto, turning "retrograde" on April 20, comes to test our personal sense of power. Where do you put your attention/intention into? What do you infuse with your inner light,  the one who can create and/or destroy? Are you using your inner sacred fire to build, co-create and be the love that you are? Or are you using all your precious energy into situations and people that are no longer meant to be in your current life experience? 

It is during April, especially during Easter, that we are given - again - the opportunity to claim our Christed Self Seed, and begin to clear ourselves from eons of slavery and mass manipulation/control, especially by religion. Deconstructing our 3D personality is not a one-day process, in which, we do a meditation/activation and we suddenly begin to feel as the masters that we truly are, in Essence. 

Deprogramming all that has been implanted in us since we were born, as visual programmed inputs, between many other forms of mind control, is not easy at all, and from my view,  it is widely manipulated by some people who claim to pass through this process in a few days or that they can make you heal and release all these old implants - as if we could just let go of centuries of genetic manipulation/programming like this. For me, this is again the ego trying to interfere when it should remain observant.

Reclaiming spiritual sovereignty is essential to walk a life free from fears and unlove. For every time we give our power to our physical senses, others or outer conditions, we are acting as hopeless beings adrift. When we begin to walk a conscious path of soul integration and co-creation, we cannot do anything from a dis-empowered state of being, for when we act from this lower frequency, we cannot love, give and share from an authentic place, but from one of separation and confusion. 

From the Equinox, together with the eclipses, between many other things, we are in a time of change and transition, that we must observe how the human behaves when it feels safe. Do you observe yourself repeating old actions in an impulsive way, without knowing why you keep doing the same? Do you catch yourself saying things you do not even feel inside any longer? If so, only love will heal what the human judges and destroys. If so, you are being shown that there are still some old implants being played once and again in your human mind that must be eradicated as your I AM Presence descends more Christed Light to your lower Self. 

The Christ is not an outside force or being, it is Divine consciousness within. who practices love, compassion and neutrality for All. This Essence is always available for us, no one of force gave it to us, but our conscious intention of integrating this loving Essence whose nature is and has always been one of unity and love with All within Creation. No one can give it to you, for it is already who you are. No one can redeem yourself and your "sins" and make you pure again and a candidate to dwell in this Christed Light, for you are already pure, innocent and free of "sin" as you came from Oneness to simply experience, not what you are not, but that you are, indeed, All. 

The physical body, is at this time experiencing, like I said at the beginning, a deep transformation, for those, who are consciously integrating this new wave. All the physical sensations that you may be experiencing, is your body telling you what aspects are not being taken care of and that need urgent attention/intention. For all these aspects that you still deny and that are suffering, are ready to be released from the old and embrace this higher light. 

Some will feel pain in their osseous system, without knowing why, especially in the legs. This is your body telling you that you are in fear to move forward and confront whatever challenges are required to step into a new life created by your soul rather than by your lower self. If you feel pain in your hips, you are holding anger and insecurity there, as well as if you tend to accumulate feelings and negate them, you will feel oppression in your thymus, throat chakra and weight increase - for your weight is a way (not always, just an example) of being protected in your human view. All gives you a message of what you should dissolve, all comes as a gift, not as a curse or punishment. For we are always remembering Divine Love, and most of the time, the human, can only do so by forgetting and unloving all first.

Do you love all the aspects of who you are? Do you love and embrace your body? A perfect design of God, helping you to experience a human realm? Or do you still tell yourself how bad you are and how bad everything is going? Do you accept with gratitude every single moment no matter what it brings? Or do you complain and pray to outer Forces for them to save you of what you have unconsciously created? All answers are always in You, for you are the only one that can take the step to be brave in confronting your shadows and begin to see what you unlove of yourself yet, and therefore in All - disallowing your true soul desires and vision to be anchored within this physical plane.

To help you in your soul integrating process and dissolution of more lower layers, practice neutrality, breathing techniques, being present at every single moment, let the one being present be the eternal observer, instead of your judgmental lower self. for processed food kill the body and lull the soul. And begin to accept that all the challenges, are just opportunities for you to uncover your true Divine potential, strength and above all, for you to remember that All is One in harmlessness to All.

There is a difference between judgement and discernment but in both I find some of our egoic perceptions. On the other hand, when we embody Divine neutrality, we are experiencing this human journey, not just from a human perspective, but from our soul one as well, for we feel both now - the human individualized aspect that we are - as well as the God Self within that loves All and judges none, for it knows that we have chosen to experience many different scenarios, including what we call "negative" ones, to help us remember unity when chaos seems to reign. 

At this time that we are about to enter into a phase of the year, next month, in which we are moving from the depths of our inner realms, to manifest our soul visions into our tangible plane, it is essential that we reach this phase by being renewed and with a new sense of direction that comes from a deep communion with our soul. This is why seeing everything from a neutral space, is pivotal to stop labelling things/situations/relationships/ourselves and others as being this or that. For when we do so we lose all sense of Divinity, falling into illusion, which only keeps attracting more dark impostors or false egoic selves/beings. 

Do you desire to truly change your reality? Dissolving all the things that are not aligned with your soul vision? Begin to walk a path of love for the self, for it is in recognizing the Divine within you that you will see it in All. If you want a life filled with joy and love, become it. For no external Force will save you from experiencing what you - as a human - came here to experience. Only you can release all the veils and layers of illusion that once covered our sovereignty as Divine beings. 

If you want to walk a path of love, prepare yourself to embrace the shadows within you and in All. For the Higher reality in which you would like to dwell, loves and includes All. If you are eager to become a 5D being, unity must become a constant feeling in your micro reality. If you still judge, if you still blame yourself for what your lower self is not yet aware of, if you cannot walk between your shadows, embracing and loving them as you do when you live in the light, then you still inhabit within duality. Then, you are not ready yet to walk a path in which, we All are equals, sovereign beings of our own life experience in love, light and service to All.

If you are still navigating between the challenges that our deep sense of polarization brings, then you are blessed, for none of us came here to experience only the light, as it is another way of separation, and everything is the Light. If you still find yourself in the dark, it is because you are near the end/beginning to discover the True God Self within. For only the ones who love All - the light and the shadows - without focusing solely in the light within, will enter into this New Higher Octave of love - graduating from Earth with a deep gratitude for the gift of experiencing that love was always within all forms of existence/beings, independent of their nature.

In love, light, dark, and in an always infinite embrace of love, to All,

Natalia Alba 

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