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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

The Energies of July 2017 ~ Earth's 3D Timelines Collapsing vs. Anchoring 5D Frequencies

Beloved Ones, 

We begin now a new energetic month, and even though, as humans, we like to make everything linear and compartmentalised, July is a continuation of what we have been experiencing since the beginning of this year, as we are relocating in a higher dimensional space as 3D timelines keep collapsing, with increased intensity due to the coming of the solstice, whose energies, together with the Eclipse - in August - will accompany us until September, when the final bifurcation from - old - 3D Earth will be palpable. 

Many of you may be feeling as if you are about to experience physical "death", as I am often told many times. This is not a literal death, but as we work on soul retrieval and begin to embody higher level of consciousness, our old self begins to fade away, and our egoic being, will feel our natural evolution as a literal death, for it fears change and the unknown. At this time, especially for the ones who are beginning to walk on this journey, you may feel depress and anxious, between many other sensations, as a result of the inner work of purifying the old that remains within yourselves and that will continue as you keep waking up your DNA. 

Remain always in the luminescent presence of your soul, beloveds. Remain in your higher heart and its loving essence when challenges and what you see around you hit your benevolent being. All is required for others to see, for others to experience what they need to, as we - once - also had this opportunity.We have been waiting, preparing ourselves, for this final breakthrough not just for a few months or years but for eons. Now is not the time to look back, now is not the time to regret past choices or present ones, now is the time for taking responsibility, claiming our sovereignty and walking as the New Earth Seeds that we are becoming. 

It is precisely, at this time, when we most need assistance - to heal - that we begin this new month of July with the Cosmic Healer or - as I call Him - Chiron, moving "retrograde" on July 1st. This asteroid frequency is going to help us bring deep healing and purification - if we are prepared to confront our shadows. For some souls, and also collectively, they will be facing all the inner conflicts, fears, and limited beliefs that are buried deep within themselves and that need to be dissolved, before they can begin their unique journey of soul integration and evolution. 

In the moment we set the conscious intention of ascending, our own Soul and Unified Self, triggers a series of events, situations and soul encounters required for us to become aware of what we need to heal - and clear - before we can hold a higher frequency and begin to descend more light from our I AM Presence. When this occurs, it is a blessing in disguise, for even if we experience a challenging time, all is taking us to where we truly desire to be. 

Every situation that our lower self labels as "negative" is something perfectly pre-planned for us to learn forgiveness, compassion and integrity. Most importantly of all, these situations bring down our - old - 3D personality traits - as well as their limited structures - to enable us to finally embody, a higher level of consciousness. 

Yes, beloveds, at this time, the ones who walk consciously, and know what is happening in the invisible realms, know that there is a battle taking place to control Earth, for the dark forces are reticent to let down their guard and allow us to ascend. As they are not succeeding, there will be a bigger intention of manipulation - at an unconscious level - to exercise more control. 

It is not the time to focus on what is unsustainable - in frequency - but about focusing on nurturing our new relation to Source and maintaining ourselves vibrating as high as possible, standing in our light, embracing freedom, believing in All as a Soul Family and supporting this transition by being, at all times, a compassionate witness of our own human experience and that of All. 

As a confirmation of the creative, abundant and expansive energies that July brings, this month, in numerology, is a Universal 8 - 17 reduced - number. We have a message of creativity, boundless resources and expansion within this transitional phase. For this is what we - as souls - are experiencing, an endless expansion towards the reunification with All That Is. 

The frequency coming from the infinite magical number 8 gives us the courage to give birth to our inner worlds and to anchor them in the physical. This month will show us where we create plenitude and where there is absence. It is an opportunity to create synthesis instead of separation and to bring love to all aspects of ourselves and physical life, to manifest an abundant reality. 

If you desire more abundance in your life, in any possible form, but you are not loving, respecting and honoring what you are and what you do enough, then you will not be able to surround yourself with the abundance that you already are. This is a month to master our inner creator as well as manifesting with the New - and higher frequency - that some of us are already integrating and working with. 

Observe where you create limitations. All limitations come from our human minds. Witness when you have a strong soul desire to make tangible and your lower self tells you that you have not enough, for abundance is infinite as well as the nature of your essence. Every time you lower yourself, every time you tell yourself something is not possible, you are creating more lack. 

Every time you stand tall and walk on this Earth in deep communion with the Divine within you, knowing you always have all you need, loving every single thing that you are meant to experience, without any judgements, you are loving, and hence, you are creating abundance. The choice of what you need to experience at this moment, is always yours. 

In a month, ruled by Leo, from July 22, number 8, is also represented by the fiery tarot card of strength – a woman holding between her hands the jaws of a Lion (sun) – is it physical strength or the inner one that can only come through the power of love, wisdom and balance? This is the perfect representation for the Wise Goddess of Love embracing fiery Leo, calming his wildness with her loving essence. 

The message to me, is that all can be done through the power of love, all can be shifted and dissolved when our human self finally surrenders to a Higher Power that is within All things and beings, and lets it lead the way instead of forcing/moulding our reality with our egoic self who can only envision a small and limited view of what is truly happening. 

At a cosmic level, July begins with Venus, the Planet of love and abundance, entering into Gemini on July 4 and the next day we also have Jupiter Quincunx Neptune. Within the turmoil we are strongly feeling, these cosmic alignments come to test our faith, to remind us of the importance that creative expression has - in this phase of our journey - and to share who we are, in our unique way.

Both events are going to invite us reach a higher state of being, one based on the trust we have in the Divine, in what is yet to come. Do you have faith in the Unified aspect of you who orchestrates everything in a perfect way for you? Or do you doubt yourself and the Higher Intelligence that dwells within every decision and action you take? Are you willing to expand yourself in new ways that will benefit All? Or do you live in lack afraid of wasting what is infinite in nature? Are you living as a sovereign being who knows that everything is working always in our favour? Or are you still allowing outer beings and circumstances to dictate your reality? 

As always, in order to grow, to ascend and to create anew, one must risk all that one fears to lose. The question is: Are you prepared to leave behind/dissolve all that is not aligned with who you have become and move forward - in joy, in deep gratitude - for this higher step? Or are you still choosing to dwell in duality, afraid to welcome the unknown? We never lose anything but our human illusions, and expectations. In truth, we carry All within - wherever we go - with Divine Timing, to reunite us all, again.

On July 5, we have Mercury, the ruler of communication, entering into fiery Leo. How do you use your authority when you stand tall in your beliefs and express your feelings? Do you use it from an egoic place to control/force/impose upon others your will? Or do you use your authority - inner power - as a sovereign being to communicate firmly your truth, using only the force and respect of love to express with integrity your true feelings? There is a fine line between true self empowerment and sovereignty and between the eternal egoic battle in being more than, in wanting to be always right - attached to your old beliefs - and in using one's power to manipulate those who are still aware of theirs.  

On July 9, we have a powerful Full Moon at 17 degrees of Capricorn. This is a Moon that will emphazise making our soul desires tangible, for Capricorn's Earth Yang essence, reminds us to bring our inner visions into the physical with determination, instead of just relying on dreams and letting our goals vanish in the air, as it is in this dense plane where our desires can truly be enjoyed. 

However, to be able to birth our soul visions in the physical, one has to destroy old worlds, renew oneself and from this pure space of deep communion with our soul, reconstruct our new reality. This is why this Capricorn Moon, together with Mars, will conjunct Pluto, to remind us about the importance that dissolving the old and regenerate ourselves has, before stepping into a new timeline. 

This is a cosmic gift for us to master how we utilize this new and higher influx of energy, as we are here to learn to remember how to manage this powerful inner Force, who creates worlds. This is not for you to feel overburdened, but for you to use it wisely, breaking free from all the limitations that impede you to be who you truly are and weave your own precious and unique journey. 

On July 20, we begin to have a lot of Planets moving into fiery Leo. We have the Warrior, Mars, entering into Leo, on July 20, and in two days, on June 22, the Sun will finally move from Cancer to Leo. This mighty energy will culminate with a powerful New Moon at 0 degrees of Leo, to set us on fire, to remember where we are heading, which is just the beginning of a New Cycle of infinite possibilities and new ways of creating our earthly experience. 

This Leo Moon will push us to burn the remnants of the old and begin to build a stable and prosperous life by being purified from both an inner and a cellular level. As ascending souls, our new state of being is going to be one of constant conscious change, as the more we embody a higher level of consciousness the more we become aware of the true nature of our existence, which is always one of continual motion, forever regenerating itself, ever searching for new horizons to experience. 

This is a month that brings us the opportunity of mastering our inner creator. Creating in the physical is done through deep communion with our soul, in a space where fears do not dwell, only the constant manifestation of our God Self and the limitless resources of It. If instead of focusing all your conscious intention into your fears, you could use your power to dwell in possibility, in the present moment, in love, in joy, in the abundance that is already there surrounding you, it may not be easy, but in a short period of time, your entire reality will adjust to your inner frequency. This is the cosmic gift that this month offers us. Will you take it and use it, wisely? 

As you already may know, I do not consider any aspect as being minor within Creation. So on June 29, we have Uranus semi-sextile Chiron. Uranus, the so called Planet of Rebellion, triggers the change that we truly desire to make but that our lower self is still reticent to put into practice, for it fears change and the freedom that comes from it. Uranus semi-sextile Chiron will bring deep healing if we are willing to confront  what limits us and are open to experience true liberation. 

The process of self-healing and release, never ends, for every time we embody a higher level of consciousness, we have to dismiss certain beliefs that are no longer aligned with a Higher one and so on, for our journey toward Source must be combined with the constant release of our old self and its half truths and limitations.

To soothe ourselves, especially after all the intensity and fiery energies from this month, we end this powerful and abundant month, with Venus entering into loving Cancer. This is a blessing for all who desire to create new soul reunions that are aligned with who they have become. Venus will feel at Home when in Cancer, this will challenge us not to seek security in our relationships but within ourselves, for we are constantly shifting as well as our soul companions, and nothing shall remain as secure, for this will be only occurring if ours would be a linear and fixed reality, and even though we may still possess this vision, there is nothing fix within Creation. 

It is a time to shine your loving unique Essence, and begin to anchor yourselves within the 5D, to choose to shine the light you have carried deep within you, hidden for eons. This is not a moment to dwell in darkness, but to embrace it and love it as equal, for we are now becoming what we always have been - unifying lovelight beings moving from duality to unity consciousness. It is in this moment that you will be invited to sojourn in the unknown, in possibility, in joy and in service to All.

The time to mask yourself with who you are not, the time to give your power to excuses, to addictions, to numb your pain, to blame others, has ended. For you have chosen freedom, liberty and authenticity - to love and accept all as it IS and to jump into the unknown with your heart wide open, knowing and trusting that the best is yet to come and realising that all the time you have been working - to step into a higher level of consciousness - was worth it, necessary and very much appreciated for All within Creation.

In love, light and service, as you All are too,

Natalia Alba 

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