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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

The Energies of June 2017 ~ Transitioning into a New Dimensional Space

The journey between what you once were - and who you are now becoming - is where the dance of life really takes place. ~ Barbara DeAngelis

Beloved Ones, 

As happens with everything within this infinite and wise Universe, always contracting itself just to give birth, again, and expand into something new, we too have been holding within, the life that the feminine nourished for the masculine now to manifest and protect it in the physical, for the equal co-operation of both essences, are vital to the process of giving birth. 

This is a month of change, from the micro to the macro, as our Planet Earth is finally bifurcating from Old Earth - occupying a new time-space, within a higher dimension - a process that has been intensely occurring during this year, and these final months are vital to the total disengagement from the 3rd dimension.

At this phase of our ascension path, we also find ourselves, moulding new creations and expanding ourselves into new horizons, for this is what we came here to experience - a constant rebirth from what we used to be, to what we truly are in nature. During May, we held all of our creations in our womb, nurturing them as we kept choosing between the many different timelines and possibilities for us to manifest. June, is the month in which we will begin to breathe out - grounding what was once made in the invisible.

For a long time now, we, the Ascending Souls, have been preparing ourselves for this unique moment, within our Human history, as the moment of finally bifurcating and anchoring our new frequency within New Earth, has finally come. Actually, Planet Earth finds herself relocating within a new dimensional space. You may have been sensing it for a while, or are acting upon it - as you feel challenged to anchor your own essence into one specific dimension. 

This is where everything begins to shift, our DNA and with it the human race prototype, that will be visible in future generations. It is at this moment, when even if all these tiny, but important and essential changes, are invisible - yet - for the human eye, that our Planet, its structure, as well as ourselves, are shifting into the New Humans that will inhabit on the fifth dimensional Earth. 

We are already being assisted by many cosmic companions that are meeting with us in the corridors/stargates, where both frequency can coexist, so  we can begin to experience what the fifth dimension feels like. These encounters also serves us to heal in an accelerate way, so we cannot have to keep entering into the human karmic cycle, once more, and remembering our true cosmic heritage. 

This is not a time to reject our beloved Planet, and wish we were "Home" as many within the ascension community claim. This is a time to become One with Mother Earth, for we are celestial beings but we are also earthly ones. Pay attention to any misalignment in your solar plexus and physical sensation in that area, it could mean your necessity to be grounded. 

For me, this moment of separation from the 3D Earth, is already here and now, and it is pushing me to finally take the decision to anchor the change I have been envisioning from within for years now. For you, this moment may come at another time, for it is not about time, but about moments and about finding or creating, depending where you are in your journey, for you to step into this Higher Octave of Love, in which some of us have been dwelling - in soul - for a while. 

There are important changes happening within Earth's planetary field, at this time. Those who are stabilizers, between many other soul roles, will notice how, from now on, the intensity of their work in both the astral plane and in between awakening periods, will begin to increase. The dissonance between both frequencies, the imbalances caused by the constant fight of the dark  forces to impede this ascension process, which is already occurring, among other unpleasant sensations, are going to be a constant for us, but we already knew it when we freely chose to honor our soul role. It is pivotal to constantly reclaim your freedom as a Sovereign Being - as you keep navigating between lower frequencies - trying to help regain the proper balance, within this Earth shift and relocation. 

This shift is not about dis-incarnating or leaving all behind, as some cults do, and as some people think. The change that is coming as we end the year 2017 and as we step into this new and sacred space that we All have created, is a frequency, a feeling, it is not a physical place, yet, for we have a lot of work to do before we completely begin to incarnate in this New Earth, completely separated from the Old one. This shift, is done by consciously changing our frequency, and anchoring it in the place/space and with the soul companions that will support it. 

To confirm what we are already experiencing/feeling, this new month holds a 7 frequency. Number seven is a mystical and master number, for it holds all the wisdom required for us to manifest in the tangible, all we desire to experience. On the contrary of what is often thought of this number, it is not a passive one, for its masculine essence means the one who wisely brings into form that which was once nurtured and properly discerned from within, from a space of love and connection to All That Is. 

Number seven shows us where we have been and where we are going. Have you mastered all the challenges that were kindly showing you what you needed to remember? Have you realized the illusion of separation? Have you found the mystic within? If so, and as the tarot card that represents this magical number - the Chariot - you are now ready to bring all this inner magic, creations and abundance into your physical realm, where you decided to become a master of the tangible plane. 

If you still hold within separation, if you still judge yourself and put yourself into a lower place or compare  your journey with that of others, then you are yet to master your lower self. This is not something that is showing you how slow you are with respect to others, but how blessed you are to be shown all you still need to dissolve and purify, for it will not serve you within the New Space that you have decided to inhabit. As the men in the Chariot tarot card, you must walk your path with decision, patience but always in motion towards your true path, and only those who are ready to confront the challenges in the middle, will achieve the soul expansion they are so eager to experience. 

At a cosmic level, we ended May with a fresh New Moon in Gemini. June begins with the Warrior, Mars, entering into nurturing Cancer, on June 4. We are now invited to direct this mighty force to protect, to nourish and to love all that we create as well as everything that has to do with Mother Earth, at this transitional time. This is a time to learn to process our emotions and instead of being impulsive or letting them control us, accept them and transform what is heightened by our ego. 

Mars in Cancer also offers us an opportunity to equilibrate our masculine and feminine sides. The energy of Mars is a fiery and masculine one; on the other hand, Cancer represents our feminine and intuitive side, the part of us who nurtures and brings everything we desire into life. Our main aim with these opposite forces is not to polarize or cultivate only one side of us, but to merge both and find the necessary equilibrium required to see them as equals and essential aspects of us; to retrieve our wholeness.

On June 6, we have Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, entering into earthly Taurus. When the loving and abundant essence of Venus materialises in the tangible sign of Taurus, it makes everything it touches passionate, plentiful and loving - without measure. Venus in Taurus invites us to observe our earthly lives from above and realize that if we are building strong pillars in both, our own lives and relationships, they will support ourselves in the physical. 

At this phase, challenges - opportunities - may come for us to master more aspects of the self and lives, so we can integrate its knowledge and strengthen our lives, but this is a wonderful gift, as Taurus is one of the rulers of Venus, to create stability and harmony in our relationships - securing things in the physical as well. Observe where there are deficiencies in your life. Everything that is not showing you abundance and love, which is all that truly Is, is telling you where you still do not value, respect and honor yourself and hence, All. For all that is not occurring as you would like, is giving you an opportunity to master the magician of energy that you have within. 

On June 9, we have two important cosmic events. On one hand, we have a Full Moon at 18 degrees of Sagittarius, together with Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, turning direct again. The Archer brings Light - Divine Wisdom - unfiltered of any mundane illusion, helping us distinguish between what is real and what should be dismissed, inviting us to ask ourselves: Have we let go, and emptied ourselves so we can now embrace a new life? Have we broken free from old mind programs, regaining Higher Truths that were long ago buried within our DNA? Or are we still attached to a certain result or person, knowing that it is in our nature to be in a constant state of flux? 

This Full Moon will help us retrieve new guidance - revealing all we need to integrate - at this time - through soul remembrance. It is going to affect the collective in a profound way as well, helping them to awake and embrace a higher frequency, and hence, way of living. 

Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, will finally turn direct again on June 9. Jupiter, precisely, also reminds us that abundance, and all forms of love, comes when we love and expand ourselves from within first and hold this same frequency - leaving aside all that is blocking this endless flow of abundance - and grace - into our being and lives. 

When it was retrograde, Jupiter invited us to embody new aspects of our soul, as expansion begins within, and for that to occur, inner retrospection was essential to see without illusions and human attachments what we are not allowing into our lives just because we fear the unknown. 

Now that Jupiter turns direct again, we are presented with the gift of knowing from a higher place of divine wisdom, where we should grow, and set a balance, especially with all concerning the material side of our Plane, as Jupiter is in Libra, and it is all about creating the proper equilibrium we need in our lives to function as an integrated and stable being. Look into the aspects of your life that are out of harmony, and see where there are the aspects within yourself that reflect this same lack of balance and alignment, for all shall be always corrected within. 

On June 16, Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Intuition, will turn retrograde in Pisces. With Neptune retrograde, we have now the opportunity, among the earthly energies from this month, to navigate between our inner realms, bringing into the surface what was hidden and unknown, and that needs to be healed. We may fall into delusional feelings as this Planet does not guarantee us being saved when we choose to dive deep into its Waters, which represents our unconscious, our dreams and soul visions, and everything we would like to manifest - and enjoy - in the physical but that sometimes our lower self can only dream about. This is an opportunity for us to use our power to break free from all the illusions of victimisation - that our human self creates. It is a time for us to sink into the depths of our being, recognising illusion and surfacing with a greater clarity of authenticity.

It is a perfect moment to clear our emotional body of the old and discern if our feelings are coming from a higher place of love, compassion and integrity - towards the self and others - or if we are still basing our desires on primary and egoic emotions that neither serve  us or/and the Whole. On the other hand, Neptunian energies also give us creativity and the gift to expand our intuitive abilities, communing with our Unified Self, to retrieve ancient memories buried deep within our DNA and that are ready to see the light, again.

On June 21, the Sun enters in loving Cancer together with Mercury at the same time that we will also welcome the Summer Solstice for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice for those residing in the Southern one. The Solstice waves, can cause a huge impact in our inner being and physical vehicles, as it is helping us in purifying more layers of our old self, as we continue to embrace a Higher form of existence. This Year, the Solstice, will help us into our conscious journey towards this new dimensional passage, and its potent frequency  will be accompanying us  for the rest of the summer. 

Finally, we end the month with a nurturing and intuitive New Moon, at 2 degrees Cancer. The sun and the moon will conjunct Mercury. Even if Cancer is a loving and familiar sign, this is going to be a very emotional Moon, which to me, will be all about clearing old emotions and healing old wounds that make us restrain ourselves from experiencing true passion and love, as we still reside in the past, instead of fully dwelling in the moment.

Reminiscing is only of assistance if we use our present energy to go to a past time and achieve closure - to forgive, heal and bring into this present moment, what was once learnt. Otherwise, we are losing ourselves as well as this present and unique moments and its  many gifts, by wasting our power in a time that will not come back for us and in which we cannot return to fix anything. 

There is nothing to be fixed in any case, and yet our human self, will try to go back and do this many times. Our mission as awake and conscious beings - who are beginning to remember - is one of being compassionate with our lower self at the same time that we master it instead of allowing it to control ourselves and waste our energy and intention into past matters that can only be restored in this Present Moment. 

This is a wonderful Moon to communicate with our past and future selves, and use this communicative and loving energy from Cancer, to bring healing to our past and present moments without remaining there, abiding in a time where we could not change anything, just shadowing our light and ability to keep expanding within new horizons. 

June is a month to anchor the change we have begun from within, into our physical plane. This is not just about manifesting our human desires, but about holding and anchoring within Earth - the frequency that will align with the Higher Octave, that we are already sojourning. It is our task at this time to work on ourselves as much as we can, for it is only by doing so that we can help All - and our Planet - to be fully anchored, within this Higher dimension.

It is said that the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can affect climate changes on the other side of the planet. Imagine then the power that you, on your own, possess to bring change, even though this change will not be as powerful as it is by reuniting as One, it is enough if it begins within you to help bring this change in which a lot of souls are consciously working on, since a very long time. For nothing can change by itself, unless you begin to change yourself from within - allowing this same change to occur in the macro.

It is important that, at this transitional and intense phase, apart from doing your unique inner work, you observe the lower self and under any circumstances, you choose to practice.
  • The Law of Synthesis - unity consciousness - feeling unity within and with All.
  • Unconditional Love towards yourself and all, including the situations that you do not see yet as an opportunity
  • Disengaging yourself from programmed 3D old beliefs, so you can be open to receive what truly Is.
  • Harmlessness
  • Selfless service to others
  • Non-judgement, just  neutral observation
  • Ground yourself
I wish you all a loving and blessed June, beloved companions!

Thank you so much for helping bring this change - and New Frequency - into yourselves and All. 

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba 

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